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Jason Taylor speaks plus team cuts Tim Dobbins

Jason Taylor was just introduced to the South Florida media as the Miami Dolphins', er, newest addition.

"This is home," said Taylor, wearing aqua shorts and a Dolphins shirt. "There’s a very familiar peace about being here. It fits."

This is Taylor's third stint with the Dolphins.

"I do not anticipate leaving and having to go away and come back again," Taylor said.

Taylor said he didn't really expect to return for this stint. But after the Jets called him at "10:01 AM" on Tuesday, the first day teams were allowed to speak to unrestricted free agents, he was surprised to get a text from Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about an hour later.

Then he got a call from Jeff Ireland.

And then he got comfortable with the idea of returning to the team.

"Because of the way things happened last year I thought that chapter in my life may have closed and we moved on," Taylor said.

Of the New York experience, he said, "I enjoyed it. I was open to going back this year. And if you had asked me a year ago if the Dolphins would ever have any interest, I would have said, ‘No.’ I thought the Dolphins had moved on."

Taylor will be a reserve for the Dolphins.

"I understand how old I am and how long I’ve played this game," he said. "I understand there’s a lot of miles. It’s like the old saying, I’ll scratch where it itches."

It only itches, Taylor admitted, because Bill Parcells is no longer with the Dolphins. He and Taylor didn't exactly see eye-to-eye.

"We can address the elephant in the room," Taylor said. "Do I honestly think I’d be here if Bill was here? No."

So much for that.

The Dolphins are not exactly standing still with their LB corps. They have terminated the contract of ILB Tim Dobbins and signed undrafted rookie linebacker Mark Masterson.

Dobbins had possibly gotten too expensive to keep while still playing primarily as a backup and on special teams. You pay at veteran like Taylor a $910,000 minimum salary, you have to make room for the addition.

[Update: OT Vernon Carey is not present at this evening's practice. I do not currently have a reason why.]

[Update 2: The Dolphins say Carey was simply given a night off by coach Tony Sparano for personal reasons.]

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Hey two-face, you've been screaming everytime Miami signs a non "O" player but now that they've signed a "source" of yours, i.e. Taylor and his agent leak info to you by the tons, you love signing a non "O" player.

Now to read the article.

Okay, sounds like he's good practice squad material.
Scratch that itch JT.

JT's little stint with archenemy NYJ will get him a little asterisk next to his name in the book of Dolphins lore.

Was Mike Nolan consulted about this?
How about throwing that 910K at Asante Samuel's asking price?

maybe we can bring crowder back a discounted price. he's better than dobbins.

BOOO! HATE this move. He is a prima donna that will destroy any chance of having a good locker room. After last year he is right the door to return to Miami should of been closed!

Glad JT is back. Can't wait to hear him say on Jets week how much he hates the JETS!!!

He also has a years worth of insight on the Jets D. Just sayin.....

Shoulda signed him to a one day contract, pranced him out on the Monday Nite Opener and let him give his retirement speech. This is a "feel good" move for the fans. I would rather have the team not go 1-7 at home. That would make me feel better

Welcome back JT.

You would have to stretch a good while to find a better RT than Vernon Carey now in the NFL.

I look forward to an unprecidented number of JT blogs this season....

I think Armando some how worked in an average of 3 per season when JT was a jet.....

I'm over jt. at an e and he is still a J e t




that is, add an e to JT and he is still a Jet. Very disappointed still that he left for there. Anywhere but there would have been ok
the press conference he said several times how great jabba the hut is and the jet players and fans, whatever. go back then jason

vernon carey given a personal night off to think if he wants to restructure his contract or get cut. tick tock

3 days of work and Carey all ready wants a day off.....

I guess he earned it with his STELLAR play last year....

Can we cut him all ready????

The fact Vernon Cary has been given a "personal" night off is concerning. Do they want him to restructure or is it something else?

do not (!) want to lose vernon.

Carey needs to be a team player and stay in miami. I doubt he could get better deal somewhere else and he's from miami

former Dallas OT Marc Colombo. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed the story. He'll join the Dolphins.

When, And the Cuban means "WHEN WILL IT END"???????????????????????????????

At 37 how much is he really going to help in a reserve role? Doubtful this is a difference maker.

Cuban it will never end while Ireland and Sparano are here, this team is where the former cowboys retire....

I watch a lot of football on TV and have memorized countless phrases from the talking heads on ESPN such as "hip pivot," "good in space," and "initial burst."

This makes me an expert on football and FAR more qualified to critique personnell and strategy than any coach or general manager.

Then again, I am possibly completely full of sh*t but maybe you'll fall for it.

I really am an expert.

And the JT Signing, The happiest person in Miami.... Drum Roll please....... MANDO, Here's a guy(Mando) That has a bigger "Man Crush" On JT Then Dan Dierdorf has for Tom(Mrs Bunchen) Brady..... Just saying..

It's not how long you have watched Football. It's how you watch it. My friends and I agree on this.

Please Believe I'm an Expert: I've used those same phrases in bed with my girlfriends! They work there!

no one is at practice tonight? what's up? how is henne?

Redsky, You old So and so, How they hanging???

Vernon should take the pay cut and stick around. It's doubtful he would get money anywhere close to what he is slated to get. Take the 3 million or so Vernon, and play like a beast so you can get a fat payday in FA next year.

I Could almost bet That Henne is 4 for 10 for 31 yds with a INT...

Nobody reporting Dolphins practice, uh? Strange.

He didnt want 2 b a Jet. Do ur homework. He almoest retired rather than play 4 the Jets. All because FatA** wouldnt give him the Vets Minumum he was asking 4. Good ridence 2 the FatTuna. Welcome back JT. R D is gonna B sick next yr. GO DOLPHINS!!! JETS SUCK!!!

they can't beleive their eyes. That's why they're not reporting

Somebody reporting that on the 1st play on 11-11 soliai delivered a greta hit on D. Thomas at the line.

Cuban, you hater! Did the queen leave and take her pineapples with her? JT was kicked out by this organization, his greatest achievements have been here....let the guy retire here, it's the right thing to do...so he does one more year, Junior Seau was still good at his age, I think we might be surprised. Just my opinion....

I don't expect much out of JT this year. He was regularly handled by one blocker & rarely made an impact. Good thing Wanny, Spielman, Satan, & Cameron set the bar soooo low that this & the Colombo signing look like good moves to the owner.

Tonights practice update:

Brandstater overthrows most passes.
Devlin made some nice throws rolling out, right on target.
Henne underthrew Marshall over the middle.
Henne threw behind Marshall on an out pattern.
Henne going over the middle for bess, pass tipped.
Henne sacked.
Henne sacked.
Henne tries to hit Hartline, tipped at line.
Henn sacked.
Henne checks down but ball hits the dirt.
Henne hits Bess on the sideline for a 2 yard gain.
Moore hits Hartline on a beautiful bomb.
Moore hits Marshall in the seam.
Moore with nice pass to Bess over the middle.
Henne sacked.
Henne overthew a wide open Hartling streaming down the sideline.

Someone has interrupted the Tweets for Phins. com so not able to see what's going on.

Redsky, I love JT, Just noting that Mando has a Man Crush on him, Thats all, BTW The Pineapples are doing fine..


No way on Osi the report from NFL Sirius is the Giants want an absurd 1st round pick for him

We don't need a DE. DE is overstacked.


Cookie sounds a lot like Lil Aloco, Doesnt he??

Can Osi throw a football? Then I'd be interested. MIA has plenty of D linemen. We just don't have a QB

Hey fan, you got scooped by the Orlando Sentinel. Ground game being worked on.
Supposedly 10k there. Shows interest.

any QB. At all. Or even on the horizon

Not too much live feedback from anybody.

Now we are getting into things.

Meanwhile at Jets camp:

Sanchez hits Plaxico in stride on a 50 yard streak down the right sideline.

Sanchez then hits Santonio Holmes on a crisp, 15 yard out route to the left side.

Sanchez then times one perfectly to Dustin Keller on a 10 yard curl.

Then Sanchez goes and gets water for all his teammates.

Then Sanchez signs autographs for about 1,000 kids waiting to see him.

Then Sanchez solves the U.S. Debt crisis and weighs in on a plan to bring peace to the Middle East.

All because we signed Marc Colombo today....darn the luck.

Dear unwashed and stupid minions:

It is I, your Empress and Ruler of all I survey. I have returned from a stree-related sabbatical and find each and every one of you to be as disgusting and slothful as when I departed the Royal Complex.

Your appearance is an offense to the eyes and your lack of personal hygiene is nauseating to the senses. Since returning, I have vomited repeatedly as your stench is carried upwards towards my Royal Chambers on the summer breeze.


Henceforth: All in my Domain are herewith subjected to 72 hours in solitary confinement with nothing but an endless tape loop of the "Best of Menudo" to be played at ear-splitting volume.


Who is this, the Princess of Pineapples?

ESPN report today out of Denver says Orton deal definitely not happening. Great news, huh? Made my day. OY!

yeah jt never wanted to leave, parcells kicked him out. jt better hate on the jets like he used to though

But on the bright side, Pat Devlin projected to be next Tom Brady. FINS RULE!

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