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On the other hand ... Roberto Wallace was good Tuesday

On the bright side ...

I told you Tuesday that Chad Henne's practice was not great when you measure his performance in team drills. Roberto Wallace, working with the second and third team offense, was a different story.

He had three nice catches during team drills by my unofficial count, including a 25-yard reception between the corner and safety on a post pattern. It was, in a word, heartening.

"I'm definitely more at ease, I'm comfortable," Wallace said after practice. "Even though it's a new offense, I feel like the more relaxed and the more comfortable I am, I play better."

He was playing pretty well Tuesday. I teased Wallace that it was his best practice of the current camp.

 "No, just because I had a couple of catches? I don't know that this was the best," Wallace answered. "I think my best practices are the ones where I'm error free [on assignments]. That's what means the most to me. I can have three catches and I have a mental error, I'll be hard on myself because I had the mental error. When I have errors I'm hard on myself."

So has Wallace had an error-free practice?

"I've been close," he said. "I've had practices where I've had only one or two. Today I had probably none. Maybe there are some technique things that I could work on. But I don't think I had mental mistakes today. I want to be perfect."

Wait a second ... he caught passes and doesn't think he had any mental mistakes? That was his best practice, I insisted ...

"Sounds good then," he said smiling, "sounds good to me."

One thing that might go unnoticed about Wallace that coaches have definitely measured him on is his special teams contribution.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed out of him at this particular time has been his, two things, I think this guy has done a tremendous job in every special teams period that we’ve had out here," coach Tony Sparano said. "We’ve spent an awful long time talking about the team [Monday] night on their day off and going through players and this guy has done a really good job at that portion of the game and then the second thing I’ve seen is that when the ball has been in the air in a competitive situation, kind of he versus the (defensive back),

"[Wallace] has come down with it a few times in a crowd so those have been good things to see. He plays big and that’s what you want a big receiver to do.”