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Live blog of Dolphins versus Bucs

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Mike Rivera injured.

With that blockbuster out of the way let's discuss today's game between the Bucs and Dolphins.

Let's start with the defensive backs situation. Basically, the situation is down to three names -- Nolan Carroll, Will Allen and Tyrone Culver. And it looks like only two will make the team. Today will go a long way in determining which will stay and which will go.

The way I see it, Allen looks like an odd man out right now. Even if he plays well tonight, his $1.5 million salary and the fact he hasn't really played the last 18 months puts him behind the eight ball. Because of his age and salary, the Dolphins can cut Allen and risk losing him to another team.

Because he doesn't play special teams, the chances of him getting picked up are a lot more slim than, say, either Carroll or Culver. And you can always bring him back for the veteran minimum without having to guarantee the salary for the year and also saving around $500,000 in the process.

Obviously, everything changes if Allen plays out of his mind tonight. But otherwise, he's definitely not favored to make the team.

If Allen plays great, obviously Miami can look at Carroll or even Culver. I think the more likely cut would be Carroll because Culver can play both safety, in the nickel package, and on special teams. Carroll doesn't play safety.

On to other matters:

Running back Larry Johnson is expected to play tonight. He might get between 8-12 carries. I'm curious to see if the veteran still has it. I hope he does. I like a comeback story.

But the real issue at running back is not with Johnson or even starter Reggie Bush. The issue involves rookie Daniel Thomas. I've not been impressed with Thomas so far this preseason. Don't get me wrong, I believe he's been fine. But he hasn't done anything special.

More importantly, he has taken anyone's breath away within the Dolphins coaching ranks. They are asking more of him. They welcomed the addition of Larry Johnson.

The fact is if Thomas is going to respond to a challenge, this is the time. He's on notice he must run harder. He just looked up and the team brought in an accomplished player behind him. Hello?

Time to giddyup, rookie.

Obviously, we're looking for consistency from Chad Henne after a good performance last week against Carolina.

We're looking for signs of consistency from the offensive line.

We'll monitor the final WR spot battle between Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore and the others. Wallace, because of his special teams work, has the advantage.

[Update: Reshad Jones will start ahead Chris Clemons at free safety. Jake Long will not play. Neither will Charles Clay, nor Lex Hilliard, nor Patrick Carter.]

It all gets underway at 7:30. The live blog is in the comments section. See you there.


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Miami has the Dolphins...

Be aware

ltcdolphin = multiple name poster and imposter.

Proven, verified.

Cya I suck

Response by faker @ 5:44 only confirming its true. :)

Cya Male or Female ?

Carroll, Allen or Culver?

That's interesting.

First thing that comes to mind is why is Sapp safe and Allen and Carroll are not?

I know Sapp had a good camp and pre season so far, but I wouldn't put him in the "lock" camp just yet.

On the other hand, Allen is old and hasn't shown ANYTHING in years. Carroll seems to be slumping or maybe he's just a career back up type. Hard to say.

So by saying Allen, Carroll and Culver are the bubble, where does that leave Wilson?

Anyways, If I had to choose between the three, I think I keep Culver.

Anyone else notice that if Bush is producing then Marshall has no choice but to shut up and produce also?

Odin...I left you a response about the pigs on the last page. I'm not smart enough, nor do I know how to cut and paste to this page..LOL

Football talk... Odin. I agree with you about Sapp. He was a liablity for a good part of last year. He did to his credit play better as the season went on. Perhaps it was a case of knowing the system. He has been good so far this preseason.

If the nickel play is improved this season, and this goes without saying. We are going to be a much tighter group. Part of the problems we had against teams that could spread the field was getting off the field on third downs. Especially when the down and distance were in our favor. The plays where the offense converts on third and long are dimoralizing, and almost feel like a turnover. We end up losing a chance for a field goal(HA..HA..) and it keeps the chains moving affecting field position.

Bush won the Heisman, NCAA Nat'l Chmpnship and Super Bowl.
Marshall hasn't won anything that I know of.
He's not even considered to be in the same class as Megatron, Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald.


I don't know about anyone else, but when BUSH produces, I try my best to Reciprocate....

Just saying................

Go dolphins. If they're going to cut anyone it should be Fasano since the only person with worse hands on the team is Sean Smith

.99$ per month for the app now?

Well if backup corner is the only competition then I guess we're set with Fasano at TE.

I always get points on fantasy team with Bush: rushing, receiving and TD's. He always puts up 10 -20 points.

Where can I catch tonights game please, its not on here in CT

In fact cut all our TE's to make room for some waiver pick ups, that position is worthless as it is might as well save roster space and eliminate it and use more 5 wideout packages so we don't have to cut any of our promising receivers (Moore, Wallace, Pruitt)

Go dolphins

You have to take the starters far today both for real time practice and also because next week is look who to cut time.

Allen will be odd man out, they can just resign him later for the minimum.

Tonights game is a contest between men. And when men fight they throw puches and they take them and throw some more.
Henne is going to throw 40 times tonight like it or not. 3tds and 2 picks to go with 350 yards I'll take it every week even if we lose every game.

Carroll is only going into his second year. I would think being younger and having more of an upside than career backup Culver or aging vet Allen would give Carroll a better edge

I'm looking for more than 100 yards from Bush, Marshall and either Hartline, Bess, Gates, Wallace or Moore.
I'm also looking for production from either Thomas or Clay or Hilliard.

Go phins

!, Joey.

The game will be at firstrowsports.eu

I am always happy when i get production from bush


can we run that joke into the ground a bit further?

Thanks Chino, you ARE the man

Me too heirshouse

can we run that joke into the ground a bit further?


Can anyone give me a site where I can watch the game live???

it's been a long time since ive seen bush produce..man i'm lonely

It's not that Daniel Thomas is so slow- it just seems to take him a long time to get into top gear. He's not "explosive".

Clay injured his hamstring about two days ago, missed at least one practice. Not sure of his status.

Your welcome Armando and can you get us an update?

You haven't pissed off Clay yet have you?

can anyone tell me where i can stream the game live tonight?

Maybe Thomas could get some explosion by teaming with bush?

Have any of you seen my women? She's wearing white pumps, white spandex, white halter, red lipstick and gold hoops.
Panty lines too about 50/50.

it's been a long time since ive seen bush produce..man i'm lonely

Posted by: heirshouse | August 27, 2011 at 06:27 PM

NOT ME, I'm ambidextrious!

She know she supposed to be here by 6:30 to empty my pockets before game.
At 6:45 I'm turning off her phone if she not here working.

firstrowsports.eu for all those looking for the dolphins game tonight, go fins

lol..are there any normal people on here?

She's here

Go Fins!! on my way to the local watering hole in st augustine, Fl....hoping henne has a good outing...and bush produces..sorry..i'm out

good test tonight. tampa bay is solid

lol..are there any normal people on here?

Posted by: heirshouse | August 27, 2011 at 06:33 PM

Not ME! I'm ambidextrious!

Because I love my fellow fan, here is a link to stream the game: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/sport/american-football.html

fin66 that site doesn't use internet explorer does it?

Ty so much Pearl and fins66

Any link to watch the game guys???

I wouldn't mind seeing some sets with Gates and Wallace on the outside going deep and Bush staying to block.
You know they'll spy Bush so that opens the whole middle of the field.
We can run that 20 times a game and there's no adjustment they can make because they have to drop the safety.


Do you want my phone number ?

Anyone can provide a link or website to watch tonight's game? Thanks in advance.

Tonights the night guys, Go Dolphins!

why do they have to drop the safety. 20 times a game,lol get real. they have to make the throw first,henne sucks, have to catch the ball. have to protect long enough

Here's the play: Gates and Wallace/Moore on outside. Thomas in slot and Clay at TE. Bush in backfield.
Snap: Outside receivers go deep and take 2 corners and a safety. Clay and Thomas out behind lb's. Bush in to block.
Hit either Thomas or Clay; one catches and one throws a block. That's gotta be 10 - 25 yds everytime, there's no adjustment for it.
Just need 3 seconds to execute it.

I'm getting ready to pour my first Crown Royal! Pregame starts in 5 minutes!

If they rush 7 and 3 go deep that leaves Thomas+Clay against one LB.
If they rush 6 have Bush release and take the dump off and he's got Thomas+Clay blocking 2 LB's.

Now we get to see if Henne has any real talent. Can he be "decent" back to back weeks? Can he do it against a team other than Carolina, who made Andy Dalton look like a star? Can he drop in a deep throw against a starting Defense. I'm skeptical because I'm tired of being jerked around for YEARS of mismanagement, blown decisions, and overall poor judgement. So we'll see. Id love to eat some crow and be wrong for once.

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