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Lee Evans on the trade block? So ...?

Lee Evans is on the trading block in Buffalo, the entire NFL has known for a couple of days.

He's good. Last year was frustrating and injury shortened and disappointing from a production standpoint and he still caught 37 passes for a 578 yards, which is a 15.6 yard per catch average.

He is a classic deep threat sideline receiver.

The Dolphins lack one of those that is proven.

And I seriously doubt when Evans is traded, he will be wearing Miami colors. It doesn't fit. Trades within a division are rare in the NFL. The Dolphins would have to give up something for Evans and they seem too satisfied with their current crop of receivers to make such an offer.

It would require some major boldness by Jeff Ireland to see him as an upgrade at age 30, convince himself he wants Evans, convince Buffalo to give him up to a rival, and somehow negotiate the deal.

I'd like it. But don't see it. Only reason I'm telling you is I've already gotten 12 e-mails and a couple of tweets from Dolphins fans wondering why Miami doesn't make this move.

Arizona has been mentioned as a trade partner. Baltimore, Jacksonville and the New York Giants, too. So, again, it would be a pleasant surprise if he ends up in Miami but that's improbable. I would, instead, consider him not ending up in with New England or the Jets a victory of sorts.

Just sayin'. 



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We are going to surrond Henne with talent?
When? That is the real ? Sign Mckinnie
and get his fatass into shape to play rt tackle!
That is a major upgrade

Bro, when will Jeff Ireland get his head out of his nalgas and go out and get players. Did anyone see Ronnie Brown last night? I'm pulling for that guy, as Ricky.

So we don't anything to improve the offense (which was fickle last year), and we give up argualbly 2 out of our TOP 3 Players?

SICK!! Lets go Eagles! Lets go Ravens.

what a bunch of sheep following a writer who admits he not a fin fan, maybe if u get behind your. team might be all they need.if not move back to new York here u belong

to phinaticcarolina - was at the Eagles game last night and Ronnie looked good. He will add a power running game to the Eagles and looked quick to the line. Hoping he does well, but also that our new RBs take it up a level as well.

BTW - Young looked awful. Slow on reads and if it wasn't for some great catches by his receivers would have had at least one pick. Might take him time to adjust to the new system in Philly, but not that upset we passed on him.

I have followed Lee Evans for years. He was a standout in his college years at Wisconsin. I had hoped the Dolphins would draft him, but they did not. If now he is available, he would be a tremendous addition to this team at a very critical position WR. The man is fast, smart, and has excellent hands. If indeed we need a deep threat, he is the one. Let's go front office, do something now while there is an opportunity!

Pro sports daily reports Evans was traded to the Ravens. End of story. He'll be there and win a Super Bowl with Ricky! Just like most we trade away ( Wes Welker, etc. ).I don't understand why anyone that's a fan of the Fins don't realize that this assanine organization isn't going to do anything intelligent! DAMN, Sparano already said Henne is the starter and that idiot gets intercepted all the time in practice. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! We are doomed. Bet the under on Fin wins this year!

Your statement Just like most we trade away doesn't make any sense. Ricky wasn't traded to Baltimore. And you are comparing the Bills trading someone away to the Ravens and saying that is why this organization doesn't do anything intelligent???? There are so many things wrong with you post that I don't know where to begin.

Seriously though I would like to know if our FO even attempted to contact the Bills in regards to him. The Ravens landed him for a 4th round pick. I would like to hope we contacted Braylon or Steve Breaston to gauge interest. I would also like to think we have contact the 49ers about mays. It seems like we have our tires stuck in the mud and instead of trying something different to get out we instead press on the gas and dig the whole deeper. When are we going to stop putting ultimate blind faith into the unproven and undrafted instead of being willing to give up a 4th - 7th round pick on a proven 4-5 year player in a skill position.

We should have picked him up for a fourth rounder!

I guess Ireland/Sparano dont have to worry about winning this season? They passed on several deep threats for the sake of what? They've, so far, have passed on a very good tackle (Bryant McKinnie) and other very good OL. Ireland/Sparano have already proved they are not talent evaluators. I do like Pouncey,,but over Ryan Mallet? No way no how,,,,This Dulfin squad sucks from the ground up. We have some defense playermakers,,,but it stops there. This season is going to be a nightmare. Henne??

Been frustrated with most of what the Fins have done or HAVEN'T done so far...If Henne doesn't show some major change with the new O.C., then it's time to cut bait. Why we don't go after players and sit around watching the ticker as players get traded I'll never get. The Ireland/Sparano team I hope realizes this season is their swan song-Mallet was an option we should have dove head first for..but no, just watch it go by. I don't mind trading Ricky or Ronnie but get a QB in the house...and Evans just by passed the facility too. Really makes me want to watch football eh?

He's killed us as a Bill...good riddance!!

I was going to say I'd trade for Evans for a 4th rounder and just looked to see the Ravens did just that!

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