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Live blog of Dolphins versus Bucs

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Mike Rivera injured.

With that blockbuster out of the way let's discuss today's game between the Bucs and Dolphins.

Let's start with the defensive backs situation. Basically, the situation is down to three names -- Nolan Carroll, Will Allen and Tyrone Culver. And it looks like only two will make the team. Today will go a long way in determining which will stay and which will go.

The way I see it, Allen looks like an odd man out right now. Even if he plays well tonight, his $1.5 million salary and the fact he hasn't really played the last 18 months puts him behind the eight ball. Because of his age and salary, the Dolphins can cut Allen and risk losing him to another team.

Because he doesn't play special teams, the chances of him getting picked up are a lot more slim than, say, either Carroll or Culver. And you can always bring him back for the veteran minimum without having to guarantee the salary for the year and also saving around $500,000 in the process.

Obviously, everything changes if Allen plays out of his mind tonight. But otherwise, he's definitely not favored to make the team.

If Allen plays great, obviously Miami can look at Carroll or even Culver. I think the more likely cut would be Carroll because Culver can play both safety, in the nickel package, and on special teams. Carroll doesn't play safety.

On to other matters:

Running back Larry Johnson is expected to play tonight. He might get between 8-12 carries. I'm curious to see if the veteran still has it. I hope he does. I like a comeback story.

But the real issue at running back is not with Johnson or even starter Reggie Bush. The issue involves rookie Daniel Thomas. I've not been impressed with Thomas so far this preseason. Don't get me wrong, I believe he's been fine. But he hasn't done anything special.

More importantly, he has taken anyone's breath away within the Dolphins coaching ranks. They are asking more of him. They welcomed the addition of Larry Johnson.

The fact is if Thomas is going to respond to a challenge, this is the time. He's on notice he must run harder. He just looked up and the team brought in an accomplished player behind him. Hello?

Time to giddyup, rookie.

Obviously, we're looking for consistency from Chad Henne after a good performance last week against Carolina.

We're looking for signs of consistency from the offensive line.

We'll monitor the final WR spot battle between Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore and the others. Wallace, because of his special teams work, has the advantage.

[Update: Reshad Jones will start ahead Chris Clemons at free safety. Jake Long will not play. Neither will Charles Clay, nor Lex Hilliard, nor Patrick Carter.]

It all gets underway at 7:30. The live blog is in the comments section. See you there.


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DyingBreed you killed em.

Henne will shut these people up this year.


Posted by: odinseye | August 27, 2011 at 11:17 PM

Fake Odin AGAIN-LOL.

Come on man, I'm trying to be serious right now-LOL!

To those of you who think otherwise, preseason is important, I've known a few pro coaches in my time, was assigned as a bodyguard at times....so yes, preseason is important because what you do in practice is what you do in reality, that's the way the military, police and fire train. There are no second chances when life or death is involved! But football is a game, and some of the players and fans look at it that way. Not me, if you want the Super Bowl, then you have to look at it as life or death. Those are the teams that will fight in the Super Bowl, the ones that ADAPT, SURVIVE and OVERCOME!!!! I think if the Dolphins develop that attitude, they have a chance!!!

I think we should hold onto Jerry at least one more season. The kid was thrown into the fire far before he was ready. How many 3rd rd olinemen do you know comes in and dominates rightaway? Its a tough task for 1st rd olinemen.

I think Jerry may only be suffering from high expectations and a little low self confidence. The guy's a 3rd rd'er thrown straight into the fire last season. So he maybe suffering a little nfl shell-shock right now.

Just slow it down, let him have another season to develop as a backup. Gotta feeling 2-3yrs down the road he can become yet another nice talent we prematurely let go. The kid just needs to sit another year and develop. That's my opinion and Im sticking with it!

Front Office should be ashamed of offensive line they have put together after 4 years

The third game always has not been good for the sporano/morano regime! Why do they keep on running in the middle!

O D I N !!!!!


Im shakling my boots! Internet keyboard bully strikes again. This is my last post to lamed-out wacked a*ss. Should I call my mommy, or should I call yours? "Mrs fins72 will you please come get your kid"! LOL....

Point taken redsky, but i wouldnt quite compare football training to Police,Military, or firefighting type of training....thats more life and death type situations...these guys are more gloriously overpaid to go out and play a game in all fairness for the fun of it...and $$$ too...just sayin

LV is the most unbiased arena.

They say 7.5 over under.

That equals bye bye Tony pie.

New regime, new rebuild, another 3 years...oh well.

On the screen pass that Bush dropped, Daboll nailed it. For game time situations and down and distance, Daboll made an excellent call.

I don't wantto kee beating a Dead Man Walking, but HenningS NEVER makes that call. If Bush had held on, it was a big gainer.

Also, on Blounts big gainer, Edds totally blew the coverage. He got caught up with the Guard(I think). I think he was being a little too over aggressive. Anyways, he go tangled up and blew the coverage big time.

Rookie mistake, you live and learn.

My old lady's old lady just said goodnight.

O D I N !!!!!

Posted by: PriceMaster | August 27, 2011 at 11:29 PM

W H A T ????

Can we please finally let go of the Henning comments?

He is gone. Its old, really old. Move on already.

Did anyone notice the two brawls we got into tonight?

Coach Cox is already rubbing off on the team!

AwwwwwwwRiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Seeems the Henne haters have made a quick departure. Just goes to show that at times even dumba*sses mistakenly show some smartness!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

the bright spot of the game is that chad henne played well for the 2nd straight week and if you didn't see the game you need to watch it to see just how well he played. throws were on the money and his patience in the pocket under pressure was something that you didn't see in the past two seasons. he hung in there, moved around when he needed to buy time, and made plays. very nice job on his part. the defense, however, was shredded several times by the run and the pass. what was really disheartening was the yac the bucs were getting with several miami players getting their ankles broken.
i can't say there was no pass rush tonight because the defense put pressure on the qb's forcing them to throw it away but, that's just it. they were able to throw the ball away and not lose any yards.
once again, the goal line offense was stymied and they were forced to kick a fg. disgusting to see. if they don't solve that problem it will, most likely, be a huge issue for this team in the scoring column.
o-line was terrible with protection. henne was sacked twice and under pressure the entire time he was in there. that, however, is what made his performance so impressive. but, back to the line. unable to block for the run. didn't open any lanes for bush or thomas. reminded me of last year. the only thing you can say is tampa may have a very good defense. if that is the case then the first team offense didn't do all that bad.
once again, the offense committed too many penalties and the turnover by marshall really hurt them. take away the penalties and the turnover and they probably win 20 or 23 to 10.
however, you can't do that so you have to take it for what it's worth. overall, the team (except for henne) looked confused. they looked like they weren't prepared for the bucs because they weren't very effective on either side of the ball. props goes to marlon moore who was the one bright spot, besides henne. moore made two really nice grabs that are worth watching.

dead henning will always have a place in my heart.....which is probably where the Coronary Heart Disease came from...just sayin


I dont think many are left here right now. The flock of Henne haters only hang out when they percieve Henne's doning bad. Its waht they live for! LOL...

Can we please finally let go of the Henning comments?

He is gone. Its old, really old. Move on already.

Posted by: crusty | August 27, 2011 at 11:34 PM

OK, I'm guilty, I'll admit it. I'll stop. I PROMISE!

PS: Hennings sucks and SUCKED, Daboll is putting him to shame and it's only pre season.

HenningS Sucked! HeningS Sucked! HenningS Sucked! HenningS Sucked!


Seeems the Henne haters have made a quick departure. Just goes to show that at times even dumba*sses mistakenly show some smartness!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 27, 2011 at 11:39 PM


I don't want to get into anything here, so just let me say:


PS: Where are all those guys clamoring for Orton, Vince Young and Matt Moore?


On a brighter note its great to have these goal line situations. during preseason. It allows us to know what specifically needs to be worked on.

Beating a dead horse, Long didnt play, we have a rookie center, Carey's playing a position he hasnt played since college, Columbo's a huge question mark, and Incognito is the only olineman playing his 2010 position. These are issues that will greatly get exposed against the better olines.

Long will be back, Columbo could possibly be replaced at RT by Murtha, then there's still the matter of cohesion that needs to be developed. So I do expect up and down play by the oline at least the 1st 5 gms. Then cohesion will began to take over.

chad henne: 10 of 13, 175 yds, 1 td, 0 int's.
comp. 77%

"exposed against the better d-line"

dead henning will always have a place in my heart.....which is probably where the Coronary Heart Disease came from...just sayin

Posted by: superPHIN | August 27, 2011 at 11:40 PM



Whats with Marshall and a good play and a bad play...last week he fumbled too..And had that bad route on fourth down and had a blocking in the back penalty on Reggie Bush's run?

Ndamukong Suh is looking scary. He really should have won the Heismann.

i agree with your comments on the o-line and i'm not saying that i think it will revert to it's 2010 form. i was just hoping to see a little more consistency this week instead of seeing them slide backwards. it could be a good learning situation for them because they, most likely, weren't tested against carolina. no doubt, tampa has a much better defense and has more speed on defense.
i'll wait and see what happens in the dallas game. if they come back with a good performance they may be getting on the right track. i don't know. it's difficult to tell which unit is going to show up.

The Bucs have a talented front 7. So no Long, Carey playing a pre-NFL position, rookie center, question mark Columbo, and Incognito the lone 2010 holdover playing his original position. If that group dominated the Bucs talented front 7 tonite it wouldnt say much for them as one of the more talented front 7's in the league.

The Bucs talented front 7 was supposed to dominate that unit we had out there. We had almost rag-tag against one of the better starting front 7's in the entire league.

superPhin, I understand where you're coming from, but if you want to separate the men from the boys, it's life or death! Dam, I need to approach the Dolphins and become a motivational speaker!

So DyingBreed thinks that with more than half the oline new, they are just going to magically get it together instantly once the season starts. He is fooling himself. They won't gel until game 11 right about when Tony is resigning.

Bush could not run.
Thomas could not run.

And those are our starters.

Magic is only in fairy tales.

Tonight only shows that our oline that we put on the field tonight. Is not quite ready to play against the better front 7's in this league.

But once Long comes back and Columbo miracuously plays better or is replaced. Then continuity will begin to take place. I especially expect to see up and down performance within the first 4 games becuase you just cant rush continuity. But if we can get consistent passing from Henne we should be able to mount a 2-2 record the first 4 games.

It just may take game 5 forward before we began to consistently run the ball. But once it starts I dont expect to see us look back.

Odin, re: the brawls, lol, definitely Brian Cox-esque!!!! I thought they were great!!!! AwwwrightMiami!!!!!

Mallet was 9 of 14 for 65 yards. No TD's, no int's. He was playing against the LIONS third and fourth stringers.

Food for thought.

Chirp, chirp, chirp..........................

Mallet has been a pro how long? 4 weeks? Be real. How would Mr. Henne have done in week 4 of his rookie year?

Chirp chirp.

PRESEASON GUYS IS JUST PRESEASON! Is the season for the NFL owners to make money, is only preseason yet we have to paid full price for this B@##$$%%, but they came back for the fans only to please the fans are you F@#$$%^&*)&^#$ them why NFL Sunday Ticket when up from 250 to 325 what the F@##$$@@$%^$%^#

DyingB, we Gotta DUMP Colombo! He is the weak link in that line, we have to plug that leak!!!! If and when Long comes back, maybe Murtha can move in, and stop getting penalties! Or, maybe cut Colombo and Sean Smith and pick up O'Hara, I don't know....Colombo is like a screen door on a submarine!!!!

Confidence is good ... now back it up, please

OK, anything else?

3 guys on the oline tonight that werent starters for us in 2010, one at a position he hasnt played since college.

How can anyone in thier right minds expect they would win the battle against one of the better front 7's in the entire nfl. That's dreaming. Even when Long gets back and things settle a little I see 4 games of developing enough cohesion to battle to stalemate against top fornt 7's.

After this expect to see the oline win more of these matches against top front 7's than they lose. For me the most important stat tonight was Henne and the other qb's had zero picks. With 4 sacks given up it wasnt because they werent harrassed! LOL...

I wonder how Mallet or Brady would look playing behind the Fins o-line..Brady who barely gets touched!


Do you worship DyingBreed?


I like that, "screen door on a submarine"! I'll have to use that one sometime bud! LOL...


Just a few purely negative idiots here think anyone that says anything positive is either crazy or a dyingbreed worshipper.

At least knowing they're here we know they're not out molesting the old ladies. But it doesnt mean they couldnt show up on Dateline's "To Catch a Preditor"! LOL...

Mallet has been a pro how long? 4 weeks? Be real. How would Mr. Henne have done in week 4 of his rookie year?

Chirp chirp.

Posted by: Birdie | August 28, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Against the Lions 3rd and 4th stringers? Alot better than Mallet did, i guarantee you that.

Goble Goble!

Bucs 17 Fins 13. Losing isnt always losing when helps to make one better prepared to win!

On that note: I'm out! LOL...

Mallet didn't do to bad. He completed 9 against guys that won't make it in the CFL.

Actually they wouldn't make it in the LFL either.

Cocka Doodle Doooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Sparano's press conference

It's fixable.
Thats fixable.
We'll fix it.

Ok, well WHEN?


Read the last couple of pages on the blog. DB loves your attention and adulation...only until you disagree with him and he becomes nasty and disrespectful.

Keep sucking up to him and he will be very nice to you.

I suck up to no one on this blog, ask DB, he'll tell you himself, so will anyone on the blog! It is what it is! I do try to amelirioate

Heck! Ask anyone! You must be new to the blog!

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