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Jason Taylor speaks plus team cuts Tim Dobbins

Jason Taylor was just introduced to the South Florida media as the Miami Dolphins', er, newest addition.

"This is home," said Taylor, wearing aqua shorts and a Dolphins shirt. "There’s a very familiar peace about being here. It fits."

This is Taylor's third stint with the Dolphins.

"I do not anticipate leaving and having to go away and come back again," Taylor said.

Taylor said he didn't really expect to return for this stint. But after the Jets called him at "10:01 AM" on Tuesday, the first day teams were allowed to speak to unrestricted free agents, he was surprised to get a text from Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about an hour later.

Then he got a call from Jeff Ireland.

And then he got comfortable with the idea of returning to the team.

"Because of the way things happened last year I thought that chapter in my life may have closed and we moved on," Taylor said.

Of the New York experience, he said, "I enjoyed it. I was open to going back this year. And if you had asked me a year ago if the Dolphins would ever have any interest, I would have said, ‘No.’ I thought the Dolphins had moved on."

Taylor will be a reserve for the Dolphins.

"I understand how old I am and how long I’ve played this game," he said. "I understand there’s a lot of miles. It’s like the old saying, I’ll scratch where it itches."

It only itches, Taylor admitted, because Bill Parcells is no longer with the Dolphins. He and Taylor didn't exactly see eye-to-eye.

"We can address the elephant in the room," Taylor said. "Do I honestly think I’d be here if Bill was here? No."

So much for that.

The Dolphins are not exactly standing still with their LB corps. They have terminated the contract of ILB Tim Dobbins and signed undrafted rookie linebacker Mark Masterson.

Dobbins had possibly gotten too expensive to keep while still playing primarily as a backup and on special teams. You pay at veteran like Taylor a $910,000 minimum salary, you have to make room for the addition.

[Update: OT Vernon Carey is not present at this evening's practice. I do not currently have a reason why.]

[Update 2: The Dolphins say Carey was simply given a night off by coach Tony Sparano for personal reasons.]

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It's becoming crystal clear Henne won't cut it. Who else?

According after bad play after bad play. Fans becan cheering " We want Orton "... per twitter.

First, it appeared the Dolphins called Denver's bluff by bowing out of the negotiations and signing Matt Moore.

Then, it appeared that it came down to Orton wanting astronomical $$ to be a marginal upgrade from what the Dolphins already had. So the Dolphins shunned him again.

Now it appears that Tim Tebow is so inept that Denver is thanking the ghosts of Super Bowls past that they weren't stupid enough to jettison Orton to the Dolphins.

Cuban, glad to hear of the Empress and her lovely pineapples! Also glad to hear from you! How are things in Brooklyn?

Don't believe Fan's post. Moore isn't practicing tonight. Actually Brandstater hit Pruitt for a nice 70 YD TD pass. The WRs are the ones to blame for the bad passing display. Soliai is dominating Pouncey. Lots of sacks.

From Omar Kelleys update on tonights practice:

- 7-on-7 now. Believe people just booed Chad Henne for checking down on that last play.

- Number of passes Dolphins QB's completed downfield in 7-on-7: Henne: 0, Brandstater: 0, Devlin: 1.

Tom Brandstater just threw a beautiful pass to Julius Pruitt, who shook the safety and ran all the way for a 70 yard TD.

- Henne was just sacked and followed that with an INT.

My return shall be celebrated with pageantry, songs, and mass displays of public affection.

Or you shall be beheaded.

Devlin just hit Hartline on a bomb. The "We want Orton" chants are kinda lame if you ask me. Low class. Defense is WAAAAAYYYY ahead of offense though.

Empress is a queeer and so are those that respond to that transvestite.

Everythings good up here....

This is home,and will be nice to be back here with "Home" cheering me and supporting our team." said Taylor, wearing aqua shorts and a Dolphins shirt. "There’s a very familiar peace about being here. It fits."

Henne won't last past the bye. He is a toad.

henne is horrible, sign bulger at least

- Dolphins fans chanting "We Want Orton!" This during a free preseason practice put on under the lights at the stadium to thank fans.

dont blame them, they are fed up with this bs

Jason didn't leave us. The Tuna said he was no longer wanted. Jason wanted to stay. Blame the Tuna not Jason on leaving the Dolphins.

I was not there but from everything I was reading Henne looked horrible. Devalin seemed to have an OK night. Aug. 4th cant come fast enough. We need to see someone else at the helm. Maybe Moore will challenge henne for the starting QB spot.

Don't worry guys, I'll make the Phins a DYNASTY on Madden!!!!

LOL... me to dishpan...Me to.

news just gets better, miller signed with seahawks

Devlin just threw a bomb to Brian Hartline, who made a jumping catch down the right sideline. Big cheers from thinning crowd.

Yes! By the sounds of things this should be reminiscent of the Cleo lemon / J Beck 2007 campaign.

It also sounds like your GM is stuck in 07 signing JT and scratch and sniff Bush. What a joke!


Jonathan Freeny deflected a pass intended to Anthony Fasano. Fans boo more. Then chant "We Want Orton."

End of practice.

Henne 1 for 15.

Nothing has changed for your sad sack team since January. You STILL have a lame duck coach. More importantly your qb situation has somehow gotten worse. WTF? How does a team that has had so much misery at the most important position in football manage to continue to screw it up?

We aren't getting orton. There is no way denver is trading him.
This team needs a new o-line and I can't beleive we have an o-line coach as our HC. Sparano won't see the 5th game this year.

Bwaaaaahahaha. It's Christmas in August! Fire up the Henne short bus! Can't believe I get another year of laughing at that tard. You will all know very soon that it wasn't the senile goat of an OC that was the problem.

least this seals it finally, even dumbass ross will clean house finally after the season. cowher come help us!!!!!

I BLAME Jeff Ireland for all of this. He chases Jim Harbaugh with Ross across the country and fails and expects Tony Sparano to just eat s**t. Then he tries to trade for Kyle Orton and when that falls through Henne has to eat s**t.

It's clear Ireland is the idiot behind all of this!

They released Dolphins player ratings for Madden 12. Henne a 77 overall

Orton deal not happening that's why the Oline signings and JT signing. Attendence is down and when Orton's not signed they know they are going to get killed in the media so they sign JT as a PR attempt to win back the fans. I love the signing of JT, only cause this is were he belongs, but this will not blindly have me overlook the ineptness of this front office to sign the pieces that are needed(Miller and Edwards) on offense. When they started they said they were going to start rebuilding the lines. Several years later and what are they doing...still rebuilding the line. This organization is disfuctional from top to bottom. Can you imagine the Oline shuffle we are going to witness day in and day out by TS. This will go on until days before the first game of the season. What again is the definition of insanity? Something about doing the same thing over and over agian and expecting a different result. This is so painful to watch.

Tortured...need to talk to Ross, its his team. He pulls all the strings. We just sit back and observe.


worst organization in nfl

If Orton is signed, will you be happy, People?

I won't be

I want the light to go on for Chad

i said id be satisfied if they signed orton and miller. well miller signed with seattle and denver said today orton would not be going anywhere

Oscar, best thing now is if Henne starts and fails, a bad record will send the most inept HC in the NFL packing. TS will never get another HC job in the NFL.

How can we make you happy, dishpan.

From the front page of PFT right now:

Dolphins fans chant “We want Orton” at training camp

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on August 1, 2011, 9:46 PM EDT

It’s not quite as bad as 49ers fans chanting for David Carr during last season, but the Dolphins organization had a rather embarrassing moment at training camp Monday night.

The fans started booing every underthrown Chad Henne pass, then chanted, “We want Orton!”

yeah sparanos career is finished. he will get an oline job thats it


Well I'm glad you asked. The hope is that Henne goes back to good Henne, as opposed to a guy who's clearly lacking confidence. Orton would be more stop-gap than anything else, and I think the idea is to build a culture of winning. Can't do that with a stop-gap qb. Thus, I root for Henne. Of course, I see the reality of the situation, but what would make me happy: not losing because of sh it playcalling and some consistency out of Henne.

We have no time to lose(to win), kudon.

I really (thought) I wanted to go to practice tonight but I'm glad I didn't.

Some of the newer fans don't really understand how painful it's become to watch a once proud franchise reduced to this.

Does Anyone know, are our boys that are working so hard " Ireland,Sparano,Ross" are even trying to contact any player that will actually be in our starting OFFENSIVE scheme


What a shame fellas.

We waited and waited for the lockout to end, thinking we were going to add play-makers to help this inept offense but you know what it's clear to me now. We CAN NOT blame the players. Miami has some talent just a bad organization from top to bottom.

Stephen Ross - I mean look at the guy! I'm sure he is a genious real estate billionaire but is a moron in the business of owning an NFL team.

Jeff Ireland - clearly is over his head as a GM. To ask Dez Bryant about his mother like that is not something you do to another man no matter what line of business you are in. To take off Sparano's pants in front of the NFL like that and then keep him anyway was just a disgrace. He follows that with it being know Kyle Orton is his choice to supplant Henne but when he won't give up the right compensation he bring in Matt Moore who couldn't start 16 games for the worst team in football.

What a SAD era in Dolphins football. Mean while I get to watch the hometown Eagles and their brilliant front office team of Joe Banner, Howie Roseman and Andy Reid make great move after great move!

Well, if you want to impersonate Victim, cocoajoe, go ahead.

Just read the practice update. Looks like we will average around 13 points a game. Things are right on schedule.

Oh and forgot to mention Sparano

Tony Sparano: Is a position coach playing Head Coach. He is over his head as much as Ireland. Explain to me how you are an offensive line coach by trade but can't evaluate or get the right mix of starters to have a dominant or at least good/solid o-line. He is a joke at managing the clock. His own players (Ricky Williams) says he is a broken record in the locker room and no that wasn't Ricky's way to get out of town he was just saying what no one else would.

This team and organization is a joke


Granted, dishpan.

The last time I listened to Sparano speak to the press I was so confused I forgot my name. No wonder the offense looks lost.


Dolphins were once amazing.
Zonk, Griese, Mercury, and Garo;
Later, Marino, Nat, Clayton and Duper;
Every other year they were super;
And once, even perfect.
Now, they are without heart,
There is no fight in these men;
They have no leader, but only Tony;
And their GM is but a phony.
Dallas, we love your discards,
please keep sending them our way;
For without them, we are but lost,
But with them, we have the ghost of Parcells, our Guide.

The FO moves are perplexing and they are certainly not what I wanted, but they are consistent with the bifecta approach.

They are looking for that gem economy player. The prefer players they have a personal relationship with and Sparano’s locker room is protected from any attitude, BM aside.

Sorry folks! Orton isn't coming! Mr. Ross said it is Henne's job cause he is from Michigan! Be happy I resigned Jason Taylor!


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