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Ronnie Brown to Eagles, Carey paycut story confirmed

Ronnie Brown was last seen in the stands of the Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks playoff series.

No, the man who's played in South Florida since 2005 is not a Heat fan. He was rockin' a Hawks hat. So it is kind of ironic that now Brown is joining what some are calling the NFL version of the Heat -- the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have announced that Brown has signed a one-year contract with the club. The story was broken by the Philadelphia Eagles website and their twitter handle, @EaglesInsider.

The Dolphins' feeling about this news?

I just got a text from someone with the club reacting to the signing: "Good for Ronnie ... good kid."

But, but, but,

Is it a loss for the Dolphins?

"We like our team"

Alrightie then.

On to bigger news that delves into the shadows a bit:

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting ROT Vernon Carey has indeed been asked to take a pay cut. A source close to Carey tells him Carey was unhappy when the Dolphins made the request and he was indeed given time last night to mull the cut because the Dolphins are expected to cut him if he does not accept.

Carey, as I reported on an earlier post, was to meet with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about this matter this afternoon. Players were off on Tuesday so that gave Carey time to think things over. But the Dolphins must be at the cap by Thursday and definitely won't want to put Carey on the field for practice Wednesday unless he accepts the cut.

Basically, if Carey is practicing Wednesday, that is an almost certain sign he took the paycut. If he is not ... well, you know. But that is not the kicker to this drama.

Want the kicker?

Jackson reports the Dolphins told Carey they needed to secure the cap savings inherent in the pay cut so they could make another move.

I texted a source to try to confirm Jackson's report from the team's point of view. No response.

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Philly @ home....Dec 11th.
Ronnie will get his redemption.

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Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/08/tony-sparano-addresses-dolphins-tackle-mysteries/comments/page/6/#comments#ixzz1TuEhq64T

Denver @ home...Oct 23rd
Orton will light it up for 400+ yds and 4 TD's

..woulda, shoulda, coulda....ouch!

He was the only good thing to good out of the Nick Satan era.

I'll always be rooting for him. He will be missed.

Why don't the Dolphins try to save some cap money by agreeing with Paul Solai on a multi-year deal. $12M for the year is LUDICROUS! Also, why didn't they dump some of these players before the lockout so they wouldn't count on are 2011 or 2012 cap? Oh I know, it is cause Stephen Ross doesn't want to spent the money. This Front Office is a joke!

Lol!! I hope he's right...

He was the only good thing to come out of the Nick Satan era.

I'll always be rooting for him. He will be missed.

And we play against him this year

But he'll be hurt by then


Carey take the cut you waste more money moving to another city and paying state income taxes.

Look, I loved Ronnie. Loved his optimism, his great attitude, his love of the Phins. Nonetheless, he was mostly not breaking the big ones anymore post injury. I wish him all the best, but if I were going to bring one of the running backs back, I'd want Ricky, as the guy who was hardest running last year and most likely to hit the hole and go for forty or fifty yards. I like that they're looking to make a move. Please, please, please let them be scraping up pennies for Orton.

BIG mistake letting him go. Philly probably
got him cheap. Dumbass move.

say what you want about ireland and sparano but at least these guys are watching the same game, and the same team, they seem aware that right-tackle was weak last year, weather injury or just that vern is slowing down, they did watch the tape, and i think they are totally aware that asante will make the biggest impact by keeping the games low scoring(with in our reach) and cause QB's to hold the ball just a second longer to allow miami's sack machine to pitch shut-outs! it's the only hope for the offense!

looking back on it...was Ronnie worth the 2nd overall pick in the draft...probably not.
He had one pro bowl year in the works then the killer knee injury sent him down to the 2nd tier of RB's.

Ronnie will do great in philly, more screens, better holes to run through...dolphins offseason is always so ho hum, time for a nap. No one cares about Reggie Bush, we need an exciting qb that will at least get someone on their feet, Vince Young would've at least done that, time for a nap maybe when I wake up the nightmare will be over...oh kudos to the eagles for trying to make IT happen..I'm from pa. maybe I should be an eagles fan!!

Thanks for the good times ronnie.....to me ur one of the few that can walk away with no hard feelings, at least u have a more legit chance at getting that ring in philly.......GOOD LUCK!!!!

V2 they didn't cut anyone during the lockout because they couldn't it was against the rules. So it's not LUDICROUS. Second Soliai must agree to any pay adjustment. Would you take money, I know I wouldn't. I know sitting here writing on this blog being a GM is easy.

Not much to look forward to this year maybe we can get Cowher next year

Hhahahahaha big mistake letting him go? Why? Are you going to miss seeing him run out in front of the defense only to be easily chased down from behind? Or maybe you're going to miss him being late to hit every hole only to be tackled for a 3 yard gain? Or maybe you're going to miss the god awful wildcat that he ran? Constant injuries? What is it? Not sure but I'll tell you I'm not going to miss any of that. Fans get too caught up in being a fan and sometimes ignore production. His production has been mediocre since the knee injury and it was time for the phins to move on.

Also, making room for an addition? For the love of God please let it be Orton or Palmer.

Damn get your Knuckles Ready!

whoever wants us to sign Braylon Edwards better get mentally evaluated..

I wonder which cowboy practice squad member is miami getting ready to make a move for????

2005 Draft of Running Backs
#2 - Ronnie Brown
#4 - Cedric Benson
#5 - Cadillac Williams
#44 - JJ Arrington
#65 - Frank Gore

Of those, Brown, Gore & Benson have had productive careers so I feel ok about the pick.

But....at #24 Miami passed on Aaron Rodgers. Yet again we missed on our long-term solution @ the QB position

Ronnie was a great guy....But he didn't have the speed or burst of a starting RB he was more like a tweener ..A Fullback playing RB..It wasn't his fault that Nick Satan drafted him that early just because he put his LSU players in the training room.What about Benny Sapp dosen't he have a big contract?

LouD you couldn't have said it better. Ronnie lost a lot of his speed because of injuries, and he was never a speedster.

Reggie Bush < Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown < Ricky Williams

Henne < Moore

*Please keep Ricky
*Sign Asante Samuels
*Let Henne and Moore duke it out
*Moore will turn heads in preseason

Lets play ball

Why would they pick up asante samuel when we already have two young cbs about to take the next step in their development and when we obviously need to upgrade the qb position? I'm not sure why anyone is thinking this but I hope you're wrong. If we don't get a qb soon this season is lost. We have a shortened training camp and had no offseason. Our new qb needs to get into camp and learn the playbook.

I want Henne to take the next step but it seems he is lost. People can say all they want about how it takes time to learn the new plays and knock the rust off, blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is Henne has been practicing with these guys on his own and he stills overthrows receivers and constantly checks down. WE NEED A F***ING QB NOW!!!!

We need more offensive weapons, we are not even in the discussion for a shot at the afc east!!

Hennes all u got LouD.....ur just gonna hav to suck it up another year.....like the rest of us

guys we need Zach Miller TE, he would stretch the field, if not BUSH doesn't do nothing... they will still put 8 guys in the box....

another WR with SPEEEEEEEEEED would be a wise thing also, BUT mr know it all SPARANO, says he likes HIS-TEs and WRs........

this guys doesn't have a clue, if it wasn't for moron PARCELLS this guy would still be a OLINE coach, to me a special teams coach,

what has he done with our OLINE.......

i think miller signed with the seahawks

Cut Sparano and get Fisher.

Don't burn your ronnie shirt yet. He's on a 1 year deal. He'll be back next year

DR...we drafted the fasted WR in the draft when we picked Gates...WTF?

Scott don't jump off the ledge. If we get Orton or Palmer there will be plenty to look forward too. We have two new offensive weapons who are fast as hell in Gates and Bush. I think this offense will be really explosive with the right qb. With Henne, I'm afraid you will be right.

He's doing horrible in practice and normally I would say well if he picks it up he will be fine during the reg season BUT...... Henne was awesome during practices last year and even shined in training camp. It's not until the games mean something that he starts sucking.

Zack Miller going to the Seahawks.PETE CARROLL STRIKES AGAIN.

Dr. Lector,

All hes done is blow up the line all over again every year. The dolphins have gone through more centers and guards than the Heat.

Ronnie was a good guy, no way worth a #2 overall, not even close.

I hope Ronnie does well! Good Guy! We should go get O'Hara, Davis , and Waters. Only thing that's gonna save our Henne statue!!! And his name is DICK SATAN!!

Hennes all we have RIGHT NOW. Can someone tell me why so many have given up hope on signing Orton or somehow convincing cinci to trade Palmer to us? Free agency isn't over yet, there's always hope.

Give it up with all the Palmer talk....HE IS NOT AN OPTION.....MEANING ZERO CHANCE of him playing anywhere except at the palm springs golf resort this year!!!

I say don't get your hopes up for an exciting acquisition, that way IF it happens we can be pleasantly surprised (or SHOCKED, at this point).

I started this process with so much optimism, but I'm just beat down almost to the point of joining the suck for luck bandwagon.

I don't want to "wait for next year" again...

thats my point if TONY is/was an Oline coach, wouldn't you think he wouldn't be playing musical chairs in week 4 with the Oline.........

sad to see brown leave
going to miss that smile, when he plays... At least he looked like he was having fun

Ditch Carey or cut his pay and sign Orton.....yes please!


Ronnie is a perfect example of "Class".

Never heard anything bad or heard him mouthing off at the coaching staff or anyone for that matter. Great personality on and off the field. Nice kid and too bad that he kept getting injured.

Good luck Ronnie and run well.

I mean why would they say they are clearing room to sign someone if it wasn't a qb? Read Mandos article. Jackson said the team asked Carey to take a pay cut because they needed to clear space for a signing. Teams don't do that for back up players, they're obviously signing a starter and besides TE and QB we don't have any glaring needs to fill unless I'm missing something. Anyone have any real ideas what might be going on?

I started this today on all the talk shows:

let's get it out there, I already have a banner coming Monday night football, and 1 million flyers......

PLAY SOUR for Cowher...............

How do you know that superphin?

If Ronnie had returned, I'm betting most of you would be bitching and moaning about THAT, too.

Look, I have a ton of goodwill towards Brown. Great guy---great attitude. But if you couldn't see him wearing down you must have been blind. NFL backs generally have a pretty rapid descent and there's litle question Ronnie was never the same after his serious knee injury.

I can fault Miami for many bad moves, but going forward with a younger backfield at this point is not one of them. I wish him well.

Armando..Who cares if he's not a Heat fan..Now that i know he dosen't like them i miss him already..DOLPHINS4LIFE!

So superphin if you were the owner of the Bengals and someone offered you a first round pick and a young player for a guy who won't be on your team would you say no just to prove a point or would you take the deal?

I mean he already said no to trading him but who knows what the compensation was. Also as training camps wear on, injuries start occurring, etc. he could certainly change his mind. You really have no idea so saying you're sure about something as if you have inside information seems short sighted right?

Orton is going nowhere, Tebow is stinking it up out there. This signing could be anybody. If its a QB, could be Bulger. Henne doesn't make it through preseason.

R u kidding????.......Mike Brown has publicly and forcibly told teams and the media PALMER WILL NOT BE TRADED TO ANYONE, if he doesnt want to play in cincy to play out his contract, then he doesnt play period...which is what palmer has decided to do....mike brown is a very stubborn owner, he will not cave in for a trade no matter what is offered...its just not going to happen!!!!

Say what you want about ronnie, injury prone not worth it, dancer, he always gave 100% for the phins. he even voluntered to run the untested wildcat. Philly is a good move IMO will get game time, and a bigger role in the passing game. He was my favourite player.

can anyone tell me out of the 4 QB's we have, who looks the best in practice? I heard devlin was doing pretty well?


you are wrong!
the defense has ONE hole to fix
the offense has FIVE
WE CANNOT fix the OFFENSE this year!

what good is it if your fantastic defense(with 1 hole at corner) plays great all game, only to get beat deep by a 40 yard BRADY BOMB?
the answer: NO GOOD! it will be the same result as a crappy defense that gets trashed by 50 points! A LOSS !!!!!

at least asante would keep the scoring lower for our low scoring offense.

please respond!!!

Carson Palmer SUXXXX!!! Orton..mediocre!! Who's gonna come in here and in 3 weeks learn the playbook and succeed??? Beef up the O-line,support who ever wins the competition at QB, and dew a Ditka trade for Luck next year !!!

Anyone catch onto the rumors about Tebow on the trade block?? I wouldn't doubt if he's traded as he's to erratic and not ready for the NFL "YET". I just hope the fins don't take him if the trade rumor pans out.

We already have enough diaper players lead by diaper coaches and staff.

Of course i would make the trade Loud.....unfortunately the bengals arent the most stable franchise in this business, believe me when i say there is no hope for palmer playing elsewhere this year,,,i wish it werent true!!!

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