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Long back, suddenly OL is much better

Jake Long, who was not able to pass his physical at the start of training camp because he was still nursing an undisclosed left leg injury, passed over the weekend and is back on the field.

Great timing by him.

Long's return coincides with a game in which reserve left tackle Lydon Murtha, who generally did fine filling in, struggled somewhat with three penalties against Carolina. Murtha wasn't bad at his assignments or anything like that. It's just that those penalties, especially the pre-snap ones, kill drives and he is simply not as good as Long.

So Long returned to practice Saturday and today gets the day off,  along with the rest of Miami's players. Long will be able to assess his physical condition and conditioning following his first dose of practice.

"It feels real good, getting back there with the guys and finally put the helmet on, jersey, run around out there, get to practicing, it felt good,” Long said after practice.

Dolphins coaches might not use Long in the preseason. He is expected to practice every day possible and that work against Jason Taylor, sometimes against Cameron Wake, and against Miami's burly defensive ends, should be good enough to get Long in football shape. The risk versus the reward of having Long crash helmets with another team's defensive linemen in the preseason seems to tip the scales toward risk.

Think about it:

Long worked all of last year next to Richie Incognito so it's not like the two of them need to learn each other. Yes, the offense is new, but I estimate the Dolphins will work between 40-50 team periods in which the first team offense faces the first team defense the next couple of weeks. On the week before the season-opener against the Patriots, and maybe even two weeks before, Long will also get snaps against a scout team.

So why are we worrying about getting him hit in a preseason game again?

"Whatever," Long said laughing. "Whenever coach puts me in there and expects me to play, I will be ready to play."

And with that, it seems the Dolphins starting offensive line is set. Long at left tackle, Incognito at left guard, Mike Pouncey at center, Vernon Carey at right guard and Marc Colombo at right tackle.

The biggest worry of all these for me? Not Long, coming off the injury. Not Pouncey playing as a rookie. Not Carey shifting to a new position at guard.


He has some ugly, ugly moments at times. The other night there was a pass play in which he let a blitzer run right past him untouched and in against Henne. Henne avoided the blitzer by scrambling away and then was hurried by another lineman that ran past Colombo. When that play was done, Colombo had gotten a chance to block two guys and really didn't lay a finger on either. Made me scratch my head.

Can he run-block well? Yes. Pass-block well? Not sure.

{Update: The Rams have released offensive lineman Tyler Donahue, an undrafted rookie out of Bowling Green. Why do you care? Because the Dolphins showed interest in Donahue earlier this year and will be among the teams wanting to add him to their roster. In fact, Donahue had a workout scheduled with the Dolphins Sunday. Donahue is a 6-6 and 300-pound offensive tackle.]


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Will be interesting to see Bush and Thomas running behind Long and Incognito. Might be scary good.


Darn you nome!

scary good,lol come on man. nothing on this offense is scary good

Crap! Not first!

How about Murtha at RT. If he can correct the pre-snap penalties than this can be a good option.

our oline is so fragile, most these guys will be injured in a couple weeks


2009 we had the #4 rushing attack. Not bad. 2010 was a waste with Berger at center so, maybe we get some ground mojo going again with the new line and younger RB's. Maybe, let's see.

nome u need a qb first, henne doesnt scare anyone so they can put whoever they want in the box.penningtons play action and the wildcat are what made that in 09. this team cant do any of that

It really seems like things might start to come together for this team.

u cant be serious. as long as henne and this awful staff are here we arent going anywhere


I have many doubts about this team and this coach. But many other teams don't look that great right now either. Too soon to make any judgements.

I agree though with out a QB who is a serious down field threat, its going to be hard to go very far. I don't buy into those who say Henne hasn't practiced the long ball enough. 4 year college starter, 4 year pro, if you don't have the long ball down by now, you never will. He'll hit 1 out of 5, not good enough.

Who cares if Long is back?

What does it matter?

Henne will still suck!


Let me ask two questions:

1. Don't ya think I sound ignorant?

2. Don't ya think I sound like 75% of the Bloggers(TROLLS)here?

odinseye the truth hurts. we all know its our qb ruining this team

Time for Sparano/Ireland to admit they made (another) mistake and $hitcan Columbo.


no more so than your ignoramus a s s ruins this blog.

Now go get your meat ball sub and shove it in your pie hole!

We'll all be a lot better off!

I know the fair weather fans have their insecurity issues. I know they make a horrendously whiny noise as well.

I know people like Armando and Dan HenningS, with their vested interests are keeping their fingers crossed and praying for disaster.

To all, I say: EAT ME!!!!

In just two pre season games, I'm feeling better about this team than I have in quite awhile.

For as much flak as I got here harping on HenningS for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS, you have to admit, the proofs in the pudding. HenningS makes Daboll look like Martz's Greatest "Show On Turf".

Nolan's defense looks like........a Nolan defense. It keeps getting better and better. Burnett's already showing flashes of talent and chemistry.

How about Ireland? As much as I detest the four eye'd Mongrel, I'm actually considering giving him the benefit of the doubt. In all fairness, he can be credited for bringing in Marshall, Bush, JT and Dansby. Not to mention CLYDE Gates, who from day one I've believed will be a star.
I do have to say though, I think Ireland completely screwed the pooch looking to bring in a QB. That aside, I do SOMEWHAT understand the logic.

If Henne takes a big step forward this year, GREAT. If he bombs, GREAT. The experiment will OVER one way or the other. Either way, I believe we'll be taking a QB in the first round next year, a TE and then probably a whole bunch of offensive lineman.

A solid young core. Depth up the wazoo on the D-Line. Adding speed and playmakers!

It sucks going 1-15 and starting over from scratch. But I'm feeling good about this team for the first time in a LONG time! Call me an optimist, call me whatever you want, but I do believe I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

(So this is what it's like to get out of bed before noon?)

Why do we always draft the fragile, injury-prone guys?

Long can't be counted on to play half the games this year, but QB Matt Ryan sure can. Even we he's healthy, he's a finesse guy who can't run block to save his life. He's Jon Giesler, v2.0. Way to go, Parcells!!

How about Lydon Murtha at RT? The penalties have been tough, but aside from that, the kid has looked alright. I certainly haven't seen the glaring miscues like I've seen with Columbo.

P.S.- Has anyone watched Matt Flynn this preseason? Just sayin....not too shabby.

you can have pro bowl players playing playing,qb,rb,wr, but if you o-line is crap,you aren't going to far.
if our o-line comes around ,like it should we have a chance to do something this year.
like a fighter,you hit your opponent in the body until he goes to protect the body then you go to the head.body ,head ,body,head.
last year the fins couldn't go to the body(run),so when we went to the head(the pass)the D was waiting.
henning didn't change anything ,so teams where waiting for us last year.
not to say that I am defending henne for having a terrible O scheme.

Just curious?

How many Super Bowls has Matt Ryan won?

Yeah, nuff said!

This is good news. Jake Long will automatically make our Oline stronger. Good News for the RBs, and Chad.

odins@11:41. On point.

Just curious?

How many playoff games has Long won? And why is this fragile football player always, always hurt and not moving a single, living soul when he's run-blocking?

Shula never made Jon Giesler the highest paid tackle...he knew Giesler could only pass block. Way to go, Parcells!!

Nuff said, loser!!


Why we don't bring O'heara ( Giants C), release Berger then we will have flexibility, you can either move Pouncey to RG and Carey to RT.
Or you can move Murtha to RT.

Either way I think ou line will be better....

You're doing fine as far as living up to your new nick name.

Now Go Get Yo Shine Box TROLL!!!!

odinseye = seminal sam

just sayin...

If you are on this blog ripping Jake Long, who since day 1 has been nothing short of outstanding on and off the field, you are simply a miserable person.

GarbagePlate = odinseye = seminal sam

Murfa at RT, Cobumble at reserve.

hey fellas least this is the last year of dealing with this garbage. 6-10 year should give us a solid pick also if idiot ireland doesnt deal it away before then trying to save his coaches ass

Lol @ the notion that odiseye and seminole sam are the same. You are not paying attention

Why we don't bring O'heara ( Giants C), release Berger then we will have flexibility, you can either move Pouncey to RG and Carey to RT.
Or you can move Murtha to RT.

Either way I think ou line will be better....

Posted by: hector | August 21, 2011 at 12:02 PM


You've been watching SpOrano far to long I can see.

The goal isn't to move around our offensive lineman.

The goal is to get offensive lineman to move other teams defensive line around.

OK, just kidding. I agree, O'Hara could be a good add!

I think you might be pleasantly surprised, dusty. But you're right, if Henne flops this year, or even just spins his wheels, there is an excellent crop of QB's in next years draft.

Guys like Christian Ponder should be very thankful they were eligible this year, cause next year theres no way he sniffs the 1st round. Miami was smart not to pick a QB in the 1st round this year.

Great to have Big Jake back. This will definitely solidify that O-Line. Hopefully we can stay injury free on that line this year

Mr. Jackass (odinseye):

How would you grade the receiving corps overall?

I look forward to your response, Jackass.

We won't be able to gauge much until midnight on Sept 12, after two teams have fought out a whole game with their starters. Only then will we know what we really have.

bystander = not very bright. Check time stamps and try to keep up

Garbage Plate,

Long is a nice boy. He's just not a well-rounded left tackle and he can't play right tackle because he's not a good run-blocker. In most cases, a player like that would be made a journeyman lineman who is a backup at just about all the o-line positions. But noooooooooo...
What does Parcells do? He drafts him no. 1 overall, makes him the highest paid lineman in NFL history and sends him cold drinks as he sits on the sidelines with yet another injury.

Notice I didn't even mention all the money Parcells spent on o-linemen who wound up being injury-prone and/or just awful players?

Long is back? So what!


LISTEN I'm ONE for almost hoping these MORONS fail just to get rid of them ( just like I did with Wanndork, his last 2 years and Randy Shannon)..... and I know when all this dumb preseason is over and all the fans get some REALITY set back in their minds..

You will see the true team and maybe win 6 GAMES.....

BUT...... I am one who always say a rookie QB needs 3/4 yrs,.

And most important a SURROUNDING cast- OLINE and some weapons....

now last year wasn't Henne's fault, it was the 3 stooges....

so let's give Henne some more help (even though I think he won't do it, he missed so many open guys vs. Carolina)

1. get a freaking right OT
2. please please please a TE (stud)

Any word on Patrick Carter's injury?

i disagree on long, guy is a stud. but yes matt ryan would of been the much better pick. but it isnt longs fault that we have the worst starting qb in the nfl

What qualifies you to say Long's not a well-rounded tackle?

I'll take the opinion of the NFL players that play against him who rated him as the top LT in the NFL, and #28 player overall in the top 100.

I agree with you armchair. The turntable of the O line never had a chance to jell and be a cohesive unit. Way back Dan had a good O (with Richman protecting his back) line and such a quick release that as fans we were diehard supporters. I think that may be on the horision but Henne will have some hard knocks on him at the start of this season. I think he has it in him to become what we have expected. He lost control last year for a nuber of reasons, OC forcing him to play in a system that he did not believe in, that alianated him from his most vital reciever. The head coach that refused to acknowledge that the OC was playing a outdated system that did work in the past but with the new rules and players we have out there now and his demeanor on the field and sidelines made it look like he didn't care. I do think he played it correctly by following orders but to the fans it looked bad. Tyler did not follow orders and gained some accolades from teammates but never really led the team and actually turned the coaches against him. Henne is taking the right steps now and has been forced to do it the hard way. He has to earn the players respect as well as the fans respect. I think he will make it, with a hard start in this season he may start slow and lose a few at the start (Modnay Night with the Pats that are really clicking, It was imbarissing how they made Tamps D look) but how he bounces back will be the real measure.

I dont know why Sparano keeps him in the starting lineup ,let alone the team i watched
him struggle most the night,does Sparano owe him
something? move Murtha over or Garner ,Jon Stinchcomb from the Saints is out there still.
anything but Colombo. enough Cowboy rejects.

You guys are suckers taking the bait and responding to Sodone about Long. He is just saying that to stir things up, get a clue!

You guys are suckers

Posted by: nome | August 21, 2011 at 12:54 PM

At your service, how may I help you(wink, wink)?

I thought most football fans were straight. Whats with these bloggers who can only mock others with gay slurs? It's not even funny its plain boring. Is Miami that queer of a town?

nome miami highest rate of gays in the country

LOL worst fans in the NFL. Thank god im a Dolphins fan up here in NY , i know you beach dwellers hate us but at least we support our teams no matter what and don't wish them to EVER fail... And to this FOOL to saying Jake Long is a journey man tackle and always injured please get a tv and DVD player, maybe DVR. Jake Long played every game in his NFL career and is the best Lineman in the NFL so thanks for playing.

nome miami highest rate of gays in the country

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 21, 2011 at 01:14 PM


They are descendants of gay vikings who landed there many centuries ago.

no they are all the idiots in south beach who think its cool to be gay

I'm sure murtha will get some looks at right tackle with first team.

Dusty bottoms rehoboth beach DE takes the percapita by far.

lol itc

Db it's not funny but true. That place used to be a great family place, now there is a new definition of family at the beach.

i agree man. i stay far away from there. ft laud is where its at

More wana-GMs. Listen My Bottom Hurts or whatever your name is, you and your boyfriend need to go back the the wets or pattsies blogs.
This line will be much better than last year and better then the year before when Miami had the 4th best rushing attack and fresh off of a Division title. As long as they use the spread formation and let Bush hit the open gaps this offense will be fine. It will finish higher then the wets but not close to the pattsies (they really do have the best offense in the nfl).
That will be good enough as this young defense will improve from 6th best last year to a top 3 in the nfl and win most games.
Now, all you pretenders and trolls go get your shine boxes and wait to see how confused you are. Nuff said!

wow great bias insight john. sure u wont be anywhere near here come week 8

Db. It's good to think his way, it's fun. Don't think I'd bet on it though.

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