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Reggie Bush in his own words

I told you yesterday that Reggie Bush shot down the idea of taking the rest preseason off to avoid the risk of injury. (I suck, because it was my suggestion).

Well, that's not the only topic Bush addressed Monday during his exchange with the media.

Here is everything he said:

(On your favorite running play) -“My favorite running play? Hand me the ball, my favorite running play (laughing). I like to do it all, I don’t have a specific favorite running play, I like to do it all. You know, I like tosses, I like the inside zones, the outside zones, traps, sweeps, it’s all the same, you know, when you’re getting the ball.” (On what did you see watching film after Friday night’s game) - “Just looked at detailing, the little things like my depth in the backfield, my footwork, whether it’s running a route outside from the backfield. It was one where Chad (Henne) threw me a swing route, our timing was off. I think, maybe whether it’s pass blocking, it just detailing the little things and continuing to perfect my craft.” (On do you like running between tackles or is it just necessary) - “Both. I like to do it and it’s a necessary part.” (On what do you like about running between the tackles) - “Well, because, I get to get up field quicker rather than the outside tosses, it takes a little to develop and then you get up the field. Inside, you make one guy miss and you can be gone, you know, 50, 60 yards so that’s about it.” (On punt returning the first game of the season) - “I’m not sure, whatever the coach needs me to do, that’s what I’m here for and that’s really it. You know, if he ask me to return punts, I’ll return some punts, but that’s one of the reasons I came here.” (On having Coach (Jeff) Nixon as a coach, is it weird having a coach not much older than you)  -“(Laughing) Coach (Jeff) Nixon, he’s a good coach. He’s been around the league for awhile, coached in Philly (Philadelphia) for awhile, coached LeSean McCoy so obviously, he has a lot of experience with a good running back. He’s a great coach, he knows what he’s talking about, you know, he really helps us as running backs. Helps us, perfect our craft and continue to stay on us and coach us, and it helps us out a lot.” (On if he bring a lot of energy because he’s a young coach) -“Yeah, he brings a lot of energy to the position. You know, I really don’t even think of the age difference. I just try to learn from him because obviously, he’s a coach for a reason, he’s the running backs coach for a reason so I just try to learn from him. I don’t really think about the age difference, you know. I don’t really even asked him that.”(On practicing against the defense every day, does it prepare you for some of the tougher defenses) - “Yeah, I think, going against our defense definitely prepare us, for going against some of the tougher defenses. We have some big guys in the middle, they fly around, gets to the ball quick, they’re a fast defense and they’re big and strong in the inside too so I think, it prepares us, you know, very well against some pretty tough defenses.” (On practicing against the 3-4 defense) - “Yeah, the 3-4 scheme. Obviously, our division is built off 3-4 defenses so it definitely helps us out a lot.” (On what you saw from Chad (Henne) in the Carolina game) - “I thought Chad played well. I’ve been saying since I got here, day one, Chad’s got the tools, it’s just fine tune those tools, just like we all he have to do. I saw some great things from Chad from day one and he has the mechanics, he has the tools, and you know, especially with this new offense, I think it’s going to do wondrous things for his career. For the type of quarterback he can be, you know, in this division so I thought he did great on the last game. You know, I’m looking forward to him putting up another great performance.” (On Chad Henne having similar qualities like Drew Brees) - “Yeah, I mean, he threw some really good balls, some of those balls were perfect passes and he couldn’t put it in a better spot so I saw some similarities between him and Drew (Brees), but obviously, there a little different, you know, in a lot of respects ,but  I think (Chad) has matured a lot in his three years and he just looked really posed back there, and he looked like he was confident the way he threw the ball, the way he stepped up in the pocket. I texted him that night and told him I was proud of him.” (On if he will be participating in more goal line packages) - “Yeah, you know, I expect to be in some of those situations, you know, obviously, it’s the preseason, it’s about getting guys different opportunities and different places. You know, I know I’ll get my chance to get in there on goal line so I’m not worried about that at all.” (On a temptation bouncing outside rather than running inside) - “It’s not so much the temptation its more I just try to focus on taking what the defense gives me so not really forcing, bouncing runs outside, more just when it’s there, it’s there, that’s when you take it but for the most part, I try to do a good job at hitting the ball up the field, up the field, and really setting them up, for one or two times bounce the ball outside.” (On running over Brian Hartline in the game) - “Yeah, it was an accident. I apologized after the game, I didn’t mean to hit him in the back like that. You know, you never want to hurt your teammates. You know, anytime you see that on film, you know it doesn’t feel good.” (On a goal to staying healthy and playing the entire season) - “Obviously, every year, my goal is to stay healthy. Now, obviously, this is a physical game, and you know, it’s tough, you know, you got to do the best job you can to take care of your body, but when you’re on the football field and people are flying around, you never know, you know, all you can do is work hard and prepare your body for those types of hits but sometimes, there’s some situations you may not be able to avoid, I think it’s just, it’s the name of the game. You know, I don’t think it’s even about luck, it’s the type of game we play.” (On being ready to go into the season) - “I don’t think as a team, we’re ready to play the start of the season and me, as an individual, as a running back, I don’t think I’m ready yet. I still think there’s a lot of things I need to work on, I only played one preseason game here with the Dolphins so I definitely want to just, obviously, I have had a lot of practice with the team, but being out there with the team in game-like situations is a lot different so you know, I definitely think I have a long ways to go and hopefully this next game (I) will get a bulk of play, you know, get a chance to build on and fine tuning my tools.”


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I didn't realize how quick Bush was until last weeks game.

Based on Reggie's comments, it is apparent he ain't no Henne bashing (g.o.d.) naysayer.

Yeah, looks like he is on the bandwagon of LOYAL TRUTH.

Hell Yeahhh!

He did seem bigger. A beastly bush with that speed definitly changes thinks for us.

Go Reggie! You know!

How about some line breaks, you lazy SOB?

..Reggie is going to be a huge part of this offense and it's success moving forward. If he stays healthy, he is by far the most dynamic back in this division. He also can be that security blanket for Henne...Just get the ball in his hands.

On the flip side. I say get the ball in his hands. The Phins need to procede with caution here. I would hate to see us over feed Bush so much early in the season it has the same effect as feeding a fat kid McDonalds every day. It may taste good, but eventually it is going to break you down. This is why it is important to integrate the other Backs into the fold. Bush Wants to carry the load as a number 1 back. That is great. But I think the touches are something that need to be monitored so as to not get carried away.

LOL @ Chris.

Is that a question or a comment?

I like me some big smelly Bush!

Darryl you will find that my flexibility and hips are as dynamic as Reggie. Take me now big boy!

...... and you can feed me every day. Don't worry I won't break down.

A beastly bush.... Bwaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

There isn't a better back in the division.....I don't think he is as injury prone as most believe......

To me its more of a HEART issue.....

The old saying goes..."ARE YOU INJURED....OR ARE YOU HURT".....

Thats will be the question for Bush after week 8 or nine.....averaging 18-25 touches a game......

Will he still want the ROCK.....in his mind....will he be injured or hurt....


Do you think you can take the time to break the different topics up into paragraphs....you know....like a proffesional writer might????

That would be great....thanks...

Kory Sheets released per Jeff Darlington

I like his great attitude. Winning.

Chris/kris, exactly what I was gonna say. How am I supposed to read that mess? Looks like a long list of drivel if you ask me.

Now to football, I think Ireland needs to start planning his attack now. Oakland has no 2,3,4 rd pick next year. If they are worse than Miami (which I'm predicting), they might be a great partner to trade spots with if Miami will be in the hunt for one of those highly-touted (now at least) QBs coming out (which I'm also predicting).

Let's say our Draft spot is around the same as this year (middle of the pack), and Oakland is top 10, anyone else agree a 2nd rd pick is worth trading up for if you believe you're getting the next Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning (who more than likely won't be there when it's your pick)? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

And to anyone who believes a 2nd rd pick would help the team more than a franchise QB, I ask you to think about what the Bucs, Rams and Falcons would look like without franchise QBs (not saying any of those guys are in the same league as Brady, but they are definitely more than game managers). Once they got their QBs, those teams exploded upwards. And my prediction is they will continue to get better and bring the team with them. A franchise QB can make all the difference here (regardless if Henne succeeds this year or not, depth at QB is essential for an elite team).

DC Dolfan, the only thing is, and I forget where I read this, teams are probably going to be less willing to trade top picks now with that rookie type salary cap. If Oakland is looking for extra picks, it may work but just something else to keep in mind. As far as drafting a QB, I believe we have to do that whether or not Chad has a good year, which I think he will. We need to draft a QB to develop.

Armando just reporting Dolphins looking at Clinton Portis

To the retarded:

Do you really get confused when an absence of paragraph or indentation is obvious?

Armando didn't type the Bush mono, verbatum. He simply pasted the rethoric.

It is not difficult to read a stenographer's court proceedings.

Unless you're retarded-

Dolphins have officially announced the signing of Larry Johnson. Thoughts?


WOW!! I love the Larry Johnson thing!


Larry Johnson? REALLY? The guy that crapped out in Washington? I supose in a very limited role but he's always been known as a bit of a malcontent. As long as he's not sqwaking 'cause he's not playing.

Gald they didn't touch Portis. I think he's done. Apparently he showed up out of shape for his workout with the Patriots. Disappointed in the release of Sheets. I thought he might help with the speed game but then again, I never really saw it with this guy.

I wonder of the signing of Johnson means they have questions about Thomas or was a move like this always in the works. Anyways, I've been looking for insurance all along. Don't know if this is the guy but it's nice to see they did something.

count me among the retarded.....and proud of it!!!!

BobbyD.....Larry Johnson is an amazing pick-up....short yardage...power...and if he has anything left in the tank.....he can still break the 15-30 yarder on occassion....

I have to assume, low money, low risk, for a guy that may be motivated... If not hit the bricks. He is a big guy, and has proven he can run the ball.

I think there is low risk for a much higher reward, however, I did feel the same about Portis.

Yeah me too....I looked at the mess above and just figured it was too much work.....pass!

Could have had ricky, who us a better back.

kris, I'm not convinced. The guy was losing it towards the end in KC and he showed nothing in Washington. He's been out there all this time for a reason. In a very limited role he might be OK.

DC @ 9:25 AM.....

I have to agree with the BobbyD post.....in regards to QBs.....or any 1st round picks.....teams will no longer have to pay out HUGE SUMS of money for potential misses.....

Beacause of that.....more QBs will come off the board sooner...imo

Ricky was not a pounder through the middle though. Ronnie could have been the guy we needed.

DC, any word on why Johnson did not play in the local media?

me (too -- among the retarded).

On Johnson, I agree with Craig M. Really surprised kris doesn't agree too (being close to DC). Anyone last year who saw ANY of the Redskins training camps (and I think a preseason game or 2) could have seen Johnson is done. He couldn't beat out a bunch of nobody RBs on the 'Skins last year (they were notable for being completely pedestrian).

Maybe with a year off the guy got healthy, but doubt he brings much to the table (besides a bad attitude that Ireland/Sparano supposedly don't like on this team). At least for all his trouble Brandon Marshall will give you plenty of receptions and some TDs. If Johnson can give you 20 yards all season I'd be shocked. Shows how little confidence the team has in either Thomas or Hilliard. Troubling.

Craig M....

To be honest...I thought Larry Johnson was retired.....so I agree with you there.....

The role I envision him in...is a limited role.....with Bush and Thomas getting 95% of the carries....unless the rook proves he can't handle it....

I think LJ is more of an insurrance policy to reducing Bush's wear and tear deep into the season....

Craig M...and DC...

You guys may be right....maybe I am living in the past....the memmories I have of LJ are the ones in KC.....

like I said earlier...I thought he was retired.....so that says a lot....

But doesnt this really speak volumes that ronnie would have been a great fir for us for one more year. He would have played for peanuts, look at the contract he signed with Philly. Now we are fishing at the bottom of the barrell?

If he has something left, Johnson that is. It could be a nice pick up.


I agree on your insurance policy comment. I'm actually glad they've been something like this now, rather than wait until one of the guys went down and be left with scrubs. This will give them at least a couple of weeks to see what Johnson's got and if he doesn't have it he'll be gone and they'll pick someone else up. Not a bad strategy. He'll come in, work hard, stay quiet, show something or he'll be gone. Might be his last chance.


His legs were shot, he had no burst of speed. In today's NFL you have to really have fresh legs to be a pounder. Johnson didn't have that. Also his vision wasn't that great either (think Ronnie running right into a pile, that's Johnson). They decided to keep Portis and a nobody (Ryan Torrain), who actually is a lot better than Johnson since he's younger. One thing is the 'Skins had a horrible oline last year, so maybe it wasn't the best place for him to be, but anyone see our line being so fantastic as to make a 1,000 yd rusher out of anyone? That's why we needed a guy like Bush, someone who can make plays by himself if need be.

Not sure what everyone is worried about with not having a grey-beard RB. This is a new day people. RBs need to be young and fresh or at least CLOSE to their prime (like Bush). There's way too many miles on Johnson's body. I hate this pickup.

kris and DC. Unfortunately I see this as the move that ends Polite's time with the Find. With Johnson you have a bruiser and a backup for Thomas. Hopefully that year off regenerated him a little. He will fill those short yardage runs and spell Thomas

we signe LJ guys.

Does that mean Sheets is gone and perhaps Polite too?? Moving Lex to FB and utilizing Clay as the H Back type deal??

How's this distribution:
Thomas - 14 carries per game
Bush - 8 carries per game
Lex - 3 carries per game
& LJ stepping in for Thomas at time??


Ronnie was the guy who should have been brought in, yes. It was there for the taking. Not sure what they were thinking unless they think he's done too. I think the plan all along has to be let Thomas and Bush show what they've got and then plan accordingly. Thank God it hasn't just been blind faith in those two. It would have been a recipe for disaster.

I was very sceptical at first when we signed Bush, but the kid has me impressed. To be honest, I didn't know much about him other than the "vanity" side of things that you hear. But, he seems to be a hard worker, good team mate, and a leader on offense.

Even more, he might take Henne from the mediocre pile and make him look like a pretty good QB in this league. I think this may be a fairly exciting season for phins fans.

Guys I think too many of you are jumping to the conclusion that Johnson automatically makes this team now. I don't think he does. He ets the chance to show what he's got but no way does he just automatically make this team. DC, this is a low risk move for a situational back. He can still be a guy that wears down defences late in the game if necessary. I know you don't like that type of football but in our division and against teams like Baltimore and Pitt that's something we need to do. I wasn't convinced Thomas and Bush were going to be able to do that. Hilliard? Maybe. Anyways, it's a step. Let's see how it pans out. Johnson could be gone in two weeks and we're on to someone else. Who knows.

Main point from a Washington Post article before Johnson got cut:

Johnson's contributions in the Redskins' first two games - five carries for two yards in limited playing time - were negligible.

I'd be sad and surpised if Politte is gone. I think he's a Jeff Ireland and Tony Sporano kind of guy. I guess we'll see.

Craig, I'm fine with a bruiser back, but isn't Hilliard that? If not, why's he here? Why didn't we re-sign Ronnie (like Poizen says)? He's definitely better than Johnson (at this point in his career, and a year or 2 younger). Makes no sense to me. Ronnie could have been gotten for cheaper (yes, more than Johnson, but cheaper than he was making).

Anyway, I'm not gonna make a big stink about it. Too much is going right for the team right now for me to get worked up about what they're doing at the bottom of the roster. However, Johnson has NO speed, hopefully Daboll doesn't give him any pitches to the sidelines.

Did everyone see the giants loose another cb??????? we have a stable what about trading away sapp or allen for a draft pick??????????

Craig M @ 10:28 is bringing the fire today....

It is possible that LJ doesn't make the team....

and if he does...

then in my opinion....we got a slightly older version of Ronnie Brown.....for a HUGE discount.....

I dont know about That Craig M. The Fins worked him out the same time as Tiki, so I think they know what they got. And if Polite gets the axe, like I now think, then Johnson will certainly be on the team. As far as the Redskins go, I don't know if any great back could have run behind that mess. Like I said though, year off, better situation, he can be an adequate back up/short yardage/ relief guy like kris said

We could get a third roiund pick for either of those guys!! start stocking up on picks like belly-chick

We could bring bacl christian okoye out of retirement

Now he was a goal line running back........unstoppable..........remember when the chiefs had him and barry word.........damn they were awesome

jamesthefinfan, like your scenario with the Giants, pick up a conditional draft pick somewhere, maybe?

Gusy I'd echo what most of you are saying. Not sure any back could have run behind that line. I'd actually their line was worse than ours. I think he fits as a situational/late in the game back. Is there room for him and Politte? Questionable. Maybe this is about giving Politte some competition to make him EARN the job. Any chance Politte makes the team and Clay goes on the practice squad? Maybe them there is room for both Politte and Johnson.

Line breaks are your friend, Mando!

How about using some freakin' spacing Armando!?

@dc dolfan it would be nice. But rest assure if we make the playoff this year this coaching staff will not draft andrew luck. Honestly i think that will happend. This team will surprise us this year.this is an 11 win team

Armando what happened to the Dolphins not playing a WC style offense. You got all over Bush about saying it and turns out that's exactly what they are playing. Here's what you said, http://bit.ly/oJlZvs I'm all for people making mistakes but if you treat a guy like you did Bush for the "perceived" mistake you think he made, then you deserve little mercy.

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