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It's on Chad Henne to determine success of Chad Henne

Several times over the past few weeks I've gotten e-mails and twitter messages from folks asking me to encourage Chad Henne, asking that I talk up Chad Henne, asking that I write nice, positive things about Chad Henne. The same folks want me to scold fans for booing Chad Henne.

The idea is that if Henne hears words of encouragement or, at the very least, doesn't hear criticism, his confidence will rise and he will play better.

I have a counter proposal: How about the Dolphins' starting quarterback raise his confidence by playing well? How about Henne shutting down the boos or the chants of "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," by making fans forget Orton was ever on the radar?

How about a guy getting everyone's approval and respect by, crazy notion here, earning it?

That is what is at stake tonight for the Dolphins quarterback when he makes his 2011 preseason home debut at Sun Life Stadium.

"Chad Henne needs a fast start out there tonight," former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Friday morning. "He needs to nut up and show people he is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and there is no question about that. He needs to get going right away and lead his team and make good decisions and show accuracy and take over the crowd because fans down there are just waiting for a reason to boo him.

"If he's the quarterback the Dolphins need him to be, he won't give them that chance."

Salisbury says the reason some fans in South Florida talk about Matt Moore as if he is an intriguing prospect and possible starter is because Henne has fed that conversation rather than squashing it. Indeed, even coach Tony Sparano, who two weeks ago proclaimed Henne the starter, this week added a clause to his proclamation by saying "Henne is the starter right now."

So the question about Henne as the Dolphins on the Carolina Panthers is simple:

"Is he going to step his game up," Salisbury said, "or step aside aside and let the fans beg for Matt Moore?"

Salisbury is right. It really is up to Henne. If he performs well ... Check that ... If he performs well enough, folks will line up behind him like toy soliders. Everyone will feel great if Henne throws a couple of touchdown passes and stays away from the emotion-sapping interception(s). No one will question him if he leads the Dolphins on a couple of touchdowns drives against the worst team in the NFL last season.

Truth is, even if Henne is just mediocre -- if he throws one TD pass without an interception and gets maybe that one score for his trouble -- no one will be upset.

But if he plays like last week, it could get ugly even though this game is at home.

It is up to Henne. The crowd, their reaction, the offense, and Miami's fate, are in his hands. He can play well and end any speculation about his job security. Or not, which will only make his job harder going forward.

It is up to Chad Henne.

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Henne will shine tonight...


ok second lol

Pressure is on Henne tonight, no doubt about it. A good game will have fans feeling good about him as the starter....but a bad game combined with a good performance by Moore and it could get ugly...QB controversy with Sparano and his job stuck in the crossfire.

I am blown away that nobody else was brought in to compete. It makes me sick! I have never seen a NFL QB stare down a WR like he does. I hope he does not burn a hole thru Bess's jersery tonight.

true.. This is the game that will define Henne confidence for the season. If he does bad, The fans will crush his confidence with boos!!

The FO failed to draft a competition.

The Marino QB Curse continues...

I think it all sets up for a feel good performance by the Dolphin starters tonight. We should own Carolina like Atlanta's starters did us last week. Granted it's pre-season but if there's anything to be learned it will be this week or next week. Anyhow it's Friday and Happy Hour grows near!

If Henne is going to have another year like last year, I hope he gets it out of the way with early, so Moore has more time to work with the 1st team.

It's as simple as Armando puts it. It's up to the QB to earn the encouragement, the fans will follow along. If anyone thinks bloggers showing faith in him will raise his game they are mistaken. It doesn't work that way anywhere.

Henne is way overdue to show he can at least look like an unquestionable starter especially going against a last place team like Carolina. On the other hand, if his play continues to leave doubt, accuracy problems, int's on him, stare downs, fans will be calling for the next guy in line no matter who it is.

to coach; let henne grow up,please cut the umbilical chord. its sink or swim time! head coach needs to be alot better this year too. earn your big raise!

We will be fine. Henne WILL step up and the Phins will be a good play off contender this year. I feel that our OL is better than last year and when Jake comes back, the OL will be complete. Our D is always a top 5 D and we have only gotten better. We are solid with the exception of QB for now but I believe that Henne will step up and prove the nay sayers wrong. It's pre season and I am willing to let him work the kinks out. If by the 3rd regular season game he is still looking horrible, let's give Matt Moore a shot. Either way, if the QB situation doesn't correct itself, we will be drafting a QB in the first round next year. With a good QB we have a SOLID team.

I thinks its safe to say he's got one wing in the fire.

this is henne's 4th season. he's had a ton of 1st team reps; its time to go out and play QB in the NFL. put the team on your shoulders and go LEAD. don't look for coach; he's lost too. its sink or swim time.

Salisbury is right on, so are you Armando...but I give more props to Salisbury because of the following phrase "He (Henne) needs to nut up".

So pumped for some fin football! WOOOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair style!

Henne got to earn the respect!!!! it's that simple. GO! Dolphins Go!

Finding a Marino or a Brady is like target shooting blind folded. You hit the target very few times but when you hit it its by accident. And this bunch we have here their blind folded and pointed in the wrong direction. They arent hitting anything

Tonight is the night. There will be no excuses for Henne if he f this up tonight. However I really hope the fans don't overreact to one miss pass. I hope they give him a chance to do well but if he stinks it up then I don't know what they are going to do. All I can say is Go Fins lets show the world what we have. Ps. Don't let me down Henne.

Right on Mando. Everybody else in this league have to prove themselves, Chad Henne is no different. Chad Henne cannot read defenses. If he knew how to read defenses, he wouldn't stare down receivers. Dolphans need to stop setting themselves up for disappointment.

Whoe is playing OLT?

#1, I asked that question yesterday. It's a LEGIT question that shoul dbe answered. If Henne struggles tonight, can Sparno/Ireland justify not giving Moore 1st team reps?

If they keep beating a dead horse with Henne struggling, it's obvious that they have made the choice to all go down together.

Joe Schmoe | August 19, 2011 at 12:06 PM


In all honesty Moore won`t give us any more legitimate a shot than Henne will this Season. If you bench Henne now and go a different route with Moore, you could end up wth a new Coaching staff next year talking about how Chad didn`t get a fair shot and maybe with better coaching, yada yada yada!! Really at this point let him play and if he falls appart then the organizaton can part ways once and for all.

I find it funny when people say that Moore didn`t have much to work with in his chance at Car. because he had DeAngelo and Jon Stewart behind him and healthy for his 1st. five starts and went 1-4 before loosing the gig to an overrated Clausen, also remember he had Ryan Khalil at Center with J.Gross at LT and a pretty solid LG which in fairness Henne didn`t have you add that to a good pass catching TE and Steve Smith and you can`t say he didn`t have a supporting cast. I know it sucks to think about another mediocre season but I would let Henne sink or swim to put all the controversy with him to rest once and for all.

Were Henne good, he had been picked in the first round. Period.

Brady argument or Warner argument? Both of them took their teams to the SB the first season they played even if in the begining they we're considered back ups by their coaches. Endo of the discussion.

Henne shows me nothing but the place he's going to throw the ball to.

Since I was one of the guys not too pleased with your QB rankings yesterday, let me say to this piece: I totally agree. Spotty line play, mediocre running backs, whatever -- Henne has to have a mindset that says, "My game, my house, get on my back or get out of the way." We're all waiting for him to STEP UP. Let's hope he does.

Mandy what if you lost your confidence, because no-one read your column would that make you feel better or not? oh and by the way Vick with 3 int. in one quarter not on the receivers but on him. His fans were not booing. I think positive feedback does help, so keep up the good work and maybe, just maybe we will get the play from Henne we all hope for!

Remember March 2010, when Chad Henne had the friggin' balls to publicly say, in the media, that Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback? Funny thing karma. I couldn't believe he said that, given his limited and poor performances at at that point. Gimme Tebow any day. At least he brings some excitement to gameday.
For reference:


Good job with the QB rankings yesterday, I thought they were dead on.

Roberto Wallace is looking like a player, can't wait to see him tonight again.

Is Murtha covering the blind side tonight?

Here's some encouragement Chad.....take 2 weeks off, then quit the game because YOU SUCK! Maybe you can find a backup job somewhere, but you have no business pretending to be a starter.

Obviously mando's campaign against Henne continues.

I wonder if the conversation with editors goes something like this:

Armando,s boss: your pieces are coming off very slanted.

Armando: Well I enjoy leading the fans around by their noses and it keeps them in a real tissy and that meas blog hits for the Herald.

Armando's boss: Carry on.

"I hope he does not burn a hole thru Bess's jersery tonight."

~ HAHAHAHA! Best comment so far! Lol.

if my life was on the line, i would not want it in chad hennes hands, so why the hell would you want a game to be in chad hennes hands. he will prove once again tonight what he really is. GARBAGE!

Rob M,

'take 2 weeks off, then quit the game because YOU SUCK'

Brilliant, good contribution. That's helpful.

This team is in the worst state of being that any sport franchise could be. They haven't really built for the future, refused to sign any marquee free agents to allow them to win now and they've done nothing at all to raise expectations of it's fan base. Could it be worse? Doubt it. It's just all real confusing when you step back and look at this franchise as a whole. Not a bunch to be excited about for this year or beyond.

dolphin 77,

Well fortunately it is not 'your life' on the line.

If henne is 'garbage' then he ought to be thrown away right? Glad you are blogging rather than making any decisions for the franchise.


The team has a plan that they are sticking to. Agree with it or not, they are actively trying not overpay for FA while building through the draft and youth.

Obviously there have been many misses in drafting and FA but realistically they happens with every team.

I think they have made many blunders. however they think they are the smartest people in the room.

Round II tonight.

If Henne does well:

1. The supporters will say 'I told you so', and ask where are all the naysayers now?
2. The naysayers will say it was against a piss poor Carolina team and means nothing, let's see how he does in game 1.

If Henne does not do well:

1. The naysayers will continue last weeks post game bashing party and start opining on the good old days of Cleo Lemon, while bashing the FO into submission.
2. The supporters will go back to their built in excuse, its only preseason, they are installing a brand new offense, it takes time, they are only practicing and evalualting right now.

Last week the naysayers had it their way post game in the blog, overwelming the supporters, who did not have much to hang their hat on.

This week, I expect a better performance, enough to give the supporters a little more to chirp about, but that won't stop the naysayers from nitpicking. Round II will go to the supporters by a slim margin.

if i were making decisions then yes all the garbage would be thrown away, henne, sparano, ireland, ross. any more questions?


1. You, nor anyone else, know if Moore can do better than Henne. Please don't pretend to know. Henne, with his offseason efforts, got the right to be listed #1. That doesn't mean he should keep it if he doesn't earn it.

And to further the point, we sure as heck won't know if Moore can do better if he never gets a chance. We can't just take your word fdor it or do you know something no one else does?

Sparano's comments about Moore's practice seem to have more to do with protecting Henne's psyche & confidence than it has to do with Moore's performance.

2ndly, You can't just start the season with a Qb who is struggling & say there is no competition for his job. What message does that send to other players? I can stink & keep my job too?

An open minded coach wants to win more than prove they didn't screw up drafting Henne. That's what it seems like they are dead set on doing.

If he struggles tonight & Moore doesn't get a chance, it's pretty obvious. If they were concerned about wins, they'd let the Qb's compete & let the best man win.

Joe Schmoe | August 19, 2011 at 12:40 PM


Don`t misunderstand me of course I don`t know what would happen if Moore was to start in Henne`s place but if I were to go on body of work then I can tell you he had a better Offense to work with in Carolina than the one Henne had in Miami. We had R&R at RB, he had DeAngelo Williams healthy and in the backfield for the 1st five games with Jonathan Stewart off the bench. You want to talk about explosive runners and deadly play action for the QB.

Henne had a makeshift OL with really only J.Long performing at a high level and that was during the 1st ten weeks before he was a one armed player. The interior was a joke and the right side a big ? Moore had Jordan Gross at LT (Pro Bowler) the best Center in the game in Ryan Khalil and a solid LG in Wharton. You add a seem threat TE in Rosario and a blocking one in King and they had us there as well.

We had better players at WR because we had more players at the position because Steve Smith still plays out there and was in the Pro Bowl after an explosive 09 Season. He just didn`t suck all of a sudden in 2010 the QB position did and that is a fact.

I can`t assure how anybody plays any given Season just look at what Derrek Anderson did in 08 at Cleveland even the biggest turds can surprise but I will go out on the line and tell you that based on body of work Moore is another mediocre talent that were talking up like he may of not gotten his shot and maybe with us he`s a baller and I just think were all so desperate for a QB that were looking for a diamond in the rough at the most scrutinized position in the game.

Henne is on a short leash with Sparano. He's benched him once, he will bench him again. I trust Tony to deal with this if it get's ugly, which I suspect it will.

Funny, I was just saying in the previous blog that tonight is a HUGE game for Henne...Time to step it up...

The obvious thing about successful QB's is that they all have confidence that borders on arrogance. If Henne needs the fans to praise him out of the fetal position and pat him on the head to get him to play, then the game is lost. Being arrogant is no guarantee of NFL success - God know Jeff George and Ryan Leaf can speak on that topic - but if you have a guy who is sucking his thumb and feeling down because he got booed, then his potential was likely never really there in the first place. By the way... what is suddenly so damned important about the game tonight? If the Dolphins go out and stink it up tonight, then there's always next week. If they play well tonight, against a team that really struggled in 2010, are they suddenly playoff bound? There's something about sportswriters that never seems to add up.

dolphin 77,

I might do the same thing. Except I have zero problem with Ross. He has shown willingness to pay and wants to win.

The one problem with the bleach and start over approach is that consistency in scheme is one of the unpublicized yet extremely important aspects to winning in the NFL.

The game is very complex and fast and players typically take several years to get comfortable in a scheme.
While I have no need to bash Henne, I'd prefer to see a 6'5 QB with the ability to run at the Helm along with a pass 1st offensive approach.

But that is me and that is not what is happening in Dolfinland.

Trying to compare Henne and Moore is futile. They were both struggling QB's on struggling teams with different approaches.

The only way to really compare them is to see how each does on the same team. Now if Moore's practices have not been good enough to earn the right to practice with the first team, then I understand. But if it is close in any way, I think you HAVE to give them both time with the starters and see where each of their strengths and weaknesses lie.

I agree Henne should be the starter as of now, he has been on the team for years and Moore only just arrived. We know what Henne can do with Marshal Bess Hartline. Why not take a peak, in meaningless preseason to see what Moore can do?

Henne sucks he really really sucks...after stating the obvious i think he will play well tonight and some brainless fans will be on board again.. lol. Then Henne will be Henne again next week and the Bucs will make all the fans who jumped back on the Henne express cry again.. Remember the late 4th quarter collapse at Cleveland and at home against Detroit last season. I know it wasnt Henne's fault. All Henne has is a big strong arm with no aim AND NO FIRE in his Blood 3RD AND 5 Henne has Bees wide open on a 7 yard crossing route..AWW it bounces of Davon because the ball was thrown 90 mph.. 3RD AND 2 Henne has ? wide open on a 5 and out route aww the ball sails out of bounds.. 3rd and 15 Henne has marshall open on a sideline streaking route aww the ball sails out of bounds.. PUNT,Punt,Punt!!! I would love to see Moore take over for Henne.. Henne doesn't have it !! Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could see it..

true, i hear you bro. maybe after this season, with a few changes, they will get back on the right track again.

Well I'll be! Sean Salisbury, now that's funny. Just another guy with limited NFL reps that becomes a better player and student of the game the older he gets.

Armando, maybe you can have me on Armando and the Amigo? I was a QB in High School and just like Sean Salisbury, my football career gets better every year.

Figures that mando would consider Salsbery the holy grail for information. He was unwatchable in NFL live.

pmeadows...hilarious post. 90mph is the truth. Besides the missile of an arm, Henne is pretty rough. It's surprising how quickly some forget about how lame last year was.

Can we please get J.J. Johnson to come back and give his expert opinion on the running back situation pleae?

Claire Voyant.... great comments, it's like you can see into the future!!

Maybe Aubrey Beavers can breakdown the linebacking core.

Poizen, I think John Avery woud be a better choice.

In between the Henne bashing posts, mando wrote an interesting article on how nice it would be to see the Dolphins offense play with pace.

This is and aspect I have wanted for a long time.

I do not believe that sort of style in in Sparano's genetic structure. Dolphins are not going to do anything like that as long as Sparano is here.

Eric Kumerow for the Oline?

To some degree i agree with Armando, but 2 years ago he was talking him up and it was not until the majority of bloggers and his twitter followers (last year) started bashing Henne that Armando started on his negative articles. Kind of like a group think thing, you know if everyone else is doing it I will too or i'll lose my twitter followers and stand out. In all fairness he isn't the only reporter i believe is guilty of this too.

fin, you can go back to the other blog to see my response.

I tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed this Blog during the lock out trading barbs and jokes with odinman, ALoco, DB. Now, not so much. All this negativity about a Football Team we are supposed to support is becoming very unpleasant, irritating me. I know why you are doing it, but I have to protect myself and maybe not write in these Football Blogs no more. And enjoy my Game.

Ask the Social Worker for his assessment of Henne. He is the smartest person on here.

Hell, lets get Rich Kotite to come talk about what it takes to be a successful coach in the NFL.

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