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New QB (not Favre) is in the fold

The Dolphins have agreed to a one-year contract with free agent quarterback Kevin O'Connell a team source is confirming.

Adam Scheffter of ESPN.com first reported the contract transaction.

That means the Dolphins will have five QBs in camp, which is about right for the preseason but at least one QB and probably two too many for the regular season. I'd say Tom Brandstater's status with the team is tenuous, however.

[Update: Tom Brandstater has been cut.]

O'Connell, 26 years old and about to vie for his third NFL season, was with the Jets in 2009 and the New England Patriots in 2008.

O'Connell was a third-round draft pick of the Patriots in 2008 but lasted only one year with the franchise. He was cut in the 2009 preseason when he suffered something of a meltdown in an exhibition game, throwing two interceptions while completing only 3 of 10 passes in the second half of a game against what was a backup defense.

O'Connell was picked up by the Lions who then traded him to the Jets for a seventh round pick. O'Connell was released by New York after the 2009 season.

But here's the kicker: O'Connell suffered a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder that required surgery and major rehabilitation. He did not play football in 2010.

[Update 2: Will Allen and Brandon Marshall are not practicing today.]


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No practice blog today?

Who is Kevin O'Connell'?

Kevin O'Connell #7 Quarterback New York Jets
Height: 6-5 Weight: 225
Born: May 25, 1985 - Knoxville, TN
College: San Diego State
Draft: 2008 - 3rd round (31st pick) by the New England Patriots

thanks. thought his name sounded familiar.

Guess O'Connell's 1st order of business in Miami will be to give up his #7 jersey number. Henne's already #7.

Has this guy even played a little league game?

o connell orton. Well they both start with an o so I guess we're close

you got to be kidding me. maybe we should get marino back as consultatnt to give us ireland help on finding QBs.................

Another great mystery QB, Nice work FO. way to get us all fired up..........

O'Connell's career stats:

2 games played, 4 comps out of 6 atts, 23yds. Was also sacked 1 time.

This is his entire 3yr NFL totals. WOW!!!

rather have 1 leg culpepper than that!

The Phins need to just quit with the BS and commit to Henne. They have not brought in any new QB's that are as good as Henne and it's just getting old. Kevin O'Connell???? That's a bigger stretch than Moore. Stop with the shinanigans and let's give all the 1st team reps to Henne to prepare him for the season since it appears the Phins are not making any legitimate attempts to find a proven QB with a name that anyone recognizes.

Who are they bringing in this kid to push, Tom Brandstater?

OK, so basically, same boat as 3 minutes ago...

nothing to see here, move on.

No live blog today?

Would he be considered an acorn?

Hi Everyone!!
I am a hot girl on this blog!! I love the Dolphins and you should to!


Hot Girl Jenna

(P.S. No, JIreland did not put me up to this!)

No, No.

I think with this move they clearly sent a message, they are sticking with Henne.

That is at least what I am getting from this.

why isn't there a practice blog?

Boy can the Dolphins pick em or what!

no doubt

I'm fine with this.

Moore, Henne, O'Connell, Devlin.

I'll take 4 works in progress/unknowns to try out at QB over another over-the-hill expense.

Spend the big money, get the big guy when things are perfect. Not just to get someone. If one of these guys surprises and gels with the team, we're in business. If not, we'll have cap space and and opening for the future.

A big name acquisition that doesn't pan out is much worse than what we have now.

Dear Hot Girl Jenna,

Glad to have you supporting the Miami Dolphins!

Love (& I MEAN IT!),



Seems the only value this kid provides is to sit around the campfire with this regime and tell old Belichik and Rex Ryan war stories.

Name one proven QB that is on the market... THERE NONE!!

Freedog, I have to agree. Just committ to Henne and admit this whole upgrading the QB position was a bad joke.

It's embarassing at this point.

glad someone is, i find it a total joke

Here's the Bio of O'Connell:

Just prior to being drafted, San Diego sports writer Nick Canepa described O'Connell as having:

"all the equipment needed to fit in the modern NFL quarterback toolbox. He's 6-feet-6 and weighs 235 pounds. As Don Coryell often said, 'he runs like a deer.' He has plenty of arm. He's smart. He comes from a great background. He has a wonderful personality. He's a leader.[3]

At the 2008 NFL Combine, O'Connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4.61 seconds; only University of San Diego quarterback Josh Johnson had a faster time.

New England Patriots:

The New England Patriots selected O'Connell with their third pick (94th overall) of the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft, the highest pick the Patriots have used on a quarterback since they drafted Drew Bledsoe first overall in 1993.

O'Connell rushed for a touchdown in the 2008 preseason against the New York Giants in the fourth quarter, in a game the Patriots eventually lost 19-14. He made his NFL debut on September 21, 2008 in the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins, throwing his first four career passes and completing three.

O'Connell was waived by the Patriots on August 30, 2009, two days after a preseason game in which starting quarterback Tom Brady was injured, and, in the second half, O'Connell threw two interceptions and only threw 3 completions on 10 attempts. The Patriots gave no explanation for releasing O'Connell, who was in competition with veteran quarterback Andrew Walter, signed after his release from the Oakland Raiders, and undrafted free agent rookie Brian Hoyer of Michigan State.

Detroit Lions:

O'Connell was claimed off waivers by the Detroit Lions on September 1, 2009. He was traded on September 6.

New York Jets:

The Lions traded O'Connell to the New York Jets, for a 7th round 2011 draft pick, on September 6, 2009.[6]

He was named a team captain for the September 20 game against the New England Patriots.[7]

On August 31, 2010, New York would release O'Connell.[8] Following his departure, O'Connell found that had a torn labrum in his throwing arm, an injury he sustained during the preseason.[9] The injury will require surgery.[9]

Following his release, the New York Jets re-signed O'Connell to a two year deal. He has been placed on the injured reserve list.[10] He was later released again on July 29, 2011.[11]

Miami Dolphins:

After being released by theNew York Jets, He signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins on August 5, 2011.

WOW!!! what is this FO doing?? geez!!!!
bring us a real QB!!!!!

so if no QB options out there (and i agree) why not just stand pat? why make a spectacle of ourselves with this crap.

Boulder FinFan, they denied it to look politically correct towards Sparano. But a lot of sources confirmed both Ireland and Ross being in Northern California to pay Harbaugh a visit. I still think Ross had made up his mind. Matter of opinion I guess. In the end, Ireland convinced Ross to give Sparano one more chance. Having said that, Sparano is walking on some pretty thin ice. A playoff win would secure his job a few more years. That would be quite an accomplishment when you think about it. The last Dolphin HC to win a playoff game was Dave Wannstedt 11 years ago...

Todays practice must be closed to the media. Not even SS is tweeting it.

Dear Fans,

We turned over a stone and found this O'Connell kid. He has never thrown an interception in his NFL career, or even turned the ball over! Try comparing those stats against Favre (more TDs then anyone ever!) That's right, instead of getting the NFL LEADER IN INTs, we got the NFL LEADER IN NOT THROWING AN INT! I wonder if he is in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Hope you like your new QB!



(P.S. The INTs he through in preseason don't count!)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That made me laugh as hard as I did when I listened to the Phis FO explain why they drafted Ted Ginn #9 in the entire NFL draft!!You HAVE to admit, the Phins FO can certainly keep us knee deep in the humor these days!!

Dear Fans,

Ooops! I screwed up! (FIRST TIME EVER I SWEAR!) I meant to say Favre was the INT leader (not the TD leader). Ignore the TD part...



Bc they have to bring in something to compete with Henne and Moore. and by the way I hears Moore looked good last night.. But than again it's practice

Hey people, calm down.

This isn't a big-name acquisition or a big contract/franchise player.

We are taking 4 QBs into camp that aren't starters. Henne will start. The next two spots will be filled by either Moore/O'Connell/Devlin (most likely Devlin and Moore-or-O'Connell).

The rest will be cut or sent to practice squad.


I think the problem is ego's. They drafted Henne and their going to prove everybody wrong. If that isn't it then it has to be that almost every fan of this board knows a bad quarterback when they see him, and the Dolphins GM and Coach do not. That's real scary. How about the backup in Green Bay, didn't he play well when he had the chance or am I mistaken.

O'Connell has a "torn labrum in his throwing arm" and is the main reason the Jets released him.

This kid has been through 4 teams and released by all 4 in the pre season....I'd say we just got paid cash for a CLUNKER.

Who is really going to press Henne, I mean really?

no practice blog Amundo?

MIAMI, STOP DRAFTING QBs. You obviously no NOTHING about the position.


Seems this fo is finally trying to catch up to the rest of the afc leaders. They want the opportunity to let O'Connell go too.

Baby steps dolfans, baby steps. The fo is seeing this as opportunity to do exactly has the Pats and Jets have done: "Release O'Connell"!

In the end, Ireland convinced Ross to give Sparano one more chance.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | August 05, 2011 at 03:27 PM


#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal (Where is that?),
That is actually not true. I tried to throw Sparano under the bus. But Harbaugh wouldn't take the job no matter how much money we through at him. Seems he didn't want me as his GM. Of course, I found that unacceptable. Who wouldn't want me? The Greatest GM in all of Football?



Frank, Flynn lit up the lowly pats secondary but couldn't score more than 3 pts against detroit.

Flynn is more of a risk than Kolb in the sense that he has an even smaller body of work to look at.


Dolphins signed QB Kevin O'Connell to a one-year contract.
The best news is that O'Connell was able to pass a physical after missing all of last season with a torn labrum in his right (throwing) shoulder. The 94th overall pick in the 2008 draft, O'Connell was clearly one of Bill Belichick's misses. He projects as no more than a bottom-barrel third-stringer in Miami.

waste of tax payers money!

NH, better get on the horn to Henne's girlfriend, she's the only one who will press him this season!

Guys, you think this guy was brought in to compete with Henne? C'mon...He was just signed to play some useless quarters in the preseason...Don't read too much into this...Armando, this wasn't even worth starting a new blog quite frankly...Not really breaking news or anything...

What a waste of time. More fodder for the talking heads at ESPN and NFLN to laugh at us.

Guys, let's face it. We're stuck with Henne and Moore this year. May they both reach their highest potential and lead us to many wins this year.

Or....we'll start over next year with new HC, FO, QB, etc.

Hey, Amigo...where is your live blog???

R U rubbing one out in the bathroom again?

Get back out there and start reporting or your FIRED!

Miami fo was never serious about contending this year, that much is proven in what they've done...ross was blowing smoke up ppls @sses saying that we're ready to compete now....maybe he was talking about after he sells this team in 5 yrs........TO LA!!!*LOL*

DB @ 3:32, hilarious!

Joe Shmoe,

O'Connell would be an acorn, but only after the squirrel ate it and later crapped it out.

JERRY O'CONNELL IS A HUGE NAME! I saw him on TMZ! Wasn't he in the Piranha 3D movie? That is why we signed him to play QB. We are going to have him walk down the orange carpet before every game. JLo said he was cute too...she is looking for a new boytoy.



Truly guys, this brandstadter guy, or what ever the hell his name is has sucked royally, probably cutting him in the short term, and learning about our competition from this guy, so keep him on the roster and look at him.

But this is a non-story

Thanks Joe, didn't know if the guy was any good, someone told me Flynn did a good job.

Jeff, it's about 145 km south east of Kaboul...About an hour's drive before Kandahar...Go on google map and you'll see it...

Now we know what Sparano meant when he said "We will look at all the available options out there."

Some of the most expensive coffee beans in the world are actualy in S. America somewhere that are fed to very rare monkeys & then pooped out.

Maybe O'Connell has some of the same traits. Difference being Squirrel excriment instead of Monkey.

After attending last nights practice, I was impressed with Pruitt, Gates, Bush and Henne. Henne had a very good practice. I know one practice doesn't make him Mr. Amazing, but I like what DaBol was doing with him, especially in the shotgun. Snap and quick pass. Again, one practice doesn't mean much, but something to build on for him

I can't wait until tomorrow to hear how O'Connell looked really good with the field sodders. How he's gonna press Henne and Moore. God, how many more insignificant QBs can Ireland pack onto this team. Also, when did O'Connell play for Dallas, didn't hear that?

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