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Jason Taylor returning to the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is returning to the Miami Dolphins.

I am reporting that Taylor was contacted by both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland in recent days and invited to fill Miami's role as a depth pass rusher.

He has accepted.

He announced his return to the Dolphins on his Jason Taylor Foundation Facebook page.

Taylor has also told and texted several teammates so this is absolutely happening. It is no joke.

Taylor, 36, is returning to the team after the second stint away -- the lastest last season with the New York Jets, with whom he went to the AFC Championship game. Taylor had five sacks with New York last season.

The Dolphins have been searching for depth pass-rush help since the middle of last season. While Koa Misi remains the team's starting strongside linebacker and Cameron Wake is the team's weakside linebacker on early downs, the Dolphins are looking for help in obvious passing downs.

Taylor is author of 132.5 career sacks. He played with Miami from 1997-2007 and then was traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick by Bill Parcells in 2008. He returned to the Dolphins in 2009 and gave the Dolphins seven sacks.

But the Dolphins showed little interest in Taylor last season and he took the only offer that was on the table: From the Jets.

The Jets, however, are going in another direction this year.

Good idea?

I like it. While Taylor is not the sack machine he was early in his career, he is a threat. He is a great locker room presence. And as of now, he is a Miami Dolphin.



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Budtki, I agree on a solid D. But the D can't be relied on to win every game. We need O as well. Yes, I agree, our D could have won us at least 3 more games last year and Carpenter could have added a fourth. Special teams are critical as well. But the O has to produce and wear down the opposing D. We are not going to be able to keep all of our opponents from scoring.

i can't put this any clearer!!!

P A Y A T T E N T I O N !!!!!!!

dear fins staff, and troubled fans,

the answer to this one question will make or break the season:

it is critical that you transport 1 oz. of water from place A to place B:
you have 1 cork.

If you have 2 buckets, and the first one is full of holes and leaks, and the second has 1 hole but is easily repaired by using your one and only cork, which bucket yields the desired result and justifies expending your 1 cork?

hint: do NOT use the bucket jeff ireland is holding(his bucket is the one full of holes)

answer: the offense is full of holes and cannot be fixed right now. the defense is 1 player away from being solid and complete, if your defense plays great all game but will give up a 40 yard TD bomb and allow your water to empty from the bucket what good is it? it's No better then the bucket jeff is holding(full of holes)!
** use what little resources are left to aquire 1 cork(asante samuel) and insert him into the bucket with 1 hole(miami's defense) to keep the scores little, as our offense does NOT score a LOT of points!

Posted by: budtki | August 01, 2011 at 06:19 PM


Since we can't get it together on offense, let's go ahead and load up on the defense side of the ball.
Let's make it the #1 defense.
Let's make the rest of the NFL hate having to play the Dolphins because of our #1 defense.

Just a thought.

Posted by: $0.02 | July 31, 2011 at 03:47 PM


budtki - count me in brother!

Posted by: $0.02 | August 01, 2011 at 07:17 PM

"The buses are waiting. Make it quick, we want to get out of Miami now", Mike Tomlin after Pittsburghs win last year.


what is with fins brass?

i'm a dufuss but, welker, camarillo, ginn...

our offense is missing so many parts, henne will be running left(away from carey's side) da, i can even figure it out, check down city to reggie until he gets hurt, if our offense improves by 7 points a game it still won't be enough to compete with the high scores. the only answer for this year is to stop the other teams from scoring. so how do you do that...well the whole defense looks set except for sean smith(cornerback) it's so obvious!! we have to eliminate the big play to keep the games low scoring.... jason taylor...a cork in the wrong bucket... are they really that stupid???

Oops - sorry for the double post.

Jrljr2. Did not say I was satisfied or overjoyed with what has happened. Certainly think more deals are in the works and there is dollars for it. Draft was a B plus and some are contributing already. Bush great addition. TE is not a priority and o line needs to sort out plenty of bodies. QB is a problem and needs to be addressed. The fo has been working to address problems and certainly has some ammo left. We may still get orten but he is no saviour. So why give too many draft choices or money.
Patience is good here. We have a monster defense and an adequate offense will win games. Just some thoughts.

my balls itch

I'm just gonna watch the games and try to enjoy it I've come to the conclusion that this regime has no clue what their doing anyway we could have Dan Marino in his prime with the marks brothers and Jerry rice outside and Marshall faulk paired with Earl Campbell in the backfield and Sparano would still be tinkering with the line and hoping for field goals we need a real NFL head coach honestly


totally agree, i've been dying for offensive playmakers, there's nothing more i want. but it seems as though we aren't getting anybody, no deep threat TE, no upgrade at right tackle, no burress or santonio, the offense has to many parts to fix this season, i have high hopes for our rookie reciever, but if miami is that limited money wise, and we can only afford one more guy, then the bucket story! i would rather have ONE bucket that holds water, then TWO that don't! the defense has ONE hole! it needs ONE player to be the best it could be for this year. sign asante and plug that hole and reap the rewards... a defense that allows minimal scoring, allowing our low scoring offense to stay in the game. a defense that can shut down the brady bomb! i can't stand the jets but ryan is ready for the eagles, packers, patriots... we are not!

the defense is all that, odrick is back, rashad has anose for the ball, starks, dansby, even that new linebacker to cover the tight-end seem, it's going to look like a better defense then last year with the injured coming back davis is a beast and could hold his own, lets start the hard hitters in the secondary and create some intangables for the other teams. like fear. fear that rashad is gonna pound you. you know when the recievers short arm the ball because v. davis is coming in hard! lets complete the defense a solid D can pitch a shut-out! and fear is coming with us!!!!!

No longer a JT fan. He does not deserve to be in the Miami Locker Room after last year.

how many J.T. specials will be served up this year? you know(strip, fumble, TD!)


No matter how good the defense is, it can't be on the field every week 40+ minutes per game. The offense needs to stay on the field longer and only improving the offense will do that.

This means I get to break out my Jason Taylor dildo and use it on Mark in Toronto again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITC, that's where we disagree. I think they are done and you think there is more to come. We will see. I hope u are correct. However, Bush is basically, for all intents and purposes, a 3rd down back that they got on the cheap. TE isn't a problem per se, but it lacks speed and seem stretching ability. The Oline, other than Long is full of rookies, retreads and second level talent. So to me theres a need there. There have been guys that could have helped more that they won't sign. I say the draft is a C at best but could be a B if Thomas and Gates work out. A big if for a third and fourth rounder. Safety is a hole they need to fill. Everything I mentioned could have been upgraded big time. However they bargain hunt. You say Orton isn't worth a ton of compensation, I agree. They should have spent the money elsewhere and got a QB next offseason. Nope, they won't. Imagine Ahmad Bradshaw, BMarsh, Bess, and Miller lining up on offense. Even with Henne that's an awesome bunch. Even swap Bush for Bradshaw and add Miller and a decent line and they contend for the playoffs. Just won't do it. Why? Has to come from Ross. If they don't get Orton, they have already spent cheaply on their areas of need. So, it's over, free agency is over and they still have 8 mil or so under the cap. That's my point.

Thank you Simon. I've been trying to explain that for 5 hours now.

Great move by Mike Nolan bring in JT to be a teacher on the field in the huddle to teach the tricks of the trade, I believe it will get this young line backer core to be better in pass rushing situation!

Lofa Tatupu or Paul Poluszney

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