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Live practice blog (possibly without Livas)

The Dolphins return to practice today in Davie, FL. and the team is expected to be in full pads for the work.

I'm told kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver is not expected to practice today. Livas, you may recall, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown Friday night against Atlanta. He is managed an unspecified minor injury.

Not a big deal, it''s just that he's 5-8 and 178 pounds and the question on somebody that size is seemingly always, "Can he stay healthy long enough to contribute."

I will update as we know more once practice begins.

And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there.


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Still no players on the field....

And I for one am excited about this season, especially at the Qb position. This WILL be the final chance for Henne and if doesn't succeed, this WILL be the year we go all in on a QB in the first round. FINALLY!

Or we will spend the 1st round pick to settle the RT position. :(

Livas is done if he can't practice.

If Henne doesn't succeed this season then Sparano and Ireland won't be around to pick a RT in the draft.

This definitely is the last chance for Henne... I am curious to see what he can do under a new OC, although I am reading on Omar's blog that there is dissension is the ranks. I really hope that's not true...

Just spent a couple of minutes talking to Ross Tucker of Sports Illustrated and Sirius Radio. He grew up in Chad Henne's hometown with Henne and his family.

Says he doesn't understand why the Dolphins didn't bring a QB to compete with Henne.

Says Henne didn't do enough negatively to have the Dolphins get rid of him.

Also says Henne didn't do enough positively to be awarded the starting job in camp without competition.


If eligible.. do you think the fins will be in the race for Pryor??? I'm digging for hope.. hope for a future..

is he worth the risk?

Armando Salguero | August 15, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Great feedback.

Sounds like Ross Tucker is saying that Henne is a backup QB. Nothing wrong with that.

Players now on the field. My report is correct:

Livas not practicing.

Jake Long, Koa Misi, Mikey Shuler not working either.

Armando why is everyone saying how its great that the fins won against the falcons? They lost in my book. When the starters lose to the other starters 17-0 that isn't a win. Are we that desperate now that a third team win is a big deal?

Is misi injured?

What's wrong with Koa Misi? Is that why we signed this Marvin Mitchell dude?

"Also says Henne didn't do enough positively to be awarded the starting job in camp without competition."

Posted by: Armando Salguero


Just wondering what everyone's thought on going after T. Owens is? I for one hope that never comes to light. He is nothing more than a cancer in a teams locker room and on the field. He is a major distraction with all his BS antics.

QB and OL is a serious concern for the Dolphins...The only interior lineman we have that can pull is Pouncey...Henne and Moore for QBs...No TE with speed...I thought these were the needs when the season ended...??

With Koa Misi missing practice, Jason Taylor might get first-team reps. Noooooo!

That's not the plan.

There shouldn't be any dessention in the ranks. All Moore did was have a good game against players that either won't be on the field or roster for ATL. I'm not very impressed, Henne is the best QB we have on the roster so as far as I'm concerned Henne's play will be determining where we draft next year. And Mark in Toronto can't talk about drafting a QB in the first round unless you think were going to get the first pick. If thats the case then Andrew Luck is the only way to go. Only other first round possibility is Landry Jones(I think thats his name) from Oklahoma.

What's wrong with Misi Armando??

As you guys may know, Dolphins are not required to say what players' injuries are ... so they don't.

I don't know what Misi's issue is. Doesn't look serious, however. He's on the field and rehabbing.

Dolphins are working a lot of double tight sets with Clay and Fasano.

That is not great news for Lou Polite.

The FB is a fading breed in the NFL.

Armando, the Dolphins have apparently signed LB Marvin Mitchell today...Career backup linebacker...

No. 1 Montreal, thanks for the heads up. I had posted that information in the previous post.

Mitchell is an ILB.

Mitchell is in camp and wearing No. 56, I believe.

Sorry about that Armando...Didn't follow the last post...I thought maybe he was signed because of the Misi situation...

Can Polite not play TE? does he have good hands?

Pryor... anyone..? anyone??

Clay has to start catching the ball...It's one thing to have speed but if you can't catch, what's it good for?

Is Pryor not just another project, like Devlin, and M. Moore what extra does he give you?

Can clay be an effective lead blocker for Bush & Thomas?

lets just build a time machine, go back and sign Brees instead of Culpepper.

Armando, do you honestly believe Matt Moore is given a fair chance to be the starter? Or can we just call Henne the starter no matter what happens in the upcoming weeks...

Clay doesn't seem like a great lead blocker type to me, but blocking is a learned ability not all about instincts.

Will he learn to be a great blocker?

We'll see.

Do you think the offensive line will improve and maybe run block this year??? They were horrible in the last game! Did see Londun Murtha miss a few key blocks.... A running game would make Henne's life much easier, right Armando??

King -

So far project Henne, White, Thigpen... and various others haven't worked..

They should add as many as possible.. one will have to work out...

No. 1, Matt Moore has two chances to win the starting QB job: Slim and none.

On the slim side, if Henne is simply awful, if he is simply not effective the next two preseason games while Moore lights it up, then we have a legit battle.

These things can change at a whim and with the way the wind is blowing. Anyone who says Henne is 100 percent certain of being a starter NO MATTER WHAT, hasn't been talking to this coaching staff.


I need some clarity here. How is it that more people are calling for the head of Tony Sporano and not Jeff Ireland? I mean Ireland was the one that was shady and went with Ross to ask about harbaugh, he failed in his evaluation of Pat White, He fails miserably in his attempts to upgrade the QB position thus leaving sporano with no choice but Henne. He may be good at evaluating other positions but when it comes down to the most important position maybe in all of sports he fails time and time again. I'm sorry but when you give Sporano a mediocore to good QB he is a playoff caliber coach... he proved it in 2008. And Until he gets another QB of that caliber I just think it's unfair to judge him.

Anywhere, Keep up the good work Armando.

but who do you cut at QB to sign Pryor, the Phins wont carry 4 QBs into the season

What's the outlook on Kory Sheets? He didn't look like he had the pre-injury burst he once had in the game the other night.

Anyway*... sorry about that. Monday Morning

has clay had a good practive yet?

Thanks for your response Armando...Pretty much what I thought as well...Henne will have to be awful for Moore to have a chance...Oh well...

elstro that is a fair assessment of the OL last year. Really not good run blocking.

Will they be beter this year? The team was 21st rushing last year. Should be better. Gotta be better with a No. 1 pick at center.

This assumes Long is back, however.

We should offer a trade to NE for Mallett, not that inter division trades rarely happen, but worth looking into what say you Armnado??

Mitchell is #52 according to Dolphins web roster.
#56 should be Robert Rose

@Nicholas King

You cut Henne.

Pats aren't going to trade Mallett to the Dolphins unless Miami gives like multiple first round picks.

dolphins aren't going to do that when they could have gotten the guy in the second round this year. Ireland didn't want him.

Too late now.

Armando - "if Henne is simply awful, if he is simply not effective"

You mean if he continues like he's been through out his entire career?

King -

You cut the worst of the 5.. likely O'Connell and Devlin.

Here's another thing I don't quite understand...Why in the world are they switching Jimmy Wilson to CB? He's a SS!! Watch another Jason Allen experiment fail miserably...


Do you think Moore's experience with Karl Dorrell at UCLA will helps in this offense?

Devlin was acquired for 0 Draft Picks and been on the team for a few weeks why would they cut him to simply acquire another QB and give up a draft pick? This is why fans don't run football teams.

Ireland, despite what he says, appears to be "all in" with Henne. Ireland will be out of a job if the Dolphins tank this year so it's pretty clear based on what Ireland hasn't done that Henne is his guy.

We would be crazy to trade for Mallet when we had three opportunities to DRAFT him. I like all the pics we got prior to Mallet, but I believe Mallet is the closest thing to a NFL ready QB. BTW, I pray Pouncey pans out, we haven't had a good center in decades!!!

I heard last night on the news up here in NE that the Pats are working out, TJ whos-your-mama, darren sharper and renaldo hill. Interesting

Mallett had a decent first game and now we should trade for him?? LOL!! C'mon...

How does Kerse look?

One reason I dislike our current organization...

I don't care if Devlin is the only other QB on the roster right now. Henne still has to WIN the starting job. If they don't give Moore every chance possible to be our starter, then I want them gone next year. That's not how you build a winner.

With Marvin Mitchell being signed, maybe Spitler's ankle injury is a little more serious than they initially let on?

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