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On the other hand ... Roberto Wallace was good Tuesday

On the bright side ...

I told you Tuesday that Chad Henne's practice was not great when you measure his performance in team drills. Roberto Wallace, working with the second and third team offense, was a different story.

He had three nice catches during team drills by my unofficial count, including a 25-yard reception between the corner and safety on a post pattern. It was, in a word, heartening.

"I'm definitely more at ease, I'm comfortable," Wallace said after practice. "Even though it's a new offense, I feel like the more relaxed and the more comfortable I am, I play better."

He was playing pretty well Tuesday. I teased Wallace that it was his best practice of the current camp.

 "No, just because I had a couple of catches? I don't know that this was the best," Wallace answered. "I think my best practices are the ones where I'm error free [on assignments]. That's what means the most to me. I can have three catches and I have a mental error, I'll be hard on myself because I had the mental error. When I have errors I'm hard on myself."

So has Wallace had an error-free practice?

"I've been close," he said. "I've had practices where I've had only one or two. Today I had probably none. Maybe there are some technique things that I could work on. But I don't think I had mental mistakes today. I want to be perfect."

Wait a second ... he caught passes and doesn't think he had any mental mistakes? That was his best practice, I insisted ...

"Sounds good then," he said smiling, "sounds good to me."

One thing that might go unnoticed about Wallace that coaches have definitely measured him on is his special teams contribution.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed out of him at this particular time has been his, two things, I think this guy has done a tremendous job in every special teams period that we’ve had out here," coach Tony Sparano said. "We’ve spent an awful long time talking about the team [Monday] night on their day off and going through players and this guy has done a really good job at that portion of the game and then the second thing I’ve seen is that when the ball has been in the air in a competitive situation, kind of he versus the (defensive back),

"[Wallace] has come down with it a few times in a crowd so those have been good things to see. He plays big and that’s what you want a big receiver to do.”


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It would be nice to see a 6'2 220 wr across from Marshall w Bess Gates n Bush in a 5 wide set......dangerous

Wallace will end up being another gem this FO have found.

I think Jimmy wilson and Reshad jones will be also, eventually being our starting FS and SS of the future.

I honestly prefer him over Hartline anyways. i thought letting go of Camarillo was because Hatline was a faster version but....(still waiting)Clyde is our "speed man" so if we have Marshall at 6'4/6'5 and Wallace who's the same on each side with Bess and Bush/Gates than we should be beasts of the East. Plus in the endzone it would be crazy to not double Wallace and Marshall leaving Clay and Fasano or Bush open....but I know everyone's bringing up Henne...

King JP.....

I agree with your last line.....(the whole post really).....

But in regards to your last line.....

let the Henne bashing.....or bitc*ing BEGIN.....

depending on what side you fall on....

To me....that subject is dead until Sept 12th.....around midnight....until other wise notified Henne is the starter......

As DC Dolfan posted earlier...."nothing to see here"........

He was good too last year on ST's.

I wonder who the flyers will be this year now that Amaya is gone? We'll see.

So he was good but apparently he's not very bright... lol

jets suck and will lucky to win 4 games this season.

QB competition the past 3 years has been a joke. in fact there has been no competition for henne after the trifecta annointed him. henne couldnt beat out penne(arm was gone) or even thigpen last camp. sparano has said henne is the starter already this year before any "true competition" in camp. there really is no one to push henne to actually get better. nothing will change here. competition for a position is just "talk". the QB position has never been addressed. when henne fails,we have few options. long season ahead again.

Hey Mando,

Is the WILDCAT dead or are they being sneeky about it?

thanks for the non henne material armando, nice to read something positive!!

I only hope that clyde gates learns on the fly and becomes the starter opposite to Marshall. At 4.3 speed he's the fastest wideout we have, and can easily provide those chuck yards for touchdowns we desperately need. I think only 2 or 3 corners in the game could match him.

Nice to hear a young player getting better. I liked Roberto Wallace last year (big receiver, etc), I just wanted to see some more of him (and Marlon as well). Hopefully we will this year.

But the stunner to me is Channing Crowder RETIRED? How did I miss that before (or was it just announced today)? I thought he signed with the Patriots. Can someone confirm he actually did retire? That would be big news if you ask me. Even though he's injury-prone he's still young.


FYI. NFL network will have the Miami vs Atlanta Preseason will air 1:00 PM on Sat.

sign channing to the vet minimum and give roth another chance. quit playing musical chairs with undrafted rookies.

channing retired. he doesn't even need the money.

roth screwed with sparano's head. lied about his injury. that bridge is burned.

people think you just offer a player the minimum and they'll take it. or offer some other team a two crap players for one of their stars and they'll take it.

Hartline is 6'2" and 200 pounds. Guy is damn good but everyone seems to be wishing for someone else. Is it because he isn't black?

this is why i take every report with a grain of salt.

reporters measure a practice by stats. players and coaches measure it completely differently.

armando qualifies every good day by henne and puts all the blame on him if he has an off day.

The best way now to know if Daboll is any good is to ask Belichick. Another story would be getting a true answer.


Former NE players said Dabol was not anyone they went to. He had no say in the play calling or schemes. They were surprised he was elevated to OC at Cleveland. It could be the prestige of having been on the Belichek team.

We'll soon see what he can do.

I believe Roberto Wallace is 6'4" & 220lbs. He is the same size as Marshall , not as physical with the ball but more HP under the hood.

I hope he or moore pan out to be close to special... More weapons the better.

Hartline is pedestrian at best. The problem is not that he's white...it's that he does not command the respect of opposing defenses...That makes it harder for Marshall & Bess...If you have 2 or more ball catchers that command respect it frees up other offensive opportunities.

Hartline has shown flashes of decent things, unfortunatly he does not really stick out as a positive for last year...

In fact in my anger by mid year I started yelling there the throw, "to flatline"...

That can not be a good thing.

DC Dolfan,

Read Discuss Friend(s) Email Your Email Send Email By Associated Press More Columns > MIAMI -- The NFL will be a bit quieter this season: Channing Crowder says he's retiring.

Crowder, one of the league's most notorious trash-talkers, said Tuesday he has decided to call it a career less than two weeks after being cut by the Miami Dolphins. The veteran linebacker made the announcement on WQAM-AM, where he has been a talk-show host.

Unlock HQ Video HQ video delivered by Akamai
"I know I can still play football," said Crowder, 27. "But I decided to hang it up. Now I'm not worried about icing my knees anymore or getting stingers or concussions. I did it long enough. I played football since I was 9 years old."

That included six NFL seasons, all in Miami, where Crowder developed a reputation as a jester and motormouth. For that reason, he conceded, his announcement might be met with skepticism.

"I'm not making a comeback," he said. "If somebody tells me I don't have to go through training camp and I can come in Week 1 and play -- but I don't see it."

After being released by the Dolphins, Crowder said, he tried out with the New England Patriots.

"It was just so weird," he said. "I went to their practice facility to work out, and I ran over the red dummies instead of the orange ones. I was so used to Miami, and I loved Miami so much."

Crowder said several other teams also expressed an interest in signing him, but he and his wife are expecting a baby, and he wants to remain in South Florida

yeayea, Hartline is fine as a receiver. He reminds me of Crowder, he's solid, just not a gamechanger. Plus, I'm stunned he's 6'2", 200lbs, just shows he plays small.

I think 2 plays in particular turn fans away from Hartline. The one Steelers pass where he slipped and the ball popped out, and there was another last year, can't remember what game, where he slipped again and the ball was intercepted. I think those 2 plays hurt his respect among fans.

However, Sparano loves to say he has the best YAK on the team. He needs to play the whole year this year, not make those mistakes, and connect with Henne (not all on him for this of course) on some big plays, and he'll get that respect back from the fans.

So, for this fan, no, it's not because he's a white guy. I would LOVE to have a Steve Largent-type white WR on the team. A sure-handed white guy running crisp routes, QB-friendly. Oh, wait, we had that guy, his name was Wes Welker. And our white front office decided foolishly to get rid of him. Big mistake, hope they don't do the same with Bess.

fin, thanks, I'll check it out. Have to say though, I respect what Crowder did. JT took the money from the Jets and played, but Crowder couldn't do it (not sure they offered him a contract). BIG RESPECT for that!!

Dc dolphan I love your last comment about hartline lmao about it. but like crowder I respect hartline.because hes a smart player but I just don't see him having the physical attributes to psst the WO position. A game that I thought he did exceptional in was the raiders game. I know you're thinking raiders but he was being guarded by nnamdi...hartline isn't bad but he's no welker whose smart can catch and is quick enough to get away....but much respect to crowder but his knees and speed wasnt holding up his 2 mill contract but I wish nothing but the best for dude though

Mondo, This, NOT signing Bryant McKinnie because of Marc Colombo, is why Sparano/Ireland will be gone-baby-gone after this season. McKinnie is rated 16th best tackle last yr while Colombo was 76th. Sparano knows Colombo,,,so what, thought they wanted the BEST players? Apparently not the case.

mckinney is fat 400 lb turd

This is a very good, developing, receiving crop. Someone good might have to be cut or traded.

...Usually preseason games are for the first team to get some reps, try and get into a rythm, and get out with no major injuries. For this offense, and Henne. I think it is important that the unit shows some teeth.

With the exception of the fringe players. I try not to read to much into what the expected roster players do or do not do. This preseason is different. Henne would do well for himself, and the nerves of this franchise(fans included) to go out and have solid showings. Imagine the firestorm that will be this blog if Henne comes out and takes a turd. More importantly. What will it do to the confidence of this team if we go out and underperform?

Sure all the right things will be said, and Henne probably will not lose his job as the starter. But it would do wonders for this team if Henne can come out, move the ball, and look like an NFL QB. This season it as important as ever for early success. If it is buisness as usual, and the offense looks anything like the broken down junker from the end of last year. I do not want to imagine what sort of stress it will put on this team.

Darryl D, my friend, I've been to practice, Henne is inconsistent, good one day, crappy the next

Yeah Tony and jeff are gone..they already made too many mistakes when we were promised "fireworks" ..

Been there two and redsky you are right/ At least gates look like the real deal

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