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Peter King picks Dolphins to finish last in AFC East

The new editions of Sports Illustrated (with regional covers) will hit the stands Wednesday.

Word of advice for loyal Dolphins fans: Get out your anti-acids before you look at one.

Seems SI senior NFL writer Peter King isn't too convinced the Dolphins did anything to improve themselves this offseason. Quite the opposite, actually. King, you see, picks the Dolphins to finish fourth in the AFC East.

That means King is picking the Dolphins to finish last in the division. King has the Dolphins finishing with a 6-10 record. He's got the Bills at 7-9. He's got the Jets at 10-6 and he picks the Patriots to finish 12-4.

Last season the Dolphins finished third for the second consecutive season with a 7-9 record.

So basically, King has the Dolphins taking a step backward in 2011.

I do not have the expertise, platform nor audience of Peter King. But I do not agree with his predictions.

Give me your order of finish in the AFC East.


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I find the range of the Dolphin predictions very interesting. It basically shows no one has a clue how they will play this year.

I would have to make two separate predictions and base it on the lame duck affect. If the team comes out hot and starts to get some confidence, they will feed off it the entire season and could win 11 or more games. If they come out and get hammered early they could take a turn for the worst. They will know the coach will be gone and a new regime will overhaul the entire roster. That would probably lead to 4 wins.

How they begin the season will be critically important to where they end up.

who is peter king???? when was the last time he was relevant????

Can't the Dolphins just trade Merling and a draft pick to San Fran for Vernon Davis? After all, they ARE trying to tank the season so they can draft Andrew Luck.

Posted by: Crandyman | August 30, 2011 at 01:13 PM

Whats with these bonehead fans making ridiculous suggestions like trade one of our bad players for another teams good player. Why in the world would SF give up a top TE to get Merling??? Let's replace a tiny hole in the boat with a bigger hole in the boat.

It takes two to tango, the trade has to help the other team to, not hurt them or they won't do it. Duh.

In three Pre season games Henne had a beautiful 44 yard TD to Hartline and another 60 yarder to Marshall. While Marshall's run after the catch was amazing, both of Henne's deep passes were beautiful.

Nobody knows how Henne will play in the regular season. That goes without saying. The one thing you can say is that our most consistent offensive player this pre season has been Henne.

Daboll's offense is obviously light years ahead of anything HenningS EVER had. Back in the day HenningS was the man, but this ain't your Grand Mama's NFL anymore.

Daboll has already shown that he knows how to put a passing QB in a position to succeed. Henne has reciprorcated by making solid reads, both pre snap and post. His audibling ability is already showing(thanks again Dan!). Pocket awareness and getting the ball out has been solid.

Barring any major catastrophies, the SUBTRACTION of Danosaur HenningS ALONE should account for at least two more victories than last year.

The additions of Daboll and his offense, a resurgent Henne and Bush's obvious talents should EASILY translate into more victories than last year.

I put at least a $100 on the OVER every year. I'm cashing out, there ain't no doubt!!!!

Pretty positive statements today. We lost 3 games last year by 3 points or less. we have the Jets number, and with the pick ups we have I'm sure we get to at least 8-8 (at the least) But I go with 9-7 and not good enough for the playoffs but good enough for TS to keep his job. I also predict Henne with 3800 yds, 18Tds, and 11 ints. We have a 1000 yd rusher (Bush) and receiver (Marshall) and a 100 catch receiver (Bess)

Did we upgrade the running game or just remove it completely?

dolphins 11-5
pats 10-6
jets 9-7
bills 7-9

Sunny Skies, go back to your team the JETS blog and stop talking about stuff you obviously know nothing about.

I think there is no need to trade a pick when we have so many great DLine men that could start on other teams. We could very easely get a solid 16 games starter for a Phillip Merling or Odrick who could be odd man out in a very deep DL. Thoughts?

Freedog, what do you know? And at least try to answer my question.

Did we upgrade the running game or just remove it completely?

peter king is wrong!
and here's why... the DEFENSE first and foremost, which is playing in a 3rd year mike nolan system, has many upgrades and last years dropped int's was a fluke and odds say it won't happen again, the front 7 is going to have a stellar year and then don't forget JT getting a couple of those sack/fumble/TD's from brady! the offense has similar improvements and their is a reason that a normally quiet sporano recently rattled the saber, YEP! our blooming bud from the parcell tree is ready to unveil his masterpiece-the OFFENSIVE LINE. there might have been a small bump in the tampa game but sparano will have it shined for the showcase! the stability alone that comes with pouncey is better then last year. then you add the upgrade at cooridinator, a new confidence and commander in a motivated henne with more familiarity with marshall and co, and don't forget those checkdowns to bush, that will become TD's(missing from the tampa game)... one thing to remember, if all they are giving us is the under to bush, then keep throwing it, watch the eagles preseason game#3, vick must have thrown to mcoy at least 20 times! i understand we wanted to see other players being the preseason and all but BUSH will be huge this year! i hope sports illustrated jinx the pats like they did to us a few years back. GO FINS!!!!!!!

Who knows..........all i do know is i hope carolina gets the first pick so we can trade them our first this year and next year for ist pick...........a LUCKy pick

Pats 13-3
Phins 11-5
Bills 8-8
Jets 6-10

F Peter king!!! Those are my predictions

2012 predictions

Tony Sparano oline coach for his buddy Payton at the Saints.

Jeff Ireland back to being a gopher for JJ.

Lady Gaga first female NFL coach. Camera crews complain about her really big hair.

budtki, I like what you said and agree. Bush is great...lol! Seriously, he can be huge and teams can not sit on the run with him in the flat and Bess in the slot. They will run out of a lot more three receiver sets so teams can't load the line.

1. Patriots
2. Jets
3. Bills
4. Dolphins

I thought these guys came from the smashmouth school.

Why is it that the talent on the O-line is so thin?

What is with that Odrick pick when the team obviously is loaded along the D-line and so thin on the offensive line?

And did Ireland even pursue any quality FA offensive linemen during this off-season?

Why blow 2 pics on Thomas when the Dolphins apparently do not have a line that can even open a hole for him and a perfectly serviceable RB could have been acquired in FA?

Clearly every team misses in the draft and FA but this offensive line situation appears to be a pretty major miss.

Now Sparano thinks everything will be just fine. Hopefully he is right.

The foundation for all offensive success is the offensive line. If the Dolphins have to keep spending premium draft picks on the offensive line then so be it.

Why are the mnost enthused fans always the least informed?

Budtki - its Nolan's 2nd year, not 3rd.

It's comforting to know that Tony is confident that the running game, oline, passing game, secondary, and special teams can still be fixed. They're fixable.

Peter King is the worst person for prediction, he is always off, neways,

Pats: 11-5
Dolphins 10-6
Jets 9-7
Bills - 5-10

PAtriots are vulnerable this year with a weak offensive line, we saw how detroit destroyed their line, miami's pass rush def will keep them close in every game, i see we improved from last year's offense, Jets are paper champs and chumps! Bills always stink.


The only prediction we can all make with some level of credibility is that the Pats will apply serious pressure on our OLine. Of course, they'll watch the Falcons and Bucs games and will force Henne (under pressure) to throw the ball. If the Pats win, expect every team afterwards to do the same until the OLine gets it right (if ever).

We are a couple of weeks away from seeing if the defense can hang as they are facing a major test in the cheatriouts.

And we will see what the real deal is with this offensive line too.


I'm not going to get into specifics and things, you know take care of themselves when what you see, ya know, it's really just that things ah take a litte more than other um. things and all that, but................you have to understand, ah and at the end of the day........things start to gell....um.....jello has been good enough you know with the little spoons and what not.............

Seriously, I'm not going into specifics but they've obviously made their share of mistakes, otherwise were not having this conversation.

In the past three days I've spent at least 10 hours watching the O-line in all 3 pre season games. I would say this O-line definitely consitutes DESPERATION.

If we go with what we've got(on the o-line), I say 9 wins would be the best possible scenario.

I'm not willing to part with any high picks regardless, though desperate times call for desperate measures.

At this point and considering whats at stake, I would be perfectly willing to package a player and a 5th round pick or lower to bring in a solid starting offensive lineman. I don't care if it's a tackle or guard, but at least one or the other.

I'm thinking one of our defensive lineman and a pick.

Shore up this line and things will get good in a hurry!!!!

to whomever is talking about a VERNON DAVIS trade, I can tell you he and Gore are fan favorites out here, and davis is totally engaged in the community. I don't see him leaving any time soon.

Sunny Skies, we absolutely upgraded the running game. We have Bush who not only provides a running attack but can also play slot receiver. We also have Larry Johnson now, who looks better than he has in a long time. He's not an everydown back but could be a very good goal line RB or 3rd down back if he can keep his attitude in check and stays healthy. Lex Hilliard is a BIG back and we'll see how he progresses but he is a young work in progress guy that I believe will be a good RB. Ricky was getting old and can't carry as much as he used to and Ronnie was too injury prone. They were good and we got out of them everything we could but they no longer fit the type of Offense we want to run.
Opposing teams will have to plan for Bush as they will never know how he will be used from down to down which also opens up the field for Marshall, Bess, and Hartline. This is gonna be a fun year and fun team to watch. Especially since Sporano has a whole new outlook on how to coach this team. Henne now has the go ahead to audible into plays as he sees fit and has more confidence as a result of it. Henne will be 100% better than last year with less INT's and More completions and TD's. Go PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pats, Dolphins, Jets, Bils

close your eyes repost police

for those of u hating on ross, ireland and sparano

one of the reasons ts has changed styles is coz of ross telling him to, the other is coz he recognised the need and his own mistaken philosophy would not lead to winning

all (nearly) successful coaches take time to achieve success BUT THEY do learn from their mistakes, daboll will also benefit from his mistakes and one will be not to trust the o-line to ts in future!!

u guys may not find these past articles of interest but i do,and i post them coz at the time they gave me hope, it's still only preseason but they remind me of where we were and where we are (hoping) yes it's taking a long time but as long as the fins go 9-7 or better the fo should stay and build on their knowledge and the team we currently have,

i think sustained seasons of success are nearhttp://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2011-01-16/sports/fl-berardino-dolphins-tony-sparano-0120110116_1_tony-sparano-tom-coughlin-coach-coughlin


because u HAVE to trust the pilot when u get on the plane I will trust ts in his opinion of the r oline (which maybe the opposite of what he says publicly for all i know) like the plane if the the pilot crashes it i'll be dead anyway so i might as well relax and look out the window, never know i might get to where i want to be - playoffs!!

The team now has talent at the skill positions. With R Bush, BM, and Henne.

Now they are thin at the offensive line which makes the whole thing go.

If the offensive line could be shored up the team could be good.

btw Odin, your Sparano speak is funny, and some of those things.

Freedog, I asked about the running game. Not the screen pass game.

Reggie was 9 for -3 running, something like that. I can gain zero sitting on my butt which is better than -3.

LJ was 5 carries for 2 yards last year.

Thomas, who knows. Hasn't shown anything yet. Maybe he will.

wolf i'll take a train thanx.lol

Peter King also said McNabb was coming to the phins from he's inside sources, he don't know jack he also said Tony Romo would lead the Cowboys to the Super bowl whatever Mr.King

I saw part of the Bucs-Fins replay this morning on NFL Network...the most disturbing thing i saw? Vontae Davis was in to block on a punt return. AAAAAGHH. The fins best corner and they're going to play around with getting him injured as a blocker on a punt return?!

Visions of OJ Mcduffie...

Knock it off, you meatballs. 53 bodies to choose from and you pick Vontae to block on STs. That's just stoopid.

good one 2 watt just remember belli's driving the train, its more risky being a fin fan but its the better mode of travel!

Dont get upset by Peter King, he is doing us a favor. We have nothing to live up to that way and everybody over looks the Fins. That works well for us. I hope they all say the same thing that way when we make the playoffs, everyone can eat crow.

Sunny Skies, I told you about the "running game" if you read my post. I also decided to add a couple other opinions and thoughts of how Bush can help the offense. You are such a negative fair weathered fan. Go talk trash on your own sight. We can all tell you're really a JETS fan.

The cheatriouts do just fine with a spread offense, draws and screen plays.

In fact they run the ball pretty effectively like that.

I would not be sad to see the Dolphins abandon the run 1st approach and spread it out.

Jets 12-4
Pats 11-5
Fins 8-8
Bills 6-10

Also Sunny Skies, it's PRE SEASON. You will see how good these guys are when it really counts.

I saw that business with Vontae on ST and thought the same thing. What in the world is he doing in there?

The teams #1 CB!?

Smacks of over playing franchise LT J Long against the Cowboys.

Pats - 11-5
Phins - 11-5
Not YETS - 9-7
Bills - 6-10


You did not tell me about the running game, you told me about what you hope it will be, Reggie as a receiver was specifically not part of my question. We haven't seen Reggie do much at all taking hand offs. Ditto for Thomas. Its true. Seeing is believing. Doesn't mean I'm a jet fan.

I'm not so sure the RUNNING game will be better this year. Let's see.

Pats 12-4
Dolphins 11-5
Jets 8-8
Bills 7-9

5 things need to happen in order for us to hit the 11-5 mark;
1.) Offensive Play calling must have a much better flow than last couple of years
2.) Henne must make the "4yr QB Leap"
3.) Thomas has to improve throughout the year, LJ must add value and Bush must stay healthy (Bush will have his most productive season as a pro if he stays healthy)
4.) D must be top 5 (we have the players and scheme in place to do it).

Now if we do the following, we will be 6-10;

1.) Henne stinks it up
2.) Play calling not much better
3.) No Value in LJ and nothing from Thomas (Bush gets Hurt?)

That's all folks, proven formulas.

I think a lot of people are underestimating this Fin's team. We'll see.

You've all been whining about your lousy oline, coach, gm, lack of a ground game etc. Until two weeks ago your qb was awful (now after a few good quarters of preseason he is suddenly good?). Throw in the Pats and Jets and you are surprised that people are picking the lowly fish to finish last? Please. Terrible football team that no one wants to watch. Please black out all games - nationaly too.

Sounds like a Jets loser fan to me.

Nope. Brady has lost the eye of the tiger. Been too good for too long. Our man Henne, on the other hand, has the EYE OF THE TIGER, BROTHERS!!! Fins 12-4.

Other unemployed Jets or Pats fan on our site boys. Keep working hard, people like Fish Sthink needs our money to live!

I guess you didn't see the Panthers game in which Bush totaled 81 yards from scrimmage in three series. He ran eight times for 48 yards, including a 17-yard burst up the middle, and caught two passes for 33 yards. I guess now you're gonna say that he was only able to do that because it was against the Panthers, right? It's fans like you that give the rest of us Phin fans a bad name. Why can't you be optimistic about the team you supposedly love and root for? Optimism dude and the fact that they have improved on many aspects of their game. QB and WR and RB are all improved and Defense is good as usual and the Oline will be fine. It's Pre Season and Jake Long will be back to improve the Oline. Phins will be a playoff team. GO PHINS!!!

We could go to a Jets site and talk about them but I'm sure they don't ave their own site, they have to share with the Giants!

Ok, my dream prediction

Fins 11-5 (Win Tiebreaker)
Pats 11-5
Bills 6-10
Jets 0-16

Realistic Predicition

Pats 12-4
Fins 10-6 (Henne of '11 not '09/'10)
Jets 9-7 (Sanchize Slumps)
Bills 8-8 (Chan Gailey Offense, need I say more fin fans)

Why are all these idiots suddenly saying Henne is so good? They say he had a good game vs. Tampa last week? Watch that game again. The pass to Marshall was underthrown. The sacks hame from the RIGHT side (not his blind side) which means he saw the sack coming straight at him and he still didn't get out of the way. He threw the short (panic) pass too often instead of waiting for his receivers downfiled. I could go 10 for 13 or so also if all I did was dump it off to Bush. The saddest part of all is the Henne lovers who say "just give him a chance" We gave him the past 2 seasons' worth of chances, and all he ever does is throw it to the wrong team. You'll see

Sign Tebow,

Stupid comment and no doubt another troll.

I agree with you Freedog, people are going to say well it was the Panthers but we are not going to face great run stopping teams every week and we will have a chance to run and get better. Plus, like the Pats I beleive we will be able to pass to set up the run. We have quality receivers and a threat out of th eback field and team swill have to account for them! Like I said, we will have a 1000 yard rusher in Bush this year.

I do like Henne, but "Sign Tebow" makes some great points. Chad looks panic when he is in there

Freedog, Cincy looked like SB champs against Carolina. I'm just trying to be realistic. I see an online almost all new and still not together 2 weeks before the start of the season. Remember, our competition is not installing new offenses and new olines at the last minute.

I possibly did something a little different. Not sure if everyone actually looked at the schedules of all the teams. But I did, so that I could make the most accurate prediction I could:

Pats 12-4
Jets 9-7
Fins 8-8
Bills 6-10

But, I've said the range I see for our team is anywhere from 7-9 to 10-6 (realistically). Anything under 7 wins and we REALLY underperformed. Anything greater than 10 wins and everything went right all season. We just gotta see how it all plays out.



Sign Tebow is talking to self as Dolphan-LOL

Sniff, sniff........Busted AGAIN!

How pathetic-LOL!!!!

Prior to blogging here, really the only blogging I do, I had never seen the kind of name faking nonsense that goes on here.

Never would have imagined that people would do such stupid and juvenile things.

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