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Live practice blog (possibly without Livas)

The Dolphins return to practice today in Davie, FL. and the team is expected to be in full pads for the work.

I'm told kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver is not expected to practice today. Livas, you may recall, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown Friday night against Atlanta. He is managed an unspecified minor injury.

Not a big deal, it''s just that he's 5-8 and 178 pounds and the question on somebody that size is seemingly always, "Can he stay healthy long enough to contribute."

I will update as we know more once practice begins.

And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there.


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I think I might know what's wrong with Misi. Did anyone tape the game? If so, watch the first ATL offensive series (pretty sure it was first one. Ryan goes back to pass on 3rd and 15, takes off up the middle and has the ball knocked loose. Misi goes after it but another guys recovers it. Whomever recovered it rolled up on Misi's leg while he was still standing. He went down. After the play, if you put it on slow motion, you can see Misi struggle to get up and limping.

I give everyone a pass in that first game but weeks two and three should be somewhat interesting.

Armando... everybody is talking about a QB one or another but, did everybody realize that in the Atlanta game with 1st. , 2nd. and 3rd. string no open hole was made, and wihtout the running game doesn't matter who the QB is.

They have to find ways/plays that make henne successful...have to

Does this Mitchell dude play special teams Armando?

Tony, good post, your 100% right!!!!

Where's the practice "play by play" Armando?

First series, while running towards potential fumble, Misi's left knee ankle got hit by another fins player. Misi limped off but returned the next series.

King -

You cut the worst one - if he is not performing why keep him - that's why you don't run a football team.. you want to keep him because he cost you nothing?

That's why the fins took long instead of Ryan.. that's gotten the team real far...

long is a great.. but he will never lead the team to a SB.

Tony, The Falcons had a tough time throwing on the first series. On the second series they start gashing us with the run game and then start throwing it all over us. Ryan has had a great running game and o-line since he's been in Atlanta. We have got to fix this o-line if we want any QB to have success!

King - PS :

Devlin still might not make the team even if they don't risk taking Pryor...


Is there something wrong with us that we see these behind the action scenes. Does it perhaps mean we need lives or maybe we love our Dolphins so much that we pay attention to everything going on.

I think I need a life.

I don't run a football team, but its foolish to suggest that a PROJECT QB should be selected in the supplemental draft at the expense of a draft pick next year when you have 3 Qb's on the roster that have only been on the roster 4-5 weeks. Who says Pryor is even an upgrade over these guys?

Mando, a suggestion. Please refrain from using descriptive adjectives like super, outstanding, great..etc. Please just report the play.

Some here tend to overhype practice reps. Then watch the preseaon games & half of them are ready to jump off a ledge when they don't see it in a game.

we want MOORE!

Chill-out chito1424

QB's to make final 53


count on it

Forgive me for spending some time away. Chasing some news. Back now.

Team drills second team.

Pitch right to Daniel thomas. Nohwere to run. Gain of 1

King -

I guess the same person that thought Devlin would push Henne in camp..

As many picks the Phins have wasted on QBs, you think they should stop and not draft one anymore? they should wait until next year to possibly waste a draft pick on one??? it's all the same.. your reasoning doesn't make sense...

"don't waste a pick on uproven talent because it may be costly"..

hate to break it to you.. nothing is guaranteed with QB's.. Examples: Henne, White, and Beck were all 2nd round waste of picks.

I'm not saying cut Devlin.. for all i care cut all the teams QBs and beg for Palmer from the Bungles...

Mr. Salguero, Where are the practice updates? Yiou know who is tweeting about them. Would like your perspective! Thanks!

Armando what's going on with the practices?

Armando said: "And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there."

Soooo, where are you?

I was at the game Friday. Henne didn't look improved over last year. First pre-season game I understand. Moore looked good although he was facing the back-ups. I think R Wallace should be starting ahead of Hartline. The O-line couldn't run block at all. Special teams looked much improved. I can't believe we can't find a TE better than Fasano. Maybe if the staff looked farther than Dallas rejects they could actually build a team.

Using Hindsight to justify a decision is foolish, what if Ryan turned out to be as great as Jamarcus Russell. Then you would be shouting that Long should of been selected.

Moore stumbles out from under center, tries to give to Thomas, fumble. Defense recovers.

Third team:

O'Connell checkdown complete in the flat to Grigsby.

Mandooo00000ooo -
what was the news?

Hey you guys I am really concerned about the status of this team. I can honestly tell you I even feel depressed (can't believe I let this happen). I don't eeven think we'll beat the Bills this year. So far, the 2 worst teams in the league have got to be the 49ers and Dolphins. Ireland and Sporano are like Henne and this o-line....no talent!!! They keep bringing in no-name players and our supposed, few, talented players seem to be injured.We all have been waiting for tooooooo long for this team to be relevant again since Marino retired. This is Miami the magic city. We need better representation. These guys are ridiculous.

Chad Henne will do just fine this year, You guys just keep putting him instead of instilling some confidence in him... Be fans not haters... I cant wait till he shut all you guys up this season....

O'Connell play action fake, throws an in-cut to Patrick Carter. Gain of 18 yards. Nice throw between defenders.

Not yet Image.

Im not saying Moore is the answer, im just being annoying with "WE WANT MORE". BUt the funny thing, even against the second team defence, he played with confidence in a brand new system of players and coahces, and he doesent seem to look lost in the pocket.

None of our QB's are the answer to the honest...but this season will be great, and its a WIN WIN for a true dolphins fan. If Henne and our HC tank..they are gone and we get a better QB and HC.....and if Henne has a breakout year...well, thats good!

Long is a right tackle. He can't move his feet and pass block to save his life. You don't draft right tackles number one overall. FAIL by the Trifecta.

Devlin, another crossing route completion to Patrick Carter. Good work by him today.

First team:

Henne play action fake to Bush.

Hits Marshall on a comeback for 8 yards.

Image You need more than 5 Weeks to judge a QB! Whats the point in curning the roster and giving up picks. Its foolish.

Otherwise lets trade a second for Tebow, give up a 5th for Pryor, then while at it why not trade next years 1st for Mallet? Where do you draw the line. Stick with the team see what this group can do and let the QB's have a chance. They have only played one pre season game!

King -

Again.. you want to risk nothing.. and the team will never find a great QB for nothing.

They wasted plenty on QBs.. whats a few more?

Ryan could have been Russell or Alex Smith.. Long could have been a bust too.. whats your point? never take anyone unless they cost nothing?

Daniel Thomas inside handoff. No room. None.

Tackled for no gain.

Team drills move to the 40 yard line going in:

No. 52 is what ESPN has for Mitchell.

shotgun, Henne looks long comes back to Bess who goes inside and comes back outside vs. Benny Sapp. complete for 9 yards.

Shotgun, Henne goes deep down the middle to Clyde Gates. Overthrown.

Murtha does nice work vs. Taylor.

Mando....I hope your "news" is not about Misi.

Mando .... whoa whoa whoa.. the sports news journalist is waiting to deliver news? you don't want to be the first to report???

Shotgun, slightly high snap by Pouncey. Cameron Wake freaks out RT Marc Colombo. Sack.

Mando: Sounds like O-line still can't make holes? Or is Thomas dancing and not making one cut and hitting the hole?

Shotgun, blitz by Karlos Dansby. No one blocks him. He kills Henne.

Well, he didn't kill Henne but would have if this was a real game.

My point is Long was as a safe a selection as their was in a draft. Im not ssaying dont give up picks. im saying when you have 3-4 project QB's on the Roster that have only been with the team 4-5 weeks, and your looking to carry 3 on the final 53 . Giving up a 5th round draft pick for no gain is stupid. You have to evaluate what you have first before giving up picks

If Dansby kills Henne, how would that affect the salary cap?

Henne and the offense will be as good as their offensive line, and right now, that ain't good!

Second team:

Moore hits Bush in the flat on the run. Nice work. 9 yards.

Shotgun, Out pass to Julius Pruitt. Nice accuracy. 8 yards.

Sounds like I am going to be glad I will be on a plane to Bora Bora 9/12 vs the Pats. I smell blow out just like the 2010 ender.

O-line is the key for QB play. That and TE were the two weakest links on this team last season.

O'Connell now, blown coverage as no one is on the TE.

O'Connell finds Mastrud. 11 yards gain.


Do you feel the O-line is performing poorly due to lack of chemistry? Similar to last year when Sparano tinkered too much in his "chemistry lab"...

Shotgun, O'Connell again, whistle blows for some reason, DLinmen stop. QB zips a seam pass to Bess for 20 yards.

King -

But Miami could easily cut Moore, O'Connell, or Devlin if the up side on Pryor is assumed to be strong.. it might be worth a risk.

O'Connell and Devlin may already be on the chopping block if they don't improve..

I'd just like to see a few more risks in hopes one pays off for the reward..

Heck.. it's only been 30+ years since Miami has been to a SB...

My patience has worn thin with free pick ups because they've cost nothing... they've also gained nothing... Bess is a rare exception to the rule...

Fourth team:

Devlin takes shotgun snap. No one open. Sack.

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