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It's on Chad Henne to determine success of Chad Henne

Several times over the past few weeks I've gotten e-mails and twitter messages from folks asking me to encourage Chad Henne, asking that I talk up Chad Henne, asking that I write nice, positive things about Chad Henne. The same folks want me to scold fans for booing Chad Henne.

The idea is that if Henne hears words of encouragement or, at the very least, doesn't hear criticism, his confidence will rise and he will play better.

I have a counter proposal: How about the Dolphins' starting quarterback raise his confidence by playing well? How about Henne shutting down the boos or the chants of "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," by making fans forget Orton was ever on the radar?

How about a guy getting everyone's approval and respect by, crazy notion here, earning it?

That is what is at stake tonight for the Dolphins quarterback when he makes his 2011 preseason home debut at Sun Life Stadium.

"Chad Henne needs a fast start out there tonight," former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Friday morning. "He needs to nut up and show people he is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and there is no question about that. He needs to get going right away and lead his team and make good decisions and show accuracy and take over the crowd because fans down there are just waiting for a reason to boo him.

"If he's the quarterback the Dolphins need him to be, he won't give them that chance."

Salisbury says the reason some fans in South Florida talk about Matt Moore as if he is an intriguing prospect and possible starter is because Henne has fed that conversation rather than squashing it. Indeed, even coach Tony Sparano, who two weeks ago proclaimed Henne the starter, this week added a clause to his proclamation by saying "Henne is the starter right now."

So the question about Henne as the Dolphins on the Carolina Panthers is simple:

"Is he going to step his game up," Salisbury said, "or step aside aside and let the fans beg for Matt Moore?"

Salisbury is right. It really is up to Henne. If he performs well ... Check that ... If he performs well enough, folks will line up behind him like toy soliders. Everyone will feel great if Henne throws a couple of touchdown passes and stays away from the emotion-sapping interception(s). No one will question him if he leads the Dolphins on a couple of touchdowns drives against the worst team in the NFL last season.

Truth is, even if Henne is just mediocre -- if he throws one TD pass without an interception and gets maybe that one score for his trouble -- no one will be upset.

But if he plays like last week, it could get ugly even though this game is at home.

It is up to Henne. The crowd, their reaction, the offense, and Miami's fate, are in his hands. He can play well and end any speculation about his job security. Or not, which will only make his job harder going forward.

It is up to Chad Henne.

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Oscar, was that you or a imposter?


I will write about Politics instead. Listen Man, don't threaten anymore about taking their retirement checks away from People. Do it. Now.

Well said Oscar. Armando hates the team he covers and thus is responsible for his employment. If has the choice to side on the positive or the negative he will go with the negative every time. He's a high-fiving geak with a forum.

It's a guarantee that the Whole World will go down.

Richie runs circles around Cam Cameron and Ray Handley

Henne is on a short leash withe Sparano, time for Henne to tighten up or he'll be benched again like the previous season!

He needs to nut up".....

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/08/its-on-chad-henne-to-determine-success-of-chad-henne.html#ixzz1VUvxQXkt

This AIN'T 1940's radio any more.....

It doesn't really matter what Sean Salisbury's opinion is. Bottom line is it's time for Henne to step it up­. How long are we supposed to wait?? Time to start winning darn it...

Seems like the people running the Miami Dolphins are acting like the Obama goverment, Not listening to the will of the people, or in this case us Fans. We need a QB. Henne dosen't have the Desire or Will to be a Good QB, let alone a Elite QB. My fellow Dol-Fans everywhere, I'm from Connecticut. (Bristol, Ct) home of ESPN, we are surrounded by Patriot, Jets, and Giants fans in this State, I see these teams improving, yet the Dolphins remain mired in mediocracy. I mean ENOUGH! We as fans have endoured a-lot of crappy football, especially at home at Sun Life Stadium. WHY? because we have not had a Good QB, period! until we as Loyal Dolphin fans boycott, complain (loudly) and make our feelings known, nothing will happen, So please write your E-Mails and letters to Steven Ross and Jeff Ireland and let them know: Bring a Good QuaterBack to Miami. P.S. You would think that Sparano's job being on thin ice, he would have a little urgency in getting ready for N.E. My fellow Dol-Fans WE MUST BEAT New England.

Very true Montreal. Very True.

All of this Henne chatter saves the rest of the team from criticism. It doens't matter what Henne does if we don't have an oline and RBs that can establish some sort of running game.

Dont give a crap about preseason

We will see what type of team we have on the Monday Nite Opener against the Patsies.Until we see that, we have no idea what kind of team we have.
Preseason is just a mirage, and in my opinion, means nothing.

There is no-hype from the players until the games mean something....

So lets save all our bashing for a few more weeks please.

Andy, From the Agawam MA area. Surrounded by the same peoples.

I do not agree about our Qb however. :)

Oscar, I am interested in your opinion on illegal immigration and Hemorrhoids. I personaly am very much against the latter. Please advise.

Rex, even illegals have feet. you love em.

If you "must" worry....

Worry about the running game..i have a somewhat bad feeling Bush/Thomas will not hold a candle to Ronnie/Ricky

Time will tell....

Anybody watch NFL Network last night? They had the 1972-1973 Super Bowl Champs Miami Dolphins. Now unfortunately I was just 3 years old in 1973, but man I enjoyed it. Manny Fernandez was a real beast at DT. Loved watching Coach Shula interviewed. What a coach he was. Winningest coach ever baby...

Andy: Right on about Barack O'Bumma. His 24% approval rating is actually lower than Henne's on this blog site and his ineptitude is roughly the same. But don't tell Social Worker, he will tell you how stupid you are and how much smarter he is. In other words, the same lame liberal response to cold hard logic.

The thig about Henne that really bothers me about Henne is the "happy feet" that he gets when he feels pressure. Good to great QBS are able to slide their feet to elude pass rush while scanning the field for open guys. Henne feels pressure and its a rap! Sack, inaccurate pass, or interception..

Poizen: I have been meaning to speak to coach Rexie about that whole feet fedish thing. Very unsettling, which in no way helps my situation.

So he goes where the $ blows, eh? I've known a few People like that.

RexRyan Bowel Movement, You sir are a Smart man, I'd hang out with you anytime, Someone who has eye's to see, and ears to hear! 2012 can't come fast enough, Time to kick the Intruder out of OUR WhteHouse!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Nice to meet you! I'm RexRyan's Bowel Movement's oldest son.


anyone know if there is a website that will have the game on? I'm stuck up here in Wisconsin and cannot get it.

Scotty, I know NFL Network will play it at 13:00PM tomorrow...But website I don't know...


To the point of Henne there is an old Hindu expression that says, “man does not stop to question the quality of the air when that's all there is to breath”.

Henne has a ways to go to become the QB some of us expect. But with the worst of his learning curve behind him, his time has come, let the games begin.

The same could be said for his offensive coaching staff. We are still waiting to see if they are some of the solution or most of the problem. (Keep your eye on special teams.)

I'm sorry to say when it comes to getting decent sports reporting the verdict is in. You have played your game, fired your best shot, and shone us all you've got. The only excuse you have for you're for performance is that you have had to do it in spite of the Dolphins. How ironic it is that you can't see that you and Henne have similar problems.

Maybe you should be friends.

Nice column. I ran my fingers up and down this column and then wrapped my lips around it.

Mmmm. God, I love this column.

TY #1

anyone know if there is a website that will have the game on? I'm stuck up here in Wisconsin and cannot get it.

Posted by: Scotty | August 19, 2011 at 02:26 PM


It is impossible.

Another good blog post Armando, keep 'em coming.

It's on NFL Network @ 1:00pm here in Connecticut, Go Miami Dolphins!

Rex Ryan Bowel: Please dont make up numbers and pass them off as facts. Obama's approval rating is 42.8%. Not 24%. Please check your posts for "cold, hard" facts. Not made up info.

Of course approval ratings are sort of like NFL exhibition games, or pre season college football polls. Or RR Bowel Movement posts. Completely worthless.

"In other words, the same lame liberal response to cold hard logic."

Here's some cold hard logic for ya you uneducated redneck conservative piece of garbage. The sorry state our country is in right now is a direct result of 8 years of conservative republican spending. We had ZERO DEBT when Clinton left office and the economy was doing great. Bush and Cheney went right to war, really solved a lot there, and dragged our country into over 100 million dollars of debt. In four years Obama has raised that debt but only 25% more. Meaning if Obama was in office for another four years the projections show he still will only have raised the debt by half of what the conservative party did in the same amount of time. And yet you Fox news worshiping nincompoops don't look at the facts. You instead listen to what your incredibly idiotic leaders like Bachmann and Palin tell you. You scream about all of the money Obama is spending knowing very well that he is actually spending less than the previous administration did while also trying to dig the country out of the worst economic situation we've had since the great depression, a problem he inherited, not created.

How about them facts you ignoramus?

Garbage plate, To bad there seems to be 42.8 people like you who are WRONG! Obama's Goverment is not the solution, IT IS THE PROBLEM

the amount of money for henne for a good season and mediocre one is millions of dollars.

I can see it now, end of the 1st Quarter and all you little douche bags will have your 2012 draft analysis up,

* QB round 1
* Safety round 2
* RT Round 3

Since we drafted Dan Marino in 1983, there is one team in the NFL that has not spent a first round drat pick on a QB. Either via the draft itself or through trade of the first round pick for a current QB. Name the team.......

yes it's the Dolphins!!!

We are the only team in the NFL that has not used a first round pick to either draft or trade for a QB in almost 30 years!!

Welcome to the Abyss. Apparently the Dolphins do not view the QB as the most important position on the team, at least not in the last 28 years. Perrenial 8-8 here we come again.

There is an interesting fact for your next article Mando!

Henne is an idiot. And for the rest of you-- you have been singing his praises , wait till next year!!! That was 3 years ago. Get the hell over it. He's not gonna be Favre. Damn, he's lucky he'll be Ryan Leaf!!!!!!!!

what do you mean if he plays like last week? last week he had no blocking but threw a 42 yard perfect spiral TD pass, scrambled for a 10 yeard first down showing heart, and had one of his completions, the first pass, get volleyballed into the air by Fasano thus setting the tone for the next series

how can he prove himself when the season hasn't started yet? we're talking about practice here.



Andy, if you're very wealthy or very religious, by all means, vote GOP. If you are neither of those things, you are voting against your own best economic interest. Starting in 2008, before Obama was elected, this country started enjoying the fruits of GOP policies, hope you're enjoying what you voted for.

Andy is right! Hope you enjoy what's on your plate. Socialism, welfare and a@# f ing!!!

Pretty dead on, Armando. No one on this forum would be moaning if Henne played like Marino. The simple fact that he isn't/doesn't/hasn't played well is the reason for all this fuss. Simple to me.
The extension of the problem is that we don't have any QB proven to play well in the NFL on our roster. Moan on, fans.

One other thing Andy, you were incorrect to lump me in with the 42% who "approved". If that poll had called me, I would have said 'disapprove". The problem with those polls, is there is no follow up question. Yes, I disapprove right now (probably for different reasons than you), but I'm still gonna vote for the guy in 2012 simply because there are no legit challengers.

I would have to lose dozens IQ points before it would be possible to pull the lever for the likes of Bachman, Perry, Santorum, Palin, ect. The GOP only has 2 legit candidates: Paul and Romney. But the literally crazy base wont let either of those 2 get the nomination

If Henne strugles tonight.... do you tihnk the dolphins will continue talks with the broncos to get Orton?

Look, blame who you want for whatever.

Has this administration done anything worthy of being voted back. I think the answer is a BIG NO. I am not blaming left, right, up or down.

Obama and crew failed at their mission. Even people who voted for him can see that.

The current front office is not that intelligent!!!

It's not Obamas government it is the US government. That's how it works in a democracy. Obama is the problem just the same as any other president who would've been elected in his place. And we all knew it coming into this thing. The country was wrecked when he took over. It's hard to dig out of that in 3 and a half years. Any president that came into office after that f***ing moron Bush was going to have a rough go of it. Whomever got elected was going to be a one term president, the smart people in the country realized this before the election even took place. There was no winning for this term. The president that won was going to be a scapegoat for the previous administration.

So here's the thing, you conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats keep fighting with one another. You don't care what's best for the country even though you all scream that your party does care. You care what's in the best interest for your party. You all only care about winning at all costs. It is so important to the parties that the aisle be impossible to cross, that you vote with your partys agenda no matter what you truly believe is right for our country and its citizens. Republicans and Democrats are ruining our country and you people who blindly and loyaly follow one of these two parties are sheep and pawns, nothing more.

The only way we will get through to these politicians is if we all register independent and vote with our hearts and brains. Do not listen to what someone tells you is best for the country, make up your own mind. Don't let your politicians fool you, if they are rep or dem they only care about who is filling their coffers and it isn't us, it's the rich!

Henne worked hard this off season, hope it shows tonight.

FINS; you have no concept what socialism is. American society has always been a balance of capitalism and socialism. The police, fire dept, post office,all sorts of entities that dont operate for profit and run by local or fed governments are socialist programs. Ditto for public schools.

When it tips too far one way or the other, thats when we have problems. In recent years, its tipped too far in favor of capitalism, (see; Wall St the past decade). Thats why the distribution of wealth is so out of whack. GOP's overly free market policies have bled the middle class dry. You should try reading things like books and newspapers, then you'd know what you were talking about before you make a fool of yourself.

Geooff, you liberals are so full of hate. Rednecks, is that necessary? You all show your true colors at every turn. When things go sour, turn to the old name calling playbook.

8 years of Conservative spending you say? Talk about having NO clue! You mean Bush, who had a democrat held congress for 6 of those 8 years??

PS..the Fiscal turn around in the late 90's was under Conservative Stewarsdship when Republicans held control of the Congress. Clinton? PLEASE!

Ridulous debt & spending exploded under Obma & the Democrats held Congress.

See, the President doesn't actually spend, it's the other elected officials we vote in to represent us that make the bills that the president signs.

Obama had a majority in Congress & Bush had the minority. Either way, please don't take credit for something you had no part in & don't lay blame for everything you did cause.

Whether you wanna discuss too much debt accumulated(Dumbocrats) or shrinking the debt in the 90's(Republicans), your argument holds no water.

FYI, Bush inherited a recession when he took office. Check YOUR records, then ask others to.

And please, find better talking points. It's apparent yo have NONE.

Armando, blah, blah, blah.........

Salidtosser, blah, blah, blah........

Henne, blah, blah, blah...........

Have we signed a legitimate starting Right Tackle yet?

Have we had a running play longer than three yards THIS YEAR yet?

Henne sucks blah, blah, blah, I get it. So Matt Moore will be the savior because Moore doesn't need an offensive line or a run game.

I guess the old axiom reigns supreme. Most can't see the forest for the trees!

You're right Poizen, they havent done enough to be voted back in. But are we really going to vote for Bachmann or Palin? Has the country really become that desperate that we are going to vote for one of two mental retarded candidates? This is actually pretty scary. Obama has a BUSINESS degree from Harvard in and couldn't pull our country out of this economic disaster. Are we really going to do better with Bachmann?!!!! REALLY?! Did I mention that the woman is mentally deficient? No seriously, I'm not saying it because I don't like her or because I don't want a woman president. I would love to have a woman as pres but shouldn't she at least be educated properly?

If there was still such a thing as a Republican moderate I'd consider that person, but the religious fundamentalists and zero tax lunatics (whose understanding of basic economics is non-existent) have largely taken over the GOP.

Please don't expect me to take people like Michelle Bachmann and Sara Palin seriously. I just can't dumb myself down enough to do that. And please don't ask me to vote for someone who thinks the world is 6000 years old and doesn't want my children to accept scientific fact. I'm sure the Chinese would LOVE that, however.

See, it's just the the GOP has moved SO far to the right to cater to the lunatics in their base that I just can't come along for the ride. Too many frothing weirdos on that bus these days. And, no, I really don't care if Adam and Steve want to get married, either.

So I guess I'll just vote for the other guys until you come back to the center. And if you don't, seeya.

You're right Poizen, they havent done enough to be voted back in. But are we really going to vote for Bachmann or Palin? Has the country really become that desperate that we are going to vote for one of two mental retarded candidates?

Posted by: Geoff | August 19, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Why shouldn't we? People just voted in the most incomptent and inexperienced president in history, didn't they? How's that working out for you?

It's funny, Obama had ZERO governing expeirience yet all you looney's can do is pick on Palin who actually DID have experience LOL Not only that, she isn't even a candidate and you can't stop picking on her. LMAO

Dumbocrats are in desperation mode folks, be very afraid!

Funny Joe Schmoe: When there is a Dem President and the country is doing well, he has nothing to do with it.

When there is a Dem Pres and the country is doing poorly, its all his fault.

By the way; the line "Bush inherited a recession" is the funniest thing I've ever read on here. Lol, yeah, I remember the big recession of 2000.


Oh, except for this report by the Center on Budget and Policy. Which used actual facts to report at the end of 2000, unemployment was at a 31 year low (and the country had a balanced budget.) Actually a surplus. And we had no wars to fight. Then we got Bush

Joe what liberal are you talking about. I am full of hate though, you were correct there. I hate all of you. Republicans, Democrats, alllll offffff yoouuuuuuu. You are ruining our country with all of the fighting and bickering. Nothing is getting done because no one will cross the aisle. Your two parties are the direct cause for the sorry state of our economy. Both of you. It's both of your faults. Both of you. Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats, you're equally as guilty. I use name calling when something riles me up and having to read about politics in a dolphins blog riles me up. You're all garbage.

Jim hit it on the head. Gop is sooo far right, catering to the crazies. Funny how they all bow down to Reagan, fact is the guy would be too moderate to get the nomination today.

The old, semi-reasonable republican parry is dead. The inmates are running that asylum.

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