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Lee Evans on the trade block? So ...?

Lee Evans is on the trading block in Buffalo, the entire NFL has known for a couple of days.

He's good. Last year was frustrating and injury shortened and disappointing from a production standpoint and he still caught 37 passes for a 578 yards, which is a 15.6 yard per catch average.

He is a classic deep threat sideline receiver.

The Dolphins lack one of those that is proven.

And I seriously doubt when Evans is traded, he will be wearing Miami colors. It doesn't fit. Trades within a division are rare in the NFL. The Dolphins would have to give up something for Evans and they seem too satisfied with their current crop of receivers to make such an offer.

It would require some major boldness by Jeff Ireland to see him as an upgrade at age 30, convince himself he wants Evans, convince Buffalo to give him up to a rival, and somehow negotiate the deal.

I'd like it. But don't see it. Only reason I'm telling you is I've already gotten 12 e-mails and a couple of tweets from Dolphins fans wondering why Miami doesn't make this move.

Arizona has been mentioned as a trade partner. Baltimore, Jacksonville and the New York Giants, too. So, again, it would be a pleasant surprise if he ends up in Miami but that's improbable. I would, instead, consider him not ending up in with New England or the Jets a victory of sorts.

Just sayin'.