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Live practice blog (possibly without Livas)

The Dolphins return to practice today in Davie, FL. and the team is expected to be in full pads for the work.

I'm told kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver is not expected to practice today. Livas, you may recall, returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown Friday night against Atlanta. He is managed an unspecified minor injury.

Not a big deal, it''s just that he's 5-8 and 178 pounds and the question on somebody that size is seemingly always, "Can he stay healthy long enough to contribute."

I will update as we know more once practice begins.

And once practice begins, I will be updating live on this blog. So go to the comments for that. See you there.


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Freedog is in a fog!

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Densefog hasn't listed all those "good things" he saw Friday that lead him to think 10-6?

I see SemenHole Sam and Oh"Dunce"eye are still friends.

"JeffDarlington Sparano on upcoming game Fri.: "I told (the starters) they all need to be ready to play, and they're going to play until I'm tired of them." 18 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

He's NOT tired of them already??? LMFAO!!! This is hilarious.

Maybe Tony gets it after all...Probably not.

This year, if they find out unequivocally that Henne is not the answer at QB, they need to pull a Ditka-for-Ricky deal, and trade their entire draft for the top pick (aka Andrew Luck).

Luck is arguably the best prospect since Peyton in 1998.

After getting blown out at home by 3 touchdowns on Monday night by the Patriots, Sparano begines his presser by praising the special teams play and Dan Carpenter's 4 field goals. He goes on to add that he isn't worried about Henne's erratic play and 3 interceptions, all easily fixable according to Tony.

Monday September 26th - Regarding yesterday's embarrassing loss against the previously winless Cleveland squad, Sparano said the Browns had their backs against the wall - not a good spot for the Fish. He promises to get things cleaned up against the Chargers. He expects Miami's first win of the season "very soon", and says Daniel Thomas and the revamped offensive line are playing well, despite the meager 2.4 ypg average.

November 14th - Coach Sparano remains positive after the Dolphin's 4th straight loss at home against the bottom dwelling Redskins, as their overall record dropped to 1-7, their only win coming against the lowly Chiefs in overtime, 6-3. Boos reigned down on Chad Henne yesterday after throwing his 16th interception of the year, paired with only six touchdowns. Rumors swirled in the Dolphins locker room after the game regarding Sparano's grip on the team, as numerous players complained about the offense's "three yards and a cloud of dust" mentality." "I've had it", said Brandon Marshall, "this team is a joke."

The luck thing might be why they haven't gone after a QB, henne sucks all year, we go 6-10 at best and trade 1 and 2 to Carolina for Andrew. It's ingenious! Ha ha

We need a dose of reality. There is no way this team can be 8-8 or worse this season. If they end up below 500 then there is no way Henne and Ireland can survive that. Ireland must be fired and Henne must be released. NOTHING HAS WORKED SINCE IRELAND AND HENNE HAVE BEEN THERE!

I still like Tony. I just think he doesn't have any say in football operations other than X's and O's. He's trying to make chicken salad out the chicken crap Ireland gives him.

The only weapon we have is Bush. He can't do it alone. We tried that with Ronnie and it darned near ended his entire football career. Bush is not going to get himself killed for this team.

10 and 6? Why set the bar that low? You don't ever set the bar low like that for a team. Can you imagine the coaches speech? "Come on guys, I know we can do it this year, we have to be good enough for ten wins right? So come on, who's behind me? 10 wins or bust lets go! Maybe we can sneak in to the playoffs as a wildcard yyyyeeeeaaahhhhhhhhh!"

How about getting their hopes up a little higher than that hmmmmm?

Hahaha!! That's a good one Seminole Sham! I like that! Go spout your verbal diarrhea on the Jets blog. They would actually appreciate it. Hahaha!! Go Phins!! Truth is, noone knows $hite! It's Pre Season and it's time to try things and see what works and what doesn't. The 4th game will be where you truly see a small glimpse of what our team could be capable of. First 3 games is to figure out who makes the cut and what plays work. Let's calm down a little, it's PRE SEASON. The sky isn't falling Seminole Sham so chill!


Eschenpod that's funny but I doubt fat tony makes it to Novermber

Is Tony Morono and the other Moron...Jeff Ireland Gone Yet....Nevermind...Its not 2012 Yet....Matter of Time...You Two Goofs...Tick Tock...Tick Tock..

Kaiser Sofa,

Odorseye cannot be counted among my friends. He came to the defense of Freedog and, quite predictably, got torn to shreds...hence, I threw him a bone by engaging in a little frivolity. It won't be happening again anytime soon.

Good Day, Sofa.

If these are truly Dolphins fans using the guise of being "realistic" as a way to hide the fact that they're total defeatists it's sad. Thank God our grandfathers didn't have these same attitudes or we never would've won WWII. Hopefully I'll never be in a fox hole with any of you.

ONE first down in the first quarter, in our pre-season opener, with the first team offense?!?!?!

That is not a good sign folks!

I thought they were secretly working out all off-season? Were they working out using TECMO BOWL? At least if they used MADDEN they might have got more than one first down in 15 minutes in our pre-season opener.

Bills waived OLB Aaron Maybin.

One of the bigger draft busts in recent memory, Maybin didn't manage a single sack in two seasons after being the No. 11 overall pick in 2009.

Busts happen!

I need my fix and that's TEN and SIX!!

Los Lobos, get ready for a very painful year as a miami dolphin fan. Can we just fast forward to 2012 draft


I think you just gave yourself away as a person who knows absolutely NOTHING about pro football. The 4th preseason game is the game in which you find out the LEAST about your team. The 3rd game is the one that most of us look forward to because the starters typically play the most in that game and coaches actually come up with at least a mini-game plan for that game.

I totally understand your "10-6" comment now, Densefog.

YG @1.39&1.56

very good points that I have also uttered at times to deafening silence, unfortunately doesnt mean this fo is any good but they should def not be axed until halfway thru this season having gone 2-6

and in a very concerning development for me, on friday night (though they tried to keep it from me) I noticed the nursing staff moving the crash trolley to the end of my bed that was just after they brought me a picture of a fins pre-season win - see its not REAL food to me

you may not have been following my clinical records but the lsu was also there just prior to the draft, havent seen that yet but u might be right,

trouble is every time i think i might be feeling just a touch better the patient in the next bed (think his names armando) keeps sneaking up to my bed and sticking a nil by mouth notice on my chart- its very wearing and just makes me even more desperate to eat some solid wins

It even concerns me we're doing new stuff after three years of Tony, Ireland and Henne.

LOL!! For some reason, I don't see the Patriots and Indy doing new stuff every time they get a new player. The PLAYER adapts to their style. Not the whole team adapting to a player's style.

So if we're doing new stuff then that means the old stuff was garbage to begin with right?

"Thank God our grandfathers didn't have these same attitudes or we never would've won WWII. Hopefully I'll never be in a fox hole with any of you."

Posted by: phins84

If our grandfathers had Henne as their field general, they would have had some serious 'tudes.

HAHAH!!Semenhole Slam, again, good one! You are truly showing how mentally challenged you are. Thank you. Hahaha!!!

TEN and SIX TEN and SIX!

I know someone who can bullet-proof your TV.
It's a very easy and relatively inexpensive procedure.
Dolphins fans are highly encouraged to take advantage of this offer.
When the seasons tanks and you blasts away at your TV with your Glock, you will be glad that you purchased the service.

Freedog, easy with the reference to diarrhea. Them is my people!

Please someone, am I really the only one on here that finds Seminole Sam a very annoying brain dead loser?? I can't be. Speak up if you think Seminole Sam is vertically challenged.

Sam is challenged alright!

I simply reported what I heard about Ocho and Haynesworth yesterday. I figured all the Pats lovers on here would want to know about it.

Posted by Craig M

This is a load of crap! Now you're back tracking and denying what you REALLY said because you look foolish?

Go back & read how you asked for people to raise their arms for you because you claimed everyone was wrong over an article you read.

The only one taking things personal is you! I'm simply calling you out on your ridiculous nature. I'm not the only one either.

You don't see me asking people to raise their arms & admit they were wrong & I am right. THAT's ALL YOU BUDDY!

So twist & spin howqever you want. Whether it's you or your imposter, the fact remains the same...You're both worthless!

Seminole Sam's opinions remind me of me.

"If our grandfathers had Henne as their field general, they would have had some serious 'tudes."

Yeah but you're not even in the corp. You're sitting home eating cheetos while the real men do the hard work. Go mow your lawn.

Yes, Seminole Sam is vertically challenged when I am around. He is on his knees most of the time. That guy needs to go post on the Pats and Jets blog because he is no Phin fan, that's obvious!

"Yeah but you're not even in the corp. You're sitting home eating cheetos while the real men do the hard work. Go mow your lawn."

Posted by: phins84

1. I'm a U.S. veteran who eschews Cheetos.

2. The "help" mows the lawn.

3. Don't hate.

TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX TEN and SIX!!! Henne will prove you ALL WRONG!! HENNE TO the BEAST for a Touch Down FEAST!!! TEN and SIX TEN and SIX!!!!

reports from other sites on sparano's post practice mumble - on te - outside fasano that positions is muddy for me - no f**king kidding fasano isnt exactly crystal clear other than the fact he got a whopping contract after 1 decent game last season

but could this be sparono hinting that he wanted fa te help and didn't get it from jeff- lets face it they had all those guys at the end of last season, how come its all muddy now?

also - AT LAST the most sensible thing he's ever said "What I don't want is predictability. I don't want people to know where my pieces are and how I'm going to use them," but only coz the opposite is what we used to do and was so awful

lets just hope they can actually be "used" the way he wants to use them and not just to give the ball back every time they get it!

Henne to the Beast for a Touch Down Feast!

TEN and SIX Ten and SIX TEN and SIX Ten and SIX TEN and SIX Ten and SIX TEN and SIX Ten and SIX TEN and SIX Ten and SIX TEN and SIX Ten and SIX

this years t shirts from spazano to the team are going to say " save the whales " lol

This years t shirts from sporano to the team are going to say "TEN and SIX" I am going to make a fortune off of these shirts!

what movie are they going to see spazano. little mermaid.? that will motivate the lot of neanderthals to get ready for the upcoming season for sure.lol

Sporano is going to have a movie night showing Ace Ventura. Dan Marino's finest work!

I second your "OPS" Wolf.

Everyone chill on Freedog's prediction that the Fins will be 10-6 this year. He's dislexic and really means the Fins will 6-10 this year..

I can envision them at 1 and 3 by the Bye-week, A perfect time to make a change., But I doubt it, I dont think any Coach would want to work for a owner thats as clueless as Ross.


I have been reading were some are posting stories about Haynsworth and Ocho getting the axe in N.E. and in all honesty have read just the opposite. The Pats are actually going to bring in TJ to pair with Ocho again and DL Coach Pepper Johnson has nothing but good things to say about Big Albert, will copy articles.

Longtime position coach Pepper Johnson is the latest from within the Patriots organization who has had a positive first impression of Albert Haynesworth, whose reputation in the NFL preceded him in New England.

Peppers met with reporters Sunday, and naturally was asked about the task of taking on Haynesworth. When it comes to the defensive tackle and his extensive track record of being a problem child, the Patriots defensive line coach says reality doesn't match perception.

"Very unlike what you read about," Johnson said of Haynesworth, per The Boston Herald. "I was thinking that, what am I really going to have to deal with? I'm coaching every player that comes up in here. It really doesn't matter to me. But, Albert, God he's a great guy.

"It's kind of hard to see some of the things that you hear negative about him . . . . some of the stuff, you need to know both sides of the story. I think Albert is a great person. He's been trying to work his way out on the field. He's been tremendous in the classroom to date. I expect a lot from him."

The Patriots have taken on several players with checkered pasts in recent seasons, and like those before him, Peppers says Haynesworth entered the door with a clean slate.

"I'm not much with reading the newspapers, so I don't know much about him. You hear rumors of course. Before he came in through the door, that's when a lot of people where telling me he was some guy that was hard to deal with," Johnson said. "But I'm born and raised in Detroit. I don't know if there's too many people that would be hard for me to deal with. I'm not a person that sits up and judge. The Albert Haynesworth that came through the door shook my hand and started talking with me. That's the person I'm dealing with. His past, is his past to me."

Haynesworth, a two-time All-Pro, signed a seven-year, $100 million contract as a free agent in 2009 but proved to be a constant distraction on and off the field in two seasons with the Redskins. The Patriots acquired him in July for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick.

freedog - before the season starts i think armando should post a predictions blog especially stating his own forecast for the fins and giving all an opportunity to put their necks on the block

10-6 has a good sound to it but despite our tough schedule i'm gonna say 11-5 because i believe we CAN go 11-5 and I'm an optimist!

this would include sweeping the jets and bills and splitting the pats

suck it up haters!!!

TJ Houshmenzadeh won't be the only big-name veteran paying a visit to the New England Patriots this week. Free-agent safety Darren Sharper, a 14-year veteran and a key member of the New Orleans Saints' 2009 Super Bowl-winning squad, told NFL Network on Sunday that he will work out for the Patriots on Monday.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported that Houshmandzadeh, the former Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens receiver, is also scheduled to visit Foxboro for a workout.

Houshmandzadeh, 33, teamed with Chad Ochocinco for some productive years with the Bengals (the Patriots acquired Ochocinco in a trade in late July), but was mostly disappointing in 2009 for the Seahawks and last season for the Ravens.

Sharper has 63 interceptions and 11 touchdowns in his career. He has made five Pro Bowls, but he also had knee surgery in 2010, and missed eight games that season.

The Boston Herald reports that in addition to Sharper, the Patriots will also work out safety Renaldo Hill, a 10-year veteran who most recently played for the Denver Broncos

f4l for me its not about who the pats have (and i realise this is slightly igonorant) its about how we play against them and perform against them, they have been a good team for seasons but if u stop them performing they're beatable, both the secondary and the line have to be on fire when we play them and the offence have to move the ball 50% of the possessions with no more than one turnover

tall order, let them sign whoever we just have to be better with no names

fin4life I'm not disagreeing with you just wanted to point out that what you read and wrote is nothing new for the Patriots. And this is part of the reason why they are so successful bringing in so called problem players.

They always downplay any notions of the problems players attitude being bad. They raise these players up on a pedestal to the media and the players love them for it. They smartly manipulate these players in a way that makes them feel like part of the family, like they are wanted. That makes the players run through walls for the team and then they get a great season or two out of them right before they trade them for high draft picks so they don't have to give the players large raises.

The players always seemed shocked by the trade or release but they never have anything but good words to say about the team, as if they've been paid off or brain washed. It's simply amazing.

new blog up

ripped from sparano report elsewhere but classic ts pr cr*p
on matt moore talking about his own personal experience of watching matt moore-

"One of his strengths is his ability to get into the game and I mean sometimes what he does in practice and what he does in the games are two totally different things, if that makes sense,” Sparano said Monday afternoon. “You can watch him in practice, and maybe what he does on the practice field doesn’t necessarily translate to the game. It gets better in the game. I think that’s been my history with him."

but as far as i rememebr , correct me if i'm wrong ts has only ever seen him with his own eyes in practice 1 minute and then a game in dallas PRESEASON and Miami PRESEASON, so his ability to look better (than in practice) is only in PRESEASON against variable quality def

maybe u should have mentioned the tapes of carolina's practice and games !!!(or maybe not)

qualify your statements your history has been 2 training camps!!!

Go dolphins

The Dolphins need to trade for Matt Flynn of the Packers, " Flynn Is going to be the next Kevin Kolb" Flynn is way more accurate than Henne and hes got just as strong or maybe stronger of an arm, plus he makes good decisions!! also i believe the Dolphins need to add another big run blocking guard for the right side!! i think they should sign Leonard Davis, hes got really good size and he moves the defender lined up in front of him!

Damn. Dolphin fans are straight up the worst fans in football. AND we have the WORST writers covering the team.

Aren't most of you smart enough to figure out the egotistical bias guys like Armando and Omar have? Really? It's disgusting, as a real fan, to have to read their tripe. It's absolutely SICKENING to read some of the reactions from the "fans" here.

Mondo checker if the three clowns running this organization or to make it more clear Ross Irland Sparano say that Henne is the starter and they have the up most confidence in henna, than why were they Flirting with Orton or willing to trade for him??? You see guys we have three incompetent people running this team, Ross needs to bring in here, the GM or player personnel of the green bay packers or Bill Cowher and give them the keys to the mansion!!! Because I don't think it's going to work out with this offense, especially QB and Oline!!

the worst fans for the worst player(HENNE!) in the nfl.

Henne sucks period...
I love our team except Henne, fasano, Sparano, Ireland, and Ross....

hey! he hate me 2! sanchez just put up 3 points with his usual 2 quick slants! LOL

lookin up to the jets! Not after this first preseason game!

oh but wait, preseason is only for the chad henne's of the world.

how bout patrick fits simmons. 3 points. cloud of dust.hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! us uck mando!

mallett would suck vs. blitz team. everyone knows slow ass mallett would wilt against a strong defense.

it was proven time and time again. preseason has its ways of making people look good when in reality, its not reality. week to week is much different. Mallett wont be seeing any action. hoyer they say is clear #2.

The person whose head should be on the chopping block is the GM, Jeff Ireland! He's the one buying the groceries! When everyone expected us to take Ingram in the draft because we needed a running back, he passed. Then, when we should have taken Mallet he passed again. He's the one bringing in the Dallas rejects. He's the one that didn't bring in a quality pass-catching Tight End. He's the one that promised competition at the quartback spot and then didn't deliver. Ireland didn't have a back-up plan when we didn't get Palmer or Orton.
Sparano is the head coach. He has to coach up what he's got. If he makes a bad call (which he often does) then crucify him for that, not for not having talent on the team! That's not his job. He's the cook. You can't make bad food taste good. Oh, you can hide it some (with good condiments) but, you can never make it gourmet!
Fire Ireland!!! Then, we'll see what kind of stew Sparano can cook with the food he's been given. If it's inedible, throw it out and start over!

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