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Jason Taylor returning to the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is returning to the Miami Dolphins.

I am reporting that Taylor was contacted by both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland in recent days and invited to fill Miami's role as a depth pass rusher.

He has accepted.

He announced his return to the Dolphins on his Jason Taylor Foundation Facebook page.

Taylor has also told and texted several teammates so this is absolutely happening. It is no joke.

Taylor, 36, is returning to the team after the second stint away -- the lastest last season with the New York Jets, with whom he went to the AFC Championship game. Taylor had five sacks with New York last season.

The Dolphins have been searching for depth pass-rush help since the middle of last season. While Koa Misi remains the team's starting strongside linebacker and Cameron Wake is the team's weakside linebacker on early downs, the Dolphins are looking for help in obvious passing downs.

Taylor is author of 132.5 career sacks. He played with Miami from 1997-2007 and then was traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick by Bill Parcells in 2008. He returned to the Dolphins in 2009 and gave the Dolphins seven sacks.

But the Dolphins showed little interest in Taylor last season and he took the only offer that was on the table: From the Jets.

The Jets, however, are going in another direction this year.

Good idea?

I like it. While Taylor is not the sack machine he was early in his career, he is a threat. He is a great locker room presence. And as of now, he is a Miami Dolphin.



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There isn't a dolphin fan out there who doesn't like this move!!

Posted by: phinsman | August 01, 2011 at 03:03 PM

Except the ones that wanted to actually WIN!!!

If I cant get the 1st edition PlayBoy magazine with bootleg vygra. I will accept an old Sears catalog with the lingerie section still intact.

Can someone please help me?

Superfam. No way Edwards is better than hartline. Hartline plays every play and is not a diva.

I'm ecstatic. May he retire a dolphin as was always meant to be.

Randy Moss, 2010, 27 catches for 380 yards. Hartline, 2010, 42 catches for 612 yards. There come a time when receivers have had it, and are no longer good. Oh and he played in all 16 games for 3 team.

Taylor is a non-issue, he'll make some plays but doesn't address any serious need. The online is troubling if we are still going through mixing them up every practice.

Every week TS spends tweaking the offensive line is basically accelerating his departure. Every week the line changes sets you back and if he is doing that into the season, not realistic we will have a winning season. Maybe Ross gives Nolan a trial run as HC by mid season.



Im out. You almost crazy people are way to serious for me today. Seeya fellow almost crazies! LOL...

The Jets are as good as they were last year Craig. LT is now a compliment to Green, not the go to guy. Taylor was a starter until Pace came back from injury then became a back up. Burress is an older clone of Edwards & once he is in football shape is probably better than Edwards.

It's not hard to fill role player slots as it is to fill starter slots like us.

Losing Smith hurts them sure, but Burress is the perfect guy to catch those off target passes from Sanchez.

Harris will get done & Ellis is not even needed. No matter who they sign, they are light years ahead of us even if they struggle to beat us lately. The problem with the Jets is they can't identify their problem.....PASS RUSH!!!!!!!!!

If miami is happy about this move...than that should be a RED flag on where their expectations are as a team....The wets dont need jason taylor, and here miami is scooping another ring of fame player to bring leadership to this directionless franchise....dont be surprised if all wonderful JT pulls a hammy early in the year...


Dashon Goldson---Safety 49ers--6"2 210---drafted by Nolan---would be a nice upgrade over Bell from a coverage playmaking standpoint---i think we could get him for 4-4.5 mill a year---if you cut YB---you have just got 7 years younger at a position that needs upgrading and it cost you 1mill---

YB making 3.7

we need to create some cap space with a new Soliai deal and I would ask Vernon Carey to restructure his deal and/or take a pay cut.

Go after Orton and add another weapon to the offense.

Why are there so many people who seem to want Ireland to bring in a WR? We already have 2 of the best WR's in the league in Marshall and Bess and also have a solid #2 in Hartline who,in only 11 gms starting,had a very solid 43 receptions for over 600 yds.

Add Edmund Gates,Wallace and Moore. Forget WR,we dont need another WR,just grab Orton and all of a sudden,everyone on the offensive side of the ball becomes better...

my wife will be happy

Interesting update from PFT... Sure makes it look like Orton is sticking with Denver:

We know there is a school of thought in Miami that says Kyle Orton could still be traded there. It makes a lot of sense.

In the meantime, Orton could be convincing the coaching staff in Denver that he’s the right man to lead the Broncos. Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that Tim Tebow is no longer getting any snaps with the No. 1 offense.

“Tim Tebow is in a serious quarterback competition all right. He and Brady Quinn are neck and neck in the battle for the No. 2 quarterback spot,” Kils writes.

Orton is getting all the snaps with the starters, while Quinn occasionally takes the No. 2 snaps over Tebow. If the Broncos are playing a game of chicken here, it’s an expensive one.

They already paid Orton $1.5 million. They owe him $2.9 million in salary even if they cut him. Tebow needs the offense to be tailored around him if he’s going to be the starter, which is hard to do when Tebow is splitting second team snaps.

Nothing would shock us with this situation, but we’re starting to wonder if there was something to that February NFL Network report that said Tebow “lacked support” within the Broncos building.



2010 Regular Season
O TDS 615 rec YRDS......

Edwards 2010 Season
7 TDS 904 Rec yrds

GOOD CALL!!!!*lol*


The comment that we keep hear from people is 'the Jets haven't gotten better, while we do nothing'. What is it the Jets have done this offseason to get better? No Edwards, Smith, and JT and LT another year older. They've replaced Edwards with a 34 year old guy who hasn't played in the league in two years....and still no Sean Ellis under contract. How did they get better again?

I hope they give him number 99, I still have my dolphin jersy with his name on it and number 99.
I want to wear it all this season, even if we suck.


i agree Mark.

We could stock pile all the best wideouts, but until we fins an answer at QB they wont play to their potential

Kevin boss would fit us better then Zach miller---Boss very good Blocker, i Would be excited if we could add Boss or Goldson---with Orton of course---

You would have to be very pleased with offseason--if we got Orton---and filled 1 out 2 last needs--safety /TE

love the move. i know taylor isnt good anymore but he will be great in locker room


I'm no that familiar with the guy but I trust your judgement on this one. I'd be into do that...

be very interesting to see if taylor expresses deep hate again for the jets when we play them. he better

Jason Taylor in and as HOME has stated Jake Long is OUT for the season!

Tony Sparano thought this would soften the blow of him playing Pro Bowler Jake Long in a scrub fest 4th preseason game and ruining is NFL career in only his 2nd yr.
So the 3rd year Long is OUT (knee) for the season.

Ok is everybody properly distracted with the signing of Jason Taylor?

So, we dont have to talk about Jake Long and his career ending injury

Man, Are You guys gullible.


Good plan. Miller would be the guy but I think we're kidding ourselves that it's going to happen. Boss would be a decent fallback.

ITC, you are correct, that's my thinking. When the Jets and Pats do what they do in FA, seemingly in on every top guy, it's tough to look at the Dolphins signings and be encouraged. Especially taking into account that they are already head and shoulders better. That's how I look at it.

just to correct u craig..we signed the year older JT, and green is the jets workhorse more than they'll use LT and he knows that....they resigned cromartie and Holmes and believe it or not plax is still a big redzone target...maybe they didnt get alot better but they still have made the most of the signings in the past 2 yrs...

Fasano's numbers are very similar to Boss, I mean very.

I just want to know how you know that Plax is still a good red zone target, he hasn't played in 2 years. He'll be 34, a time when receivers suffer hammies, and quad pull frequently.


People have been saying the 'Jets have improved themselves since last year'. I'm saying HOW? All the guys you mentioned were there last year. How are they a better team than who they were last year? Answer? They're not. Asomaghu saw that too...they're pretenders!

jets SUCK! Have you had your head in the sand for 45 years? Wannabes is ALL they have ever been.

BTW- Namath is rating the worst in the hall of fame. LMAO!

JJJJJJJJJJTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt Is back F*** all you haters this guy is great you idiots

JT is back where he belongs!!!!....a Dolphin 4life!!!!...I love all of the moves this team is making with the exception of one...Quarterback!!!...The Dolphins HAVE to get better at the QB position to have any chance!!!...Get a better QB & I think this team could make a serious run!!!!!

Craig, did you read anything I wrote? LOL I ask you to please read.

AGAIN - LT is a compliment, not a starter. He doesn't have to be better than last year, he is a change of pace. He's still there anyway, no loss.

AGAIN JT wasn't a starter last year, he was a PT player. Not a big loss.

AGAIN Burress will be better than Edwards when he is in football shape. He is the PERFECT guy to catch Sanchez's off target throws. Just like he did for Eli manning. Jets don't care about age, 34 is younger than JT & we just signed him. He's rested too.

Smith hurts them from the Seminole package point of view. As far as special teams, he will be replaced by Joe Mcnight.

AGAIN Ellis did nothing last year so why can't he be replaced by their rookie DE? Unless he signs for the minimum he isn't coming back anyway & they won't miss him.

And regardless, the FACT remains, the Jets are way ahead of us in talent & again, that will show up in the standings.

They have to find some role players. We have to find starters!

Jason Taylor will have 50+ tackles 5+ sacks as a complimentary linebacker in nolans system. This is a great inexpensive move AND true dolphins fans love the guy. WLECOME BACK JT!!!

"Can't wait for people to tell me how the Jets are better with Edwards and Smith gone, JT gone, LT another year older and the only thing they have to show for it is Plaxico"

it's called delusional dreamers. That what losing for the entire franchises history will do to you. That's why it takes so little for them to spew dribble.

Let's agree to disagree Joe. I don't see it. I'm seeing the Jets taking a step back this year. We can talk about it later in the year when we can better evaluate.

Guys are saying 'Jets are making all these signings to get better while we do nothing'. I'm saying, what signings? They're bringing back the guys they had last year on bigger contracts and they've lost some people.

Some of you guys are clinical.

They're bringing in JT as nothing more than a situational pass rusher, a role he's perfectly suited for at this stage of his career. He probably won't see more than 10-12 snaps a game.

There's plenty of other decisions to be critical of, but this one just makes you sound stupid. Bringing JT in to fill this small role makes PLENTY of sense for both him and the team.

I do know that the jets payed nothing to plax to find out...just like the pats are paying nothing for the likes of ochostinko and haynesworth..if it works out for them...great!!! if it doesnt...they havent lost anything...

No offense to anyone...BUT, the fact that people are so high on JT's return to the Phins from a sentimental point of view, only to be a PT player shows you how far off this fan base is as far as expectations & real excitement are concerned.

Some of you are acting as giddy as if we had just traded for Tom Brady!

Welcome back 99. One of the best Dolphins ever. The geniuses on here who want to criticise Jason for being older than he was from 97-2007 are ridiculous. I don't know how many sacks we can expect from him, but I don't know why you wouldn't want him on your team. If we can keep him healthy, he'll give an offensive lineman alot to worry about. Besides seeing him in a Jets uniform made me want to puke. JT needs to retire a Dolphin, and he's entitled to the eternal respect of all real Dolphin fans.

I'm sure jets don't care he's 34, but there's a difference between a 37 yr old reserve D end, and a 34 starting wide receiver. The receiver needs speed, Plax was never a burner, and his body may not hold up after 2 years of not playing, and his speed should decline with age,

One main difference for jets this year compare to last is that cromartie and holmes are not playing for a contract. That makes a big difference for those 2 as they haven't been model citizens in the past. That's why chargers and steelers let them go for not very much

Joe Schmoe....

305toDestin.....@ 3:39 puts the whole JT signing in perspective....i a balanced way that SHOULD be easy for most to understand.....

I think he is conveying your sentiments on the situation....

I've been saying that all along Joe Schmoe...ppl have no choice but to be happy becuase signing JT just shows expectations suck around here....other than brandon marshall trade, there hasnt been a whole lot to anticipate for this team with ireland and company runnin the show....

Sign him... Retire him... Thank him for his service and move on.

When the Dolphins MAKE THE PLAYOFFS all the people that are B**ching and crying are gonna all a sudden act like they're real fans.. yeah ok why dont you guys just go become colts fans or something you guys SUCK and aren't REAL FANS. how can you callJT a hasbeen btw ? IDIOTS

Santonio Holmes is one infraction away from being suspended for a year. That's a big commitment to a guy who might have to sit out a year. Let's see if he can keep his nose clean for a year. Would be a big loss if he couldn't.

Hey Guys,
Glad you guys are happy about resigning JT! Our next big move is going to shock you all. We are looking to make a trade for TIM TEBOW! Don't tell anyone though, it is top secret! And thanks to the 1 person who just bought a Jason Taylor jersey! We only have 2,214 left!


I like that my only real competition for the starting QB job is Matt Moore and now JT. I have a shot!

Guys are saying 'Jets are making all these signings to get better while we do nothing'. I'm saying, what signings? They're bringing back the guys they had last year on bigger contracts and they've lost some people.

Posted by: Craig M | August 01, 2011 at 03:38 PM

In my first response I told you clearly:

"The Jets are as good as they were last year". I never personally said they were better than last year. Even if they are worse, they're still better than us! What have we done to close the gap? ZERO!

In case you hadn't noticed, those players that they are re-signing helped them finish 4 wins ahead of us & 1 game from playing for a title. To me? GOOD SIGNINGS!

Isn't that the point? They are signing guys better than ours. It means they are ahead of us.

I'm sorry but if you can't understand that, this discussion is an exercise in futility. Hate the Jets all you want but ppl need to put their fandom & hatered for other teams aside & accept reality.

Truth is Miami is not going to be playing for 1st place this year like they are. They'll be playing to stay out of 4th!

Tony Sparano throwing the hungry Dolfans, ...



Not to us craig, but if holmes does stay out of trouble, then the jets do have a legit #1 reciever...again its a big if!!!

Craig M, saying Holmes is an infraction away from being suspended is no better argument than saying Marshall is on fraction away from blowing his head off. Which team is better, the Jets without Holmes or the fins without Marshall?



I never said YOU had said 'The Jets keep getting better with all the signings they are making'. What I said is PEOPLE on here having be seeing it. It wasn't directed at you.

For THOSE people I am saying show us what you mean....


The Jets may not have gotten markedly better this seaso but they sure havent gotten markedly worse. That alone isnt great nes for the Dolphins.

Last I checked, they made it too the afc championship game, we made it to the toilet bowl. They are still as good defensively and will be at least as good defensively. Especially when you consider Sanchez has both another afc champioship experience and another full year of seasoning.

Also though they lost Edwards, they gained a wr who also has SB championship experience underneath his belt. Actually it makes two when also considering Santonio Holmes.

CraigM youre belittling the Jets far too much. They are still very formiddable. While we're still testing to see if its time to take the training wheels off yet.

You're changing the argument DB....stick to my ORIGINAL point..

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