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Live blog of Dolphins versus Bucs

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Mike Rivera injured.

With that blockbuster out of the way let's discuss today's game between the Bucs and Dolphins.

Let's start with the defensive backs situation. Basically, the situation is down to three names -- Nolan Carroll, Will Allen and Tyrone Culver. And it looks like only two will make the team. Today will go a long way in determining which will stay and which will go.

The way I see it, Allen looks like an odd man out right now. Even if he plays well tonight, his $1.5 million salary and the fact he hasn't really played the last 18 months puts him behind the eight ball. Because of his age and salary, the Dolphins can cut Allen and risk losing him to another team.

Because he doesn't play special teams, the chances of him getting picked up are a lot more slim than, say, either Carroll or Culver. And you can always bring him back for the veteran minimum without having to guarantee the salary for the year and also saving around $500,000 in the process.

Obviously, everything changes if Allen plays out of his mind tonight. But otherwise, he's definitely not favored to make the team.

If Allen plays great, obviously Miami can look at Carroll or even Culver. I think the more likely cut would be Carroll because Culver can play both safety, in the nickel package, and on special teams. Carroll doesn't play safety.

On to other matters:

Running back Larry Johnson is expected to play tonight. He might get between 8-12 carries. I'm curious to see if the veteran still has it. I hope he does. I like a comeback story.

But the real issue at running back is not with Johnson or even starter Reggie Bush. The issue involves rookie Daniel Thomas. I've not been impressed with Thomas so far this preseason. Don't get me wrong, I believe he's been fine. But he hasn't done anything special.

More importantly, he has taken anyone's breath away within the Dolphins coaching ranks. They are asking more of him. They welcomed the addition of Larry Johnson.

The fact is if Thomas is going to respond to a challenge, this is the time. He's on notice he must run harder. He just looked up and the team brought in an accomplished player behind him. Hello?

Time to giddyup, rookie.

Obviously, we're looking for consistency from Chad Henne after a good performance last week against Carolina.

We're looking for signs of consistency from the offensive line.

We'll monitor the final WR spot battle between Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore and the others. Wallace, because of his special teams work, has the advantage.

[Update: Reshad Jones will start ahead Chris Clemons at free safety. Jake Long will not play. Neither will Charles Clay, nor Lex Hilliard, nor Patrick Carter.]

It all gets underway at 7:30. The live blog is in the comments section. See you there.


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IMA, thx, LOL! MANDO, answer my previous inquiries man, stop ignoring me!!!!


the O-line was a major problem last year too.

With the exception of the slop (all mental errors), they look fast, tough, and generally better than the other team.

are you guys watching the same game? we're beating a decent team's starters.

Oh Dear. I sense another long season. Poor Chad. I'm going to stock up on Chunky Soup and tea for him. Mr. Sparano maybe you can outsource an oline?

LIONS 17 PATS 3!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Trying to watch the game here in NJ any websites streaming it?

Can't make chicken salad out of chicken....

Oregon, I was trying to help those who can't see the game, no harm meant.

Posted by: Dark Matter Bomb

Oh, I know man. I was just poking fun is all.

Hopefully tonights performance can get everybody on board with Henne as starter this year.

Mando, sorry, U R still busy eating, I lost my head buddy!

Got a link to watch online?

can someone please tell me how to find the dolphin game live online because i live in CT.

Henne sucks, too many missed open WR's already

Posted by: cowkilla | August 27, 2011 at 08:56 PM

"Henne is 10 of 12 for 175 yards and 1 TD."


Oh boy lol


here for all who want it

Mando...but play-calling this quarter has been Henning-like.

Again, that pansy Smith tries to strip instead of TACKLE!


Laughing at the Pats won't help our horrible running game!

Ugly game. Tons of penalties.



Henne play great looks like a different QB but the OL is not helping him and of course, it's the OL again it's ridiculous!! And one more thing I notice the secondary can't catch a cold!!

No chance BennyV,

The haters are going to hate. That is just what they know and what they do.


Doesn't work with internet explorer.


Henne haters are straight up stupid.

Those fools asking for a link every week, did it ever occur to you to save the link or write it down? Hullo? Get a clue!.

Miami D looking pathetic during Bucs 2 min offense..

DYING BREED, thx for the Pats updates, I, for one appreciate them.

sorry man.


Wow, that was a very big hole on the goal line for Graham. Yikes!

Sean smith wont tackle for nothing

Henne missed 1 open receiver. Hartline in the corner of endzone on goal line 3rd down sack. He's looked good thus far. 10/12 175 1td

does that link also work for the regular season?

you need to let the game load, and adds will pop up every now and again to try and get you to click there, let them run their course and it will work

Jesus Sean Smith is soft for a guy that size.

That was way too easy

Little to easy

Does anyone have a link please

Did anyone touch Graham?

Bad series for the Defense.

Well blocked screen play. We will see the Dolphins run screen plays this year? I hope so!

Hi Mando !!!

What defense?

Good thing Henne is on tonight. The defense has already punched the clock.

link 1 works in the link i posted....like someone said....let it load and it works.

Jugger...download a real browser...safari, or FireFox

Bell got blown out. No fill by LB's!

Hope we are holding back on d

wow, D, looked good at beginning of the game...really collapsed in final drive. Brady will pick that apart if they don't get settled. For a team that prides itself on the basics, they have looked terrible at tackling tonight.

nate scroll back to see link

D was playing better last year!

Henne playing better QB lately. Now he needs to play better DL, and DB, and RT, and RG.

WTF can smith please make a tackle. Man I guess they are done for the night, because it doesnt seem like they are even trying on D any more.

Reggie Bush shutdown can be attributed to the Bucs familiarity with him, and the terrible O-line. Colombo must go.

Last week this link was flawless. this week it's buffering every 30 seconds, sometimes more. refreshed twice, exited and re-upped. No help.

Mando, great point! Amazing how Henne is the LEAST of Miami's concerns right now...

I mean the game link.

Pats players getting testy now. Brady knocked down again and o-line takes personal foul at end of play.

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