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New OLineman, Reggie's take on O, practice live blog

The Dolphins have announced the signing of free agent Ray Willis, who comes by way of the Seattle Seahawks.

Willis, a 6-6 and 304 pounds offensive tackle, started 10 games for the Seahawks last season and 10 the year before. The club also made clear to recently signed offensive lineman Micah Kia what NFL means -- Not For Long. He was cut only hours after being signed.

On to other things:

Reggie Bush is an interesting guy, what little I know of him. I do know this, I hope he is learning the Dolphins offense better than he can tell you what the Dolphins offense is actually about.

Earlier this week Bush said the Dolphins run a similar system to the New Orleans Saints, his former team. He then claimed both teams run a West Coast offense.

Let that marinate for a moment.

No, the Dolphins do not run a West Coast offense. And neither do the Saints. In fact, when asked by a reporter if Miami runs a West Coast, coach Tony Sparano looked at the reporter like he had three eyes and horn sticking out of his forehead.


Also interesting was Bush apparently quoting Sparano's words to the team on his twitter handle last night:

"An army of deer led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a deer," Bush quoted Sparano saying.

I am not Marlin Perkins, but I'm not so sure what that means from a philosophical standpoint and I'm not sure that would necessarily be true in the animal kingdom. I'd rather go with the army that has the legion of lions rather than just one lion.

Then again, Bush doesn't know the Dolphins don't run a West Coast offense so maybe he misquoted Sparano.

But hey, whatever floats your jungle gang fight sayings.

Anyway, live blog in the comments section coming up in a few ... see you there.


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am i first?

yes i am

Good morning everyone!

Fins stretching right now. What up jamaicanhero?

n 2nd, 3rd, n 4th. maybe even 5th

5th. truce

i want to kno more about this gates kid

good morning Armandito


Keep your eye on Lex Hilliard. I really see him as more ability than Thomas.


Do you have the terms for the Willis signing? Is he brought in for depth or will be actually compete for starting time? I still can't believe 4 years into this administration we still cannot solidify a steady O Line.

How Pathetic r we on saturnine waiting for an tidbit!

is gates really our new knox or old ginn?

Brandon Marshall, who was given the day off yesterday is back working today.

I phone spellcheck weird- Saturday

Haven't heard much of Nolan Carroll. Is this guy even on the team this year?

Morning Eric. Thanks for being here.

Cam, it cannot get much worse, can it?

Makes me wonder if Reggie bush is hanging with Ricky???

Jamaicanhero, u did it. Congratulations

I hear we signed another OT Ray Willis

What Up Armando? How Hot is it today?

Armando do you think the Phins will trade for Jon Kitna or bring in another veteran like Jake Delhomme?

How is Daniel Thomas shaping up so far? Do you think he will play like a stud rookie ( a la Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson) or will he take more time to develop?


Who do you think will push henne the most out of all the qbs?

Just wondering if Willis looks to be an upgrade?

Hello Mando. This season better start ! Fans r ready! HopenHemme has another good practice. Like after he got benched, when he got booed he came out firing. Jimmy Wilson seems like a keeper. He's making great plays. We need some nastiness on defense!


You think Sparano words were a challenge for Henne to "grow some" and leat his team?

Dana, Daniel thomas had a really, really, really nice practice Monday nite at Sun Life. He also had a good run during the middle of the week. Those are the highlights. Everything else, he's getting thru as a rookie. Has work to do.

LMAOROTF Over the front office, The guy who said they didnt even bring in Vince Young is right, It;s a head scracther, I Wonder if Ireland has a "Golden Parachute"? The Fist pumper must be saying "Hey, You just went to the grocery store. There's nothing here to cook with, And the milks (Reggie Bush)Bad...

Posted by: FP4FGs | August 06, 2011 at 04:23 AM

Mando, This is from earlier this morning, Your Take?

thanks mike, your sarcasm motivates me. now back to the dolphins

LC1516, I have no idea what the heck the lion-deer thing meant.

Frankly, these sayings kinda lose steam if the team doesn't have enough talent.

Remember last year's feed the wolf? How'd that work out?


Love your column about the dolphins Defense. I agree 100%. But doesn't that make the fact that we don't have a ligitimate starting QB an even bigger issue? I mean what's the point of having a great defense if the Offense can't score points? We'll be 7-9 all over again

Will Allen is out for the second consecutive day. That is a bad sign.

Armando, who is the deer? Henne?

Eric, I'm at a loss for the Dolphins with their QB situation. I think we have to start getting used to the idea that unless Carson Palmer becomes available in trade (not very likely) Chad Henne will be the QB.

Nolan Carroll has apparently lost his KOR job. He's not in the group working that at all.

I heard the team wants him to concentrate on pushing Benny Sapp for the third corner job.

that's kinda depressing Armando.

I've been asking guys on the blog about the west coast offense business--I've read in a few other places that Daboll was installing a west coast offense and it seemed like a strange fit for our personnel and our coaching staff.


Bush isn't far from the truth on west coast flair to offense. . At least if you believe none other than Bill Belicheck. He labeled Daboll's offense west coast last year. His old coach Payton worked in Philly which has been running west coast stuff for a while. I can imagine he picked up a thing or 2 from Gruden and Reid there. Check it.

Dolphins will surprise this year, big time!

Speaking About Ricky, Any team showing interest in Ricky??

Henne will be the starter this year. No one is going to release a better QB and Ireland won't be able to work a trade.


When do teams have to cut their rosters due to the cap? Maybe the Phins are looking for a guy like Kitna whom might be cut by Dallas.

Armando, any clear signs of our passing game improving this year?

Do Ireland and Ross show up for practice?


When do teams have to cut their rosters due to the cap? Maybe the Phins are looking for a guy like Kitna whom might be cut by Dallas.

Posted by: LC1516 | August 06, 2011 at 11:24 AM

Oh snap, If he's with Dallas and gets cut, You could almost write it in stone he'll be picked up by the phins.

what's going on with the guards? weren't john jerry and nate garner taking first team snaps yest? is this more oline tinkering?

Fish, while the Dolphins and no doubt New Orleans offense may run a couple of West Coast plays, they do not run a West Coast offense.

It's like putting a german transmission in and American car. it is still an American car, not a german car.

I've not heard much on how Bush has looked in his limited practices. I know he was just recently available to get out there because of the new CBA, but is he looking like a big play type of guy or a guy still learning the offense?

I really do love the Bryan Cox hiring. He's is working his butt off with Cameron Wake and Jason Taylor.

Surprised that we didn't go after Boss? Just confused...

Incognito had the day off yesterday opening an opportunity for Jerry and Garner.

What about Misi? Can Cox light a fire in that kid?

Are our TE's better?

How are the rookies doing in practice armando?

thanx dowless

Cox,Taylor,Thomas did any of those guys get us to a championship?

I see people are still crying the blues over who we didnt bring in. Thing is, some of the players that didnt come in to try out may not have wanted to. VY said he was aiming for the the Eagles before he was even released. Maybe we did call him. The front office doesnt report every single call made or what was said. But alot of fans just jump on them claiming they suck for not bringing people in they think they should have. We will see how Henne does with Daboll, hopefully he wont harp on him about making too many mistakes and keeping him handcuffed like Henning did. Teach him to take more chances and not check down everytime.

please keep an eye on gates.. exited about him n R. Jones.

Armando, anything to suggest yet Henne is better than last year?

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