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It's on Chad Henne to determine success of Chad Henne

Several times over the past few weeks I've gotten e-mails and twitter messages from folks asking me to encourage Chad Henne, asking that I talk up Chad Henne, asking that I write nice, positive things about Chad Henne. The same folks want me to scold fans for booing Chad Henne.

The idea is that if Henne hears words of encouragement or, at the very least, doesn't hear criticism, his confidence will rise and he will play better.

I have a counter proposal: How about the Dolphins' starting quarterback raise his confidence by playing well? How about Henne shutting down the boos or the chants of "Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton," by making fans forget Orton was ever on the radar?

How about a guy getting everyone's approval and respect by, crazy notion here, earning it?

That is what is at stake tonight for the Dolphins quarterback when he makes his 2011 preseason home debut at Sun Life Stadium.

"Chad Henne needs a fast start out there tonight," former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury said on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on Friday morning. "He needs to nut up and show people he is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and there is no question about that. He needs to get going right away and lead his team and make good decisions and show accuracy and take over the crowd because fans down there are just waiting for a reason to boo him.

"If he's the quarterback the Dolphins need him to be, he won't give them that chance."

Salisbury says the reason some fans in South Florida talk about Matt Moore as if he is an intriguing prospect and possible starter is because Henne has fed that conversation rather than squashing it. Indeed, even coach Tony Sparano, who two weeks ago proclaimed Henne the starter, this week added a clause to his proclamation by saying "Henne is the starter right now."

So the question about Henne as the Dolphins on the Carolina Panthers is simple:

"Is he going to step his game up," Salisbury said, "or step aside aside and let the fans beg for Matt Moore?"

Salisbury is right. It really is up to Henne. If he performs well ... Check that ... If he performs well enough, folks will line up behind him like toy soliders. Everyone will feel great if Henne throws a couple of touchdown passes and stays away from the emotion-sapping interception(s). No one will question him if he leads the Dolphins on a couple of touchdowns drives against the worst team in the NFL last season.

Truth is, even if Henne is just mediocre -- if he throws one TD pass without an interception and gets maybe that one score for his trouble -- no one will be upset.

But if he plays like last week, it could get ugly even though this game is at home.

It is up to Henne. The crowd, their reaction, the offense, and Miami's fate, are in his hands. He can play well and end any speculation about his job security. Or not, which will only make his job harder going forward.

It is up to Chad Henne.

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About 2 hours til Chad gets anooooootheeerrrrrrrr chance.

What Fin4 said!


Not on TV here in MA odin.

Posted by: Poizen | August 19, 2011 at 04:51 PM

You have a computer?

Yea... good point, You are going to link it in chat?

Yeah "Nut-Up Henne".

Go Phins!!!!

Posted by: phinsfan78 | August 19, 2011 at 04:53 PM

As much as I can't stand Salidtosser, I do like the slogan-LOL.

Plain and simple, very succinct and to the point:

Nut UP!!!!

The game can be seen on ths link FOR FREE!!



Go to firstrow sports

click AM. Football

Scroll down to Miami vs. Carolina.

Sometimes it takes a sec to load and it doesn't show anything until almost right up to kickoff.

It worked great for me last week.

Enjoy Bro!!!!

Fin4life from someone that was there your rant on Iraq was incorrect but this is a football blog


Ha ha!


NuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuT Uppppppppppppppppppp!!!!


Do you remember Shaun Salsbury when he played?? He was easily the worst starting QB of his day. He got a shot wIth a loaded and S.B. contending Minnasota team and tanked, he absolutely SUCKED!! I get a kick out of these EX-QB`s who breakdown todays QB`s and couldn`t play a lick in there day!! Yeah I want a looser like Salsbury to breakdown Henne`s game and not only dissect it but tell us, the team and Henne how to fx it, PLEASE!!!

agreed....Salisbury sucked balls back in his day.

Post # 194...

Hell Yeah!

30 to 17 Miami

Forgive this long post. it's Henne's scouting report from the combine. Does it sum him up to this point? To me it does, What bothers me is these negs are things that still haven't really improved let alone corrected. So at this point is it fair to say give him this year, and move on if he continues to not improve on these negatives?

Has a thick lower-body frame, with good muscle tone in his thighs and calves...Generally durable athlete, who started 39 consecutive games before he was sidelined by injury...Has decent quickness moving around in the backfield, showing the balance and slide to step up and away from pressure but is not a threat as a runner...Ready to throw at the end of his pass drop. He might drift some in the pocket, but he shows good upper-body mechanics...Drop-back style passer, who can throw on the move but is not a running quarterback...Throws with a tight circle, flicking the ball out with adequate quickness and does a good job of maintaining focus downfield...While his release is not the fastest (will be late sometimes), he has the arm strength to stretch the field and air the ball out...Better when he takes a three-step drop and shortens his throws...Has a good grasp of the playbook and needs minimal reps to retain plays...Puts in the extra hours after practices and in the film room...Has good command in the huddle, and is slowly developing adequate leadership skills...Does a nice job of delivering the ball over the top, but is equally effective when using a three-quarters sidearm motion...When throwing in the short area, he shows a nice, tight circle on his attempts but lacks touch when he throws deliberately or high...Has functional skills and can throw a decent fade downfield, but must do it with better consistency...Not quick to flush and hangs tough under the pass rush, but must work on getting the ball on time...Does a decent job calling the audible and is an unselfish sort who will credit teammates...His short-area touch needs improvement, as he will leave a few short, but puts good zip on throws in that area...Throws impressive fades, but will miss the wide-open streak and short throws when pressured...Has the feet to avoid the bull rush and has shown improvement maintaining focus to complete the play, doing an adequate job of running through progressions, when he has time to scan the field. However, he will force it when pressured at times...Not a big running threat, but will buy some time with his feet.
Lacks upper-body tone and does not have the ideal height you look for in a quarterback...Gets very animated making audible calls and pre-snap changes, but has just adequate judgment...Competitive, but tries to carry too much of the load and lacks the creativity to improvise...Needs to throw the ball away more, as he seems bent on forcing the ball in order to complete the play and it has resulted in several costly miscues (37 interceptions, 159 passes deflected, 20 fumbles)...Has good arm strength, but lacks a quick and explosive release...Quick to set up, but holds the ball too long and will pat it before unleashing it, lacking ideal trajectory, which has resulted in a high amount of passes getting defended on him (168-of-1,113 passes were either picked off or batted away by the opposition)...His arm strength is sometimes negated, as he takes too long to deliver the ball on deep outs...Will also underthrow when passing in the short-to-intermediate areas (better when he takes a three-step drop to throw, as he gets the ball out quicker and with better touch than when he pats the ball)...Very inconsistent on the deep-out, as he can get rattled by pressure...By holding the ball too long, he is susceptible to the costly sacks (sacked 89 times for losses of 588 yards)...Has good field smarts, making his throws into traffic befuddling...Has the strength to fire into the deep secondary, but his receivers often have to break off their routes, as he doesn't lead them well or get the ball to the outside shoulder and away from the defender...Will step up to avoid the rush, but will tuck the ball and run too early, leaving the ball exposed, resulting in a high amount of fumbles...Needs to improve his timing, especially on deep throws, as he does not hit his deep targets in stride that much (will also rush some of his throws)...Tends to get tunnel-vision and stay on his primary target too long. Must do a better job of reading route progressions and locating other targets...Needs to square his shoulders better when trying to throw downfield on the move, as he will look awkward trying to maintain balance on the run. Compares To: JOEY HARRINGTON-Atlanta...Henne is a good mechanic with the arm strength to air it out, but he needs to do a better job of timing throws, as he tends to hold on to the ball too long. He will get "happy feet" when pressured and run too early, but he lacks good ball-security skills and that has led to 14 fumbles in 39 games. He lacks ideal trajectory on his passes, as he will short-arm often, leading to 30 interceptions and 138 other passes deflected by the opposition. Like Harrington, he is an erratic performer, who can look sensational one minute, but tries to do too much and gets caught with the ball in his hands. Any general manager daring to consider him a first-round target will soon see himself on the unemployment line. Henne has too many of Harrington's deficiencies to be considered a franchise quarterback.


I won`t argue with what you know about your time there but will tel you that I work for an Export Company that had many interest in Honduras and helped HALLIBURTON Exec`s rent entire divisions of the Honduran Armed Forces as well as others in Central America and send them to Iraq for the purposes I stated. It made me sick to my stomach!!!

The other things I stated were thngs I saw on Special Reports about the ER`s on the battlefields being told by Soldiers back from the War, again you were there much respect!! But I know a thing or two because alot of the Private sector jumped on that guns for hire innitiative and I bore 1st hand witness, nothing illegal but it was disgusting the way everybody was trying to bank a buck on that one!

Let's go Miami !!!!

Agreed Mando...

Henne always can play in the arena league....

He would an okay QB there and wouldn't have the pressure.

Go D!

Mando, I agree!

Henne needs to show some leadership and ability tonight. A little looking off the pass, a pump fake or two, scan the field and freeze the secondary with his eyes. Scramble some and when a receiver doesn't run the correct route or drops a pass, chew on him a little bit!
And, show us this the ENTIRE pre-season!

Maybe then we can forgive you when the Pats spank you or you go 1-4 to start the season. Then, turn it on with the weaker opponents. It's NFL, "not for long".

Go out and take control of the game at a quick pace. Keep the defence on their heels. Wear them down with the pace. Kick their butts. Show us something fer crying out loud!

And, above all...have fun! It's a game.

Go fins!

Putting a slab of ribs on the rack and making a Beer RUN!


Nut Up!!!!

Hope we play 1st team most of the 1st half.

They need the work on both sides of the ball.

I'm just waiting for the HOME report on the Dolphins game!


I`m off to collect my starting line up as well will stick to the ALL EURO TRASH line up tonight (Chivas Regal), I`m out catch you during the game!!!!

Armando, your right. Henne does need to show us a little leadership and good decision making ability tonite. I look forward to seeing Bush and Marshall in the mix tonight. Hopefully the all day heavy rain will stop and not be a factor tonite

Raining down there? Man, when that baseball infield gets soaked it's slippery as hell and a hazard for the players.

Frankly, I hope the starters are outta there quickly. Could care less about the game or score---just don;t want injuries in these meaningless practice games.

Armando is actually correct on this. When you are an effective leader - whether QB or CEO - your confidence comes from inside, from the knowledge that you can perform at an excellent level. Detractors or boo-birds don't matter to you except perhaps as an incentive to shine even more brightly to make them look bad. Could one imagine a Dan Marino or a Jack Welch doubting their capabilities because people who don't actually do their job are whining at them? The only people who care at all about the opinions of detractors are the weaklings who have no confidence. The sad thing for them is that since confidence flows from the inside out, no amount of complements by ignorant outsiders will change their lack of confidence significantly anyway.

Please forgive me if this has been answered already:


henne is going to have to unlearn everything he has been taught here, then go play without the fear of a mistake. thinking makes you slow;gotta play on instinct and "let er fly!!" he has to shed the robot programming and play with passion. if he cant, its over.



Looking forward to Henne to seeing how Henne bounces back from last week's outing. Will he seize the reins or spit the bit?! Go Fins!!

Armando! On the money! Well said.

Had to laugh when I read the political arguments. Please wise up you guys. It doesn't matter what side you think is right, they're all crooks and all they care about (hint:not you) is staying in office.

As much as I've tried (and failed) to stay out of the Henne back and forth, the "nut up" comment by Salisbury is telling. Henne has not shown any nuts so far. The Henne appologist will go to any extent to make any and all excuses. All I got to say is, you've just about run out of time and excuses.

Armando, you need to learn how to write and report. Hope the Herald replaces you soon if you can't prove you are a true reporter.

Henne did well no int's BUT he was playing a awful team had lots of time to throw, He will have a up game and the next a down game but the fans know once Henne gets pressure he will fall apart faster than a chinese motorcycle. The defense looked GREAT and so did the running game don't hold your breath for Henne to get great it would be better to hold your nose.

I have no problem with Henne, or the risks he's taken in the passing game, as long has his receivers do the same...they need to put themselves out there and sacrifice themselves in order to make the play. This is football folks, nothing less. I've watched Henne over the past three years and sure he's made poor decisions with the football, but I've also seen the receivers cause many of his interceptions. All I'm looking for out of Henne and his talented teamates in the preparation for the upcoming season is this...Henne needs to get all he can in gaining the chemistry of his recievers, tight ends and running backs. Do it now in order to gain that momentum for the regular season. In other words, every offensive player should be sacrificing themselves in getting back to the quarterback, making themselves a target when the play is broken up early. Good teams have great communication and team chemistry...this can't always be put on the quarterback...it's a team sport that requires the team to execute the play, even when the initial play is disrupted. Building chemistry and good communication now will pay dividends to our Fin's goals - Win the Division, Conference Championship, and Superbowl! I may be unrealistic, but I'm looking forward in seeing some great football this year from a talented Dolphins team!!! Stay true and go Fins!!!

I hope all the Henne haters out there write in and apologize to Henne after his great showing against the Panthers. Come to dinner, there is crow to be eaten!

It is sad to read what you peaple write about Henne and call yourselfs fans at the same time

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