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Live blog of Dolphins versus Bucs

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Mike Rivera injured.

With that blockbuster out of the way let's discuss today's game between the Bucs and Dolphins.

Let's start with the defensive backs situation. Basically, the situation is down to three names -- Nolan Carroll, Will Allen and Tyrone Culver. And it looks like only two will make the team. Today will go a long way in determining which will stay and which will go.

The way I see it, Allen looks like an odd man out right now. Even if he plays well tonight, his $1.5 million salary and the fact he hasn't really played the last 18 months puts him behind the eight ball. Because of his age and salary, the Dolphins can cut Allen and risk losing him to another team.

Because he doesn't play special teams, the chances of him getting picked up are a lot more slim than, say, either Carroll or Culver. And you can always bring him back for the veteran minimum without having to guarantee the salary for the year and also saving around $500,000 in the process.

Obviously, everything changes if Allen plays out of his mind tonight. But otherwise, he's definitely not favored to make the team.

If Allen plays great, obviously Miami can look at Carroll or even Culver. I think the more likely cut would be Carroll because Culver can play both safety, in the nickel package, and on special teams. Carroll doesn't play safety.

On to other matters:

Running back Larry Johnson is expected to play tonight. He might get between 8-12 carries. I'm curious to see if the veteran still has it. I hope he does. I like a comeback story.

But the real issue at running back is not with Johnson or even starter Reggie Bush. The issue involves rookie Daniel Thomas. I've not been impressed with Thomas so far this preseason. Don't get me wrong, I believe he's been fine. But he hasn't done anything special.

More importantly, he has taken anyone's breath away within the Dolphins coaching ranks. They are asking more of him. They welcomed the addition of Larry Johnson.

The fact is if Thomas is going to respond to a challenge, this is the time. He's on notice he must run harder. He just looked up and the team brought in an accomplished player behind him. Hello?

Time to giddyup, rookie.

Obviously, we're looking for consistency from Chad Henne after a good performance last week against Carolina.

We're looking for signs of consistency from the offensive line.

We'll monitor the final WR spot battle between Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore and the others. Wallace, because of his special teams work, has the advantage.

[Update: Reshad Jones will start ahead Chris Clemons at free safety. Jake Long will not play. Neither will Charles Clay, nor Lex Hilliard, nor Patrick Carter.]

It all gets underway at 7:30. The live blog is in the comments section. See you there.


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anyone know where i can get the game for free i live in st louis and all i get is the lambs

So dusty you're saying that if your coaching TB's backfield you'll just go one on one all game on the outside?



Henne will throw 8 touchdown passes tonight, breaking the record last matched in 1969!

Got to warn you guys tonight, the internet connection in thg Bucs pressbox is terrible.

Food great.

Internet terrible.

You guys are looking for this and for that. Remember that Atlanta shut the starters off. Tampa Bay is just one step behind Atlanta. And their quaterback is much better than ours. I hope i'm wrong but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

ahhh u silly sob price master if only it was that easy

Rob M,
I agree. We get to see if Henne has any real talent.
Before Henne got here we featured Ernest Wilford, Ted Ginn, Ricky, Ronnie, 1-15, Noodle Arm, Dan Henning, the BACKDOOR wildcat play, Chad Pennington, Nick Saban, Cleo Lemon, John Beck.
Henne came in and f u c k e d it all up for all of us.
Good thing he's in the last year of a contract that pays him less than $1mil/season.
Everything will be better when Matt Moore is QB next season.

Chad Henne number one question according to Bokamper and company.

As long as there's food, Mando is happy!

Jones will start? Bout time!

Armando how bad is Clay's injury? Any news at all?

I need the link to the game. Somebody help bruh out.

Armando, how's the weather?

Why not dusty?
It's 11 on 11.

no not all game u silly sob. but sometimes yes. not like our wrs are hall of famers

Don't give up th link, homeland security already shut them down once. Their looking for the new name.

They will also prosecute you later.

It's a trick, don't do it, I repeat, don't do it!

AwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!

PS: Armando, how come you never talk to me?

I guess it was the beatings; made me wish.

Hey Mando,
Tyler Thigpen and Matt Moore both got contracts that pay them more than Henne.
Is that newsworthy?

Armando how bad is Clay's hamstring injury?

Help a faithful out....


Marty Woods are you the FBI?

Aha, so you deny it?

Can I have your e-mail adress, your regular adress, yor real name and your mothers maiden name?

Ha ha, just joking.

We already have all that!

lets go PHINS
open this thing up , want to see highlites on


Weather report and update on the seriousness of Clays injury, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

I Wanted to see some of the H-Back stuff tonight.

the Dolphins are hopeful clay will be ready for the opener, odinseye.

sorry price . just isnt that easy. nor do we have the players or coaches to make it look easy like the pats do



Thanks Bro!

Anyone know where to watch it online?


Now that I know you can hear me, ALL those things I said about you last week?

Yeah, I was just joking, heh, heh(AHEM) ;P

Weather is cloudy and hot. It's August in Florida.

Wish list...consistency from Henne, and the rest of the team taking it up a notch from last week. I want the oline rock solid, that means Columbo being good in the pass rush, I'd like to see Murtha play with the starters. I want to see our corners back up their talk and get a couple of INTs. Same for our safeties, a punt or KO return for a TD. And I want our D to kill 'em!!! Will Allen in particular!

yes aj, in a downtown produce room with joey and tony ravioli

Odinseye, you are not the first to rip me on this blog and you won't be the last.

My wife still loves me, my dog still wags its tail when I get home, and I'm still going to heaven when I'm done.

I'm good.

Good pre season weather, let's get some WORK DONE!

PS: Good thing them Harrpy Rays aren't screwing up tonights game.

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!

AJMagg go back to Marty Woods post a few minutes ago

id rather u play redsky than columbo

The Pats are worried about themselves. When was the last time they won anything? That's why they brought in Ochocinco. To shake things up.
See Chicago Bulls bringing in Rodman.
It's a management thing.
Same could be said for bringing in Bush.
It's not his football ability. It's to make Marshall less talkative and more productive.

Well, you're not going to heaven Mandy, but, you're still alright...Odin is just bitter

Dusty thanks, I think!

Time to see if there has really been improvement.

I'm not going to heaven?

Orlando sucks, they want to show the jags game instead of the bucs vs dolphins on cbs. Looks like I will have to watch it online

Henne: 350 yards 3TDs 2 Ints and no f u c k i n g crying from the press box.
Go Phins!

Lydon Murtha, who had three penalties last week, will start at LT as Long continues to sit out.


Bush was brought in to put butts in the seats. Has nothing to do with Marshall. I agree with whoever it was that noticed earlier that Bush's production last week seemed to inspire Marshall. Bush was electric and exciting last week. Just hope we can keep him healthy.

No, because that's fiction, but, let's not detract ;)

Very good pre-Game analysis from the CBS announcers, even Bob Baumhower.

Mando, if you locked your wife and dog in the trunk of your car, who would be the only one happy to see you when you let them out? Lol.

Dolphins heaven--

marino fakes handoff to czonka, hits duper on the post, again. Is belichick crying actual tears?

Well, you're not going to heaven Mandy, but, you're still alright...Odin is just bitter

Posted by: Marc | August 27, 2011 at 07:25 PM

That was rude and uncalled for. This is a sports blog and you're going to condemn someones religious beliefs.

And you say I'm bitter? Ok Buddy............

.02. How many super owl rings do you have

There is no God.

Armando, put the food down during the anthem, and don't get grease on the laptop!

God, yes, there is a God, you just posted! lol

Well, if there is a GOD, I hope he's a Phin Fan!

Let's GO MIAMI!!!!

Thomas Jones changed teams when he went to the Jets and had a good year. Csonka when he went to WFL and to Giants and back to us for one year was good for us fwiw.

Dolphins kicking to Bucs. We'll see about Miami's D right away.

anywhere to watch this while i sit through a hurricane / tropical storm?

I want to see consistency out of Henne and especially smart reads long ball accuracy!! I think the OL may not be as good as last week, remember TB defense is better than carolina I think it's good test for OL and defense!!

Edmund Gates is not a returner, we should find another special team player.

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