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Long back, suddenly OL is much better

Jake Long, who was not able to pass his physical at the start of training camp because he was still nursing an undisclosed left leg injury, passed over the weekend and is back on the field.

Great timing by him.

Long's return coincides with a game in which reserve left tackle Lydon Murtha, who generally did fine filling in, struggled somewhat with three penalties against Carolina. Murtha wasn't bad at his assignments or anything like that. It's just that those penalties, especially the pre-snap ones, kill drives and he is simply not as good as Long.

So Long returned to practice Saturday and today gets the day off,  along with the rest of Miami's players. Long will be able to assess his physical condition and conditioning following his first dose of practice.

"It feels real good, getting back there with the guys and finally put the helmet on, jersey, run around out there, get to practicing, it felt good,” Long said after practice.

Dolphins coaches might not use Long in the preseason. He is expected to practice every day possible and that work against Jason Taylor, sometimes against Cameron Wake, and against Miami's burly defensive ends, should be good enough to get Long in football shape. The risk versus the reward of having Long crash helmets with another team's defensive linemen in the preseason seems to tip the scales toward risk.

Think about it:

Long worked all of last year next to Richie Incognito so it's not like the two of them need to learn each other. Yes, the offense is new, but I estimate the Dolphins will work between 40-50 team periods in which the first team offense faces the first team defense the next couple of weeks. On the week before the season-opener against the Patriots, and maybe even two weeks before, Long will also get snaps against a scout team.

So why are we worrying about getting him hit in a preseason game again?

"Whatever," Long said laughing. "Whenever coach puts me in there and expects me to play, I will be ready to play."

And with that, it seems the Dolphins starting offensive line is set. Long at left tackle, Incognito at left guard, Mike Pouncey at center, Vernon Carey at right guard and Marc Colombo at right tackle.

The biggest worry of all these for me? Not Long, coming off the injury. Not Pouncey playing as a rookie. Not Carey shifting to a new position at guard.


He has some ugly, ugly moments at times. The other night there was a pass play in which he let a blitzer run right past him untouched and in against Henne. Henne avoided the blitzer by scrambling away and then was hurried by another lineman that ran past Colombo. When that play was done, Colombo had gotten a chance to block two guys and really didn't lay a finger on either. Made me scratch my head.

Can he run-block well? Yes. Pass-block well? Not sure.

{Update: The Rams have released offensive lineman Tyler Donahue, an undrafted rookie out of Bowling Green. Why do you care? Because the Dolphins showed interest in Donahue earlier this year and will be among the teams wanting to add him to their roster. In fact, Donahue had a workout scheduled with the Dolphins Sunday. Donahue is a 6-6 and 300-pound offensive tackle.]


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I'm a bit more hopeful now with long back, seeing Henne and Marshall start to click and seeing how Reggie bush adds another dimension to the offense that opposing defenses must account for. If we stay healthy we should be over .500 this year.

John thanks for stopping by. That really cleared things up for us. I'm guessing you won't be blogging here after game one.

thats a relief. Chad only has to keep an eye on Colombo's side so that should help.

Now, I hope they can get Jerry back on track. Either way, looks like a formable OL if they can stay healthy.


exactly itc. and over 500 gets us nowhere. we either need a 12-4 season or a 2-14 season. tired of the same old 7-9,8-8,9-7 garbage

baffled by how all of the sudden some think this oline is good? they just keep throwing scrubs cut from other teams into the lineup

I wouldn't call Long Cognito and Pouncey scrubs. The RT is the biggest problem. Carey should be fine at RG.

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Db. Nothing wrong with that. We would have been alright last year save injuries.


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will always comeback to our qb, sad enough

I guess that means, no updates?

dusty, couple of days ago u had us 4-12 , earlier today 6-10 now you imply your tired of but expecting 7-9,8-8,9-7

u obviously r making the mistake of overreacting to 1 preseason game, if we win a regular season game u'll have us going to a sb!!

good to see you getting optimistic

cna't wait till u change your mind about henne, that'll be sweet

yes update, henne just missed another td to hartline. he missed 34 in a row over 10 yards

no wolf, went through schedule today. any team could run into 6 wins. we need a 2-14 year, draft luck. hire new staff

and what reaction to a preseason game. that game was awful, 2 horrible teams going at it. hard to get anymore boring than that was

the one guy who looks like a stud is burnett

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There seems to be alot of rumors about the phins secretly trying to acquire tim tebow from denver. I wonder where this is coming from and how much compensation denver is asking for.

People are going to laugh at me for saying this but in the current offense that we have I think Tebow can be very successful in the system. But I wouldn't trade a high pick. Maybe a 4th and Matt Moore. It would be great to see him come back to his home state

Db. That is a charming and sweet invitation. You have made all my buds in rehoboth beach de very jealous. But will still love you in the morning.

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For the record I think Henne will turn it around this year


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For the Record, even here at U.S.F love the fins. Hate the U. They Deserve whats going to happen to them.

Dusty it always comes back to the quarterback. We need a tight end too.

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Why not try Murtha at right tackle.Colombo scares me.Henne will be running for his life this season if they can't get a better RT


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Chad Henning is a great QB and you are lucky to have him on your team. Nat Moore is a pretty good backup QB too.


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