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Peter King picks Dolphins to finish last in AFC East

The new editions of Sports Illustrated (with regional covers) will hit the stands Wednesday.

Word of advice for loyal Dolphins fans: Get out your anti-acids before you look at one.

Seems SI senior NFL writer Peter King isn't too convinced the Dolphins did anything to improve themselves this offseason. Quite the opposite, actually. King, you see, picks the Dolphins to finish fourth in the AFC East.

That means King is picking the Dolphins to finish last in the division. King has the Dolphins finishing with a 6-10 record. He's got the Bills at 7-9. He's got the Jets at 10-6 and he picks the Patriots to finish 12-4.

Last season the Dolphins finished third for the second consecutive season with a 7-9 record.

So basically, King has the Dolphins taking a step backward in 2011.

I do not have the expertise, platform nor audience of Peter King. But I do not agree with his predictions.

Give me your order of finish in the AFC East.


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Peter King is a complete knucklehead! I used to have a tiny bit of respect for that guy and his predictions, although I have never taken his predictions to serious. I have 0 respect for this dumb a$$ at all now. He has us doing worse than the Bills?? He is clearly a Dolphin hater for some reason. We have made big strides forward from last year and now even our QB is looking good. F Peter King and F the Bills, Jets and Patsies! We will be 2nd in the division this year behind the Patsies. Mark my words.

Peter King loves the Patriots....
dolphins 11-5
patriots 10-6
jets 10-6
bills 7-9

It's gonna be a great season for the Dolphins and all you Henne haters get ready to eat crow

beerndrums, I agree with you. I just posted something but I guess it was taken down for some reason...I agree with your assessment of the rankings though. We will probably be second though behind the Patsies but we will see life in the post season!

Miami will finish second behind the Pats. The Jets will be third and Bills fourth. I see the Jets taking a step backwards with Sanchez throwing more INT's. The Jets did nothing to improve. I see Bush for the Dolphins helping Chad get out of those holes with those numerous check-downs. Plus, I see the Dolphins' backfield holding onto more INT's.

Patriots 12-4
Dolphins 10-6
Jets 10-6
Bills 6-10

Patriots 11-5
dolphins 10-6
y-e-t-s 8-8
and the bills......... nothing to worry about!

Truth is only fin fans, and only some, have any optimism about this team. 4 years later the new regime is now the old regime still with an oline in total disarray.
When the national media sees the majority of the online is brand new and still unsettled only two weeks before game day, they know that spells disaster.

1. 1-7 at homw
2. no points from offense
3. 95 degrees at game time
4. gator supporters
5. no play off wins in years
6. owner ship PR errors
7. consistent poor drafting
8. Coach who speaks but says nothing
9. Parcell gets 6 million for relatively nothing


It's nice to finally read all positive comments on the team. Hey guys, if some idiot starts writing unfounded, negative things about the team on any blog let's blast him.

Pats 11-5
Phins 10-6
that NY team that we all hate 8-8
Buffalo 6-10

Phins win their first Playoff game in years, but lose to eventual SB Champion Baltimore in the divisional round.

Franco, I disagree. The OLine will be just fine once their offensive leader returns. I have even heard several analysts say the same thing. They all agree that the play of the Oline is nothing to read to much into, it's preseason. Jake Long will return and the Oline will be fine. I am a loooong time Phins fan and I am a logical person. I'm not saying the Phins are best team out there but we definitely have a VERY good chance to go at least 10-6.

It will be bad enough that they'll miss the playoffs again. They are just not good enough. Sparano will be fired by the middle of the season. If he can't build an offensive line than he shouldn't be head coach. Dallas light will be gone.

That sure is alot of koolaid you guys are trying to hand out. I don't think I'm gonna drink any of it.

Pats 11-5
Jets 10-6
Phins 8-8
Bills 5-11

Patriots 11-5
dolphins 10-6
jets suck 9-7
Bills 5-11
go! dolphins go!


Too many things new. New oline. New OC. New RB's. Very short preseason. They won't be gelling until game 10 while other teams with far more consistency, established OC, QB, RB's, will get off to a faster start.

Jets 11-5
Pats 9-7
Bills 7-9
Dolphins 7-9

beemdrums everybody love the patriots. Even espn and especially NFL network even though they love the jets more. Ive looked at the phins schedule and unfortunately i see 5-11. Hope im wrong!!! but I dont see this Oline taking us anywhere but last place.

Oh no...THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Stop hating on the Phins. They have made HUGE strides in almost every aspect of their play and I don't understand how a lot of you can sit there and say they haven't. We will go at least 10-6. Go Phins!

Patriots 14-2
Jets 11-5
Dolphins 6-10
Bills 5-11

Just cant see New England being stopped. The Jets have a brilliant Defense that will carry them to alot of wins this season whereas the Dolphins just have afew too many question marks at QB,RB and Offensive Line to make me more optimistic for the season.The Bills could score afew points but Defensively,they're terrible.

Oh,i also think the Patriots will win it all...again :(

I will be glad to eat crow if Henne plays well. He is the only one that will take us to the top or sink us to the bottom. It's that simple. Go fins

Who gives a shiiiit about Peter King!!!!!

Pats 13-3
Phins 10-6 possibly 11-5
Jets 9-7
Bills 5-11

So much for Freedog being logical..Can't expect a brand new offense with new line, new rb's to be in sync any time soon. If Reggie goes down, this offense comes to a halt.

Hi Armando,
The same Peter King also picked the Dolphins to win the super bowl a couple of years ago if memory serves me. So why do people just pick someone with no discernable track record as a prognosticator and few journalistic credentials other than a stint at SI as a blogworthy topic? I could care less. He's just another sportswriter throwing his lunch against the wall every day hoping some of it will stick for want of a single seminal idea.

Sorry abouth that sportswriter comment, but you get the picture.

Pats: 13-3 (Good team, status quo for them)
Dolphins: 10-6 (Better team, Henne holds the key)
Jets: 9-7 (Step back, Sanchize comes back to Earth)
Bills: 7-9 (Young, growing team, not enough punch)

I don't see it for the Dolphins. I really don't. I think their "D" is a bit overrated. Very deep d-line, LB's pretty good, but I'm still concerned about our secondary. I'm not a big fan of Sean Smith and even less of a fan of that stiff we got in the Camarillo trade. I really don't know if Clemons or Jones are what we need at the free safety position. Also, we still have a hard time covering tight ends. Offensively, Henne still has to prove it come the regular season. No weapons at the tight end position that could stretch a defense. Miami still has problems when defenses stack up the line of scrimmage. The right side of the o-line is a disaster. It looks like a 7-9 year to me. With a little luck and the defense overachieving, maybe 9-7. Maybe.

Franco, This is my logical opinion. I choose to not take the illogical sky is falling approach. Our Oline is not as bad as you make it out to be. Get a grip. We have lot's of reasons to cheer this year. Henne has vastly improved and has more weapons to go to this year. Our D line is always a top 5 defense. We will be just fine once Jake get's back in the Oline and gets them pumped up. Go take shelter in your little sky is falling dream land.

I think the Pats are in a little trouble. A lot if they lose to us in week 1. The Jets are easily the most solid team in the East.

Jets 11-5
Fins 10-6
Pats 9-7
Bills 5-11

pats 14-2
jets 8-8
bills 8-8
phins 3-13

carolina gets 1st pix again and takes luck and will trade newton to oakland.

Hey maybe it is a good omen. I mean after all the guy picked us to win the SB last year.

Can anyone tell me how the Jets are so much better than the Dolphins?

Stat lines:
Sanchez 29 td/ 33 int
54% com
13 fumbles
53 sacks
70.2 QB rating

Henne 27 td/ 33 int
61.1 com
3 fumbles
56 sacks
75.3 QB rating

I'n not saying that Henne is our long term answer but maybe it is true that with him having the ability to make line calls he will be better and so far has been.

King is saying the Jets are great but they lost some defensive talent and regardless of the thoughts on Buress he isn't anything other then a new Edwards. This year while Miami did put a few more pieces in place. Their defense will be good. Once Long comes back that will help a ton and I'm looking forward to a good season but I'm thinking a 9-7 season and second in the division.

Has Peter King got any of his predictions right in the last 5 years? Seems to me he spends more time guzzling coffee and freebies than thinking about the NFL.

vs. NE......L
vs. HOU.....L
@ CLE.......W
@ SD........L
vs. DEN.....W
@ NYG.......L
@ KC........W
vs. WAS.....W
vs. BUF.....W
@ DAL.......L (Vomit your turkey, go back for more)
vs. OAK.....W
vs. PHI.....W (this will come as a shock win)
@ BUF.......L
@ NE........L
Ireland fired

2 watt, you're just ridiculous...Phins 3-13?? You can't even be taken seriously.

Freedog, it is not logical to accuse anyone with an objective opinion as a sky if falling opinion just because said opinion is not rosy.

Those that think this team will start out fast are, in my sky is blue opinion, totally unrealistic. More than half the oline is new. All the RB's are new. The OC is new. If history has any value, it shows these things take time to come together, and well more than a month.

fins 11-5
pats 11-5
jets 7-9
bills 7-9

assuming no major injury -henne,bush,marshall,long!!!

king shling

Peter King predicted the Panthers would be playing in January and that Matt Moore would be a top 10 QB last year (they had the #1 pick in the draft and Moore was cut) You can take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

As for the Dolphins, i think that they would be in the wild-card with 10 wins this year, i honestly believe that we can win 11 games though, but the problem is we wont really have that much of a home field advantage this year with the blackout in the city which isnt good.

Pats: 11-5
Phins: 9-7
Jets: 9-7
Bills: 5-11

Patriots 10-6
Dolphins 9-7
Jets 8-8
Bills 3-13

No Superbowl for the Patsies this year.

Unexpected stars of the year: Detroit Lions

Seriously, tell Norm from Cheers to kiss off!!

I couldn't care less what he thinks.

When will Stephen Ross sell this team?

Dolphins 16-0
Bills 16-0
Patriots 16-0
Jets 16-0

I encourage everyone to visit Kissing Suzy Kolber and check out Drew Magary's weekly edition of 'Fun With Peter King'.

I'm not worried about King's prediction because, like many so-called "experts", they probably think Dan Henning is still calling the shots on offense. A lot of people are gonna be in for a real surprise this year.

Who gives a shite about Sports Illustrated?

Does that fool King even know we signed Larry Johnson?

Pats 12-4
Phins 10-6
Jets 9-7
Bills 6-10

Its quite simple. If Chad Henne and the OC can make things happen they can be 10-6, if not, this team will struggle to 7-9 at best. It starts and ends with the QB, this is not news.

And guess what..Peter King can say they will be 16-0 and it means absolutely nothing. Did he predict the Lions would be 0-16 after being 4-0 in the Pre Season? Doubtful. How about Miami going 1-15? Peter King is as much an expert as Mel Kiper...take that for what its worth.

king is the biggest duecsh in the football writing america. Usually its exactly the opposite of what he says. I never read the guy cause he's a mo ron

Who the hell is Mel Kiper? Did he ever where a jock strap?

Bill Polian..

After further review, I believe we can go 12-4! GO PHINS!

vs. NE - W
vs. HOU - W
@ CLE - W
@ SD - L
@ JETS - L
vs. DEN - W
@ NYG - L
@ KC - W
vs. WAS - W
vs. BUF - W
@ DAL - W
vs. OAK - W
vs. PHI - W
@ BUF - W
@ NE - L
vs. JETS - W

Dear Armando,
I think people get too caught up in records and numbers. I'd like to get a little "touchy-feely" here if you know what I mean (and I think you do, hmmm?), and instead of assigning "numbers" use a color mood pairing, okay?

Dolphins - Definitely an assertive purple.
Jets - A bit over the edge in their demeanor, but if Plaxico contributes, I look for them to be a satin mauve.
Pats - Not the same team as age and the loss of GM Pioli starting to show up - down grade to a burnt sienna/ brown edge of the yellow spectrum.
Bills - look for big things next year but I think Chan Gailey has them as a very nuetral beige.


It all depends what their record is after the Monday nighter vs the jets. If they are 4-1 or 3-2 then I think we are looking at 10-6 to 11-5, but if they are 2-3 or 1-4 then I think we are looking at 7-9 or 6-10 maybe worse. The first 5 games of the season are HUGE for the phins, absolutely HUGE.

What does King know??? hes a mackeral!!!! GO FINS

My predictions is:
Pats 12-4: As much as i hate Brady and want him out of this division, he is still a top 3 QB and he will keep you in the games, plus the defensive line is gonna be a beast.

Dolphins 10-6: i say 11-5 if we dont get blacked out and the fans show up to give us a nice homefield advantage.

Jets 8-8: Sancheesie just sucks and the only reason they made it so far the last 2 years was because of their running game and good defense. Their run to the playoffs ends this year.

Bills 7-9: Gailys 3-4 defense will keep them in games this year.

Pats 12-4
Jets 10-6
Fins 8-8
Bills 5-11

Four years in and we're back to mediocre.

9-7 at best. 6-10 at worst. We'll be ahead of Buffalo.
I'm not really buying the Henne to Marshall success of the pre-season yet. Marshall won't be single covered in regular season games, and Henne will check down, or force stuff. Bush running rampant off check downs and really good Defense play gives us 9-7. If All goes as some fear, 6-10 could be our future. We have a good enough defense to keep us in most games. But the O-line and QB play is the barometer for success, and those things right now are the hugest ?'s.


"the problem is we wont really have that much of a home field advantage this year with the blackout in the city which isnt good."

Are you sure?

NJ - PK = Norm From cheers - lol good one.

Peter Gammons looks like 20 bill prez Andrew Jackson.

Or Robert Horry is Will Smith

hahahahah of crap im chokin- heimlick me

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