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Reggie Bush in his own words

I told you yesterday that Reggie Bush shot down the idea of taking the rest preseason off to avoid the risk of injury. (I suck, because it was my suggestion).

Well, that's not the only topic Bush addressed Monday during his exchange with the media.

Here is everything he said:

(On your favorite running play) -“My favorite running play? Hand me the ball, my favorite running play (laughing). I like to do it all, I don’t have a specific favorite running play, I like to do it all. You know, I like tosses, I like the inside zones, the outside zones, traps, sweeps, it’s all the same, you know, when you’re getting the ball.” (On what did you see watching film after Friday night’s game) - “Just looked at detailing, the little things like my depth in the backfield, my footwork, whether it’s running a route outside from the backfield. It was one where Chad (Henne) threw me a swing route, our timing was off. I think, maybe whether it’s pass blocking, it just detailing the little things and continuing to perfect my craft.” (On do you like running between tackles or is it just necessary) - “Both. I like to do it and it’s a necessary part.” (On what do you like about running between the tackles) - “Well, because, I get to get up field quicker rather than the outside tosses, it takes a little to develop and then you get up the field. Inside, you make one guy miss and you can be gone, you know, 50, 60 yards so that’s about it.” (On punt returning the first game of the season) - “I’m not sure, whatever the coach needs me to do, that’s what I’m here for and that’s really it. You know, if he ask me to return punts, I’ll return some punts, but that’s one of the reasons I came here.” (On having Coach (Jeff) Nixon as a coach, is it weird having a coach not much older than you)  -“(Laughing) Coach (Jeff) Nixon, he’s a good coach. He’s been around the league for awhile, coached in Philly (Philadelphia) for awhile, coached LeSean McCoy so obviously, he has a lot of experience with a good running back. He’s a great coach, he knows what he’s talking about, you know, he really helps us as running backs. Helps us, perfect our craft and continue to stay on us and coach us, and it helps us out a lot.” (On if he bring a lot of energy because he’s a young coach) -“Yeah, he brings a lot of energy to the position. You know, I really don’t even think of the age difference. I just try to learn from him because obviously, he’s a coach for a reason, he’s the running backs coach for a reason so I just try to learn from him. I don’t really think about the age difference, you know. I don’t really even asked him that.”(On practicing against the defense every day, does it prepare you for some of the tougher defenses) - “Yeah, I think, going against our defense definitely prepare us, for going against some of the tougher defenses. We have some big guys in the middle, they fly around, gets to the ball quick, they’re a fast defense and they’re big and strong in the inside too so I think, it prepares us, you know, very well against some pretty tough defenses.” (On practicing against the 3-4 defense) - “Yeah, the 3-4 scheme. Obviously, our division is built off 3-4 defenses so it definitely helps us out a lot.” (On what you saw from Chad (Henne) in the Carolina game) - “I thought Chad played well. I’ve been saying since I got here, day one, Chad’s got the tools, it’s just fine tune those tools, just like we all he have to do. I saw some great things from Chad from day one and he has the mechanics, he has the tools, and you know, especially with this new offense, I think it’s going to do wondrous things for his career. For the type of quarterback he can be, you know, in this division so I thought he did great on the last game. You know, I’m looking forward to him putting up another great performance.” (On Chad Henne having similar qualities like Drew Brees) - “Yeah, I mean, he threw some really good balls, some of those balls were perfect passes and he couldn’t put it in a better spot so I saw some similarities between him and Drew (Brees), but obviously, there a little different, you know, in a lot of respects ,but  I think (Chad) has matured a lot in his three years and he just looked really posed back there, and he looked like he was confident the way he threw the ball, the way he stepped up in the pocket. I texted him that night and told him I was proud of him.” (On if he will be participating in more goal line packages) - “Yeah, you know, I expect to be in some of those situations, you know, obviously, it’s the preseason, it’s about getting guys different opportunities and different places. You know, I know I’ll get my chance to get in there on goal line so I’m not worried about that at all.” (On a temptation bouncing outside rather than running inside) - “It’s not so much the temptation its more I just try to focus on taking what the defense gives me so not really forcing, bouncing runs outside, more just when it’s there, it’s there, that’s when you take it but for the most part, I try to do a good job at hitting the ball up the field, up the field, and really setting them up, for one or two times bounce the ball outside.” (On running over Brian Hartline in the game) - “Yeah, it was an accident. I apologized after the game, I didn’t mean to hit him in the back like that. You know, you never want to hurt your teammates. You know, anytime you see that on film, you know it doesn’t feel good.” (On a goal to staying healthy and playing the entire season) - “Obviously, every year, my goal is to stay healthy. Now, obviously, this is a physical game, and you know, it’s tough, you know, you got to do the best job you can to take care of your body, but when you’re on the football field and people are flying around, you never know, you know, all you can do is work hard and prepare your body for those types of hits but sometimes, there’s some situations you may not be able to avoid, I think it’s just, it’s the name of the game. You know, I don’t think it’s even about luck, it’s the type of game we play.” (On being ready to go into the season) - “I don’t think as a team, we’re ready to play the start of the season and me, as an individual, as a running back, I don’t think I’m ready yet. I still think there’s a lot of things I need to work on, I only played one preseason game here with the Dolphins so I definitely want to just, obviously, I have had a lot of practice with the team, but being out there with the team in game-like situations is a lot different so you know, I definitely think I have a long ways to go and hopefully this next game (I) will get a bulk of play, you know, get a chance to build on and fine tuning my tools.”