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Miami Dolphins: Playmakers desperately wanted

One of the problems for the 2010 Miami Dolphins was they didn't have enough playmakers making, wait for it, big plays.

The offense lacked pass plays that blew the top off the defense. The offense lacked run plays that turned second-and-seven from their own 30 into a 70-yard run.

The special teams lacked punt or kick returns touchdowns. The special teams lacked blocks of the other team's kicks. The special teams, instead, gave up several of those plays.

Even the defense lacked interceptions. Or strip sacks returned for touchdowns.

On that last note, enter the addition of Jason Taylor.

The Dolphins signed Taylor as a reserve pass-rush specialist to help Cameron Wake and Koa Misi put the kind of pressure on quarterbacks that turn into turnovers. So that explains why Miami made the move.

Why did Taylor come back to the Dolphins? In my column in today's Miami Herald, Taylor talks about how he could have returned to the Jets because that door was opened to him. But he explains the reasons he left a team that seems better situated to make a run at a ring to come to a team that seems less prepared for a title run.

Taylor also tells you why he does not dismiss the Dolphins chances of competing for a title ahead of the Patriots or Jets.

By the way, back to the playmaker search, the Dolphins will be scrimmaging this afternoon around 2 p.m.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano hopes calling today's work a scrimmage will turn up the heat on some "practice players," who perhaps need a little motivation to show out for coaches and might not think a practice is necessarily a time to do that.

Yes, there will be live blog coverage of the scrimmage. So please come back then and please check out my column in the meantime.


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Big plays, by design, start between the ears of the QB. Are we in the running for the top prize in next years Luck sweepstakes? Sure looks that way to me.


SHUT UP ABOUT THE "LUCK SWEEPSTAKES"!!! The D is going to be top 5 (if not #1), and the O will move up slightly from its "worst of the mediocre" position. Does that sound like a team that will finish last? This is a better team than last years by far, and with about 15-17 more points scored they would have finished 10 and 6 last year. why don't you hope for a winning season to turn this thing around? Tired of the negativity throughout the fan-base. Football is a game and therefore supposed to be... FUN!

Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck! Let's get rid of the Acorn Picker and the 3 point Fist Pumper too. Please Henne deliver us the perfect season: 0-16!

Will there be a video feed of today's scrimmage?

Read the JT column Armando. Great job. I was heartened by his reasons for being better this year.

i think jeff irland needs to wake up this team has no possability of a winning season without a quality quaterback ortin is a must or you will your fans and job

sonofnitchke, ch and people like you, yall need to move on to tennis or something else, maybe bowling would fit for you cause you sure don't understand football.

Hope to be there after next April.

Bro, they don't want me in any of these Blogs. I guess I am an Independent, jeje.

We are in preseason hype mode. Preseason hope mode. Two things nobody is talking about, or wanting to believe, that is undercutting this team:

1. QB - dead man walking. It's his last season here and may not last that long.

2. HC- dead man walking. It's his last season here and may not last that long.

For now, all the players, sports writers and some fans, continue to make believe those two issues don't exist, but they hang like clouds over everything.

It's going to rain.

If Miami truly was seeking playmakers, then they would have already signed RICKY WILLIAMS! I am glad that the defense has a coach & playmaker in JT. Ricky Williams would serve as a runningback coach and playmaker on offense, if they would go ahead and sign him for one more year!

Remember folks, JT called out Tony to and agreed with Ricky. JT's comments were even more negative.

Seems like TS is holding a grudge against Ricky but not JT.

Get a quality QB and we'll all see the production go up....from everyone.

What does it tell us that,whilst in Denver,Brandon Marshall had 103/104/101 catches for well over 1000rec yds and 8-10 td's but last year,his production went down? I'm sure he did'nt turn average over night.

Many teams score alot more than us but have far less talent than we do,so why do we have so many struggles getting the ball in the endzone?

Its always on the QB. I'm certainly not a Henne hater but if we are to make serious strides this season,he has to play alot better. New RB's,new Offensive Line,new OC...now lets hope for a new Henne eh.?

Sadly, we have seen the best of Henne. I think that we should bring in the ironman, Jeff Garcia and Dennis Dixon to compete. Without a real QB, our defense will keep the games close, but our offense will continue to disappoint everyone due to the QB play!

Nobody really knows(even the Coaches) how this QB situation is going to end up. Pray only.

Henne looks, looks, Marshall open, overthrown.

Henne back, rolls right, throws to Hartline, too high.

Henne in the shotgun, quick throw, batted at line of scrimmage.

Henne back, looks, hits Bess over the middle for 3 yards.

Play action, Henne looks...throws into traffic, and picked off by Vontae Davis.

Henne sacked.

Henne sacked.

Henne sacked.

This has become the "haters" website. Armondo if you don't see any play makers on this team you are an ass.

People on here are losers. So damn negative. U act like we are 2-14 every year. We have a young solid team thats only getting better.

Jeff Garcia, wtf.

He's like 43 and hasn't played in like 3 yrs.....go find a different team to follow then.

There are only 7 or 8 great qbs in the game, not everybody can have Brady running the offense.

Since we're stuck with what we got I'm going to do my best and not be a pessimist.

Although it's really hard.

Hopefully the light finally goes on for Henne and the offense clicks.

Maybe the new OC can breath some life in them.

Why do most of you bother, go be JETS fans

The Dolhins sucked last year on Offense, only good players were Bess and Long, everyone else had down years, not just Henne

Marshall was hurt a few games last year, and also dropped many passes, so yes production down, and the OC sucked, never used him right

I hope we see Henne have the year we expected last year, last year he was held back by coaches and it disrupted his growing process. If he doesn't improve then draft someone new, but he is it for this year. So support him or br a JETS fan

FF Copolla

Is 7-9 better than 2-14?

No playoffs = No playoffs.

Thats the difference between a top 3 pick and a late mid round pick.

To the contrary; it has become reality forum. Henne would be another John Elway, if his reaction time was NFL ready. Some people can react faster than others. Players who can adjust and react quickly to what is developing around them, do very well in the NFL. Those who continue to react at the college speed, do not do well in the NFL. It is not Henne's fault. His mental capacity is a slower reaction equal to the college level. This may change in time. However, most of the time this does not change.

My husband has so many issues to deal with and he insist none of them are his fault. He mumbles something about Henning whenever I ask him about his poor performance.

Oscar canosa, you should have told the folks at the Sentinel that you are from the Herald. They think you are a troll. Please explain it to them.

bond 10:01. good point, he reacts slow and often throws too late.


You are out to lunch bro. The team sucked because of this FO, TS and Chad Henne. The only reason we win 7 games a year is because of Nolan.

I spoonfeed nobody, shake.

But it's too hot out there! Yeah, I know.

Anyone that believes Henne will suddenly become the QB you've always wanted is delusional. The coaching staff doesn't believe in him, sports' pundits don't and neither does anyone else without some sort of extreme bias.

I hope Henne does have a much better year and I'll cheer for him regardless...However in no way do I expect him to break out and be anything resembling a "good" QB. This doesn't make me bad fan...It makes me a realist.

lets b positive fellas football is back,im a big henne fan because i love the wolvorines but he has to play better this yr n the coach has to stop being happy wit field goals we need touchdowns

So, other teams see needs, and FILL those needs in the Draft and free agency, and somehow Miami can't do that. Houston, we have a problem. Either our scouts, General Manager, or Coaches have not done the same due diligence of all the other teams in the NFL.

With that disclaimer, they aren't ALL horrible. They just have a poor over-arching philosophy. They don't believe in high-risk, high-reward plays. Therefore, they don't get high-risk, high-reward players (usually in the skill positions). The Dolphins care more about everyone OTHER than a skill position player. So they have great lineman, but mediocre QBs, WRs, RBs, TEs, basically all the people who actually do the scoring in a football game. It's a bad strategy. Change the strategy, and you'll escape the mediocrity.

And by the way, an amendment to my last post, I misspoke, Miami brass concentrates on getting great linemen, and (at least offensively) have fallen waaayyyy short. So, they can't even excel at the priorities they have. Problem. Leads to 7-9 seasons. Before a player steps on the field.

Everyone say wé cant win with henne then they say get another QB but from were in tried of hearing dis there is no one out there So jus shut da hell up and lets support henne and thé dolphins

Im pulling for Gates and Clay...If you watch these guys in college they were both spectacular...Gates with his speed and Clay with outstanding hands and always knowing how to get open and YAC as a FB/TE.

All u Henne bashers suck. Go root 4 the Jets. And the we cant win w/a avg Qb guys suck as well. Henne is fine. The Jets win w/a worse QB than Henne. All we have 2 do is play D & run the ball. If we can score between 17-20 pts per game & avoid turnovers the Phins will go 10-6.The O-line worries me more than the QB play & Jeff Garcia r u kidding me???????????????????

I thought the dolphins had a great draft. And I also believe they are a playoff caliber team in the best division in football. I don't think the jets are getting better. Talk about drafts what super star have they drafted in the last 3 years. We have davis, smith, long, pouncy, clemon, jones, misi, odrick, bess,wake,and a lot of unproven rookie or 2nd year players like caroll, gates, thomas.
Do I think Henne is a great QB, nope. Atleast he hasn't performed that way. But you dummies would rather miami go out and give up a second round pick and a 50 million doller contract to a slight upgrade who would have to learn a new offense in a few weeks with a new team. Haha that's a joke. I've been a miami fan my whole life, but its sad to say there fans suck. We still compare everyone to marino who never won us a super bowl!!

I started it last week, lets keep it going.... PLAY SOUR for Cowher!!

ryan your on drugs

lets face it, henne is awful. this is the last year of this garbage regime. so long ireland and sparano and henne. thankfully 2012 we can start to turn this thing around. i see 4-12, so should be a solid draft pick

DC Dolphan ur retarded. Football games r won in the trenches. Not by so called skill position players. By the way our recievers & running backs r solid. R prob last yr was play calling & bad O-line play. P.S. there r 28 other teams in the NFL w/O-Line probs. U cant just snap ur fingers or throw some money at the prob & expect it 2 go away. Some Veteran lineman will become avail at the end of camp when every1 makes their cuts. Thats when we'll get our best value. GO DOLPHINS!!! jets SUCK!!!

really need a new owner also, hes killing our advantage with home games by making them night games or road games in sept

mike g keep telling yourself that.

The fact they even looked at Orton shows you how little they think of Henne. Did anybody think two years ago fans would be begging Kyle Orton to replace Henne? Several teams made QB moves after the CBA but none made an offer for Orton.

Did you hear any rumors of Favre, Kitna, Garcia going to any other team? Nope. That is just another statement of how poor our QB situation is that those rumors would even come up.

Ryan well said bro. I have been a Dolphin fan 4 30 yrs. I love the way our team is shaping up this yr. We just need 2 pound the rock & keep Henne in managable situations.

exactly von kaper, thats one thing ill give these idiots credit for. they know they are screwed with henne so they are trying anything to find another qb. pats just made another good signing by picking up shaun ellis

If we need heat 2 win a football game than the owner is not the prob.

Chad Henne will be a top 10 QB in the NFL this year, if we have consistnacey @ the O-line.

Anyone here that says he sucks are clueless about the QB position, he needs to get better, but far from "sucks".

To anyone who hopes for anything different than what I claimed here, your NOT a phin fan, and go away.

Because you should hope for success no matter who is in the aqua and teal.

MIKG, P.S., time to time travel to 2011. You must still put grease in your hair, because your thinking is from 1950. Today's NFL is much different than I guess you're aware. MANY teams have line problems. From Green Bay, to Philly, to Pittsburgh, that's why these QBs are always seen running for their lives. But guess what they do, use their TALENT and ATHLETICISM to make a play when plays breakdown (which they ALWAYS do during the course of a game). THAT'S why teams are getting skill players that can extend plays and SCORE TDs.

Yes, did Miami need to retool after 2007, of course. They had 2 years, and completely rebuilt the team, and did a good job and stabalizing us. But their (and your) plateau will be an outdated philosophy that's quickly becoming passe in the NFL. In order to become an ELITE team, you need playmakers, ESPECIALLY in skill positions.

Suck for Luck!
PLAY SOUR for Cowher!!


What a dumb post that was. Rooting for your team to win often involves rooting for them to make the proper changes to win.

You are just one of those fans that is happy to accept anything and say maybe next year. You should consider being a Bengals fan.

called a home field adv mikg

You don't know me VonKaper, so eat it!

poizen im gonna give u credit and not think u are dumb. instead im gonna say u are one of the biggest bias fans here. henne no shot in hell at being a top 10 qb. u realize he wouldnt start for any other team in the nfl right? if u dont u should by now

Henne is a beast!!! His comp pct is 61% go look a Kyle Orton's 1st 2 yrs. He was garbage. Just give Henne some time 2 grow. Hell is took Bradshaw 5 yrs of being pounded by the fans & then ripped off 4 championships in 5 yrs.

We need to sign Ricky. He is a load to bring down and a punishing runner. Sign him quick.

And by the way, I wrote my initial post BEFORE I read Dan Le Batard's piece about Parcells. But, everyone should go read it, because he is in complete agreement with that I said. So, a reporter from the inside can see it. Fans from the outside can see it. It's silly for some fans to want to close their eyes and "hope" it gets better.

Don't be scared, go into the future with your eyes open. It doesn't change the future, it just allows you to understand it much better.

You are a johnny come latley around here, so you obviously have not seen my previous posts, because they all lead to the same theme.

Cry, complain and moan about everything we did not do for the 1 millionth time, and then take it out on Henne, because he made all the decisions?

Sad, all Henne has done is work his butt off to get better, and lead the voluntary work outs. if anyone deserves our support it is him.

not people ragging on him.


Typical response of a dumb fan. You don't know the bloggers so go eat yourself.


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