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Live blog of preseason home opener right here

Preseason football in South Florida: The constant threat of rain -- it's already showed. The humidity. The baseball infield.


Let's hang! There will be a live blog of the Dolphins' 2011 preseason home debut right here starting at 7:30. I'll come back in a little while and tell you which players -- other than Jake Long -- will not play tonight. I'll be interested to see whether/how long Will Allen plays tonight after missing most of the past 21 months with various injuries.

[Update: The Dolphins are announcing Jared Odrick replaces Randy Starks in the starting lineup tonight. Allen will not play.  LB Austin Spitler, G Garrett Chisolm, T Ray Willis, OL Joe Berger, T Jake Long and TE Mickey Shuler are also scratched.]

Things to look for tonight -- other than Chad Henne's performance of course?

Dolphins linebackers versus Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey. The Dolphins are going to face very good tight end play in the regular season opener against New England. They have a history of struggling against tight ends in the past. Let's see how Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and to some degree strong safety Yeremiah Bell fare tonight.

I want to see if Phillip Livas, who opened eyes last week with a 75-yard punt return, can show some consistency or if that was one-time luck. I'm not saying Livas needs to take another one to the house. I am saying he needs to show wiggle, ability to make the first guy miss consistently, and then acceleration past the second tackler. Blocking is supposed to take care of the rest.

I want to see if Matt Moore can show the spark again this week that he showed against Atlanta.

I want to see progress from center Mike Pouncey individually and then some clue that the offensive line is coming together as a group.

I want to see Anthony Fasano catch the ball rather than have the ball boink off his hands.

I want to see the front seven on defense stop the run, something they struggled to do last week at Atlanta.

And, obviously, I want to see a win. There is no substitute for victory.



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Raining down there? Man, when that baseball infield gets soaked it's slippery as hell and a hazard for the players.

Frankly, I hope the starters are outta there quickly. Could care less about the game or score---just don;t want injuries in these meaningless practice games


Armando and Chad Henne have something in common after all:

I want to see Anthony Fasano catch the ball rather than have the ball boink off his hands.


I know what I'd like to see from Henne tonight.

I'd like to see at least three TD passes all followed by a 1 finger Bryan Cox salute to all the Boo Birds!

People want to act like jet fans, I say treat em like jet fans!


Some People feel above reproach. Nah, they haven't been found out, yet.

I know what I want to see tonight:

Thousands of poodles dyed all the colors of the rainbow performing choreographed routines to the music of the Plasmatics, followed by an audience participation Salute to Ernest Borgnine featuring children of all nations singing his praise.

Then, sexual intercourse between a wombat and a goat at midfield.

That's what I want to see tonight.

Henne Stinks...Period...Livas is interesting

Sup Mandy?!

I want to see what Hilliard and Sheets can do in game action tonight. I want to see what the two tackles Murtha and Colombo can accomplish. I want to see which one of the young WR's want some meaningful minutes during the season the most.

If you swap the goat for Ernest Borgnine, I'm in...

How about seeing SEAN SMITH do anything other than TWEET

The O-Line...The D-line...A HB...ANY HB?

They haven't showed ANYTHING to date.

Anybody know where the game will be on the web?

Yeah...On the web

Yeah, I guess Poodles predominate in the northern part of So.Fla. Down here they are Pitbulls.

Marc no need to be an I diot not everyone lives down there

I'm not the idiot...There's this really cool thing called GOOGLE...It's cool...You guys should check it out!

Dave try Justin tv

I've seen phons games there before

If Livas can stay upright a bit more, he will be a great find. great speed, just seems to trip himself up when barely touched.
Love the guy, though. Our first true threat in years.
Go Fins.

Not on NFL channel here.

Henne needs the O-Line to open some holes otherwise he has little chance. Until the line shows up how can you judge Henne as a QB.

Will be on NFL at 1300 hrs tomorrow

I think Ernest Borgnine should replace Fasano at tight end...and Tim Conway should replace Henne. We can call them McHale's Dolphins...

Livas is too tiny. Only a matter of time before his ribs get crunched.

Whitehead is too tiny, so was Welker, Bess, that HB from Tampa

A wombat? What the hell is that?

*I want to see if Thomas can be a feature back. I'm pretty sure Bush cannot, but I didn't need him to be either.
**I want to see as much of Moore and Devlin as possible. I already know what Henne can do. Not interested in hope/prayer that his performance improves - I'm interested in finding someone better. If there ain't anyone better, then Henne it is for another year.
***I want to see if the O-line we've spent years cultivating is any better than ...well, anyone.

You want to see too much, JS.

I have a feeling that we will be looking for a new head coach next year. I like Tony but it seems like he is bound to be fired this year. I think the fins will be going after Landry Jones in the draft.

Man, I told you not to impersonate me. Are you so desperate for$?

I want to see A.J. Edds playing in the first team

Tony is liked by his players, but he can't get the team jacked up crazy for game day. They look bogged down. Anyone see the Pats last night? Finely tuned machine. Sparano's team is a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces scattered about.

If Saparano gets canned, I think it's because we win 6 or less games. In that case, I'm hoping we aim higher than Landry Jones. Hoping we can nab Barkley. Luck is out of range (probably, unless we actually live up to the disappointment some folks here are predicting).

This is a new challenge for Internet. We are equal to it. That's what we are here for.

Do you think that maybe it might interest fans of the team to know whether THE GAME IS BLACKED OUT LOCALLY OR NOT without having to scour every paragraph on the site?

Here what, I want to see tonight: my girlfriend in my bed, I want to see her cook for me tonight, I want to see her walk in hills and nothing else. I better bring my "A" game

Armando, is Odrick starting ahead of Starks because he's outplayed him or for some other reason?

"They have a history of struggling against tight ends in the past"

That's because they're still thinking it's still 1970. And also why they don't put any vlaue on getting a 2011 TE.

Anyone out there got a website to watch the game????

Listen: he who climbs still does not know the landing of the soft.


Guys... Below is the summary of the game with highlights.

Henne has 2 INT's.
Soprano kicks 3 field goals.
Soprano fist pumps after each FG.
Sparano fist pumps and claps his hands when Henne throws the INT's

Channing Chowder shows up and confronts Brian's Cox and a fight ensues.

Soprano fist pumps while watching fight.

OK, with the exception of the Chowder Cox fight, how many times have we all watched that unfold over the past years.

COWHER and a Dolphin SB win in 2017

Thank you, Whachutalkingbout, U B the man!!!

Hey everyone, just want to let you know the Panthers have scratched 16 players from tonight's game.


dishpan, Odrick needs work against starting caliber guys. Last week he played primarily against backups and was very good. This week, it's time to test him a bit.

I wouldn't draw a conclusion this is a permanent move or him moving ahead of Starks. He simply deserves the chance to make the climb. And he's getting it.

Starts with Oline. If they produce like last year it's over before it started.

The Panthers could scratch another 37 players and Sprano and Henne would still find a way to lose. Fist pump will be in high gear tonight...

link anyone

Moreover, is sham as they say in the middle of a forest field. it is a spectacle in your eyes and them.

Thanks Armando. He did look very good against the sub-caliber players last week. Miami truly does have inordinate depth at DL.


Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Carries!!! I can't wait to see what Bush can do behind a line that can't block.

Anyone know where you can stream this game online????

this is the ONLY thing that sucks about living in the Cayman Islands...

Here you go:


If bloggers would actually read the blog, they would see links have been posted over 20 times.

Stop being so fk'n lazy and read instead of pestering endlessly for a link.

you want to see to many things today... of course I wanna see too, but the real thing I want to see is the get out of here of the
fuc%&''' Marlins, because I hate to watch the game be played with the clay thing on the field.

All my fellow dolfans who can't watch this game on TV check out ATDHENET.TV

You can stream it live there.

My question is if Tony gets fired who replaces him? Mike Nolan? Cowher? who?

Yes, it'd be great if the Dolphins used some of their DL depth into a QB that is actually good.

We are going against a really bad team with 16 people out. We had better look good, and if not, we are really bad.

Why Armando?

Why would Carolina pull 16 guys?

Are they starters?


Great we're going to risk injuries playing against a bunch of guys that won't even make the roster.

Geez-we need the WORK!!!!

Nut Up!!!!

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