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Peter King picks Dolphins to finish last in AFC East

The new editions of Sports Illustrated (with regional covers) will hit the stands Wednesday.

Word of advice for loyal Dolphins fans: Get out your anti-acids before you look at one.

Seems SI senior NFL writer Peter King isn't too convinced the Dolphins did anything to improve themselves this offseason. Quite the opposite, actually. King, you see, picks the Dolphins to finish fourth in the AFC East.

That means King is picking the Dolphins to finish last in the division. King has the Dolphins finishing with a 6-10 record. He's got the Bills at 7-9. He's got the Jets at 10-6 and he picks the Patriots to finish 12-4.

Last season the Dolphins finished third for the second consecutive season with a 7-9 record.

So basically, King has the Dolphins taking a step backward in 2011.

I do not have the expertise, platform nor audience of Peter King. But I do not agree with his predictions.

Give me your order of finish in the AFC East.


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What, you came up with another entry, Arrmando?

Peter King is one of the most overrated 'reporters' in the whole national media spectrum.

All I ask is for 1 better drive a game, to turn the 3 in to 7.

If we score 64 more point this year (4 per game) we win more than 8 games.

How does Buffalo win 7 games?

Is this the same guy that picked the Fins to go to the Super Bowl a few years back???

These double digit predictions are certainly optimistic.

I hope it turns out that way, however the offensive line and defense will really have to show up big all season for that to happen.

I think ED is correct to point out how critical the 1st 5 games are.

Henne to the Beast for an Touch Down Feast!!

Pats - 12-4
Jets - 9-7
Phins - 9-7
Bills - 6-10

If we can somehow start 2-0 this will be an exciting year. I'm coming from Ohio for the Texans game, a week 2 "must-win" game almost sounds ridiculous but if we start 0-2 with both games at home it could be a long season.

I'm a diehard Phins fan, have been since I was 5 years old, but sorry South Floridians I'll be wearing my Buckeyes jersey in the stands Sat. Sept 17. Gonna be a hell of a weekend, hit me up Mando! lol

Peter King has been living in Boston, the better part of the last decade, although he now just put his place up for sale and is moving back to New York. He is part of the Patriots media machine, both national and local, that sucks up to the Patriots, because Bob Kraft runs everything to do with the media in the NFL and he is basically all of their bosses. It's the same media machine that during the Patriots 34-10 loss to the Lions was making excuses for them, where if it had been the Patriots handing the Lions that type of loss in the third pre-season game they would have crowned the Patsies the "greatest team in the history of the NFL.". The national NFL media is a total joke that only cares about three NFL teams Jets, Giants, Patriots because of their northeast bias, and they are a shell of what they were in the 1970's and 1980's. They had no clue that Green Bay was going to win the Super Bowl last year nor did they care, because GB is a midwest team and not in the northeast corridor. You think if any other team had been involved in the cheating scandal that the Patriots were in that the media would have totally covered it up the way they did for the Patriots. I bet most of America doesn't even know that Belichek had microphones in the other teams locker rooms listening in to his opponents pre-game and halftime game plans. Why?... because Bob Kraft is the NFL media's boss that's why. Have Peter King move to Miami year round and put Ross in charge of the NFL's media operations and you'll see how quick the national NFL media would like the Dolphins. Ron Jaworski one of the few analysts I have respect for and he has the Dolphins winnning more than seven games, so I'll stick with Jaws. The lockout showed the NFL is totally corrupt in many ways.

fredog,make a list on who pix ???? like the homers on the ss do and we'll c who is closest.watch !

No "expert" thinks we have a 2 game easier schedule??
Bush, gates, Burnett, JT alone can win us 2 more games. And I hate to admit it but I'm starting to like Daball's play calling!!

Thanks Coach Shula,

It is important to remember how slanted and corrupt the league is that we care so much about.

No other team could have gotten away with the multi year cheating scam the cheatriouts pulled off.

The referee jobbing that the Dolphins experienced against the Steelers last year would never have happened to the cheatriouts.

Of course that game could have been won if not for the pathetic FG offense of the team last year.

Let's face it, the team does not have Shula to bring respect and the team is going to have to win its way back to relevance.

Pats 10-6
Miami 9-7
Jets 8-8
Bills 6-10

I love it when the media moguls say that we suck. Every time they say that, we have a winning season. And, everytime they say that we're going to the play-offs, we tank! Thank you to the media! Lol!

Pats 13-3
Jets 11-5
Dolphins 10-6
Bills 5-11

Henne does better, but still stays in that "Is he our guy, or isn't he?" area.

Bush does just okay, Thomas does below average.

2 watt, write proper grammar so I understand what you're saying and then we can talk.


"the problem is we wont really have that much of a home field advantage this year with the blackout in the city which isnt good."

Are you sure?

Posted by: Memphis Minnie | August 30, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Yes im sure. Maybe i wrote it down wrong but anybody with common sense would know what im talking about.

When you play in front of an empty stand you dont tend to take the next step to play at the next level, but when you have the crowd on your side you feed of their energy and play alot harder and faster in that moment. THIS IS A FACT!!!

Based on absolutely nothing, just a guess

Pats 12-4
Fins 9-7 (We sweep Jets and win tie breaker)
Jets 9-7
Bills 7-9

Is he the same guy that picked them to win the super bowl several years back Hmmmm....? Sports Writers = too old/not good enough to play and not knowledgeable enough to coach or be a part of the team, with a degree in communications + connections. I won't pick the line up of the division BUT I have the Phins at 10-6, wherever that puts 'em.

great news, same dumbass picked the phins to win the superbowl the year they went 1-15...

PATS--Clearly Superior Over Every AFC East Team--
Jets--Number 2 In AFC EAST; They Have A Competent Quarterback--
Dolphins--Henne Mr. Inconsistent--
Bills--7-9--Just A TAD Worse Than The Phins

Mr. King Is Pretty Much On Target...I believe we are a shade better than the Bills...The Only Good Thing about this waste of a year...will be that Morono, Henne, and Ireland Will Hopefully Be Gone after this coming waste of a year...For All Of you delusional fans believing that we will have a better record that the Patriots....Stop Drinking the Kool Aid..and Accept Reality..

Dont forget to check your luggae at the desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fins 11-5
Jets 10-6
Pats 7-9
Bills 7-9

Pats defense is horrible, they gave up a ton of yards last year and didn't get any better this year. The only reason why they gave up so few points is because the opponents were working with a long field most of the time (Pats highest scoring team). Without welker and a shaky offensive line, they won't be as good as most people think.

Yeah the highest scoring team in the NFL last year will go 7-9 this year...riiiighhhhhttt


You guys talking about our Home Field advantage, give it a rest. I'm in a polite mood, so I'll just say your sounding uninformed.

While it sucks what Ross has "created" with the "experience" and it sucks we don't have more fan support, it's almost irrevelent.


Home field advantages aside, we will do better than that this year.

I usually post the word SHEESH in jest. This time it's well deserved and I couldn't mean it more-SHEESH!!!!

Doesn't mean they'll be the highest scoring team this year.

Look at Minnesota last year

2009 - 2nd highest scoring team - 29.4 pts/gm
2010 - 4th worst scoring team - 17.6 pts/gm

I think the Jets are equal to last year, so take first place, say 11-5. Pats took a step back on defense, so I'll call them 10-6. I like the Dolphins's improvements in a couple of areas, but I unfortunately don't think they will do better than 8-8. Bills are 6-10 until they show me something.

I DO think that more of the Fins' victories will come at HOME this year, though. . .

There is no way the Patriots finish 7-9, regardless of how bad their defense is.

The fact is, there is no reason to believe that the Dolphins SHOULD be over .500. Too many "ifs" involved here. I don't think Henne is suddenly going to throw for 25 tds and 5 ints. There is no reason to believe that the secondary will suddenly hold on to more balls. The offensive line is not very good and the running backs are not very good. I think 7-9, 8-8 is the more likely scenario.

I'm sad to say but 6 - 7 wins is probably where the Dolphins are at. We made no major changes to last year and are stuck with the same QB who frankly isn't very good. If we had done something risky then maybe I would feel that we have a better team than last year but I don't know if we do.

@DisgruntledDolphan: Did you believe Peter King when he said we would be playing in the SuperBowl and winning it the year we went 1-15?

You do know that this is the same man who predicted that the Carolina Panthers would be playing in January and that Matt Moore was gonna be a top 10 QB in that same year. They ended up with the #1 pick in the draft just so you know, and Moore got cut and is now a back up to Henne.

Be optimistic about this team and stop going off of what the media is always saying. You do know that the media dont like the Dolphins right? You probably didnt know that.

I just hope we finish above the Jets. maybe sweeping them would make my season complete.

Also extremely unlikely that the pats have the same turnover differential they had last year at a +28.

That led to a lot of short fields for the offense and easy points.

I Just love it when the everyone picks the dolphins to finish last. I'm basing my prediction on these facts:
1- Sparano changed his ways, look for him to go all out this season. What happens when a man has nothing to lose? He becomes unpredictable and that's what's this team needs.
2- One thing I know is that hard work always pays off, as long as Henne can manage his long throws and put it in a way that Brandon can jump for or Bess can grab it, we should be fine
3- Reggie Bush might not be Brandon Jacobs or Preist Holmes, but Daboll can make a close to a mirror image of Marshall Faulk.
4- OchoCinco can run fast no more, Fat Albert will be a big key on the Pats defense, that's why the hoddie hasn't use him yet
5- don't be surpised if Plax gets injured and the jets become one dimensional.
6- the bills will be able to shake up the division a bit, which ultimately can help the fins
What that being said, here it goes:


1- Dolphins: 11-5 to 12-4
2- Jets 10-6
3- Pats 10-6
4- Bills 8-8

My pick for the super bowl: Miami, call me crazy but I'm putting 100 on it in vegas bet. I should of done that with Dallas at the Begin of the NBA season last year, everyone picked against them. I learned my lesson. If I lose, better lose 100 in bets than at the club getting wasted.

Pats 12-4
Jets 11-5
Dolphins 9-7
Bills 6-10

I think if we trade Merling for a REAL TE
and we shift murtha to the rt side for that fool colombo 12 wins or more...
4 backs bush /lj/thomas/hillard

noteable cuts polite/mastrud gotta go

12-4 Patsies
11-5 Fins
9-7 Not Yets
6-10 Bills

I believe the dolphins will surprise a lot of ppl this year. The Patsies are still the class of the division but will split with Fins. The not yets have taken a step back and defense is getting older. The Bills well are the Bills, still rebuilding. ALRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT MIAMI!!!! R.I.P.

Henne to the pro bowl if we get a real TE and
some help on rt side of the line

Peter King is Bill Parcells butt boy.

Pat's 11-5
Jet's 9-7
Dolphin's 6-10
Bill's 4-12

My predictions from first to last place in 2011

Dan Lebartard 11-5
Joe Rose: 10-6
Armando and the Amigo: 4-12

Miami's record is going to come down to how they play, No one, and I mean No one can predict how good or bad Miami is going to play this year, I personaly think Miami can win 10-11 games this year, its all a roll of the dice.

fins 4-12

Tony steps down mid season

Marshall throws the ball at a ref and gets suspended 4 games

Reggie Bush goes down by the bye

D drops a bunch of picks

Safeties get burned

Henne more ints than tds

Thomas bust

The Dolphins will be the most improved team in the division. PERIOD!

Better offense? No question! No more dinosaur playbook and no more ability not to audible. Faster weapons.

Better defense? No question!! 2nd year under Nolan, more depth in the front 7, Burnett addition, and a young maturing secondary.


The only thing I'll predict at this point is that the Pats will win the division and the wetspots will miss the playoffs.

I don't see any drop off from last years 14-2 patsies. Though I think they only win 11 or 12 this year.

The wetspots, while decent team, have gotten by on luck and circumstances the past two seasons. Their so called "run" is now OFFICIALLY OVER!

The Phins have basically been a 500 team for the past two seasons, they will be better than that this year. How much so remains to be seen.

Roster cut downs aren't quite as important to the more established teams. For Miami this year, the moves we make in the next two weeks will be CRUCIAL.

We HAVE to trade for(and I hate trading even one pick)or sign AT LEAST one starting calibre veteran offensive lineman and we'll be in good shape.

Either way, whether we find another piece in time or not, we win AT LEAST 9 GUARANTEED!

Pats: 4-12
Jets: 2-14
Fins: 2-14
Bills: 0-16

We made no major changes to last year and are stuck with the same QB who frankly isn't very good.

Posted by: Dave | August 30, 2011 at 12:52 PM

Hiring a new OC and installing an entirely new 21st century offense, but ah yeah, no major changes.


Peter King's wife had an affair with Vonte Davis. On a second occasion, Sean 'Get it on' Jones earned his moniker when Jones and Sean Smith handled Mrs. King with effective 'bump and run' coverage. She couldn't walk for days ...

Pats 12-4. Phins 11-5. Jets 10-6. Bills 6-10

DAVE: The Dolphins dont have Henning calling the plays for offense anymore, thats a HUGE change by itself. Henne is playing like a real QB right now, making the right reads, calling audibles at the line, and throwing the long ball more. You havent been paying attention to whats going on with this team if you cant see the changes that was made. Plus, we are bringing back a top 5 defense from last year.

After SI called for the dissolution of the Canes football program, I canceled my subscription. Now Peter King is picking the Phins to come in last.

There should be a boycott of SI sales anywhere in South Florida.

Pats 11-5
Phins 10-6
Vomit breath 10-6
Buffalo 8-8

Oregon Dolphin fan

I'm with you all the way. We're brothers in that we think the same way. We had Shula, Griese, Marino for about thirty great years and Pete Rozelle was a great league executive, and now we have a Jets fan and Kraft's butt boy running the league. We will have to win our way back to relevance.

"I do not have the expertise, platform nor audience of Peter King" or the work ethic.
Clearly rehashing another writers opinion is just plain laziness.
At least you gave him credit for your lack of effort.

Can't the Dolphins just trade Merling and a draft pick to San Fran for Vernon Davis? After all, they ARE trying to tank the season so they can draft Andrew Luck.

Cognitive Skills Test

Which of the two phrases do not belong together?

1. pigs, mud
2. toast, butter
3. sailing, wind
4. Henne, SB ring

IMHO, Miami's record is going to come down to how they play.

Does Jake Long play on both sides of the line? Why does everyone think that's all that's wrong with the line?

is this the same dude who said we'd win the superbowl a few years back??

idiots?? they get paid for this #$@%!!


but the run game does worry me.

You are suggesting that the Dolphins trade a draft pick to acquire a offensive lineman.

Now I am not saying you are wrong about this being where things are for the bifecta. I think you could be right.

However, trading a draft pick at this point in the process is clearly a desperate move.

The question is how did it get to this point?

And if they do pull this desperate maneuver, does it not show clearly that the bifecta made a major mistake in drafting Odrick and Thomas when they really needed better offensive linemen?

I think it does.

Difference between Pats and Fins for game 1:

1. Sparano still figuring out the oline, still practicing trimmed down offense, still building their game plan.

2. Belichek had his game plan set 3 months ago and fully practiced to perfection 3 weeks ago.

We're gonna lose somewhere between 5-8 games. There's really no way we win more than 11 and no way Sporano can afford to win fewer than 8.

Somehow acquiring Vernon Davis would be a huge move.

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