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Live blog of preseason home opener right here

Preseason football in South Florida: The constant threat of rain -- it's already showed. The humidity. The baseball infield.


Let's hang! There will be a live blog of the Dolphins' 2011 preseason home debut right here starting at 7:30. I'll come back in a little while and tell you which players -- other than Jake Long -- will not play tonight. I'll be interested to see whether/how long Will Allen plays tonight after missing most of the past 21 months with various injuries.

[Update: The Dolphins are announcing Jared Odrick replaces Randy Starks in the starting lineup tonight. Allen will not play.  LB Austin Spitler, G Garrett Chisolm, T Ray Willis, OL Joe Berger, T Jake Long and TE Mickey Shuler are also scratched.]

Things to look for tonight -- other than Chad Henne's performance of course?

Dolphins linebackers versus Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey. The Dolphins are going to face very good tight end play in the regular season opener against New England. They have a history of struggling against tight ends in the past. Let's see how Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and to some degree strong safety Yeremiah Bell fare tonight.

I want to see if Phillip Livas, who opened eyes last week with a 75-yard punt return, can show some consistency or if that was one-time luck. I'm not saying Livas needs to take another one to the house. I am saying he needs to show wiggle, ability to make the first guy miss consistently, and then acceleration past the second tackler. Blocking is supposed to take care of the rest.

I want to see if Matt Moore can show the spark again this week that he showed against Atlanta.

I want to see progress from center Mike Pouncey individually and then some clue that the offensive line is coming together as a group.

I want to see Anthony Fasano catch the ball rather than have the ball boink off his hands.

I want to see the front seven on defense stop the run, something they struggled to do last week at Atlanta.

And, obviously, I want to see a win. There is no substitute for victory.



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Freaking Fasano

Anyone got a better link to this than the front row one? That feed is awful!

Was that behind Fasano?

See, even Armando supports my point. Henne struggles BIG TIME with the long balls. He hits one for ten, not good enough.

Hey Jeff are you going to sign a tight end? "what, why, we already have Fasano, we're fine".

Ya he needs to be more consistent that's his biggest problem.

Can I watch the game on my iPhone I'm at work on lunch break!!

Henne sucks deep. That's two TD's that Henne missed on.

Henne reading and throwing quicker nice

Fasano can't get separation and his hands are suspect! The deep ball is about timing. The more you throw it the better you get at it. He threw a good one at Michigan.

That is the Anthony Fasano we all know.

Stone hands Fasano will cost us this year


OK..I am digging this new look.

Love me some Bess!


So Beck is playing well tonight?

Fasano should just cut off his damn hands cause obviously he doesn't know how to use the damn things.

Lucky we didn't draft Gronkowski, Hernandez or FA Miller huh??

Henne has to be able to hit the long ball, or our teams like the jets, with great corners will eat us up.

Henne struggles with long pass cuz he's afraid of throwing INTs.. He'll be ok once coaches and fans and Herald writers get off his butt.. Remember Ginn bombs....


best stream

On tha Daniel Thomas run was a great lead block by charles clay... impressive

Money got the block.


Henne is in his comfy spot and throwing the short pass well.

Henne is simply not accurate with long ball. One out of ten is good enough to beat the worst team in football, not good enough to get to the playoffs.

Nice Thomas!!

Those missed long passes really separates the good from the greats. You just have to make those plays.

Not a mention of 16 guys out for carolina

Henne looks much improved with better weapons! AND he's scrambling!!!!

Henne just needs to get that air under the ball, but he looks comfortable tonite and in charge

Right DB, Bush is huge!

Another bad decision by Henne. Should have been picked. Hartline wide open for a TD.

The long ball takes some time. Be patient. Should get better with attempts. Daboll is much better than Henning with the playcalling!

WOW, Great job tonight Lydon!

Another run by Henne, yeah baby, I like that, keep the Offense on the field.


The pass to Fasano was perfect. He tried to run up field before he caught it.

Thats Henne Mando.

2nd and long and a run to Thomas up the middle? Sound like Henning?

Murtha is a penalty machine!

Lydon Murtha has three penalties called him tonight. Two more and he fouls out.

We would be losing against just about any other team other than the Panthers. Penalties, drops, overthrows, etc.

A flag fest

This more of a spread offence is just what we needed.

Henne can't throw deep to save his life.....at least he didn't throw a pick!

Seminole Sam.....shut the he'll up.

Fist pump commin.

Hey Sohail,


Another bad decision by Henne. Should have been picked. Hartline wide open for a TD.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 19, 2011 at 08:38 PM

This is yet another area where Henne REALLY needs to improve.

Nice pass from Henne under pressure

At least they are not calling the Wildcat on 3rd and long. Like the new look. As always hopeful on the fins!!!

Why cannot Fins acquire a #1 TE ?
Just asking.
Tell me why.

That was a bad read bu Henne. I backed the DVR up and saw Hartline wide open, but Henne does look better tonight, just need to avoid the big mistake.

We should have more points up! But better than last year so far!

Knowing Jake is there makes me less concerned about Murtha tonite

moneyman zach miller was on the table ireland is scared to pull the trigger.

not every pass is perfect but overall henne is playing well


that one that should've been picked - it was Hartline that was wide open in the middle of the field?

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