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Live practice blog (possibly without Livas)

The Dolphins return to practice today in Davie, FL. and the team is expected to be in full pads for the work.

I'm told kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver is not expected to practice today. Livas, you may recall, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown Friday night against Atlanta. He is managed an unspecified minor injury.

Not a big deal, it''s just that he's 5-8 and 178 pounds and the question on somebody that size is seemingly always, "Can he stay healthy long enough to contribute."

I will update as we know more once practice begins.

And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there.


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OTA you must be under the age of 25 and not remember the last time this franchise had a real quarterback. Do yourself a favor and look up on YouTube "Dan Marino highlights", you will want to hang Henne and the whole front office for not drafting a QB. After years of greatness and always going into a season always with a chance of a super bowl because of #13. These past offseasons have sucked because there is less a chance of being good than being bad. Ireland, Ross, wake up, this franchise was built with winning talented QB's. Not this garbage you keep putting on the field. I am so frustrated with the QB play. I grew up watching a team that no matter what you felt like you had a chance to win the game, no matter how far we were down, how little was left on the clock, you alway KNEW Marino would bring you back. I haven't felt that way since he's been gone. Now when you talk about the dolphins score if they are down, everyone says, "does that surprise you???". I HATE IT! They need to figure it out and get a damn QB! Mallet should have been that guy, Marino had character issues too.


O'Connell fires to Clay on a crossing pattern. High. Ball goes through his hands. Incomplete.

First team again:

Henne takes shotgun snap, McDaniel beats Carey for a sack. Henne goes through with the throw anyway and complete to GAtes along sideline.

Henne behind backup line. Robert Rose pours in from left side. Sack.

Henne throws anyway. Incomplete deep down right sideline.

king-I have to side with Image on this one, we have wasted too maany draft picks on a bunch of nothings under this regime, why not if your Irlenad and sSarono and your jobs are on the line take a chnace on tebow, or mallett, or orton anyone who can push or unseat henne at least Tebow & Mallett have winning pedigrees at 1-A college footbal....Just saying.

Our o-line is like our coach. They s u c k

special teams work now. boring to me.

I question how good this o-line coach is! We let go of a good one a couple of years back and the o-line has not been the same!

I will say earlier, Bush was working punt returns for the first time.

Thank goodness our coach was only an o-line guru! Could you imagine if he had more influence on the rest of the roster? YIKES lol

Boring? Sure. Cost us multiple games over the past three years? Absolutely.

Clay is gonna be a bust. We should keep polite and let this loser go.


Here we go again. Team drills from the own 35 yard line:

Ones vs ones:

Henne under center, Henne hits Gates who beat Vontae on a skinny post. Beautiful!

Henne under center, gives to Bush who finds a hole between Pouncey and Carey. Nice inside run for 5 yards.

If anything in this beautiful green earth sucks more than Henne..it's that freakin OL....Adios amigo....

Under center, Henne on a comeback to Marshall.

OK, so where's that little "key" Tony needs to turn in Hennes head to lock him in "good QB" mode?

can anyone teach off. line play on this staff, or is our talent this bad?

Pitch left to Bush following Mastrud lead block. Gain of 5.

Shotgun, Henne looks to Bess who beats Benny Sapp for 7 yards on an out.


Sounds like Henne is mostly hitting receivers on come backs which means little chance for YAC. No?

Thank god this is fat tony's last year.

Henne under pressure, shuffles feet goes outside in the flat but too far out there. Incomplete.


I was not impressed with Thomas running on Friday. What is your take on him so far?

Tony lost all that weight

Handoff left to Bush who would have run right into FS blitz by Clemons. But as it's practice he lunges into line for 2.

It's ridiculous having Sapp in coverage. Anyone can beat that guy, it tells you nothing. Bess should beat Sapp 99 out of 100 times. Maybe more.

Boulder, 5th round picks aren't considered busts. Fans have unrealistic expectations.

How many 4-5 rd picks even make a roster, let alone are asked to make such a big jump & contribution right away? Not many.

This sums up the state of the franchise. It's not the players fault, It's the people picking them & the desperate role they need someone to fill.

Second team now:

Playfake to Grigsby, screen to Grigsby. Really like that play.

Gains about 10.

Colombo is a concern with his lack of quickness against guys like Wake... He may need some help from the running backs!

On the bright side of things....Sparano is excellent in making excuses for Henne and his OL...

yes I agree but if it comes down to it then we should keep polite and let clay go. I haven't seen or read he's done a single thing since he's been here. I'd say if a 4th round pick gets cut he's been a waste of a pick. That's a bust to me.

Tony Sparano is a comedian. He tells us things are fixable, but he never fixes them.

Chill on the O-Line for 3-4 weeks people....they ALWAYS need more time to gel. Geez, it's as if I walked in on a blog of 10 year old Peruvian short bussers who don't even know the sport of American Football!!!!!!

To wit....new offensive coach, new schemes, new languages, new players at key spots....


Jimbo, don't know if you're still here but Barkley from USC is also a 1st round qb but given that he was heavily recruited by Pete Carroll, it makes sense that Seattle (who look to stink this year) will move heaven and earth to get him and will be better positioned than us to get him.

If the draft was today and we finished 7-9, Landry Jones would look like the most likely pivot. But we would have to trade up to get ahead of some other teams and likely give up multiple picks. I say its worth it - we won't be relevant until we get that Qb and the most likely way to do it is in the 1st round - I'd give up the chunk of this year's draft in order to find that QB. We have a young roster without a lot of holes - we are in a position to mortgage a bit to get that QB.

Mooore in shotgun, throws deep sideline. Patrick Carter runs comeback. Miscommunication. Incomplete.

pryor give us hope,thats all us real die hard dolphins ask for. We end last year wit the same important people behind the driver wheel and we bring back the same ppl to drive us again (hope they dont get lost again) and moving RT to RG after it was working for years(note to front office, if its not broken y fix it)

Pryor is poorly rated. All reports say bust. Ignore him.

elstro17, those were great days w Marino. Of course Shula could never get a running game going. Marino was wasted with mediocre teams

Thomas works up inside for four yards.

I'm koa misi. Copier

Guys let us be realistic....is going to take a couple more years before this team is made up of top caliber first team player... we still see the front office patching holes with rejects from other teams

I've been chilling and waitin for OL for 3-4 years..that's a long time to marinate....

REALLY like what Grigsby brings.....Reggie Bush in years 1 and 2 is what he looks like!!!

First team back at the 39 yard line.

Mel Ochocinco , we've heard this non sense they have to gel every year. These bozos have had 4 years to get this line fixed and for them to "GEL". The only gelling I see is the jelo coming out of sparano.

Previous play false start OL

this play Incomplete as Henne goes to Marshall on the left sidelien but well covered by Vontae.

Blown coverage by Vontae, who stopped while Chris Clemons did not get over to the sideline.

Henne hits Marlon Moore between the two.

I really hope Ross has the balls to fire these guys mid season if things aren't going well. Fat tony can go to UConn and become assistant to the o-line assistant coach.

run right, bush kind of disappears in the hole and comes out other side untouched. Nice run.

Moore, who apparently is having handoff issues today misses handoff to Grigsby. Keeps.

Boulder, I've read he is OK but drops more than he catches. I wouldn't cut Polite for him but let's face it, Polite took a step back last year.

Point I tried to make is, good teams don't have to rely on mid to late picks to contribute like Miami wants or needs Clay to.

4-5th rounders are practice squad or ST type guys on most teams. Here, we need em to do alot more.

Give left to Grigsby. Stopped at line. No gain.

our off. line could be worse than when we hired the line guru fistpump...

Shotgun Moore: Incomplete along the right side. Missed Julius Pruitt running free up the seam from left slot position.

I agree Montana..it sure has taken a long time for the Ol to gel.... considering that Sparano was an OL coach.. let us hope that at least the first team Ol this years will be adequate

Guys...you're DOING IT AGAIN!!!
"I've waited 4-5 years for the O-Line to gel!!!"

yada, yada, yada

Do you REALLY think after a 140 or so day work stoppage with NO REPS, a new OC, new schemes, new players, a new snapper/signal caller at center.....

that this OLine should have just thrown on the shoulder pads and dominated one of the better d-Lines in the NFC????

In preseason game number one???????????????????

Hermanos...I'm a 40 year Dolphins fan...I remember our running game...I remember our pulling guards...I remember Dwight Stevenson...

Let's give this line 4-5 weeks please!!! I'll give you you're props if they aren't gelling by then....ok?

Bb I agree, but shows you a good QB can carry an average team, a good team cannot carry a below average QB

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