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Live blog of Falcons vs. Dolphins here

ATLANTA -- The news first: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush and outside linebacker Jason Taylor are dressing tonight but are not expected to play for the Dolphins versus the Falcons.

Will Allen, Jake Long, and Garrett Chisolm, who have been injured much of camp, will not dress at all.

Daniel Thomas will start at running back while Davone Bess will start receiver. Obviously, the starting OLBs are Cameron Wake and Koa Misi.

There will be a live blog in the comments section starting at kickoff. See me there.


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Im watching...oline looks bad...no push

Are we calling the right D plays?

It hit fasano in the numbers. granted he did not lead him but that ball should have been caught. lets not make up our minds on the pass before henne throws it.


plenty of qb's that came into the league 2008 and after played well above henne in their first season. one is on the other side of the field.

TE is a big need and we didn't adress it....it time to fire people for their conservative managing

I like Henne making adjustments and what I have seen of the plays spreading the field more

Nolan Carroll lost Julio Jones. Honestly, I like the kid but I've seen that a lot in practice so far this camp.

I guess Fasano has to throw the ball too because Henne damn sure can't!!

why did bess fall down? afraid to get hit?

We suck! This team is in serious trouble! We could've had Matt Ryan!!!!!

Say what you want P u s sies, Gonzales would have made that catch. As would Keller, the pats te's the bills te, even the lions te's.

Buncha panty wastes!

Not much dline ptessure

Classic dolphins' offensive script (and it is offensive):
return kickoff for <20 yards
1st down - dump pass for 3-6 yards
2nd down - run up middle for no gain
3rd down - desperation deep pass with no chance
4th down - punt; pray not returned for TD

atlanta is a serious contender with jones.

we are headed for 3rd in the division.

Andrew luck hope u enjoy so fla

Put Reshad Jones in the game for chris clemons please

D looking ......not so good

Henne's confidence is waning by the minute.

Julio Jones looking fantasy football worthy.

Atlanta starting to make d look silly

Is the back-up D in already? Serious question.


body language same as last year...very little confidence so far.

some fool yesterday suggested gates would be rookie of the year over julio jones. ok.. and henne is johnny unitas.

odinseye is licking ballz to go with his rum! even that puke Sanchez would have made that throw!!

where can i watch the game live online?

So much for Eddds being a cover LB?

Joke franchise. Total Effing Joke franchise!

Dolphins have mostly reserves in the game now -- except for Clemons and Ryan is shredding them.

Yeah we could have drafted Ryan. And then watch him hold Penny's clipboard. Pull Ryan 80 plays a season for the backdoor wildcat and see what happens to his production.

where can i watch the game live online?

half of you were ready to proclaim our D top 3 before the season even started. they look like bottom half right now. first teamers.

Damn, this feels like the last few years....

Had a feeling the O would suck but what's up withe D?

Seems like we have some 2nd stringers in now...cjeck that about half

what happen to us aquiring O'Hara?

Even though it's pre-season, you can already notice the difference between good teams and bad teams. Now we see how much difference a good QB can make. We draft Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan for what? So Chad Henne has more time to throw picks or more time for our receivers to run the wrong routes and drop balls?

Odrick made a play

Ryan did a pretty goog job against the starters, too, Armando.

where can i watch the game live online?

dang whats that stench coming from my screen?

Speed kills. See Julio Jones. Its a pass, pass, pass, and pass again league.

Between 2 defenders, LOL...Think Henne could EVER make that pass?

defense looks horrible

That early INT took the wind out of the whole team! It's time to bench Henne ONLY for the reason that the team as a whole has NO confidence in him!

Ryan 6-6 WTF!!!!!

Henne throws and INT on first pass looks like last year great job JEFF



OOOdrick made a play..


Anyone who thinks Matt Ryan would be the same player he is now if we was drafted by the Dolphins is foolish.

@diz...we have mostly second string in now

Wow it was over at coin toss... :-(

Thank goodness we picked Long......so he could protect that piece of dreck Henne while Ryan rips up the league

Well then. See ya Tony

Ladies and gents, Nate Ness gets used on the inside, Culver from behind. Touchdown Harry Douglas.

last 6 passes...6-6


That's a QB

Hard to cover JJ 1 on 1.

the network is ready to switch to reruns of gilligans island.

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