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Tony Sparano on 2011 season: 'I got all confidence in world and you should, too!'

The NFL season is still a dozen days away but I'm ready for it. Fact is, most anyone who listened to coach Tony Sparano deliver the keynote speech today during the club's 2011 Kickoff Luncheon is ready for it after hearing promises of excitement and daring-do, and winning.

In other words, this was just what the doctor ordered for fans hungry for some good news peppered with a little bravado.

"This 2011 team is going to be exciting," Sparano said. "They're going to have a great attitude ... It is going to have excitment. We have an outstanding defense. We have good players. We have an enthusiastic, outstanding, attacking offense. Our special teams is attacking. This is all on the upbeat right now. Everybody in the building in full of passion. Full of passion right now. Excited. The other thing we have is daring people."

Cool. On the chow line of things I want to chew on, give me some enthusiastic, outstanding, attacking offense every time. Also, give me victories.

And Sparano promised those, too.

"Here's what I'm here to tell you," he began. "I've seen a lot of football teams and been part of more than my share -- unfortunately. But I'll say this to you, a lot of them have been good teams. I've been around teams before, seen what they're made up of and this football team right here, is a good team. There are good people in that locker room. We got good people in the room, good chemistry, they give off a good vibe, they enjoy being around each other. I'm walking through the locker room last night at 8 o'clock at night. We broke at about 5 o'clock and there are still guys hanging out with each other. That's a good sign. That tells me an awful lot.

"I'm going to say this to you and I know that I'm in public and I'm don't say a whole lot, I'm one of those take everything, give nothing kind of guys. This team will win. That's not a surprise to them. They've heard it."

Other highlights from the speech?

"This team is going to build its own tradition."

"This journey won't go without problems. It won't go without those things. But this group is a pretty daring group. A daring group, and they'll push forward."

Sparano called his team a "heck of a group." And, said, that group "will take the next step."

"I have all the confidence in the world," he said, "and you should, too!"


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nfl.com is not showing the fins/cowboys game as being blacked out on their guide which means it should show in real time.

kim bokamper pointed something out on The Finsiders yesterday and that was analysts and writers around the country who are down on henne are basically living in the past and have no idea what has been transpiring during this offseason with henne being given more freedom under daboll's offense and henne's performance thus far in preaseason. he pretty much said they don't go down to the training camps and they follow the dolphins so they don't know anything about the team. but, they are going to try and judge them. i agree. if you're going to have an opinion on this team your opinion needs to be based on something other than an idea you may have in your head of what YOU expect the team to be like. it's ok to make a comment but you should have some CURRENT knowledge of what is going on.
there is no further evidence of that than with jon gruden. he talks about john beck as though all of a sudden a light has come on and beck is now this qb who can start in this league. he said, "once a qb gets past 30 they tend to start to progress." but, he looks at henne and his comments are still based on his previous two seasons and he still calls henne inconsistent even though most of the problems over the last two years were due to henning's offensive schemes, wide receivers inability to catch a ball that hits them right in the hands and an offensive line that couldn't block to save their lives.
get a clue jon.

Greg Cote rates

Pats #1
Jets #9
Fins #17

Not even our local writers have much faith. I'll bet Tony doesn't want to see Cote's rankings.

Tony is certainly not ignorant. He is just wrong about what he knows. He often responds to late. An example is with the offense. He can blame Parcells for last seasons bad offense. However, he is still not responding quickly enough to the offensive line problems that currently exist. Colombo needs to be replaced. Everyone is wrong, even the film on Colombo that Tony viewed before giving him a contract.

unlike the past two season with henning as the oc i think daboll is going to "release the hounds" and try and push the ball right down new england's throat when they have the ball on offense. then again, cam wake may try to push the ball down brady's throat. but, i digress.
you have to think there isn't going to be anything conservative about the way this team is going to be playing on offense on monday night and i find it exciting. i wouldn't be one bit surprise to see them try and go long on the first play of the game to send a message to new england's defense that they won't be able to put eight guys in the box.
just attempting to go long every so often will keep the safeties from cheating up on the line but i also think the fins will be able to take advantage of the pats secondary which, in my opinion, is going to be a weak link for the team this season.

the pats are going to lose at least 5 games this season. the fins are going to win at least 11 which puts them in a tie for first in the afc east. the tiebreaker will go to the fins for beating the pats twice this year.

Wake is going to have a tougher time now that the whole league is aware of him and takes him seriously. Wake tapered off at the end of the season because teams were figuring out how to play him. He will still be effective, but I don't expect him to have as many sacks this year.

I don't think Henne is the key this year. It's Reggie Bush. If he stays healthy and plays well, that keeps our offense balanced. If Reggie goes down, I think the offense really struggles.

Be prepared! Game 1 will be ugly!!!

Belichek is going to get lots of pressure on Henne forcing him to throw quick short passes and interceptions.

Brady will have a field day throwing to the TE's. Sean Smith will get burned once or twice.

It's going to take some time for this new offense to get it together.

Look for a late season push, too little too late. 8-8, which is more optimistic than any sports journalist I've seen put in print.

Well I am glad Tony has some confidence , we will see I think they could be good as long as Henne an the O line play well , if this doesn't happen then it could be a disaster.I agree with the fans that support the team no need to bash them now just before the season you never know they might be right in the decisions they made, can't say I agreed with all of them GO FINS!

Fin4life, I made that same point 2 weeks ago and got slammed by Joe Somoe and one other person. they couldn't understand that a system can make or break a QB! i told them that Brady is Bradt because of the system. Their reponse was, so your saying any aveage QB can run NE offense so why don't every team in the NFL run it!

Like the conversation guys...I don't like being negative towards my PHINS But you see the same problem with the OL, I know the QB position is starting to turn with the new offensive schemes that fits for Henne but the OL is ridiculous it's been to long...if I was doing a bad job at my present work place I will get fired!!

Who is this clown???

We have huge problems in the O-line....has anyone seen Jake Long play yet? Ok, when your All-Pro is out your line suffers. that won't fix RT but that is the only position on the line that won't be helped by Long coming back to play!

Tony should be selling lawn mowers. We are going to cut some grass, okay?

Wake will not taper off and they didn't figure him out last season and was tired a the end of the season and wore down. With JT on the other side and the fact that he has been getting to the QB during preseason they will not be able to slide protection with both of them in there.

JT won't be on the field that much. He'll be tired too by end of season like he was with the Jests.

As long as he is there on third and long...lol! He is my Larry Johnson...hopefully gives us a spark for 15 plays a game!

Sure, dm1, the only hope we have of winning that 1st Game is to score first.

yeah spazano. blow it out your axx. lol

Overall, LV has it Patriots by only 7, which is quite surprising to me.

oscar,score first and have a severe thunder storm roll through imediately after and the game is called off.lol

When LV says 7, it's not 6.5 or 7.5, it's 7.

Hopefully, dim bulb.

I'll tell you this...Tony is happy to be out from under the watchful eye of Parcels and old father time Henning.

This time last year, Parcels walked away from our team after stating "he's disappointed in the development of Henne"

Henning was a huge part of why Henne failed and Sparano knows it.

Daboll has infused life back into an offense that was dying...We have only seen glimpses of this as Sparano is keeping all the "exciting" plays under the practice bubble and away from the press.

I am giving Tony the benefit of doubt and will become "fanatic" come next Monday for my Fins...and everyone on this blog should do the same.

um nh,i know every phan will but no leash.

LV is more conservative first game of the season, too many unknowns.

Little help people...Does anyone knows if tonight's game will be live on the net ?


FZB, I'll post a stream later just before game time.

NH, you said it man. We criticize (which is our right as fans), some are more pessimistic than others (which is their right), everyone shares their opinion of the team. Some idiots here don't understand that it's hard to support a team that hasn't done ANYTHING for decades.

But, in the end, on game days, when it counts, all that gets put to the side. You're either cheering for Miami, or you're cheering for another team.

No matter what idiots like ALoco think or say, anyone who knows me knows where I stand on Sundays.

I too am willing to give the Dolphins the benefit of the doubt. Until they prove me otherwise, I have dreams of Playoffs and all that. But, after 20+ years, my hopes are tempered with reality. And I'm all about being realistic now, so my heart doesn't break as bad as it does every year in Dec.

Check the soccertvlive site about a half hour before game time.

I have been going to all the open practices since 2005. We sucked then, but for some silly reason I thought we would win many games. (Guess im a homer...) This team is by far the best we had in the last 15 years. God bless Zach and JT, but we would beat up on the average teams then get whipped by the good ones. Anyone remember the San Fran game? My point is, if there was ever a time to fight for your team it is This Year. See u Monday night, ill be wearing an orange #19 Jersey. Go.Fins and destroy the Pats!

Unlike Parcells, I really liked Sparano and wanted him to suceed. I stuck with him hoping when Parcells left, he'd finally have enough experience and come in to his own.

But last year was the same old $hit...painful to watch.

Now it seems that Sparano has changed his philosophy. And it seems like Henne is improving.

I find myself asking, should we give him one more year? The only problem is the O-line. And that may be the thing that get's Sparano's job.

Our only chance to beat the Patriots is to outscore them. But seriously, let's have a clean preseason finale tonight and make it to the regular season healthy.


Yes, there is something different about this year. Sparano FINALLY understands it takes TDs to win. Defense wins championships, true, but offense gets you to the championship game. The Coach finally realizes that, he put in an OC who seems to realize that, and that's different than all other years. The offensive side of the ball is more than an afterthought this year. Henne doesn't seem to be handcuffed. He's being allowed to RUN this offense (like a QB needs to). Even something as small as audibles is HUGE in the NFL today, and all signs point to Miami finally doing things that will help them win.

I'm giving Sparano all year to prove he deserves to continue to be Coach. And I don't even need the team to make the Playoffs to say he deserves to stay. I think if he gets the team moving in the right direction. If they are above .500, and don't crash and burn in the Winter, than I wouldn't mind Sparano staying. This isn't about Sparano, Henne or anyone else. This is about becoming an elite team. It's WAY past due. That's all I care about, not any of the personalities surrounding the team.

And I don't even need the team to make the Playoffs to say he deserves to stay.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 01, 2011 at 10:06 AM

You got to be kidding me. Another fan happy to see some teeny tiny improvement somewhere and leave real success for another day.

Chris, I hope Henne plays one or 2 series and that's IT. We can't afford for him to go down. And with that right side oline, it's making me nervous.

Our best shot at having a great season lies in not having too many injuries (to important players). And if Henne gets injured, then season over. So yes, please GOD, protect these players this season, we need them on the field to be successful.

caso (and other retards on the site), why do you cherry-pick a sentence to criticize? Why don't you look at the entire statement made by others? Some of you morons see black and white, and don't understand the world is gray.

You could have just as easily picked this statement to critique:

"This isn't about Sparano, Henne or anyone else. This is about becoming an elite team."

But you didn't, did you moron, because you wanted to make your snide little comment.

If a Coach learns from his mistakes, and changes his mentality, and has the team (even the biggest troublemakers), ready to run through a wall for him, is that someone you want to keep or get rid of? If you knew anything about football, you'd know you just don't toss a Coach like that away, because the guy after him might not be any better, and might actually be WORSE.

Don't blame Sparano for the last 20+ years, that was OTHER idiots in the organization (that I'm sure you were behind until you weren't).

And the last 2 years Sparano really didn't control anything, Parcells did. So Tony's FINALLY getting his chance to be the leader of this team. And if you improves them, you want to get rid of him THEN? That's the dumbest thing I heard in my life.

Very true, caso(about LV).

I'm afraid Tony will not be here next Season, win or lose.


Why do you call people morons and retarts if they disagree with you? And if you feel someone is really a moron and retart, why respond with a long post to them since they are too retarted to know what you are saying?

I stand by my comment. You say you don't even need to see the team make the playoffs to keep the coach who has not been able to lead this team forward. Folks like you have 8 million excuses but conveniently forget EVERYTHING is ultimately the HC's responsibility. Coordinators, coaches, who plays where, setting the dang offensive line for once. If he can't take this talented team to the playoffs, his time has run out. You might be content to wait another season, not me.

TS is a Man of Honour and something really Extraordinary would have to happen to keep him here.

I don't see any way TS stays without getting this team in the playoffs. Ross has already showed his hand. After Tony's speech saying this team is going to win, he has to back it up. Good for him for being bold. Now show us just like the players need to show you.

join the club dc (as i said all lockout) 9-7 + and ts should stay, whatever some guys say it takes time to build SUSTAINED success/competiveness, ts is not responsible for 07 and before

he's made a pile of mistakes but is learning from them (imo), all hc's that have been succesful had to do this first

but i suspect that oscar u r right he will probably be dumped coz the fins like to shoot themselves in the foot/head

he may survive a ross chop if the style of play reflects what ross is after and he goes 9-7 +, i do not believe that change is beneficial unless 8-8 or less, people like to throw grudens and cowher names around like they would be saviours but that is far from certainty

my pads r crossed for no injuries tonight(incl colombo)

caso, if all you wanted to do was disagree with that sentence, then that's what you should've said (and I am totally FINE with someone disagreeing with me). But I showed you how in another sentence in the SAME post, I said I want an elite team here.

So where in that do you get that I'm happy to see some teeny tiny bit of success? Let me tell you, I've been a fan for 30 years, and if the offense finally gets put on course to put up points and work efficiently and effectively, that's something I've been waiting for 30 years to happen.

To me, that's not a "teeny weannie" improvement. To me, that's HUGE. And sometimes a team's record doesn't tell the whole story. That was my point. If everything points in the right direction, than maybe it's not the Coach, maybe it's the personnel. Maybe all Sparano needs is a franchise QB, and Miami would be elite. Why get rid of Sparano if he's not the problem? And that's what you're cherry-picked post implies. That if the team isn't 16-0, then just get rid of Sparano, and keep the coaching carousel going in Miami (by the way, how's that worked, we've had more Coaches and QBs here than almost any team, did that help us improve at all?).

So, disagree all you want. But don't characterize me or my point-of-view to fit your criticism. You don't know me, or what I think would be in the team's best interest. You have NO CLUE. READ, discuss, debate, but you don't have to mis-characterize someone just to make a dumb point. This is a serious blog, about a serious topic, the Miami Dolphins. I think a lot (as a fan) about this team, and how they can get to where I want them to be. You diminish me and others with your comment, only to make yourself feel better, but adding nothing to the discussion at hand.

You just chose the wrong poster to criticize, because I don't play that. I respect this blog too much for that. I'm gonna come back hard and you and everyone else who wants to hate on a poster instead of debating and discussing the topic without acrimony like adults SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO!!!


You know it is quite possible we go 11-5 and NOT make the playoffs. Happened in 08 with the Patriots when we won the AFC East. Are you telling me that you would want a new coach if we went 11-5 and didn't make the playoffs. If so, the you are a retard.

caso @ 10:44, THAT'S how you make your point without mis-characterizing someone else. If you just would have said that in the first place, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I can respect that you (and others) feel Tony's had enough time, it's make or break time. You feel that way, fine. No problem.

But that's not how you came at me. You came at me trying to minimize my (and others) point-of-view. And that's not going to be accepted by me. I'm laying down the law.

Agree with those who think Sparano will stay with either a playoff birth or improvement coupled with an exciting brand of football. After all guys, at it's most basic level it's about putting butts in the seats.

Is is just me or does anyone else think TS would make a good college coach/recruiter? Now Ireland is a different story. Guy's a bit too weaselly for my taste but I suppose one's fate is tied to the other's.

And that's what you're cherry-picked post implies. That if the team isn't 16-0, then just get rid of Sparano

You don't know me, or what I think would be in the team's best interest. You have NO CLUE. READ, discuss, debate, but you don't have to mis-characterize someone just to make a dumb point.

I respect this blog too much for that. !

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 01, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Well friend, you are totally off in some world with no mirrors. For one, you are the one totally mis-characterizing me because I never said any such thing as your 16-0 comment implies. You are putting words in my mouth.

Secondly you say you respect the blog and your first response to someone is to resort to calling them moron several times and a retart. Then you go on to say my points are dumb, as though yours are genius.

Don't know what your idea of respect is but that isn't mine. And that is not debating it pouting like a child.

I am not sure I'm being clear about TS's intentions. Even if he wins the SB, he will leave of his own accord; he doen't want to be here after what the Owner anf FO did to his person.

Are you telling me that you would want a new coach if we went 11-5 and didn't make the playoffs. If so, the you are a retard.

Posted by: BuckeyeFinFan | September 01, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Another blogger in love with the word retart. Doesn't anybody have a vocabulary here? Why don't you think about what I wrote before responding. I never said what I would do, I said Ross (the team owner you know) has showed his hand, and it doesn't look like HE will keep TS without a playoff win. I personally have no say in the matter.


no i didn't get that, i'm a bit slow, i hope your wrong, i think his relationship with the players will make that hard for him to do if things go well this season, i don't see him as the jimmy johnson type

what u say about his character is probably all too true and for that reason he won't want to abandon players who have worked their butts off for him

(all above assumes a succesful season - e.g playoffs, 9-7 and no playoffs and you're right he might walk- specially if he gets offers)

or at least make the playoffs. I can't speak for Ross, but if we don't even get a wild card, I don't see him keeping TS around. IMO, nothing more.

The degree to which you agree with a post has no relationship to the quality of the post.

I'm out for now. Sensitive crowd here today.

Most of the players LOVE Sparano but HATE Ireland.

...I agree, Tony can inspire and lead people who want and repspect leadership.

But...If we go 9-7 and the fans are calling for his head we should look at the factors.
1. QB play
2. Ineffective defense
3. Coaching/ Play Calling
4. (minor) Special Teams Plan

We will know if #3 was bad all season long as will Ross.

So let's not hang a number over Tony's head just as the season is getting underway.

Tony knows he must win...and whether its a 9, 10 or 11 win mark, please put ALL the factors in place, not just coaching.

nfl.com is not showing the game as being blacked out on the site in the preseason game pass so i would assume you could watch it live instead of waiting for 11 pm

if spazano was a motivational speaker and with all of the turn of events that he has caused with the team”ol”,would you take his advise.?.lol


I think if tony sparano wins 9 games Ross will keep sparano for his final year of contrat. If he wins 8 games then I'm not sure what happens. Anything worst than 8 he's gone.

tonight's game will be about the final cut to 53. i hope we get to see alot of the following players:

roberto wallace
marlon moore
aj edds
jimmie wilson
clyde gates
larry johnson
brett bracket
mark restelli
jason trusnik

notice how there are no players on the o-line in there. the only one other than the starters who looked promising was the mutha called murtha.

need to find some depth at the o-line tonight or it's lights out for some of these guys. i don't see this team standing pat if there are players available that could help the o-line.

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