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Live blog coverage of Thurs. practice

It's a breezing night in Davie, Fl. and the Dolphins should be streaming onto the field in the coming minutes.

And I will be telling you what I observe and answering your questions (as possible) throughout the expected two hours or so of work.

The hope here is the Dolphins work on the fields closest to the bleachers and press station because I'd like to actually see clearly what I'm telling you is happening.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section and I'll share with you what I see and hear.


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What time does practice start tonight?


3rd lol


im hoping reggie shines tonight and the rest of players that havent been able to play

Would the Dolphins be interested in Taylor Mays? He's being shopped by SF.

I don't know as a certainty how they feel about Taylor Mays today. But I do know when he came out, Miami did not work him out, did not visit with him, just wasn't interested.

That information came from his agent at the time.

tonights the night it all starts to come together lets hope the chemistry is there

People relax! Favre isnt coming here! We gotta deal with henne for another year unless something falls out of the the sky like Pennington did.

How is Pat Devlin doing ?

practice starts 7:15 homies


Mike Florio says your "high placed" Dolphins inside source is "Fergie". What did he mean by that?

Hey Armando, haven't heard anything about Reshad Jones this offseason. What is the general feeling about him?

Florio being funny, dying. That's all.

Any interest in cotchery?

devlin is growing on me too... his pocket presence is what i like most
he'll check all options instead of starring one down

that all changes in the nfl but in college it seemed almost ( i dare say )bradylike

Hearing anything on Dixon or Kitna? Maybe Flynn?

Does Miami have interest in John Kitna?


Also are you feeling optimistic about the upcoming season?

think everyone knew r.jones was garbage. cotchery would be a solid pickup. mason will help the jets alot

Dont think Mays is an NFL player at safety too big needs to add 35 lbs and move to that atheltic nikel mike backer slot. Not what youd want from a top10 first rounder

Whats up with Jimmy Wilson I heard he is a beast so far, what are the chances of Pat Devlin shining and becoming the next Brady

Any chance the fins bring in Snowflake to compete with the robot?

pat devlin there's somthing about that kid really like him if henne doesn't work out well this year

I am really curious as to how the rookie Gates plays...Thanks in advance!

Dying, honestly, the team is better than last year.

But ...

The QB position has not upgraded at all and until that happens or Henne plays like he's never played as a pro over a long stretch of games, you cannot really say they can makeup four games on the Jets or 7 games on the Pats.

Just my opinion.

Any interest in all the free agents out there ? Miami could swap their 80 with 80 free agents and then all the dweebs on here would be happy ! After all, the grass is greener elsewhere.

good thing we didnt try to get donte whitner if he was only a cowboy and 20 years older we would have had him! Im willing to give up the wife and mother for Carson Palmer. Both are hot. please feel free to add to my offer.

Did you actually write "bung tight"??? Funny.

The Dolphins will be in full pads tonight.

Do you think henne will be fine with are much improved line thus making are quaterback issue go away.

Saw Rex on tv he looks like he ate the rubber band they put in his stomach

Armando Salguero what about Devlin or Moore any chance of diamond in the rock

Please explain how the jets improved ?

Thanks Ronnie.

The amazing thing is not that I wrote it. The amazing thing is that it didn't get edited out.




come on peeps

lets get it togethere here

you would waste yoour money on that?

sound like words of desperation

so true, just in our div there is 2 teams miles and miles ahead of us

Does Omar from the sun-sent have any skills to be a sports writer or should he work at the national enquierer ?

hi armando,

it is clear that sparano wants a ball control offense, given the quality of the defense and his emphasis in free agency on rb's and the offensive line. given this, do you think that he believe all he needs at qb is someone who can manage the game effectively?


is reggie bush dress ready go yet

DyingBreed: "Mike Florio says your "high placed" Dolphins inside source is "Fergie". What did he mean by that?"

Florio meant it as a joke, to twist the knife a little bit further on Dolfans who he's been tormenting all week... and likely because he was pissed Armando pee'd on his "get more web hits" parade - by being a responsible journalist - instead of an opportunist, selling web ad's.

From what TS said to what the Media construed is a far stretch.

Is Henne practicing with the chip or without tonight?

take a shot on steve smith also, hes cheap

When Mmiami moves to 5-1 vs Rex the Hutt this year, will the media give Miami it's due ?

Reshad Jones?

Lobo, so far Wilson is looking like he is more than up to the physical rigors of the NFL.

He's big, fast and angry (in a football sense).

Any chance we resign Ricky? I mean tiki barber? really?

Armando Salguero what about Devlin or Moore any chance of diamond in the rock

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/08/live-blog-coverage-of-thurs-practice.html#ixzz1U6Vu35GJ

Gotta Know, I've been saying for some time the Jets have NOT improved this year.

sweet I think Wilson has lot to prove since the whole lock up crap. I'm also thinking Sparano theory is who needs a QB our defense will just cripple everyone elses

Do you see Lex Hilliard getting carries during the year? Has Patrick Cobbs been picked up, loved that guy?

Reshad Jones will compete for the starting job. If he makes more plays than Clemons in the preseason, WATCH OUT!

Thanks twyger!

So we still don't know what the money saved with the Vernon Carey paycut will be used for, right?

I'm interested to hear how the O-Line performs tonight. If the offensive line plays great this year, we can take over games by running the ball. That's our best chance to win considering the QB situation.

Still would like to see Ricky back in the fold though...

Mando, do you think marshall going into the season with a better mindset than he had last year will translate to him getting back to the elite receiver we know he can be?

Let's get behind the team! They are going to need it. It's what been missing since we played in the Orange bowl!!!!

Armando...how about Cotchery? A good upgrade on the cheap...we need another receiver!!!!

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