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Jason Taylor returning to the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is returning to the Miami Dolphins.

I am reporting that Taylor was contacted by both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland in recent days and invited to fill Miami's role as a depth pass rusher.

He has accepted.

He announced his return to the Dolphins on his Jason Taylor Foundation Facebook page.

Taylor has also told and texted several teammates so this is absolutely happening. It is no joke.

Taylor, 36, is returning to the team after the second stint away -- the lastest last season with the New York Jets, with whom he went to the AFC Championship game. Taylor had five sacks with New York last season.

The Dolphins have been searching for depth pass-rush help since the middle of last season. While Koa Misi remains the team's starting strongside linebacker and Cameron Wake is the team's weakside linebacker on early downs, the Dolphins are looking for help in obvious passing downs.

Taylor is author of 132.5 career sacks. He played with Miami from 1997-2007 and then was traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick by Bill Parcells in 2008. He returned to the Dolphins in 2009 and gave the Dolphins seven sacks.

But the Dolphins showed little interest in Taylor last season and he took the only offer that was on the table: From the Jets.

The Jets, however, are going in another direction this year.

Good idea?

I like it. While Taylor is not the sack machine he was early in his career, he is a threat. He is a great locker room presence. And as of now, he is a Miami Dolphin.



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Why? He and Zach could never stop the big play run-always got crushed-Why?

I doubt Long is not going to be ready week 1. This was simply a formality so he doesn't count aginst the roster limit & this FO can bring in another body.

When long comes back before the season starts, it will be at the expense of Columbo or Carey.

Beautiful! I like that JT will finish his career with the Dolphins, as it should be. He still has something to give and its a good PR move by the front office. A win-win situation.

Interesting too that they chose to go this route instead of signing a younger guy like Matt Roth. It's obvious they still have faith in guys like Misi and this is just about adding to depth. I doubt JT plays very much.

HATED JT as a jet.....

Will LOVE him as A DOLPHIN......

Welcome back JT..

You owe us some Sanchez Sacks....

It's worth the LEADERSHIP alone! Welcome back JT....now RETIRE as a Dolphin!!!

Right now ESPN is kissing up to Randy Moss' retirement in places I never knew he had!

Still some good FAs out there. The prize, I think is Zach Miller, but I think it's doubtful that he ends up here (disappointing).

I like the idea of Malcolm Floyd and I'd still like Ronnie to be back, simply for dpeth purposes. Not sure how much room they will have to work, especially since I think Orton is going to be a part of things too.

The greatest deep threat in nfl history just retired and we're recycling a JT comes back to Miami article! "Play it again Sam"!

Note to Kim Bokamper: you can stop sitting by the phone now.

I love all the crap about fans on this site, you are not fans, you are cry babies, now take your baby bottle and go over to the jets blog, and don't come back. Bill

Eff JT.

Again they are going after defense they dont need and old washed up offensive lineman. Can someone please explain why Zach Miller hasent been contacted along with some younger offensive line guys. I mean come on, the owner wants fast exciting offense. Give him what he wants. Also they might want to consider Edwards now that Marshall is shot out.

ITC, it's obvious. Wouldn't Ross have lost it by now if he was really intent on addin FAs to this team? He continuously talks about owning this team is not all he thought it would be and how it was the wrong time to buy. Sounds like buyers remorse to me. He's a business man, plain and simple. If he wanted this team to be improved, it would be. Last year was the go for broke year and they spent money. It didn't work out. I'm telling you, this is TE team they will take into the season with a few minor adjustments. There have been plenty of guys available that could have really improved this team. What did they do. Sign Bush to a relatively inexpensive contract, a ST LB, and an ILB that is ok but there was better on the market. It's just obvious to me. I hope I'm wrong though, that's for sure.

Miller and Floyd a must need, don't know about Ronnie though. The problem would be signing Orton and the cap. Although Comombo and Carey are the same player, and signing Colombo to a low cap number might make Carey expendable.


Rb's like Brown and Williams most likely wont find an nfl home until another rb goes down to injury somewhere. Relax, some of these name will still be available by the time Bush goes down in game 4.


Are you almost crazy? Welcome to the Almost crazy barber shop blog!


Have you considered renaming this blog, "The Almost Crazy Barber Shop Blog"?


I don't disagree with your last point. My only problem with the whole thing is when Long and Carey were hurt last year we had guys like McQuistan and Proctor playing tackle. That's a big drop off. Columbo's an interesting guy because he can play guard too. While I'm fine with the saving that comes with chopping Carey, I don't want the same band of nobodies playing tackle if one of the starters goes down.

Good to see Jaosn Taylor in aqua and orange

I think the FO is doing a great job filling gaps with proven veterans. With no OTAs and preseason work, and a rushed training camp, these veterans can bring stability to the team and be on the field player coaches.

I hope the next free agent signees are going to be a little more exciting than Marc Columbo and Jason Taylor, with all due respect to these 2 veterans...I think someone like Miller and/or Edwards would make a lot of fans happy... Another Guard wouldn't be a bad idea either...Assuming O'Hara doesn't sign today of course...

The best news we could get is that the Dolphins have signed Soliai to a 'more manageable, cap friendly' long term deal. Hopefully that news is on the horizon.

Anyone know the terms of Colombo deal?

Eff JT the traitor.
So much for the youth movement on defense.

Craig, how much more room do they need before they sign someone? That's what I want to know.


We dont need another offensive guard. We need an offensive god playing the position. Seems none are available.

Anyone know the terms of Colombo deal?

Posted by: jrljr2 | August 01, 2011 at 02:44 PM


Three sets of dentures and a walking cane.


The terms of the Columbo are simple:

"You must be a former Cowboy." Enuff said!

The truth is Ross insisted they sign JT - a fan favorite - to help sell tickets. First smart thing he's done, IMHO. Good news, we're looking at more Dallas castoff's with talent. We don't want any from New England, Green B
ay or any other winner - they would know what a bunch of clowns run this show. I have been a fan from the first season, singing the fight song driving down the road in the 'Perfect Season' & have never been negative - until now. Where's the TE? RB? Oh yeah, Dallas hasn't cut any yet...

If youre a former Cowboy youre always welcome in Miami!


Where have you been? Dallas cut Barber, but by miracle this fo didnt seem to need a haircut.

WOW, that's a first, available Cowboy and they didnt bite!


NYJ's Jerricho Cotchery is on the market.

#1, until a deal is in place for Orton & they know the cap hit, don't expect anyone else but role players.

The only way to free up space right now to go get players is to get Soliai done long term & get Orton.

Now, this is PRECISELY why Miami SHOULD HAVE PAYED Denvers price for Orton so they know how much money they have to work with to get other players.

But, that time has passed & as usual, we missed our shot.

The team you have now is what you'll see. With Orton possibly being the lone exception.

As soon as Jerry Jones is available, Ireland will cut Ross and bring Jones in for a looksee.

The Rats are leaving the stinking and sinking jest ship! No one wants to smell rex's fat feet!

Sancheeze will lead the league in interceptions and cry on the sidelines! Sanity will return wil the wets going 4-12!

this is really getting wierd! addressing everything that doesn't need to be addressed. ross must be desperate for good news.

As soon as Jerry Jones is available, Ireland will cut Ross and bring Jones in for a looksee.

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 01, 2011 at 02:52 PM


That might be the funniest thing you ever wrote on this blog....

Micheal is the type that 'accidentally' drops the soap in the YMCA shower.

Apparently John Clayton tweeted that the Dolphins are interested in Zach Miller...Anybody heard about this? I don't really follow "tweets"...

Can't wait for people to tell me how the Jets are better with Edwards and Smith gone, JT gone, LT another year older and the only thing they have to show for it is Plaxico. They also still have Sean Ellis to sign and David Harris counts about $10 mil on their cap.


ross has ONE chance to alter the 2011 scoreboards in our favor but can't see it!

* * * * C O R N E R B A C K * * * *

Don't you love how all these players are jerking the jests around?

They're busy chasing their tail while other teams sign their "players".

Stupid franchise. No wonder they rank in the bottom of the NFL


I just wanna make "light". I dont wanna be "wound up" every single day I come here. That's "ALMOST CRAZY"!

so let me get this straight, we dont have a need or dont want to take chances on guys like zach miller and braylon edwards coming here who would instantly upgrade this offense but we do have time to bring back veterans who in all likely hood are washed up.......IS FAVRE NEXT????.....WTF is wrong with this FO....are they trying to go 1-15 again.....

Jrljt2. According to your way of thinking they have signed no FA that help the team Surely not the case and draft choices have been signed.

We added Marc Colombo and Jason taylor---i like both moves. We have a very young roster but both of these guys can still play, and come cheap---

Using JT just on passing downs for 1 year i like---we needed to add another olb for cheap anyway.

Colombo i like also b/c we can restructure Carey contract, he knows we also brought in o'hara so if he doesnt he will be cut--

If carey does restrucutre we can move him to gaurd--and have a monstorious right side ---like the pickup---

Areas we can get help next---

QB, Safety, TE

Orton, Dashon Goldson are my 2 targets

TE---im hearing ZAch staying in oakland, i like Kevin Boss also

YEAH !!!!!!!!!!


The Jets didn't even want Edwards back. They've gone on record and called him a 'diva'. Nobody has stepped up to sign him, one week in.

Also, nobody wanted Moss and has apparently retired. Maybe these guys just aren't as good as people try to make them out to be.

There isn't a dolphin fan out there who doesn't like this move!!

Until we finish AHEAD of the Jets, they are better. Actions speak louder than words.




Can you help me find some bootleg v!agra?


Excellent post at 3:01pm. Not familiar with Goldson? What team does he play on? Much upside?

WOW! Vyagra is a censored word here. LOL...


Moss is now retired.

Braylon Edwards is better than brian hartline, thats all i know...and malcolm floyd is still floating around out there who is also better.....how come no interest there...o wait, i forgot he has no ties to dallas either!!!


I actually like our WRs. I think there's some good kids there too in Moore, Wallace and Pruitt. Giving a guy like Edqard $7-8 mil a seaosn makes ZERO sense to me.

Hi Guys,
I was looking in our warehouse in the Dolphins store in the stadium since we had the last issue with the "HOME OF THE JETS" shirts sold in our team store. It seems we still have a ton of #99 Jason Taylor jerseys. Problem is we can't sell them anymore. So we have resigned JT in order to be able to deplete our inventory of jerseys. Once they are gone, we will probably cut Jason. Until that time though, we are once again selling the #99 jerseys in our gift shops. So get them while you can!


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