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Jason Taylor returning to the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is returning to the Miami Dolphins.

I am reporting that Taylor was contacted by both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland in recent days and invited to fill Miami's role as a depth pass rusher.

He has accepted.

He announced his return to the Dolphins on his Jason Taylor Foundation Facebook page.

Taylor has also told and texted several teammates so this is absolutely happening. It is no joke.

Taylor, 36, is returning to the team after the second stint away -- the lastest last season with the New York Jets, with whom he went to the AFC Championship game. Taylor had five sacks with New York last season.

The Dolphins have been searching for depth pass-rush help since the middle of last season. While Koa Misi remains the team's starting strongside linebacker and Cameron Wake is the team's weakside linebacker on early downs, the Dolphins are looking for help in obvious passing downs.

Taylor is author of 132.5 career sacks. He played with Miami from 1997-2007 and then was traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick by Bill Parcells in 2008. He returned to the Dolphins in 2009 and gave the Dolphins seven sacks.

But the Dolphins showed little interest in Taylor last season and he took the only offer that was on the table: From the Jets.

The Jets, however, are going in another direction this year.

Good idea?

I like it. While Taylor is not the sack machine he was early in his career, he is a threat. He is a great locker room presence. And as of now, he is a Miami Dolphin.



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The only good thing about JT's return is that Dolphin beat writers satisfy their man crush and will stop demanding the move!




In 2009 in San Diego (I was in attendance as I live in So Cal) a member of the bolts was taunting the Dolphins, the first player to walk over there and start all kinds of hell was JT. The Porter walked over (probably felt safe)that swagger was missing last season.

I just smile at the thought of Wake, Dansby, Misi (hopefully) and JT creating challenges for opposing offenses.

Is it Williams, Wilson or Smith??????


Mike Nolan is a great DC, the Dolphins were 6th in the entire NFL in yards allowed so I would have pretty good confidence in the defense and their system.


Sandoval, JT's signing is simply a ploy to get fans back on their side & divert everyones eyes from the failed QB signing & lackluster FA period.

This team is full of Cowboys. I don't even feel like I'm watching Dolphins football. It's pathetic.

rumor has it Lamar Smith would be willing to give miami another go round if terms are agreeable...


So far Chad Henne makes Jay Fiedler look like Joe Montana

I'm as eager about Gates as I am Wilson. Plus a year or two of training and Gates should bulk up a bit like Bess.

I sure would feel a lot better about this offense if we had a more 'game' QB. I'm afraid Henne is what he is, what we've seen. We may have a new offense, but I don't see that changing Henne too much really. I see Henne and Sparano holding hands into the sunset together.

Should be interesting when miami meets dallas thanksgiving......*hey dont i know u man,* ....*yea u do, arent you still on this team???*....jerry jones scrathing his head...wont be able to tell the dallas star from the the fishy logo!

Joe Schmoe,

I agree it is a PR ploy, but a good one. We all know he will have 10 snaps a game, but when I watched games in '09 JT was the first guy greeting the offense/defense when they came off the field.

There wasnt anyone like that last season and it showed, I think leadership and an OC of couse was the difference between 10-6 vs. 7-9

Sandoval, you should be our WQB then, if you sknow so much... Henne sucks, and you are such the evaluator of talent, i guess you should be trying out...

All the Henne haters, which one will man up and say, Henne does not suck, but has not been as good as you want and needs to improve...

If you say something like that, more than sucks, you have far more credibility... just sayin.

Nostalgic move. Big deal. Why are they wasting time on the guys that don't play offense. Get a receiver. Get a qb and another back. I seen McGahey signed today. What is wrong with the front office. Don't they see they are going to need a first and second down back. Option b.

dyingbreed.... you have redefined the term loser. wow. what a complete jackalope.

Joe Shmoe,

I disagree, not saying youre completely wrong. But JT's still a legit option as a part time pass rush specialist for Misi.

JT began to wear down a little last season due to because of injuries the Jets had on D. But playing 3rd and certain passing downs will keep him fresh and give us a very lsgiet pass rush compliment to Wake on 3rd and longs.

It could be small time gimmick to sell tickets by bringing in JT that could also pay big time dividends. Thats my take.

Ronnie Brown is better than McGhayhee, so there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

henne doesnt suck...he's just mentally *challenged* in this offense

Traitors and Cowboy leftovers.

Just as I said... It wont be until we purge this team which is owned by a clown, managed and coached by clowns and has a bunch of diaper clowns for assistants. The only coach who we need to KEEP is DC Mike Nolan.

Once we purge these other clowns and get an owner who puts more effort into winning games vs hiring minority part owners who cant sing.

Hey Ross... if your going to bring in talent to bad RR or Desi Arnaz passed away as he would provide real entertainment like BABALU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAV3bOJaQuY

Look for the fins in 2016 to be competitive but ONLY after they FIRE these clowns and HIRE a proven HC named COWHER. Give COWHER a few years to replace all the crap that we have and rebuild the team into winners. Hell, the Steelers are STILL winning and they own that to CLOWHER and the Rooney family who KNOWS how to build and WIN.

6 games in the W column this season if we get lucky.

mentally challenged in his offense goes to Heath Shuler and Ryan Leaf. Still not a good comparison for Henne.

good try though. :)

Did Shaun O'Hara sign yet?


Im not a Henne hater and I think he plays fine right up until the moment when the game is usually on the line. Then he seems to never make a game defining play when we need it most.

Other than these moments Henne usually plays fine. Thats also why he's such a headscratcher.

I said it First yesterday on the "Dolphins

snooping around for Guards" post, that

K.Burnett did not have the #99 so I took that as a sign that JT was coming back Im happy 1thing I wanted came true

Now lets go get MANNY LAWSON!!!

and take a good look at Z.Miller and B.Edwards since R.Moss is Retired 4now

We need more help for the "O" to compete

JT will go hard for us this year watch!
Let's Go Dolphins!!!


That was an attempt at humor... I beleive that with our new OC things will be different. If the comments about Marshall being in better shape and 100% dedidated "Sparano's words" there should be a major improvement from last season.

Henne is a major improvement over Beck, Lemon, Fiedler, Ferotte, Rosenfels, do I need to say more.

As for trying out... Im 5'9 28 and in law school... QB'ing was never going to work out for me. :)

With Brian Daboll calling the plays....this whole offense will be up in tears with BPD....u just watch and see!!!

BPD is not a good diagnosis. It's essentially a psychiatrist's polite way of calling someone an a-hole. It means an inability to trust anyone, or to be in any kind of relationship without subverting that relationship in some way. Not what you want on your team, if you're the QB. Come to think of it, maybe Ochopsycho and Randy Moss have a touch of that, too.


I found out the Giants let go Shuan OHara because he now has a bum achilles. He tore it up last season.

The same type injury that killed Marino's mobility. Gotta have freedom of mobility on the oline. Cant be severely limited in mobility. I'll take the same flier on OHara the Giants took.

HOW MUCH did we waste on JT return???

WHY the hell are people OK with the traitors return? This maggot went to the JETS and the ONLY reason why he wants to be a FIN is to get into the Ring of Fame.

So I for one will NOT be clapping my hands when I see him walk onto the field. I hope that the REAL Fans boo and hiss JT and give HIM what he deserves for signing with the enemy.

Hey JT... FU you you one way POS traitor.

Ha! Sorry Sandoval my bad.

I just hate the "Henne sucks" thing. It is really a stupid comment. the kid is pretty good, NEEDS to get better, may be can.

DB hit the nail on the head. In the clutch he needs to be better, he also needs the chance to play naturally.

Until then, no one knows if he is below oaverage or well good enough.

To many people quit to fast, Henne's performance has been better than Ortons 1st 3 years, and everyone is begging for him.

If carey gets cut look for O'hara or Leonard davis to be coming to Miami--Can we get Orton in here already, Go all in with those Poker chips---

Madeu williams signs in San Fran, Dashon Goldson looking for a job---Ireland jump on that then cut YB---

not sure how much cap space we have

armando gave good reasons why we won't be getting anymore workhorse rb's (carries per game etc)


we're supposed to be run first team

we should still be trying to sign bradshaw

thomas, bradshaw, bush (killer rbs trio with depth)

aka kiick, zonka, morris

at the very least bring back r or r

we need a solid running game

its in our hc's nature


In true layman's terms BPD exactly means "youre almost crazy". That diagnosis applies to about 90% of society. Except in varying degrees and areas.

We are all a little "almost crazy". If you dont believe youre almost crazy it only truly confirms one is really crazy! LOL...

signing a shut-down corner could make this defense the best defense in points allowed for 2011! play to our strengths! and they are a proven defensive coordinator in a second year system with big names and 2010 rookies ready to thrive! the eagles were fine with cromarti and asante, but that didn't stop them from signing NAMDI! the fins must be financially broke! is (drop the ball)hartline really better then burress? REALLY? no upgrade at right tackle, no deep threat tight-end! a shut-down corner will make the biggest impact attainable more so then any other position to the scoreboard and win/loss column, even more then a QB!! why? because there are simply too many holes to fill on offense, where as upgrading at cornerback is ONE position! WARNING!!! miami's offense CAN'T keep pace with the likes of the new triple recieving threat teams ala the pats, eagles, pack and jets! why beat the defense up all day long only to loose to a brady bomb! why even play the game? give the fans something to look forward to, complete the defense! give us hope that maybe we can keep the other teams from putting the score out of reach! it only makes sense that while teams are loading up at reciever, miami will neutralize the recieving threat! it is the only option available this year!


No one wanted JT, so its fair for us to likely believe he's playing for the vet minimum of $910,000. I would be surprised if its more unless filled with bonus and incentives. Not guaranteed monet past $910,0000.

Well guys, I know there are wispers where I am from that Ronnie Brown is getting "courted" byt the Pats most, and the Jets a little. But there is something holding him back... We know he does not want to leave Miami, he just wants to be able to "compete" for a starting job. Mando does not think that is the case.

But I think it is... If he has not jumped to another team what is he waiting for? I think it is us... Just my theory.

Back the hell off Poizen,

Matt Moores the future here U hear that fool

U know why, Cuz the MothaFu%$er played for the Dallas Cowboys Biatch

Step Off Haterz

ok i'm too latewith that one!

Poizen, yes to Orton, because it's a what have you done for me lately league. Henne has done nothing & Orton has been pretty darn good in Denver. NFL = NOT FOR LONG. You can't wait at the expense of wins!

Yyou seem to take it way too personally with people bashing Henne. Too soon to judge him or not, circumstances aside, people are entitled to their opinions.

I have wanted Henne to be good. He simply hasn't been. Am I willing to give him a chance? Of course. Am I willing to give him the chance at the expense of more wins with a legit starting NFL QB in Orton? No way in hell! orton has become available. It's aneed. it helps the team. He should be a phin by now.

Actually, I will give Henne the chance. Denver is seeing who the best QB in camp is & it isn't Teebow. I'm Ok with stinking this year as long as the end result is Sparano & Ireland fired.

HA!!! Nice... We are also in negotiations with Danny White.

JT is not a traitor. He wanted to play here last year, wasn't offered a job here. He took the only offer he had. He wasn't ready to retire. I hate the Jets as much as anybody, but JT is a Dolphin. Come on, how can you not see that?


There are some fans who feel he sucks and dont understand much more beyond that... Unfortunately.

With CP in '08 he closed out games, but thats what comes with 10+ years of experience. We fans expect Marino-eque performances and nothing less. With Henne some of those losses are a result of inexperience. Once again its hard because of the qb we had for so many years.


finsfan is right.
you should redirect your anger to Mr. Bill ParSellOut

The Eagles may have had the greatest impact in fa this year. There was nearly zero wrong offensively. Defensively is where they needed to improve most. They did that with the additions of pass rusher Jason Babin and Asomugah predominantly.

They could now be the nfc favorites to unseat Green Bay to make it to the SB this year.

Well Joe, Not sensitive, but QB is a position I am passionate about. One of the hardest positions in all of sports.

And a nightmare to play when your coaches are right on your back.

I just get angry at times when people start saying someone sucks because they do not perform.

that is not a shot at you Joe, I have respect for your opinions. But I am serious when I tell you henn's failures last year were more O-line struggles, and a terrible dated game plan.

Now, does that mean Henne will be great in a new system? Who knows? Maybe not, it all depends on how he conforms mentally...

But until then, we need to give him a chance when he is here, and hopefully if the season starts with him as starter, support him, until he poops the bed!

Eagles improved thier oline this offseason too.

NYG, what to buy the team. He's the owner and can do what he wants.

Matt Moore for 2011 MVP

Suck it Henne

Its gonna be a loooong season....hopefully JT doesnt look for a long term deal from miami....they might just give it to him!!!

We love ya JT! Glad you're gonna run that gas tank out with the Dolphins baby! I know there are gonna be a few plays that make me smile


He is in his 4th season now. Yet Armando and some bloggers that were at the practices said Devlin played better than Henne. Devlin. A rookie undrafted FA is outplaying your 4th year starter? Does that sound right? Henne shoud be heads above the newbies Moore and Devlin, yet he hasn't shown it.

I'm sorry. I had all the faith in the world in Henne going into the 2010 season. I've lost it all now. Orton was clearly beating out Tebow, why isn't Henne clearly beeating out Devlin?

Why are you focusing on JT, he's not coming here to start, and he'll be on a cheap contract. What are you talking about.

I have no problem giving Henne another shot, but i would still go after Orton to have legit competition at QB. If Henne cant beat out Orton he shouldn't be our starting QB. I don't care if its his 1st , 3rd or 15th year in the league.

Kevin Kolb(26 y/o) couldn't outplay Vick(31 y/o), which is why he got shipped out.

im not comparing Orton to Vick by any stretch of the imagination, but the logic is still the same.

Matt Moore for 2011 MVP - HAHAHAHAHA. Add a "1" in front of that "3" he wears change his physical image and name from Moore to Marino and maybe.

Kolb got shipped for 63 million....thats an expensive ship out....just sayin

Simon, nothing I say will change your thoughts, so does it truly matter?

It is 3 days of practice that have gone by, and practice does not have game simulation yet.

So if this is the same case come the second pre-season game, you will have a legit point.


Dont be a hater Come to the darkside

It is the only way to save ur friends biatch

Moore for MVP 2011

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