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Peter King picks Dolphins to finish last in AFC East

The new editions of Sports Illustrated (with regional covers) will hit the stands Wednesday.

Word of advice for loyal Dolphins fans: Get out your anti-acids before you look at one.

Seems SI senior NFL writer Peter King isn't too convinced the Dolphins did anything to improve themselves this offseason. Quite the opposite, actually. King, you see, picks the Dolphins to finish fourth in the AFC East.

That means King is picking the Dolphins to finish last in the division. King has the Dolphins finishing with a 6-10 record. He's got the Bills at 7-9. He's got the Jets at 10-6 and he picks the Patriots to finish 12-4.

Last season the Dolphins finished third for the second consecutive season with a 7-9 record.

So basically, King has the Dolphins taking a step backward in 2011.

I do not have the expertise, platform nor audience of Peter King. But I do not agree with his predictions.

Give me your order of finish in the AFC East.


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Miami has a hard road to contend with some of the beasts of the AFC in Dec and Jan...money time. They have not done it in years! I don't think we have earned any love out there...it shouldn't shock anyone. I actually like this call since now we have nothing to lose and a lot to prove...more motivation. This will be an exciting year and probably more than one surprise.

Miami 9-6
Jets 9-6
Pats 9-6
Bills 7-9

I think the Pats have taken a step back along with the Jets..if our o-line is in disarray, the what the hell is the state of the Eagles o-line..Vick's been pressured and sacked umpteen times this preseason, yet they're predicted to go 13 & 3 and win the Super Bowl..Phins have improved in all facets of the team, and Brian Dabol's offense caters to the strengths of Henne...Phins 12 & 4 ~Pats 9 & 7 ~Jets 8 & 8 ~Bills 7 & 9....Bush was a great pickup for the Phins if he can stay healthy..Danial Thomas will prove to be a stud if he can keep his feet moving between the tackles...can't wait until the Phins destroy the Pats on Monday night and all of these haters and fair weather fans choke on their idiocracy....Go Phins!!!

It's too easy for all these so called experts to pick the Pats and of course the Jets being from NY get alot of media love. The Phins have alot to prove but have appeared to at least improved some from last year, not taken a step back. The Pats should be the favorite, but I don't think the margin is as wide as the media suggests. While they are good every year, they haven't won big since they were forced to stop cheating. That's if they really stopped at all. Hopefully the Phins prove him to be a blubbering idiot. Even if they do, it's not like he'll own up to his stupid predictions anyway. The talent is closer than the media suggests. Time to execute on the field, hopefully stay healthy, and make dumb arses like King shut up!

Peter King is a dbag who reads SI anymore anyway???


N.E.: 12-4 Pit: 13-3 Ind: 12-4 S.D: 9-7

Mia : 11-5 Bal: 11-5 Hou: 10-6 Oak: 9-7

NYJ : 8-8 Cle: 7-9 Ten: 9-7 K.C: 8-8

Buf: 7-9 Cin: 5-11 Jac: 8-8 Den: 7-9


Phi: 12-4 G.B: 13-3 N.O: 14-2 Sea: 9-7

NYG: 10-6 Chi: 10-6 ATL: 12-4 STL: 8-8

Dal: 9-7 Min: 9-7 T.B: 10-6 Ari: 7-9

Was: 7-9 Det: 8-8 Car: 3-13 S.F: 4-12

Super Bowl .....

Bal v.s. N.O

N.O: 45

Bal: 28

Who the hell is Mel Kiper? Did he ever where a jock strap?

Bill Polian..

Posted by: NJ-DolFIN FAN

-actually he did on his face

All the Phin haters should be ashamed and should stop supporting the Dolphins if you have no hope.

Some just moan and groan life is not simple for many people in the world so stop whinging.

Miami will be better than everyone gives them credit for.

Jaymesh, London, UK

Mad Dog Dolphin Fan

I don't have to see a prediction from Peter King or anyone else for that matter. The "improvements" have been rather uninspiring. Burnett and Bush will help us with speed on both sides of the ball. It's true that Henne and Marshall have developed some chemistry and the QB play will be improved.

However, having two scrubs (Murtha and Colombo) as key players on your offensive line is a recipe for disaster. Vernon Carey looks lost at guard. The running game (between the tackles) looks nonexistent. There still is lackluster play at safety and noone on defense can hold on to an interception to save their life.

Then you have the schedule. I have a hard time believing that the Dolphins can be any better than 1-4 during the first part of the season. As much as it hurts me to say this, I don't see a way past 8-8 and that's with a big turn around during the second half of the season. Third place again in the AFC East.

What a shame that all these so called dolphin fans are just bashing our team....Look for all these has been sports writer to change their tune after the performance they'll show against he patriots. KING, Norm from cheers good one.

I love the fact that Peter King picked the Fins to finish last.... why? He always gets it wrong, that's why.
Look guys King's comments will do a couple of things;
1. The coaches will nail those comments to the locker room doors and leave them in plain view for all the guys to look at and fume. It will be a great motivator to some players and have them playing with more fire in their bellies.

2. It takes the pressure off plain and simple, no-one expects them to do well and when that weight of expectation is removed players can concentrate on just playing.

If you don't believe me check the SI archives where Sean Payton actually thanked Peter King for tipping the Saints to finish last in their division a few season ago as it proved to be a huge motivator.

Personally I've bet King a pint of Guinness that the Fins finish above the Bills this season.

I think the Phins will finish 2nd (9-7)behind the Pats (11-5) and get to the conf finals, losing to SD, they're looking damn strong, as last year (best overall offense and defense! withouth making the playoffs), but they tackled their weakness of the special teams.
SD will win their 1st SB against GB....

If I had to pick it I would have the dolphins at 8-8 maybe third in the division or fourth, but it all depends on Henne, if he plays well we could challenge for the division, but I am just not a believer in him, until i see him play well in the regular season on a consistent basis. Then there is the offensive line problems as well and depth at RB it could be a long year folks.

If you look OBJECTIVELY at the Fins schedule, it's tough coming up with more than 5 wins. Just saying.

PATS 11-5
JETS 8-8
BILLS 6-10

I see the Dolphins shocking the world. You're dang right it's wishful thinking but it's possible. I believe we have the weapons and the potential. We just need to fine tune that O-Line!

Go Phish!



I wish our problem was that we had a bunch of talented and unmotivated players that needed a negative column to give them a jolt.

That is not the case here. I think all of these guys will work their butts off to be the best that they can be. I see evidence of that everywhere, from example that Jake Long sets to Reggie Bush's post practice regimen.

Effort is not going to be the problem this year. Breakdowns in key positions due to a lack of talent at them is what is going to killus.

All of the work in the world is not going to prevent Colombo from being steamrolled and Murtha getting flagged for holding every other play. The blame lies with a coach who lies to himself and a general manager who refuses to deviate from a stale, tired plan to win that no longer is irrelevant in today's NFL.

Sorry, must correct the last sentence. "The blame lies with a coach who lies to himself and a GM who refuses to deviate from a stale, tired plan to win that is no longer RELEVANT in today's NFL.

Sorry about that, I don't know what you would call my last sentence, a positive-negative, negative-positive?

I like to see the Dolphins play whitout errors, because they always lose whith their own errors, never because the rival its better than us , we always lose by ourselves.(Errors like the fumble from Marshall las week, we lose the momento or Coaching calls like the second and goal and send Bush inastead of D Thomas)

So if we lose because the other team its better than us we are 11-5

I'm a very very long time Dolphin Fan. I see a lot of high hopes here. However, every year it's the same thing. In the end, the Dolphins will be the Dolphins and they will once again let all of there fans looking for other things to do other than watching football on Sundays. I'm already making my Tee times in preparation. Dolphins 6 and 10. Just good enough not to get another good draft, as always. From a frustrated long time fan.

King is right

Here's the way I see it:

Pats 13-3
Jets 11-5
Phins 9-7
Bills 6-10

Pats are the best regular season team ever, but will once again choke in the playoffs. Dolphins have question marks all over the offensive side of the ball. If Henne plays above expectations and him and Marshall connect enough, then we could see the postseason.

Didn't that genius also predict that the Dolphins would go to the Super Bowl the year they went 1-15? If he's now predicting that they will finish last in the division, I think we should all be ecstatic.

Pats 11-5
Phins 10-6 (Will have tie breaker beating NY twice)
Jets 10-6
Bills 7-9

MIAMI will finish frist this year we win because we have a better fb team all chad have to do is take care of the football make good decison be smart and dont turn the ball over the of have to help the df the have to feed of one another and last but not lest they have to beat the pats the frist game if they beat the pats there on there wayto winning the east and getting into the playoff where anything can happen hey we just have to play smart football all year i say this with the team we got we should win win win

Sunny Skies please go unsupport some other team. This is supposed to be a fan site. Maybe when your unemployment runs out you'll get a job and be too busy to waste our time with your negativity.

Sports predictions mean absolutely nothing to me.

If our Fins play well enough to get into the playoffs...HAPPY! HAPPY!

If they don't play well enough or lose big time...next year we will have a brand new regime.

So actually its a win-win situation.

I can't ever get anyone to agree with me on this issue - the NFL is a QB league - all of the good teams either got lucky and drafted a good one (New England, Green Bay) or had terrible seasons and drafted high enough to get a good one (Pittsburgh, San Diego) - if the Dolphins arn't challenging for a championship - I hope they go 2-14 and get the first pick next year - I'll take one bad year for 10-12 years of contending every year. We need to get a top two or three pick and get a stud QB and everything else will fall into place - teams that go 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7 just spin their wheels picking bewteen 16 and 22 in the draft every year and never get better. I hope this year is a disaster and then look forward to brighter days!

This organization is terriable.

Patriots 12-4
Dolphins 10-6
Jets 10-6
Bills 8-8

I'm just curious where does Peter King get his expertise. Has he ever evaluated talent for any sports team. Peter King writes and speaks for entertainment value. The same as some of the political talk show hosts like Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly. They do not need much expertise. They get reports and
information from assistants or producers and spin it for entertainment value. We never keep a scorecard on people like Peter King....and so it goes. It must be great to not be correct and no one keeps a record on how often you're wrong.

I don't think you have to be Nostradamus to know that there are significant problems with this team. Peter King doesn't have any more or any less expertise than anyone else, he just gets paid to make predictions and rile people up and get attention.

King's predictions have been outrageous in both directions over the years. Picking Miami to win the Super Bowl or finish 1-15 are patently ridiculous.

We have a mediocre team that has done little to improve itself. That's what we have, nothing more and nothing less.

I don't know if the Dolphins will finish last but who cares whether you finish last or third.

The fact is Miami has only looked good against Carolina. The Bengals looked great against Carolina. Miami has been overmatched against everyone else.

The Offensive line sucks. The coaching sucks. I predict Miami will beat Buffalo but will be worse than the Jets and Patriots and will pick between 10 and 20 in the next draft.

Good for him. Another writers opinion. I never put much stock in what these guys have to say about whats going to happen during a given season.

You and I can "guess" just as well as they can.

6 Games if we are Lucky!!!

Well Armando, we agree here. Looks like the king stepped on his peter making that prediction. Miami's talent is closer to the Jets and Patriots, offensively speaking.Defensively, I compare them to the Jets if not better. Buffalo is still a work in progress, though I do like Fitzpatrick as their QB. How Peter King can ignore this and make such claims is beyond me. Besides, I only look at SI for the swimsuit addition anyway. I get all the information I need to know about our beloved Dolphins from writers like yourself.

I really don't know anymore! I can't really say after being a Dolfan since Marino was a rookie and I was in High School, I am from the Bills area and I have always hated the bills and I have always been a Miami fan, But my patience are getting thin after all these years...I don't know what the front office is doing? I really don't! I get confused every year, every year I think, "THIS IS THE YEAR" and I just can't do it any more!!

1. Patriots
2. Dolphins
3. Jets
4. Bills


Well, reality is, Phins could finish last. Buffalo isn't that bad of a team. The Jets getting Burress will kill us! We haven't been able to cover a tall receiver-EVER. Did anybody see the Tampa game?? We struggled the whole game with their bigger O & D-lines. Henne won't be the problem, but Bush wasn't getting any yardage. Anyone who thought Ronnie & Ricky were our running problems, are smoking crack rocks! I seen the very familiar Dolphins team that I've seen the last 3 years, can't run against a big D-front, can't cover any good, taller receivers, and opposing QBs have all day to throw when they have a big O-line. I'm not trying to be a downer, but reality is this team will be lucky to win 9 games. We just didn't make much progress in the areas we were weak the last couple of years. BTW, Henne is looking really good this year! I actually think the Passing Game will be our strong point!

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