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Live practice blog (possibly without Livas)

The Dolphins return to practice today in Davie, FL. and the team is expected to be in full pads for the work.

I'm told kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver is not expected to practice today. Livas, you may recall, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown Friday night against Atlanta. He is managed an unspecified minor injury.

Not a big deal, it''s just that he's 5-8 and 178 pounds and the question on somebody that size is seemingly always, "Can he stay healthy long enough to contribute."

I will update as we know more once practice begins.

And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there.


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End of this team period.

Pryor stinks - enough of this talk. The guy didn't even put up good numbers at Ohio State vs weak college teams let alone the NFL. The Dolphins have their developmental QB in Pat Devlin. You can't add more than one developmental QB per year to a team and have enough time to push him along. It simply doesn't work that way.

joe I agree. We should have gone after one of the pass catching tight ends in FA.
I think we'd be lucky to win 6 games this year and deep down Sparano and Ireland both know this.

this could be the hottest practice of camp so far.

My computer is burning my hands.

Boulder 100% correct...Mel maybe you should allow a "Peruvian" teach you "real futbol"....the year they they had a decent OL and were among the leaders in the league in rushing, the bozos reshuffled and got rid of most of them....

Zach Thomas was a 5th round pick from Texas Tech.

Mel Ochocinco, I guess the falcons o-line didn't get the message about the work stoppage because they man handled our d-line whichi is suppose to be one of the better ones.

no way..our off. line has no pulling guards, or any guards to get out in front of screens....way overrated by fistpump....he is a clown


Yes, they need more time to gel... I have been a Fin fan since '65 but I do believe that the FO has been trying to patch too many holes and it is going to take a couple of more years

Is Jimmy Wilson still with the 3rd team defense?

Jason Taylor looking good today so far.

Koa Misi needs to get healthy because it is hard to get Taylor out of the lineup once he's there.

Do you REALLY think after a 140 or so day work stoppage with NO REPS, a new OC, new schemes, new players, a new snapper/signal caller at center.....

that this OLine should have just thrown on the shoulder pads and dominated one of the better d-Lines in the NFC????

In preseason game number one???????????????????

Posted by: Mel Ochocinco World Be Fed Well Jr. | August 15, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Why not? Don't we have one of the supposed best Dline's? Atlanta came out & woopped us pretty good, didn't they? It takes YEARS to gel as a line.

Listen to any lineman, they'll tell you the same thing. And that's really the issue. Our incompetence in building a cohesive unit.

By the time this line gels. the season will be over.

When will people stop making excuses for our failure or lack of ability?

End of half and game Hail Mary drill.

Henne throws it up for Marshall. Incomplete.

Hate is an ugly, strong word...but I'm starting to dislike Fist-Pumps and believe they should be banned from sports, especially in the sidelines...

If our running game does not improve due to poor blocking is going to be a long season for Henne. Of course he can always throw those dink passes for three yards !! lol

No excuse for this OL not to be a good one. 3 1st round picks and a 3rd invested in it. This alone is reason enough to fire Sparano if the team flops. name another team in the NFL with 3 1st round picks on it - I bet there aren't many.

Atlanta's defense against the run last year was bad...our line sucks, and fistpump blew another timeout before half...clown

Pouncey snaps the ball. No one moves ... except Cam Wake and Taylor who meet at Henne in shotgun.

Taylor grabs ball from Henne and returns it for a TD. Dunks between legs.

GOD.... we're going to suck !
Loved Mallet instead of Thomas. What were they thinking ? Theye DID NOT improve on ANYTHING they needed to Improve upon, No QB's, No TE's ( WHWY did we not go after Zach Miller ? How about we offer a trade for TE J. Carlson of Seattle ?

practice over?


What is your take on Thomas...he did not impress me last Friday

Marshall open on a skinny post in 1 on 1 vs. Sean Smith. Open.

Henne throws ball over his head. Incomplete.

Uh...Boulder Boy.....Falcons only sent SIX offensive players to the Pro Bowl last year from a 13-3 team...

Uh.....Mike Mularky now entering his FOURTH continuous year as Offensive Coordinator of the Falcons...Daboll learning the names of all of his lineman!!!

Got it yet????


Henne in shotgun, looks to Clyde vs. Vontae in back of end zone. vontae knocks it down.


Please tell us only when Henne completes a pass...this is torture.... overthrows, comeback passes for 8 yds... OMG!

Jay, right there with ya buddy!

will cincinatti draft another QB with first pick?

Jimmy Wilson is working second team nickel.


In regards to Misi, if you watch the 3rd play of the Falcons game, you will notice his ankle gets rolled over on and he is down in pain briefly. I bet that's his injury

Pouncey snaps the ball. No one moves ... except Cam Wake and Taylor who meet at Henne in shotgun.

Taylor grabs ball from Henne and returns it for a TD. Dunks between legs.

Posted by: Armando Salguero

LOL! Sounds like our rookie center forgot the snap count.

Need time to gel, receivers ran the wrong routes, blah, blah, blah....tired of the excuses

This year I might TIVO all the games...depending on how the Fins do against the Patriots. I am not going to spend three hours of my life watching mediocre play and coaching. No way Jose!

The inability to add a seam threat TE is one of the biggest question marks I have of Ireland beyond the QB. In last year's draft there were a boatload of special TEs and now 4 of them are already top end starters at that position - Hernandez, Gronkowski, Pitta/Dikson, and Jimmy Graham. Dolphins could have had any of them. They could have any of them early or late. In free agency/trade market this year there were another load - not even an attempt on any of them - Shockey, Olsen, or Miller. Complete disgrace.

We're done here folks. Conditioning now.

Houston we've got a problem! His name is Tony Sparano

patriots are going to blitz the hell out of this line

I just took a tour of the dolphins training facility. Man, those Lombardi trophies are OLD! I wanna new one!!!!

I can't believe how Dolphin fans keep repeating the same stuff over & over...

Just wait for the DAMN season to start & shut up already.

Mando 2 = typical garbage dolphins fan

his year I might TIVO all the games...depending on how the Fins do against the Patriots. I am not going to spend three hours of my life watching mediocre play and coaching. No way Jose!

Posted by: mando 2 | August 15, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Then you are not a true fan

DirecTV and its Sunday Ticket bull crap are gonna take my money again....I've have to be the dumbest SOB on this beautiful, green earth...I pay to see this team play....WOW

It is what it is...we have a new Offensive Coordinator, a young talented offense just learning a new offense. A good to great young D learning to play more aggressively under an above average DC in Nolan.
Earlier blogger is right...great teams are stable and get into a groove in years 3-4 of that stability. Will this be the regime? Will these be the QB's?

Don't know....lots of turmoil...too much turmoil for this Dolfan.

Frankly, if this team doesn't show some confidence, cohesion, and strut by mid-season....I believe Mr. Ross should go all out and give Dungy/Cowher/Newest Creative Coach-on-the-rise the reins. Same with Ireland.....by the end of the year, we will have a great idea of how his picks and FA's have panned out.


It's just as bad here as it is at the SS. Fans need to get a grip!!! If we suck after the Texans game I'll be right there complaining but come on....It's EVERY day.

Reports out of the Patriots camp is that nobody can even come close Gronkowski - simply can't be covered. Super.

T. Owens...Anyone?? Opinions??

God help Henne. No running game. Swiss cheese pass protection. New OC. Plus he sucks.


If we suck after the first four games then I'll be all for firing everyone BUT it's crazy to assume anything after a few weeks of practice & one preseason game.

Sure I have my doubts about Ireland, Sparano, Henne & our O-line. Who wouldn't??? But let's see what happens when the games actually mean something.

T. Owens?
Booyah? Boo-NO!!!!

Trade Henne for a penny.

"Reports out of the Patriots camp is that nobody can even come close Gronkowski - simply can't be covered. Super."


The rich keep getting richer.

Is that random thoughts? Or do pineapples have some meaning?

I think if we lose by more than 2 td's to pats on monday night Ross might pull the plug on fat tony.

Quarterbacks are good early in their careers or they never become good.

Right side of that oline is going to be a disaster. Why do people think that Columbo is going to be an upgrade over VC? Because he used to be good? Yep - that was back in 2008. Since then he has had a major injury, gotten old, and in the process nearly got Romo killed last year. He was the worst of the Cowboy's OL and that's saying something. I say he isn't even the starter by the end of September.

"The rich keep getting richer."

Posted by: We Need Playmakers

Because they spend their money wisely.


I'm not expecting anything less than a blowout against the Patriots. They were 14-2 last year & I think they're going to be even better.

If we lose to the Texans at home & start 0-2 then I'll start to worry.

Let me kill the QB hype in New England. Bill breeds QB's in his system. The system they run is perfectly laid out, easy to make reads, and very easy to learn for QB's. If we bring Ryan Mallet to Miami he will be Chad Henne but as a rookie.

"Why do people think that Columbo is going to be an upgrade over VC?"

Posted by: YellowGinn

Because he has the proper pedigree for this regime - he used to be a Cowboy.

We need a change if this squad doesn't play with more confidence and aggression. How many times have we stripped a ball from a RB? How many times under Sparano have we confidently marched down the field in the last 2 minutes of a half or at the end of a game....efficiently working the timeouts and the plays??
How can talented DB's drop 7-8 easy INT's??

A small amount of swagger separates the good from the great in this league.....

and we ain't got no swagger on this team!!!

WNP, Ross doesn't want another home blow out on monday night. If we get blown out you may be right sparano gets one more week. If he loses to houston at home also then he's a gonner and I bet Ireland follows him out the door by the end of year

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