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Live blog of Falcons vs. Dolphins here

ATLANTA -- The news first: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush and outside linebacker Jason Taylor are dressing tonight but are not expected to play for the Dolphins versus the Falcons.

Will Allen, Jake Long, and Garrett Chisolm, who have been injured much of camp, will not dress at all.

Daniel Thomas will start at running back while Davone Bess will start receiver. Obviously, the starting OLBs are Cameron Wake and Koa Misi.

There will be a live blog in the comments section starting at kickoff. See me there.


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Let's see

Here we go!

If Marshal's out I hope that means Gates is in.

We know what Hartline offers.


i wanna see Kory Sheets Darlington has been all over this kid. What do you think Mando?

any way to watch the game in texas?

preseason live on nfl.com its 20.00$

Howdy fellow phin fans


The NFL channel is broadcasting the game 1pm tomorrow


Google firstrow and maneuver from there

Howdy fellow phin fans

Posted by: SoiledBottom | August 12, 2011 at 07:21 PM

Look what the DAWG just dragged in!

nfl.com preseason live

Facts perhpas interesting only to me: The Falcons offensive coordinator is Mike Mularkey, the assistant Miami fans hated as their offensive coordinator under Nick Saban.

Hey Hey Odineye :)

Mando, how about ATL's first team D. Will Henne be seeing alot of thier starters?

Thought firstrow got siezed by the DHS...What they are doing in this business I have no idea. I suppose streaming live sports is a threat to Americans?!

Keith Armstrong is Atlanta's special teams coach same as he was in Miami under Dave Wannstedt. And Atlanta's receivers coach is Terry Robiske, same as he was under Saban.

Armando you can drink beer today, eh....

Mando Matt Ryan Tony G and Roddy White help make him look better.

Who is starting on the o-line tonight?

I can drink after the game, Tony but not right now. Not a huge beer guy anyway.

Marc! What's up bud?

any links?


DEER Mr. Salguero


Soiled :)

From the last blog somebody post:

I can't try that link at this moment, try it if you want and tell us whow it works,

thank for the original poster.

DE Ray Edwards is the only Atlanta defensive starter not expected to play.

I hope they play well

Good luck Fins!

Good lead in Armando, A+ so far.

PS: How come you always say hi to Marc and not me?

DT Vance Walker is alo not playing for Atlanta but he is not a starter.

Miami has the Dolphins...

I just got a connection with firstrow

What's up Mandy?! How was the vacation? Good article on the O-Line...What about that Mallet guy the other night? Kinda makes you scratch your head no? We could have re-signed Brown and moved up to grab Mallet...

adrian solorza

Site works ...I'm using it now

Ryan Mallett crossing names off his list already

Guard Mike Johnson and TE Marquez Branson also not playing for ATL tonight.

What is a good website to watch the games on????


LOL...Don't be a hater Odin...BTW, been a while...How are you?

thnx for the link cant wait for sunday ticket to kick in

Whats up mando

Luckily the game's on here in Orlando

Mallet? Well, let's just see what we see before we call him a star. Was he good against second and third string players? Absolutely. He was very good.

But it was one outing, not blitzing done by Jax, and it was second and third string guys.

I have to repeat that to myself to keep from going crazy.

Markie Marc,

Get off Mallet, you sound like you want to see him in a dress, wink, wink.

LOL, just messing with you Marc, doing well, I hope you are too.

It's crazy how the NFL recycles coaches.

Dam lost the coin toss....its over before it began

here we go. Carpenter to the end zone and out or it's a failure!

Like to see how the young bucks play tonight.

Goooooo fins

I understand that Mallet wasn't playing first-stringers and all, but, there's no denying he looked pretty good. Just baffles me...I'd let him play in a dress if that got him to MIA!

mike Ssmith, HC atlanta can speak English. complete, succinct sentences. very impressive.

Enjoy watching Matt Ryan. Aren't you glad you have that franchise LT to protect all your bad qbs?

Kickoff to the 3 yard line is terrible. Carpenter has to do better than that!

Get er done!

vontae was burnt!

Vontae Davis = SWAG.

Tried BD twice...Denyed!

Defence is holding up!

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