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New OLineman, Reggie's take on O, practice live blog

The Dolphins have announced the signing of free agent Ray Willis, who comes by way of the Seattle Seahawks.

Willis, a 6-6 and 304 pounds offensive tackle, started 10 games for the Seahawks last season and 10 the year before. The club also made clear to recently signed offensive lineman Micah Kia what NFL means -- Not For Long. He was cut only hours after being signed.

On to other things:

Reggie Bush is an interesting guy, what little I know of him. I do know this, I hope he is learning the Dolphins offense better than he can tell you what the Dolphins offense is actually about.

Earlier this week Bush said the Dolphins run a similar system to the New Orleans Saints, his former team. He then claimed both teams run a West Coast offense.

Let that marinate for a moment.

No, the Dolphins do not run a West Coast offense. And neither do the Saints. In fact, when asked by a reporter if Miami runs a West Coast, coach Tony Sparano looked at the reporter like he had three eyes and horn sticking out of his forehead.


Also interesting was Bush apparently quoting Sparano's words to the team on his twitter handle last night:

"An army of deer led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a deer," Bush quoted Sparano saying.

I am not Marlin Perkins, but I'm not so sure what that means from a philosophical standpoint and I'm not sure that would necessarily be true in the animal kingdom. I'd rather go with the army that has the legion of lions rather than just one lion.

Then again, Bush doesn't know the Dolphins don't run a West Coast offense so maybe he misquoted Sparano.

But hey, whatever floats your jungle gang fight sayings.

Anyway, live blog in the comments section coming up in a few ... see you there.