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Live blog of Falcons vs. Dolphins here

ATLANTA -- The news first: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush and outside linebacker Jason Taylor are dressing tonight but are not expected to play for the Dolphins versus the Falcons.

Will Allen, Jake Long, and Garrett Chisolm, who have been injured much of camp, will not dress at all.

Daniel Thomas will start at running back while Davone Bess will start receiver. Obviously, the starting OLBs are Cameron Wake and Koa Misi.

There will be a live blog in the comments section starting at kickoff. See me there.


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Miami secondary looks horrible!!!!

LMAO JP Wilson looks better


Come on Bobby take Henne in your mouth. He's awesome!!!!

I think we'll be lucky to go 4-12. I can't think of who in the NFL is realistically going to be worse. It doesn't matter how good our defense it, they are going to be tired att he end of every game wand worn out by week 9.

I'm not even sure miami will ever be favored in a game this year, I expect week 2 against Houston to be a pick at best.

And yes I'm a Dolphin's fan, have been my whole life, but I am having a very difficult time finding things to be optimistic about anymore. Big changes need to come and I don't see that happening til after the season is over.

RoboHenne starin guys down again. I know this is preseason but he's no better.

Henne's passer rating so far


Anthony Gonzalez? Seriously broadcaster. That's the what, third time?

Pull him, 4 passes, 5 yards two touchdowns, thats just not good enough, unfortuately the d aint been much better

Wow Nolan Carroll is getting ate alive right now

Wow Henne is a Star! What a talent

whats Henne's passer...I mean interception rating

Man he just sucks

no mor chit about giving henne a chance. dude suxs

If the bifecta doesn't wake up after watching this outing, they will be looking for new jobs at the end of the season. Time to up the ante for Orton.

Henne needs coaching...you think brady would be what he is without belicheat? Never

Ring ring hello... brett this is jeff ireland please come play qb for us...... click.....hello brett....hello

Get tebow lol

Where's DyingBreed and Odinpoop to defend Henne on his second INT?

2 INTs in 4 passes, 50% INT percentage. defend that please.

Offer the Bengals a 1st and a 4th for Carson Palmer...right now.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Henne should move to Atlanta and get a job at a Dunkin Donuts. He shouldn't get on the plane back to South Florida.

Time to start the fire Sporano and Ireland website...lol On the bright side we'll have a high pick in the draft this year for maybe a little LUCK!

henne needs a new career

Is it possible to boycott the season unless we get a QB? Can we start organizing that?

I don't know why we have more than 1 WR....Henne will throw it to Bess no matter what

maybe we should ask Atlanta to place is D playing without safeties to make Henne look average.

wow...what now? FO false hope turns out to be just that. now we know why the fans were booing at practice...this is sad.

What point do we stop blaming and start putting on the men who let him play?

Ireland you suck!!!!!!!


Hear that sucking sound, Ross?

That's all the possible season ticket holders running from the ticket window...

Dump Chad... he sucks.


i am so sick of this team , the coaches, the players, all of it. they are a joke. Henne is an loser. any body who sees a posative in this game is an idiot, unless you are a falcons fan.

Why the f does Henne stare down his receivers! Its like he says im going to 82 no matter what! Scan the damn field!!!!

Everybody that was apart of the cowboys organization needs to be fired. We wasn't sucking this bad until they started showing up. Even the 1-15 year they was at least competitive in every game

Henne is going to get everyone fired, smh

Henne is amazingly bad. Wha slip away from his hands?

Their necks are trhough!

Poor Henne, good man, bad player.

Looooong 365 days until next year.

Coaches make players better than they are. You henne haters should be chearing for a new HC

I guess this will get us to look for more cowboy rejects

Hey were obviously playing for Andrew Luck. 1-15 were getting our man next season unless we draft a OT again. Wow we are a joke!!!

nfl preseason pass 19.99 looks great

This just in Ireland is on the phone with Denver offering whatever they want, lol lol lol. Even if we went 0-16 we probably would still pass on Andrew Luck. This coaching staff and front office are the biggest joke in the NFL. Sure glad we got the offensive coordinator from the 32nd ranked offense in the league last year.

God does Henne suck or what. Hennes not under presser and throws to the wrong side of Fasano, I think. Fasano cant catch to begin with, gives the ball to the defender. What a bunch of bozo's. Sparano looks lost as well.
Now, the fish could have taken a WR or QB at #1 but no they wanted a player to center the ball instead of a player running with it to TD's. Big difference. Hope Sparano has his resume typed. God, they are terrible. And Bob Grease is senile.

now our defense has packed it in since the first pik lol i know its preseason but wow chad henne is probably the worst QB other than maybe cleo lemon and he was still better lol give me fiedler, trent green, culpepper, john beck, pennington hell give me pat white least he can run lol

I can hear Sparano now: "Chad, you're going to play until you do something right!"

He is telling Henne too throw it to a guy in White...

We have good new fans! They just did a poll of the top 32 QBs in the NFL and Henne didn't come in last! He actually came in as 30 of 32. That means there are two teams with a worse starting QB then us. I would hate to be those teams! We are so lucky to have Henne on our team.

Go Fins!


It's from Sparano up! That Blame rest



Atlanta 14 Miami 0 Embarrassing!!! Henne just threw a second interception. Unbelievable!! A few decent FA upgrades. Don't know about our new draft picks but given the fact that these idiots don't know how to pick talent, nothing great there either. Daniel Thomas has zero yards on I don't know how many attempts. No pressure up front from the D-line. CLay as a returner not impressive. Sporano looks like a real jerk on the sidelines. Sorry but I have to be critical. Don't see this team getting any better from mediocre. Again, nothing but preseason hype. When will it end?

D Thomas isn't exactly lighting it up either...Bess drops a low ball, no blocking on the O-line...


If we get luck and not a better coach...luck will suck too

The Dolphins have found their RB!

I actually feel bad for Henne. No other team would stick with this guy so long. It's not his fault this organization keeps putting him on the field.

we getting better at KO returns!

OMG-The int was Channing Fasano's fault too.

Henne comes in and tries to silence his critics and on his VERY FIRST PASS of the SEASON, Fasano blows it.

PS: Fasano was wide open on the second INT but at least Chad was smart enough not to throw it too him a second time.

What ig=f Henne throws another INT? Will they send him back out there?




He almost caught it.....

henne can't ever do jack on a broken play. ever.

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