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Live blog of Falcons vs. Dolphins here

ATLANTA -- The news first: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, running back Reggie Bush and outside linebacker Jason Taylor are dressing tonight but are not expected to play for the Dolphins versus the Falcons.

Will Allen, Jake Long, and Garrett Chisolm, who have been injured much of camp, will not dress at all.

Daniel Thomas will start at running back while Davone Bess will start receiver. Obviously, the starting OLBs are Cameron Wake and Koa Misi.

There will be a live blog in the comments section starting at kickoff. See me there.


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ANOTHER??? thats the first one...lol

Not vanilla at all tony....just plain awful. atlantas 5th receiver even looks better.

Where's DyingBreed and Odinpoop to defend Henne on his second INT?

2 INTs in 4 passes, 50% INT percentage. defend that please.

I just realized we are the Clippers of the NFL.

dying breed, you are an idiot. take off your rose colored glasses. HENNE SUX. i want them to be good more than anyone, but they arent. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!

So much time waiting to se my team... and looked so bad... sad.

This team is so flat. this is all on Sparano and his boy.

Why is Henne playing so long?

at least he's not getting sacked.

I really believe that they should have blown up the coaching staff, except Nolan. This team is a train wreck waiting to happen. The QB position is a mess, Henne will not get any better. That kills me to say that too, I had hope. Sparano seems like a nice guy, but not a head coach. I predict another longgggg season, but with it ending up with a top 3 draft pick (I pray #1 for A. Luck). Drafting is the key to a great team, we have failed in that area for years. Miami needs a young and smart GM. Ireland is not him. How can NE draft grt players in every round and Miami stumbles from round 1 to 7? Henne is a mess. I hope a team cuts a veteran soon. I was disappointed to not get Orton, V Young or R Mallet. V Young had a grt upside. But Ireland has no guts to take a chance. Longggg season. My god, the butt whipping miami will take the first week, I hope NE is gentle with us. Any who time to watch his mess of a team.

Mando, what's Henne's QB rating?

Wow this offensive line sucks tonight Henne doesnt stand a chance if they dont start blocking people... first a free blitzer that Henne' evades and then what pocket the next play geez.

LOL @ Mandy...You mean Henne at RB?

Eat your heart out Mike Vick, Henne can run like the wind-LOL!

Really they need to get a QB. This is retarded.

I would like to see Matt Moore then Devlin.

This would be funny if it wasn't my QB...

3RD Round pic for Orton sound good about know..

Where's DyingBreed and Odinpoop to defend Henne on his second INT?

2 INTs in 4 passes, 50% INT percentage. defend that please.

I wont bury Henne yet...but if that crucial 3rd Preseason game is close to this one....I will start to worry then.


We need a real QB and a new Head Coach

Henne's playing very poorly,no doubt, but in all seriousness, he looks more athletic and agile than last year.

im not gonna be doom and gloom tho mando!! :)

What a run by henne lol

Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck!!

You can't possibly believe that Brown wouldn't be better than this clown?

If atlanta's D doesnt kill Henne some Dolhin fan just might

Henne the leading rusher-o-line + d line leaking. Keepchurning that o line-they don't even know each others name. Only receiver-Bee-that gets thrown to drops it-false start

Please come back Jake Long this LT is suckkking right now

ladies and gentlemen, meet the new henne, you should recognize him, same as the old henne.

getting hard for some to keep saying everything is everyone else's fault, never hennes.

Daniel Thomas is a STUD.
He looks like a FOOTBALL PLAYER.
And his mom isnt a prostitute.



ok. i have been a Henne supporter. but i have been converted. this guy just plain sucks. i expected him to come out and prove the non believers wrong, but i guess i was wrong. cant take another season with this guy running the offense. i just dont understand why this guy isnt playing better.

Checkdown pass to Thomas starts the work of redeeming Henne's stats.

So whete is the game information

The blame is squarely on the braintrust - Parcells, Ireland, and Sporano for not addressing the qb issue, tight end, running back, wr. They drat lineman who aren't creating holes

nice catch bess, shiit throw henne.

Henne is a debacle..How good would Matt Ryan look in aqua and orange...Thank you Tuna

"That was the most spectacular 3 yard gain I've ever seen" LMAO!

HOLY CRAP, a long ball to the white guy?!

Great pass there.


That was good to see


Can we play the whole season against the other teams backups

wow, nice throw from henne. other than that, same old dolphins!

Hennepin to Harline TD! Now if we can just play against 2nd stringers all year...

Thomas looks fast as hell.

nice pass by henne

Great bomb by Henne

Henne to Hartline for 44 yards.

So does that score vs. Atlanta's second team D make you feel better?

I see Henne is throwing the ball to the wrong team again. Why is he still on our team? It is gonna be a long long year



It was just a slow start. Please Keep this up!

Eat me Be-atch!

I'm glad he stared down Hartline instead of Channing Fasano!!!!

Finally, finally!

Henne hit Hartline in stide......can't complain about that....

good thing we didn't draft ryan mallet, or sign brady quinn! the secondary looks like a bunch of long haired boobs! we are a laughing stock, and now we get to look forward to mat moore... oh boy! i could hardly wait. how does miami actually plan to build a fan base with this junk! all they are creating is angry and rabid fans... i'm a die hard fan and never felt this bad being a dolfan... been a fan since the age of 4, cause i liked the helmet, watched the perfect season, every season hoping for the best. the days of marino are long gone... can't switch to another team, it just don't feel right and i would be secretly rooting for miami anyway, guess i just won't watch football anymore.

I dont think its Henne. I think its coaching and front office. We had a chance to get a O-Cordinator that could tutor a young QB and improve our office ( T. McDaniels ), but they didn't. Had the chance to improve our TE position they didnt! Had the chance to improve our O-line ( O'Hara ), they didnt. See the problem!!!

Well, I feel BETTER for sure, but, no, it doesn't instill any more confidence...

How'd you like that HENNE HATERS?!
Sure it was against Atlanta's 4th teamers,
but did you see that arm?

Henne is definitely the next coming of


Thomas looked really good catching the ball out of the backfield

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