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It's on Chad Henne to determine success of Chad Henne

Several times over the past few weeks I've gotten e-mails and twitter messages from folks asking me to encourage Chad Henne, asking that I talk up Chad Henne, asking that I write nice, positive things about Chad Henne. The same folks want me to scold fans for booing Chad Henne.

The idea is that if Henne hears words of encouragement or, at the very least, doesn't hear criticism, his confidence will rise and he will play better.

I have a counter proposal: How about the Dolphins' starting quarterback raise his confidence by playing well? How about Henne shutting down the boos or the chants of "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," by making fans forget Orton was ever on the radar?

How about a guy getting everyone's approval and respect by, crazy notion here, earning it?

That is what is at stake tonight for the Dolphins quarterback when he makes his 2011 preseason home debut at Sun Life Stadium.

"Chad Henne needs a fast start out there tonight," former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Friday morning. "He needs to nut up and show people he is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and there is no question about that. He needs to get going right away and lead his team and make good decisions and show accuracy and take over the crowd because fans down there are just waiting for a reason to boo him.

"If he's the quarterback the Dolphins need him to be, he won't give them that chance."

Salisbury says the reason some fans in South Florida talk about Matt Moore as if he is an intriguing prospect and possible starter is because Henne has fed that conversation rather than squashing it. Indeed, even coach Tony Sparano, who two weeks ago proclaimed Henne the starter, this week added a clause to his proclamation by saying "Henne is the starter right now."

So the question about Henne as the Dolphins on the Carolina Panthers is simple:

"Is he going to step his game up," Salisbury said, "or step aside aside and let the fans beg for Matt Moore?"

Salisbury is right. It really is up to Henne. If he performs well ... Check that ... If he performs well enough, folks will line up behind him like toy soliders. Everyone will feel great if Henne throws a couple of touchdown passes and stays away from the emotion-sapping interception(s). No one will question him if he leads the Dolphins on a couple of touchdowns drives against the worst team in the NFL last season.

Truth is, even if Henne is just mediocre -- if he throws one TD pass without an interception and gets maybe that one score for his trouble -- no one will be upset.

But if he plays like last week, it could get ugly even though this game is at home.

It is up to Henne. The crowd, their reaction, the offense, and Miami's fate, are in his hands. He can play well and end any speculation about his job security. Or not, which will only make his job harder going forward.

It is up to Chad Henne.

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Palin's experience?

Yeah, that would be the job she was elected to do and then QUIT to make a mint on the book tour circuit. Real 'servant of the people' there, right? What a total fraud.

Sorry, but she's an absolute nitwit and the rest of the world would double over in laughter if this country was stupid enough to elect such an inconsequential turd.

Actually, in places like China they'd be celebrating.

Joe if you can't see that Sarah Palin isn't qualified to even run for president then there is no talking to you. She was governor of Alaska and quit when the going got tough. Perfect resume to hold the most important and tough jobs in our country, just perfect. Dude stop with the Obama crap I don't give a crap, he sucks too. Can't you people see what I'm saying here or are you that blind? I'm not on anyone's side I stick up for what is right. I was defending liberals because the conservatives on this site were the first to attack. Just the same as I would defend conservatives f the situation were reversed. I'm sick of the two of your parties blaming the other when it's both of your faults! Do you get it?

Garbage, LMFAO I can post you a hundred links which show the recession started in the 3rd & 4th Quarter of 2000.

PS..Bush wasn't president then.

Why bother? Everything is Bush's fault, isn't it? Katrina, Global Warming, Tsunami's, Enron, Arthur Anderson, 9/11 etc etc etc

Go Listen to Bill Mahr some more, it's pretty clear he is doing a good job on you.

Mando, can you pleae start a new Dolphins blog?

This one had gone to a political hell about as bad as our economy.

S&P just down graded this blog to BBB+


I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time.

A sports jock(fan) gets on a blog and condemns EVERYONE and ANYONE that even hints at being supportive Henne.

Then he turns right around and defends the Bush "FAMILY"!

ROTFLMAO-That is TRULY Priceless!!!!

Jim, you don't even realize how hypocritical you guys are being.


Before you pick on her, look at the chosen one. He is LESS qualified & the results are in. It's not even debatable!

For the love of god, GIVE US A BREAK!

By the way, the national debt increased by nearly 150% under Ronald Reagan---who also increased taxes no less than four times during his presidency.

Under Obama, the debt has rise 27% and he has never raised taxes. In fact, the current individual tax rate is the lowest it's been since 1950. That's over 60 years ago (before you were born).

No economist thinks we have any chance of sustaining growth and avoiding economic calamity without raising revenue, yet the GOP persists in pretending they don't hear the message.

The only increase the Obama administration has proposed---the ONLY one---is a return to the 1990's tax rates on the wealthy. You remember the 90's, don't you? When the economy was in MUCH better shape?

The GOP wants you to forget that.

Odin, do every1 a favor & do what my name says!

Ok, so to participate a little more...

George W. Bush was an above average president, who's contributions were overshadowed by a couple goofs, and speach issues.

But I do believe, I cant believe I am saying this... In history "W" and his time in office will be looked at as a positive, and not the way it is looked at today.

Jim, please tell us Obama's qualifications to be president.

Why bother? Everything is Bush's fault, isn't it? Katrina, Global Warming, Tsunami's, Enron, Arthur Anderson, 9/11 etc etc etc

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | August 19, 2011 at 03:21 PM

Even if you can't PROVE it was his fault, you HAVE to admit he failed miserably in dealing with any of these "issues".

Maybe that should read: Bush failed fast forward? Anywhoo, I'm SURE you get the point :)

This just In,

Dolphin blog lowered to CCC+ per the S&P rating system with even further negative outlook

Jim, please, enlighten the stupid. How is Obama more qualified to be President than Sarah Palin.

Stop googling & tell us!

Don't hate me case I'm prettier than you illegally registered Acorn liberals!

got the remainder of the preseason on NFL.com for 14.99. i can't help it but i can't wait until tomorrow to watch this game. i'm dying to see marshall and bush play and to see what henne, the o-line and the defense will do.

Jim. What bunch of untruths especially about debt increase. It was below 4T under bush, bad enough, after 3 years of cry baby it's north of 14T. That's the real numbers.

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon and I'm looking forward to watching my Phins tonight.

I come here to the blog and what do I see?

I see people arguing the "merits"(lol) of Obama vs. Bush?

I thought the Henne bashing hissy fit hysteria was pitiful, but THIS is too pathetic for EVEN ME!

Have fun with your political circle jerk, I think I'll go sit by the pool and drink the time away till KICK OFF........................


How is he more qualified?

Well, he has a functioning brain. That's a quality I tend to hold in high regard.

As far as political experience? Neither has a lot. Obama served as a senator from one of the nation's most populaous states, while Palin served as governor of a state with a population of less than a million.

Palin, of course, quit her job as governor to "serve" the people on a lucrative book tour. Obama went from the Senate to the White House (not as big a pay raise).

I guess it's just the absolute nitwit quality of Palin that turns me off. By gosh, gee willikers, I just don't think complex ideas and nuanced global concerns should be discussed at a 7th-grade level of discourse by our national leaders nor do I think religious nonsense should take precedence over SCIENCE in a world economy where the Chinese aren;t going to stand around waiting while we focus on brain dead GOP crap like worrying about gay marriage or trying to insert 'creationism' in the public schools (while not funding them anyway)

So, yeah, neither Obama or Palin had much experience (she still doesn't) but I'm afraid I'm just not moronic enough to take her seriously.

But if you are, hey, by gosh that's just swell!

Does it count as a blog "hit" if the word Dolphins or Henne isn't in it?


The qualification Obama has for running for Pres. was the run he had in the stocking that was pulled over his head while he is robbing this country!!

Joe Schmoe; There was no recession starting in 2000. What we have now is a recession. There is a huge difference between whats going on now and a slight market correction after the internet boom of the 90's. Theres always going to be a slight dip after a big spike. Fact is when Clinton left office, we had low unemployment, low poverty and a surplus in the Fed. Please dont try to argue with that because those are facts.

I dont blame Bush for Katrina. i blame him for bungling the response to Katrina.

I dont blame Bush for climate change. i blame him for doing nothing about it and endorsing policies that were not only not helpful, but harmful.

I dont blame Bush for 9/11, I blame him for taking lightly a PDB that stated "Bin Laden determined to attack US".

I dont blame Bush for Enron, i blame him for is deregulating policies that let companies like Enron run amok and cost workers there pensions.

Mando should rename this the recession BLOG!!!!!

That said, Go Fins. Hope Henne and the offense tear it up tonight.

When Politicains become the equivolent of Corporate stockholders, Facism has the "FIX IN"!


In laymans terms: Ya'll gettin ganked and dey ain't shyt you can do bout it!

Obama Bush-Obama-Bush You don't even know what ya'll babbling about?

The clueless are aggravating sometimes.

Oh well, Time for a Bourban on the Rocks!!!!

Plate, the only thing Henne will tear up is his excuse letter from his mommy!!

Raide your hands if you think taxes are too high!

Wow, that's a lot of hands.

OK, now raise your hands if you knew that your individual taxes have NEVER been lower than they are today and haven't been this low in over 60 years!

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Very informed bunch, these Americans.

Hey, LET'S CUT TAXES EVEN MORE even though EVERY economist agrees it would be a DISASTER for the economy!! WHEE!!!

Being stupid is FUN!!

Does anyone have the link to the game tonight?


The link is Hennesucks.com!!

Come on for real, but that was funny lol.

Your silly, not a real website.


I didn't have my hand raised because sometimes I prefer that good ole blissful feeling I get from ignorance.

I am curious though, and you SOUND like just the person to ask.

Do you think this Govt. could afford to raise taxes just a smidgeon on people making more than 500,000 a year?

I'll post the link, but not until closer to game time. The more the nerrier isn't always preferable!

Hey Henne....a little bit of advice:

Play some backyard football tonight...play loose and let it fly...everything will fall into place.

Oh, must be time to get things wrapped up and cash those paychecks.

Be careful driving through rush hour.

I'll be waiting here by the pool with a drink in hand!


Go Phins!!!!

Big Game for Henne tonight!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

accent and everything

Is Henne still slated to make $660K this year?

Who is covereing his blind side? Murtha?

NH, I think so, with incentives of some sort.

does that make him the lowest paid QB in the league?

Starter... probably.

So...Matt Moore is making more $$$ than Henne this year?


Murtha and Colombo will be manning the tackle spots.

I'm not sure either could even be back ups on any other teams, but ah, YEAH, they'll be starting for US!

AwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

PS: Henne haters, have your DVR's ready, he should be getting ambu-vaced by the end of the first quarter!

yea, call it excuses, or whatever.

If a guy does not get time as a QB he can not be "VERY" good.

that is my only fear for Henne for this game.

Carolina D line is fast. Murtha/Columbo/Carey... not so much

I pray that Sparano can lock down our O-line after tonights game.
His tinkering over the last two years is driving me crazy.
For a guy who was an o-line coach his whole life... he seems to have a lot of trouble setting up one that can last for a season

Phins O-line is one of the biggest EPIC failures of the NFL.

O-line coach, cant get a group together.

On the brightside look for Daboll to play to our o-line's strength.

The "screen pass"!


Agreed...for the number of first round picks...plus the amount of $$$ spent in free agency...we should have the freakin great wall of china out there!

Henne takes the snap...
...pressure up the middle...
......he dumps it off to Bush for minimal gain.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Thats your fearless leader for ya. What qualifications did sparano have to get a hc job? Oh yeah fat boy parcells.

Don't let the media steer you one way or the other. I have been to some practices, then came home and read the blogs. They are looking for stories to make fans talk (good or bad) that's there job. But they are misleading cause they point out most of the negatives which is maybe 2-5 % of the practice. Henne looks confident and has been good all training camp. The Atlanta game one interception can be hung on him, a little higher and that was a good play. But, he did look comfortable in the pocket, avoiding the rush and using his feet. No sacks. Just don't let these blogs make you think one thing. The reporters sit up there at training camp talking with each other not really paying attention. Next time you go look for them in the shade and see for yourself. Lets be good Dolphin fans whether they lose or win. Not every QB is Dan Marino and some fans are quick to run them out of here. Lets try supporting that's our job as fans. If you don't like it find another team, go to there stadium and spend $60 on cheap parking. We need the diehards not the fair weather fans. So pick one and be supportive maybe we might get somewhere.

I dont care that people dont like Henne.

But to say there is no upside uncorrectable and no talent is baseless.


He needs to get better, but to get better so do the failing pieces around you.

Last year can not be pinned on Henne alone.

Wish I could watch the game live tonight.


Why can't you watch the game live?

CK...we've been to the playoffs once in the last 10 years.
We're pissed because other teams have experienced quick turnarounds and have something to cheer about.
7-9 might as well be 2-14 in my book.

Everyone loves a winner and until we start winning its natural to have the boos coming out

Jim, your officially an idiot. You joined the ranks of Odin, Seminole Sam & LouD. No small accomplishment!

Barack Hussein was a state senator who voted present instead of Yes & No. YIPPIE! Community organizer LMAO

Palin was governor of one of the most energy rich states in the country. She has experience in energy, which is 1 more thing than Obama knows. Which is ZERO.

Unless you count trampling the Constitution.

Palin quit because your ilk launched investigation after investigation to the point she couldn't perform her duties. Good for you!

Obama doesn't have a functional brain & apparently neither do you.

Name a tax Obama has lowered? Why are you talking about lowest taxes in 60 yrs as if he lowered them? HA

He extended cuts that were already in place because he HAD to. Oh, he did raise the cigarette tax though!

What a putz!

Please take your political mumbo jumbo to cnn.com please

"Man has tried to rule himself for thousands of years.And have tried every form of government possible. The result = They cannot completely satisfy the needs and wants of everyone. Or solve the real problems we face. They are completely incapable."

People are never truly happy no matter who the President is, or the type of government they instill.....history proves it.

Now onto football......

Ronald Reagan did in fact raise the Natl. debt by 130% while increasing taxes on 4 occasions but he oversaw the biggest arms build up in world history and as someone from the Cold War Generation I can understand his motives and applaud him for it. This innitiative bankrupted the USSR, his STAR WARS program (biggest political CON job in history) got the Soviets to spend Billions trying to counter the Satilites we had in space to zap there nukes in Orbit, brilliant!

He ended the Cold War without so much as firing a shot (except for financing the MAJUHADEEN Afgan freedom fighters into fighting the Soviets and giving them their VIETNAM), the Bush 41 Administration got some of the credit because it happened on there watch but it was all Reagan, who promised to restore Natl. pride to a Country still reeling from the Vietnam legacy and delivered beyond anybodies wildest dreams. Vietnam by the way a War that the Kennedy Adm. sunk us in and later LBJ committed 500,000 US Soldiers to. I still don`t know why everybody likes dropping that on Nixon`s lap.

My point is that you look back on some of the actions taken by some Presidents that have maybe put a financial strain on our economy and after careful analisys you can understand the motivation behind them. The truth is there is no excusing the agenda that had W send Colin Powell before Congress to lie about the involvment of Iraq on 911 while selling the Country a bill of goods on the supposed WMD`s they had that posed a threat to our Natl. Security.

He sent on his watch 4,500 Amercan Sodiers to their deaths on a War motivated by personal agenda were BLOOD MONEY was the Business agenda of the day. All the while putting our reasons for conflict (Bin Laden, Al Queda and the Taliban) at the back of every News show from 2003 on. He permitted Vice President Channey to out resource Mercaneries, Central & Latin American troops, Military ER`s for our troops, private Security and troops to oversee the security of oil refineries thru HALLIBURTON Corp. incorporating the War and lining pockets on the memory of the DARKEST DAY in our Nations history. In my opnion the actions of George W. Bush are tantamount to HIGH TREASON and believe this will be his historic legacy.

Not on TV here in MA odin.

In years and years of being a Dolphin Fan I'm proud to say I've never boo-ed a Dolphin.

I did boo Eric Kumerow but that was at a Bears training camp after we cut him.

I've groaned ALOT(lately), kicked over TV's ALOT and been in more than a few bar room brawls over MY PHINS!

Never Boo-ed!!!!

Yeah "Nut-Up Henne".

Go Phins!!!!

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