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Live blog of Falcons vs. Dolphins here

ATLANTA -- The news first: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush and outside linebacker Jason Taylor are dressing tonight but are not expected to play for the Dolphins versus the Falcons.

Will Allen, Jake Long, and Garrett Chisolm, who have been injured much of camp, will not dress at all.

Daniel Thomas will start at running back while Davone Bess will start receiver. Obviously, the starting OLBs are Cameron Wake and Koa Misi.

There will be a live blog in the comments section starting at kickoff. See me there.


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uncle already!

Did Ordick brake his leg making that tackle.....

Maybe we're sandbagging?

atlanta looks like the real deal

Glad Henne has some QB competition...

Jeff Ireland should be fired right now. Way to conservative in FA. No upgrade at QB, had plenty of TE's from and added nothing, did nothing to upgrade the safety position. The guy is ultra conservative just like Parcells was. Sparano isn't the problem, it's the clown in the front office.

So much for watching the replay tomorrow...

trust me im watching the game as we speak henne is the same old henne his stats are 1/3, 1 int, and one overthrow sound familiar!!! lol when will people accept that he just sucks??? the saga continues!!

Sure glad we drafted Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan!

Our injury-plagued tackle is gettin' it done tonight. Oh, wait...he's on the PUP list>

Henne looks like hs' coming out for another series with the first team O.


Please post 6 consecutive pages of post on why this is a good thing.....i want to feel more positive.....

The over throw was Hartline stopping on his route

Wow!...same ole Henne

man Henne sure looks great tonight.I'm so glad we saved our money on Orton so we can suck all season. WTF was the front office thinking. We suck all year. We keep coach and quarterback. You have it or you don't!

NO!? We don't want Henne to get injured?! Do we?

Chicken little is here to roost for a while. Predictably.

Its onle pre-season gents.....and the first game at that........

2nd string will get-em

I know that there's no gameplan for the first game but we really suck

at least gates has some balls to go with his speed....unlike the sissy boy ginn.

Also, Dick Stockton is terrible. Guy screws up everyones names and talks over Griese and Moore.

LOL! ok. lets pretend this drive will be the standard for the season. Here we go offense. Also can I interview for coach next year?

Falcons with second team DL and LBs but first team secondary on the field.

Please, give a crease to ClygeG.


Henne should keep playing until we SCORE.....or at least convert a 3rd down.....


Well said. It's a wonder most of the people even bother to watch/listen/follow.

this game should mean something...it obviously does for atlanta. they seem jacked.

first INT wasnt on Henne but that was!

Fasano: You better throw it perfect next time bu-oy. If I have to actually reach for it.

I guess the old standard if it hits you right in the hands doesn't apply for the challenged sports fan.

Or Fasano either.

0-16 here we come

anybody has a link that doesn't have the annoying falcon broadcasters?

Mando, when will we see Mmmmmm Matt Mmmmmmmmmmoore?

henne pick

here we go again

Andrew luck please

Its easy to blame henne cuz he is qb...many pieces that need to be clicking together...without proper coaching...cough...teams will suck

Henne picked again

That was just a bad throw

I can't defend that one.

Henne is without a doubt the biggest turd of a qb

this is buttercup,jimmy johnsons little dog.goodbye cruel world.


game online http://www3.livetv.ru/

terrible throw

listen stop with the it was behind fasano crap lol he was just picked again he threw right to the guy so just stop it hes horrible lol lol lol lol lol

Matt Ryan is done for the nite. His passer rating?


Lol...check that henne throws pick...damn!!!

Good job not getting Orton Jeff. Start packing your office you ignorant putz.

Horrible horrible pass

Where's DyingBreed and Odinpoop to defend Henne on his second INT?

2 INTs in 4 passes, 50% INT percentage. defend that please.

We have talent but no leadership!


I've had enough of this bs. Other team's 3rd stringers look better at QB. It's going to be a long year

I'm all out of clever things to say...It's just...SAD

He should of caught that!


He did..

To bad he was not on our team.

Carson Palmer....come on

Dear Fans,
Don't give up! Just cause Henne has thrown two INTs, there is no reason to panic. We still feel Henne will be an All-Pro this season and have a HOF career. Buy your Dolphins tickets now so you can experience the excitement of Henne football this season!

Fins Up!

I hope sparano is renting



It's going to be a long season, nothing to get excited about here!

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