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Live blog of preseason home opener right here

Preseason football in South Florida: The constant threat of rain -- it's already showed. The humidity. The baseball infield.


Let's hang! There will be a live blog of the Dolphins' 2011 preseason home debut right here starting at 7:30. I'll come back in a little while and tell you which players -- other than Jake Long -- will not play tonight. I'll be interested to see whether/how long Will Allen plays tonight after missing most of the past 21 months with various injuries.

[Update: The Dolphins are announcing Jared Odrick replaces Randy Starks in the starting lineup tonight. Allen will not play.  LB Austin Spitler, G Garrett Chisolm, T Ray Willis, OL Joe Berger, T Jake Long and TE Mickey Shuler are also scratched.]

Things to look for tonight -- other than Chad Henne's performance of course?

Dolphins linebackers versus Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey. The Dolphins are going to face very good tight end play in the regular season opener against New England. They have a history of struggling against tight ends in the past. Let's see how Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and to some degree strong safety Yeremiah Bell fare tonight.

I want to see if Phillip Livas, who opened eyes last week with a 75-yard punt return, can show some consistency or if that was one-time luck. I'm not saying Livas needs to take another one to the house. I am saying he needs to show wiggle, ability to make the first guy miss consistently, and then acceleration past the second tackler. Blocking is supposed to take care of the rest.

I want to see if Matt Moore can show the spark again this week that he showed against Atlanta.

I want to see progress from center Mike Pouncey individually and then some clue that the offensive line is coming together as a group.

I want to see Anthony Fasano catch the ball rather than have the ball boink off his hands.

I want to see the front seven on defense stop the run, something they struggled to do last week at Atlanta.

And, obviously, I want to see a win. There is no substitute for victory.



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just imagine what a STUD TE who can stretch the field; would do to team...

Why do they insist on running four times in a row when we have Marshall and Bess? We seriously can't get Marshall open at the end line on a crossing route? The guy is taller than anyone they have!

One thing is for sure Daniel Thomas will run the play to the hole it was designed to go through even if there is nothing there, this Rook aint ready to carry any load, we need to bring in a vet to pair with Bush.





Henne still needs to learn how to complete a pass past the 10 yard line. Newton already has two.

Carolina sucked last year and were able to pick up three tight ends and we couldn't get one?

looking alot better tonite. some fans will never be happy

I love BUSH, the player too! Hilliard did well! Murtha, penalties hurt!

I'm not a Henne hater, I just don't think he is consistent enough. Why would I be upset? Henne didn't do very much, just more short passes, notice what he did on the only deep pass.

the check down is something else when you Bush is getting the dump. Nobody is complaining about that today!!!

Am I mistaken, or are all the completions still checkdowns?

Your right snake.

Henne needs more than one short pass dump of go to man...

Gaby is rite in that the checkdown to Ricky or Ronnie was a plodding 5 yard gain. The checkdown to this guy is a legit weapon.

Yeah he didn't hit the receiver, it happens.

No doubt we need to get Marshall more involved in the enzone plays but I think TS was just trying to be more physical and wants to punish the DL of the panthers!!

Fin4, Thomas will learn from Bush, and Hilliard!

Have fun imposter!!! Henne dont need to do anything if he keeps throwing them slants !! LMAO!!! keep impostering, you look like the hating retard you are! Hahahhahah

Have you guys looked at most of Sanchez's passes? Short plays and good YAC. Stop the complaining.

Wow, even on long sustained drives, people still have to complain about Henne. Unbelievable.

cam newton looks as good as henne 1 month in the league vs 3 years geez

To all the Rashad Jones lovers out there he got beat and caught out of position twice by the TE

We are beating the worst team in football in the preseason! I am STOKED!

Other than the horrible overthrow to Hartline, Henne has been solid and has even realized that legs were made for running too. Solid C+ so far....


Hope he washed the Jet stink off...

Marshall and Bush look good...That's positive

Have the Panthers sniffed the end zone yet? Newton hasn't done a thing yet except throw to much better TEs than what we got. Wish we had Olsen.



Asked twitter followers what celebration should Sparano use to replace the fist pump.

Best suggestion so far: the sprinkler.

Also good: Ace Ventura talking butt cheeks.

Any more?

Why are some of you using "checkdown" as a bad word? That's what a qb is supposed to do when the WRs are covered.I'm on the fence about Henne but you haters AND lovers crack me up. If he looks down the field the haters say he's locked on to one guy but when he goes through his progressions you complain that he checked down. Too funny.

LOL @ B12!

I liked the fact that Henne ran the ball when needed. I prefer mobile QBs, but I think better of QBs who do whatever it takes to keep the drive going and Henne did that.


It's one thing to impersonate someone but when you start talking about oral sex it's a little over the line. Get a life

More more more vertical game and accuracy from Henne with the long ball!! This league is a long ball pass league

Wonder how many more touches Bush will get in this preseason game???

Of course Reggie Bush is having a huge game, Kim Kardashian is getting married this weekend. Just sayin'


The thing is, we need to see Henne make some passes beyond the 10 yard line. Checkdowns are find when you've proven you can go down field. Henne has not proven that yet.

Coach Sparano should shotgun a beer instead of doing the fistpump

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall-Bush-Bess

Again I say we need a true TE who can catch the ball 10-15 downfield.
Looking better but this is Carolina.
Murtha is no way a Long replacement.

Penalties suck!


A good QB takes what the D gives him. Do you want him to force it downfield into coverage?

wow, Do we really want to see Bush in the Pre Season planting in that infield dirt!!!!

Get bush off the field!

We get it he is the man...


Mando said the Miami fans arn't stupid so they must know what they are talking about.

Right Fin4..

Get him out..

Seen enough..

Bush is saving henna's job

Bush is playing well, penalties suck! Nice play Thomas!

Whatever, I'm no Henne backer and certainly no hater but I know when a QB is having a good game and Henne is playing well so far. Hope he can keep it up consistently

Brian Deboll nice calling, I like what he bring to the table so far

Nice checkdown to hartline


I want him to prove he can throw the long ball accurately. He is going against the Panthers. If he does this against the Pats they will crush us. You need to prove you have a deep threat or the D is going to figure out this short game.


Not bad!

for every TD the Dolphins score ...coach Sparano should shotgun a beer....he would still be able to drive home after the game and not get ulled over by the cops

Henne's short game has been solid (i.e., Bush and Marshall have been beasting). Let's see what he has deep.

Love the play calling right now.

Pouncy looks solid right now.

Incognito playing big tonite

True test of Henne here!

Chad Pennington took us to the playoffs with nothing but short passes and it was ok then but now not so much. Or maybe blind hate.

F**king end-around!!! GRRR Get rid of that crap!

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