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Lee Evans on the trade block? So ...?

Lee Evans is on the trading block in Buffalo, the entire NFL has known for a couple of days.

He's good. Last year was frustrating and injury shortened and disappointing from a production standpoint and he still caught 37 passes for a 578 yards, which is a 15.6 yard per catch average.

He is a classic deep threat sideline receiver.

The Dolphins lack one of those that is proven.

And I seriously doubt when Evans is traded, he will be wearing Miami colors. It doesn't fit. Trades within a division are rare in the NFL. The Dolphins would have to give up something for Evans and they seem too satisfied with their current crop of receivers to make such an offer.

It would require some major boldness by Jeff Ireland to see him as an upgrade at age 30, convince himself he wants Evans, convince Buffalo to give him up to a rival, and somehow negotiate the deal.

I'd like it. But don't see it. Only reason I'm telling you is I've already gotten 12 e-mails and a couple of tweets from Dolphins fans wondering why Miami doesn't make this move.

Arizona has been mentioned as a trade partner. Baltimore, Jacksonville and the New York Giants, too. So, again, it would be a pleasant surprise if he ends up in Miami but that's improbable. I would, instead, consider him not ending up in with New England or the Jets a victory of sorts.

Just sayin'. 



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Someone please help!

Posted by: Odins Liver | August 11, 2011 at 07:51 PM

Considering Rip Van Plax, and Methuselah Mason are manning the Jesticles WR corp... I'd have though they'd be slobbering all over Evans, like Rex Ryan at a Payless Shoe Store.

Yeah, I know. Oscar, you are living 40 years in the Past! But is the Truth. What can I tell you?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 11, 2011 at 08:01 PM


Why is Oscar talking to................Oscar????

Paul Warfield was the Barry Sanders of route running. You got to have moves. Ask around.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 11, 2011 at 07:58 PM

Yeah, I know. Oscar, you are living 40 years in the Past! But is the Truth. What can I tell you?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 11, 2011 at 08:01 PM


I was going to comment on Warfield too. He's one of my all time favs, but....ah......it looks like you're doing a pretty good job all by your lonesome..............


Who is Lee Evans?

Someone please help!

Posted by: Odins Liver | August 11, 2011 at 07:51 PM

STFU and take it like a MAN!


You are growing as a writer and reporter and I love it!

Keep dishing the good stuff :)

Dolphins second best receiver is Reggie Bush!

Between Gates and Bess and Hartline and Moore we just need one guy to use his speed!

Mando, does Evans play special teams? Cuz Edwards doesn't and knowing how much help we need on ST, and that Hartline, Bess and Wallace play ST, I'm surprised you wanted him in Miami..


Good question and why is up for a trade and has been for over 72 hours. Another Edwards?? Why do we need him?? Just because!!!
Some of you said we should have gotten Vince Young. He signs as a 2nd string qb in Philly, and he is apparently not in good shape to be #2. Guess we really needed him.
Also late in the 1st quarter Ronnie Brown is running well with 2nd string offense

Senility has always been a state of Mind.


Are you watching Philly?

I got Seahawks and Chargers on ESPN.

What channel are you watching and what area of the country are you in?

NFL Network going in and out of all games... U need DirecTv..


I was joking with you.

Unless you're a fake Oscar?

Are you impersonating Oscar?

Am watching Philly on they're local ABC station. I'm in Dover, DE.
By the way Scott from Delaware where are you in this huge state??

Thanks robby.

I got the NFL channel but no direct TV :(

Luck, Luck, Luck. We will have plenty of ( LUCK ) next year. Can"t wait for LUCK next year. He will be a DOLPHIN next year.



I can't get it. If you could update us on Ronnie it would be awesome.

Now that he's somewhere else, I'm expecting that breakout year we all waited so patiently for.

Lee Evans has been a Dolpins Killer for a while....

He would be a major up grade over Hartline....Bess is a slot...and Sporano may never play Wallace or more.....I'd love to see Evans on this team.....

i'm like dyingbreed. we both know best. everyone who doesn't agree with us doesn't have an opinion worth reading and are silly fools.


Undrafted rookie free agent Richard Murphy just had a 70 yard kickoff return for the Jags against the Pats.

The new kickoff rules aren't bothering him at all.

Odinseye. He was running between the tackles second string and doing well. Looked strong and in shape.
Vince Young looks awful, can't throw to lead a receiver.

Kris. Not an upgrade if 31 teams passed on him for three days

Is anyone planning on teaching Brandon Marshall how to catch ?

i'm like dyingbreed. we both know best. everyone who doesn't agree with us doesn't have an opinion worth reading and are silly fools.


Posted by: odinbrainfart | August 11, 2011 at 08:32 PM


I think I'm starting to have a following here on the blog.

Hey Brain Fart! You wanna be the President of my Fan Club?

Watching Sea vs SD. Is that what's going to happen to us tomorrow? God help us!

You're right about Evans. That's the first thing I thought of, how many times he beat us for the game winning TD. I hate that guy....LOL

Thanks LTC!

Vince Young not looking so good huh?


Yeah, yeah you know who you are. That's all I'm going to say:


tell us about when FIRE was invented...LOL

LOCO, you so loco!


Man, can Rivers throw that deep ball!

Damn ortons looking nice..


Kris. Not an upgrade if 31 teams passed on him for three days

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 11, 2011 at 08:33 PM

How many team past on Braylon Edwards...and for how long.....

I don't think how fast somebody gets snatched up is a reasonable or logical argument.....

Forget about the other 31 teams.....

The question is...what can Evans due for Miami.....while at the ame time weakining a division foe...who...BTW....beats us regularly ONCE A YEAR......

my brain has been marinating in walmart 1.99 white vinegar for 9 years now.


I hate him too....its like Evans took over for Thurman Thomas....making big plays against us at crucial moments.....

Football again-FINALLY!

I don't care if it Pre-Season, I'm diggin it!


Kris at least 31 knew the reason on Edwards and one got sucked in. Now we have 31 and no reason.
You do the math.

That's it. Rivers for 1 series. Can't get any other games.

when henne a 4 year starter completes a pass in practice its YAHOOOOO, but when vince young not looking perfect after one week on a new team it means everyone is wrong about him.


Makes too much sense, they'll never do it.

Good god please give the "Anti-Henne" or "anyone but Henne" a rest. This is really getting old Armando. We get it, you don't like Henne. I hope he makes you eat every last word.


i am open to the idea of Evans....my eyes have seen enough Dolphin killing plays to know he can play football...

is he a fit here....well...thats not for me to decide....but i can't see why he isn;t worth a look...

Up here is Jags and Pats.

Only offensive starter to play so far in the game is Hernandez TE and gostkowski K.

Defense Nomochik LB spelling, and Anderson LB?

Wondering if TS will sit all of our starters and let the young blood give it their all. That way we wont cut any talent. I have a feeling he wont.

But should.

We will stink the field up this year. Why Moore and Oconnel ? WHY ?

If we don't get or at least go after Evans hard he will wind up on the jets or NE guarNteed

Kris what is there to look at?? Don't know his stats and because he had a couple of good games bs us, but against who??
If it makes some feel good to look at let's do it. But it seems that has already been done. The real question is why 31 passed in 72 hours. Injury?? Attitude??? You know if cam Cameron moves you something is going on.
Just sayin


Last thing....not sure why you are stuck on the number 31....but Armando has mentioned 4 teams that have seemed to zero in on him....I suspect he will have a job in a day or two.....

So 31 teams....HAVE NOT PASSED ON HIM...that is a FALSE statement....


my brain has been marinating in walmart 1.99 white vinegar for 9 years now.

Posted by: odinbrainfart | August 11, 2011 at 08:43 PM

Brain Fart if you're going to be President of my Fan Club there's a few things we need to get straight RIGHT NOW!

1. During the Off-Season on week days it's Budweiser and/or Heineken with intermitant Slams of a good "SOLID" Bourban. Week ends, straight up Bourban on the Rocks(except of course on Draft Day(s)on Draft Day it's Jagermeister ONLY). Got It?

2. During the season it's Dark Rum only! Week days as well as week ends. Don't forget of course, sprinkled intermitently with Budweiser's and/or Heineken's. The only exceptions being the playoffs and Super Bowl. It's been so long since I've had to worry about this, we will have plenty of time to work out the details later.

3. When it comes to young unsuspecting victi......I mean, Hotties, we'll handle it on the fly. It's best to start out with their favorites and then forc.......I mean, offer to buy them some Uncle Jack or Wild Turkey!

It works for me!

(White Walmart Vinegar? PLEASE!)

Oldineye. Kafka kafta who ever is the rookie third string replaced young in 2nd and played better than Vince.

i think the solution is staring us right in the face. we should trade henne and jake long for lee evans. then everybody would be happy.

sparano and ireland: make it happen!

Addictive fishing?

Armando, are you bi-polar? You were the one a few weeks ago talking about how we didn't need Edwards, and today asking why we didn't sign him? Now you give us this article, then say he doesn't fit. One question, what is with you?

We had the "Perfect Storm" in 2008 with Pennington playing well, Favre having a sore arm for the Jets and Brady getting hurt. Went 11-5, won AFC East.

Maybe this year we have the Perfect Storm of:
Henne making a big improvement in his 3rd year as a starter, a new OC with the willingness to open up the offense, and some key additions like Bush, Pouncey, and Gates.

Add a desperate HC fighting for his job, and it just might be a good year...

Armando, is , well, Armando.

I've seen Lee Eveans play quite a few times.

I don't know what his career stats are but he's a straight up baller!

He has to be accounted for on every single play. A miscomunication, the tiniest lapse of concentration and he will kill you quick. He's not just a good WR, he's a SMART football player!

I don't know if he fits here in Miami and it probably won't matter, but he does to seem to make everyone around him BETTER!

I'm hungry as Hell. I will make carne con papas(meat with potatoes).


Thats what i'm saying.....

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