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Live blog of preseason home opener right here

Preseason football in South Florida: The constant threat of rain -- it's already showed. The humidity. The baseball infield.


Let's hang! There will be a live blog of the Dolphins' 2011 preseason home debut right here starting at 7:30. I'll come back in a little while and tell you which players -- other than Jake Long -- will not play tonight. I'll be interested to see whether/how long Will Allen plays tonight after missing most of the past 21 months with various injuries.

[Update: The Dolphins are announcing Jared Odrick replaces Randy Starks in the starting lineup tonight. Allen will not play.  LB Austin Spitler, G Garrett Chisolm, T Ray Willis, OL Joe Berger, T Jake Long and TE Mickey Shuler are also scratched.]

Things to look for tonight -- other than Chad Henne's performance of course?

Dolphins linebackers versus Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey. The Dolphins are going to face very good tight end play in the regular season opener against New England. They have a history of struggling against tight ends in the past. Let's see how Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and to some degree strong safety Yeremiah Bell fare tonight.

I want to see if Phillip Livas, who opened eyes last week with a 75-yard punt return, can show some consistency or if that was one-time luck. I'm not saying Livas needs to take another one to the house. I am saying he needs to show wiggle, ability to make the first guy miss consistently, and then acceleration past the second tackler. Blocking is supposed to take care of the rest.

I want to see if Matt Moore can show the spark again this week that he showed against Atlanta.

I want to see progress from center Mike Pouncey individually and then some clue that the offensive line is coming together as a group.

I want to see Anthony Fasano catch the ball rather than have the ball boink off his hands.

I want to see the front seven on defense stop the run, something they struggled to do last week at Atlanta.

And, obviously, I want to see a win. There is no substitute for victory.



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bk, Do you really think anyone knows the answer to that question? Maybe Ross and Ireland, nobody else.

Firstrow.net guys... Always has games, great find on my part... If the link isn't right type firstrow into google and ur set


No surprise its odinseye infatuated with nut-up, he'll be saying that for six months now. Blw me.

Live Blog!


Firstrow.net guys... Always has games, great find on my part... If the link isn't right type firstrow into google and ur set

Posted by: pafinsfan86 | August 19, 2011 at 07:33 PM

Are you getting the feed yet?

the stadium is EMPTY

odin's boy scout,

Nut Up, Nut Up, Nut UP!

Now SHUT UP!!!!

Reggie Bush has really not ever been a home run threat in the NFL. Why do the announcers keep harping on that? He has very few long runs, less than Ronnie Brown.

Every one take a shot on every Henne turnover...

We are gonna get our buz on.....

which radio station is covering this game so i can listen online? thanks

Captains tonite for Miami. Fasano, Wake, JT, Marshall.

Miami gets the ball first.


Built in excuses for the usual boffers!

Does anyone have a live feed website?

I'm so happy. This will be the last year I have to see that hideous baseball field at Dolphin Stadium. Thank God for the Dolphins & Canes that next year, Dolphin Stadium will finally & truly be A FOOTBALL stadium.

Vick threw 3 INT's yesterday.... If he played for Miami, Fans would be calling for his head!!

Henne off to good start with completion to Marshall on first pass. Gets both in the game immediately.

Here WE GO!!!

Flipper... Watch it.


Reggie Bush as the checkdown good for 16 yards. Speed was on display there.

The check down!!

telegraphs every throw

Haven't had a pass catching threat out of the backfield like this since Tony Nathan!!!!

O line on the right is an issue..

Illegals hands penalty on Murtha erases nice Henne scramble. No one was open downfield.

Jl that was the 4th option. How do you telegraph that

Better start this week.

Beggers cant be choosers..

I do not understand why the Dolphins run a 15 yard stop pattern by the TE when they need 20 yards for a first down. At least get the guy moving so he has a chance to run.

The penalty is what stopped us. Still no running game.

Shocker there Mando....

Good blocking by o line and nice catch by fasano

All in all not a bad drive.

Go Mando...

You da man..

Robby, Vick threw 3 ints yesterday. If he played for Miami, fans would remember he threw 21 TDs and only 7 INTs last year.

Miami fans are not morons.

Henne seems much more athletic this year. He's had two nice scrambles in the past two games, and he doesn't look like he's walking anymore.

In the NFL there are not too many plays for 3rd and 20!!!

Carolina sucks!

I agree Mando. The Dolphins do that far too often.

There was a huge hole in the Miami front but Karlos Dansby filled it very quickly. Great work.

On the 3rd and 19 play it was nice to see Pouncey pick up the LDE Norwood running a stunt inside.

can we trade a DE for a TE

funny how carolina has two good tight ends and we don't even has one

Oh, look at TE gets free for 12 yards. Remember the things to look for?

Cam has spark. Henne has dust.

Thanks PoWhite!

TE's working us oveer already.

TE is the weakest position on the team.

Is there anyway to watch the game if you don't live in miami?

Snake Pliskin...

Thats what i'm talkin bout...

Dolphins shifted JT from the left side to the right side prior to the snap, moving Tony McDaniel over to the right side.

That gave them both JT and Cam Wake rushing from the same side. Nice scheme.

Tony check back and see link to firstrowsports

Sorry to say it, the offense just does not look fired up. Too methodical. Henne just doesn't have the mojo to get the mojo goin.


You watching the game ziggu

Dolphins open second consecutive series with pass. and pass to Marshall.

Henne still in checkdown mode against the 1-15 panthers missing 16 players. Ok.

H*ll yes!

That was nice by reggie

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