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Ronnie Brown to Eagles, Carey paycut story confirmed

Ronnie Brown was last seen in the stands of the Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks playoff series.

No, the man who's played in South Florida since 2005 is not a Heat fan. He was rockin' a Hawks hat. So it is kind of ironic that now Brown is joining what some are calling the NFL version of the Heat -- the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have announced that Brown has signed a one-year contract with the club. The story was broken by the Philadelphia Eagles website and their twitter handle, @EaglesInsider.

The Dolphins' feeling about this news?

I just got a text from someone with the club reacting to the signing: "Good for Ronnie ... good kid."

But, but, but,

Is it a loss for the Dolphins?

"We like our team"

Alrightie then.

On to bigger news that delves into the shadows a bit:

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting ROT Vernon Carey has indeed been asked to take a pay cut. A source close to Carey tells him Carey was unhappy when the Dolphins made the request and he was indeed given time last night to mull the cut because the Dolphins are expected to cut him if he does not accept.

Carey, as I reported on an earlier post, was to meet with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about this matter this afternoon. Players were off on Tuesday so that gave Carey time to think things over. But the Dolphins must be at the cap by Thursday and definitely won't want to put Carey on the field for practice Wednesday unless he accepts the cut.

Basically, if Carey is practicing Wednesday, that is an almost certain sign he took the paycut. If he is not ... well, you know. But that is not the kicker to this drama.

Want the kicker?

Jackson reports the Dolphins told Carey they needed to secure the cap savings inherent in the pay cut so they could make another move.

I texted a source to try to confirm Jackson's report from the team's point of view. No response.

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the only position to have the most significant impact to the win/loss colum is CORNERBACK!

asante had 8 interceptions last year and leads the league over the past 5 years with 37!


Guys, seriously can you cut it out with the exclamation points. I understand you're as passionate about the phins as the rest of us but it comes off condescending. As if you're telling everyone else the way it is because we're all idiots and you know so much more about football. Exclamations are unnecessary unless you're robbing a bank or something and need to get a point across. I don't need them, I can understand just fine.

budtki I will respond when you tell me where the 5 holes on offense are. And also explain to me why you have no faith in Sean Smith when he had better numbers than Vontae Davis last season in comparison to how many games they each played. At the end of the year, last 6 games Davis was beat for 4 tds to only 1 against Smith. Davis was also thrown at 38% more than Smith. And Smith got his hands on almost every ball thrown to him. We also have Will Allen coming back. You don't use cap space to sign at a position u r already set at imo.


other positions may have a bigger impact for wins on other teams, but specific to the dolphins, upgrading the cornerback will be more impactful then a QB. at least asante can catch, and can score after the catch.

asante will complete the defense.

Mike Brown has publicly stated he is not going to reward Palmer with a trade for reneging on his multi million dollar contract. How many have that priviledge? Palmer is an ahole, you make a commitment, sign a contract, honor it.

Bulger is the last option standing.

Please, stfu about Orton! He doesn't make this team better than the Jets and Pats and will be just good enough to take us from 7 wins to 9 wins. Translation: waste of time and money.
Let Henne show
us once a for all that he hasn't got it and hopefully this crap will blow up so badly that we'll be able to draft a first round QB next year that may actually make this team better than the Pats and Jets one day. But Jesus Christ on a skateboard, Kyle flipping Orton is NOT the answer to our QB problems.
So ******* sick of hearing it. ****!

There is a very fine Line between discipline and abuse.

budtki, also the defense only has 1 hole to fix? So you're okay with our safety situation? How about OLB? Are you sure that Misi is going to improve his getting to the qb problems? Yerimiah Bell is getting older, will he hold up a SS all season without injury and if he doesn't who comes in for him? Who's our nickle back and are you happy with him? Hows that punt team looking? We were last in the league covering punts, did we sign any special teams standouts for the defensive positions on the kick off line?

Please let it be that they're doing this to go for Orton again. PLEASE!!!!!

Thanks budtki for the periods. Ahhhhhhh now it feels calmer in here.

Preach it inFINS! And for the grammar police.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Football games are won in the trenches, SIMPLE AS THAT!

Ha!,yeah, I guess Flipper would've flipped.

why the F### would anyone want KYLE ORTON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!1?1?1?

hes complete garbage i cant believe anyone thinks hes good

*lol* that was actually very deserved.

CBSSports.com — Tim Tebow didn't get a single snap with the first-team offense on Monday, just days after struggling with them in practice. In fact, he didn't even take all of the reps with the second-string offense -- he shared them with Brady Quinn.

Moore was brought in to compete with a real qb not henne. Let's just see what happens and see who else will get cut.

People semm mad that they let Ronnie go, me, I'm worried as all Hell.

LouD, dont become a grammer nanny especially in here, u will regret it.

Miami is making room........YES!

I can't wait, I can hear it now:

The Miami Dolphins have just made a HUGE move in free agency, by signing ANOTHER offensive lineman!!!

Go team! Go team!

budtki, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I believe personally that there is no position more important to the success or failure of a team as the qb position. We've had no one at the qb spot since Danny and we also haven't won a playoff game since then, over ten years. Orton has great chemistry with Marshall and threw 20 tds compared to 9 ints last season with no weapons and the number 30 defense in the league that couldn't get off the field. He protects the ball well and is smart as hell. On the other hand we've had plenty of very good to great corners and it has got us nothing. Just a difference in opinions, we will see what happens but mark my words, Orton comes aboard and ALL the players will rally around him. He will start moving the ball down the field during practice and the defense will notice and respect him for it unlike how they obviously feel about Chad. The offensive guys will also respond because Ortons leadership skills are far above Hennes.

Orton isn't the savior. He's a tier 2 qb behind the likes of Brady, Manning, Vick, Rothlisraper, and a couple others (arguably). But tier 2 is pretty damn good compared to tier 3 Henne.

We are so toast. Not even close to being able to compete with NE and NY. Not even close. the D is good, maybe really good, but...

Orton is way above Henne but anyone who thinks he is our saviour is blinded by how bad Henne is and is simply desperate. Orton does two things: Wins three more games than Henne and this allows Sparano and Ireland to keep their jobs and gives us a middle round pick again.

As is, the D wins this team four or five games on its own. The O won't win any on their own. Opposing teams give us three more wins. Thus, the season will end with a 6-10 or 7-9 record. The addition of Orton makes that a 9-7 or a 10-6 which will most likely not get us in the playoffs but will ensure that we pick around 17th or thereabouts. And, if that happens, it'll be Ireland and Sparano making the pick.

That said, I don't know if I can suffer through one more season of Henne and this staff. I love my Fins but I feel so gutted.

Oh yeah - Zach Miller signs with Seahawks. Todd Heap with Arizona. OMFG these people are such frickin losers**

**unless they pull off a couple more signings that address the team's deficiencies. Love how the O-line guru is still building an O-line 4 years in.

Matt Moore had better be the second coming of Joe Montana rather than David Woodley. At this point I really want Don Strock to march his 55 year old body back into camp and show these idiots how it's done. Dude was a backup who could have schooled every QB this club has had since Marino retired.

On the one hand, I like Ronnie Brown. Good dude, always played hard. He's just an all around likable guy. On the other hand, I'm having a hard time thinking of my favorite Ronnie Brown moment. Probably because he was never a real impact player other than when the Wildcat was still tricking people. He was basically a solid 2nd tier NFL back. Not that theres anything wrong with that, it's just you'd think you'd be getting more out of a #2 overall pick.

That said, I'll miss Ronnie being on the Fins. He represented the organization and its fans in a classy manner.

How many of us thought we would win the division 2 years ago??? None! Chillax people and let this all play out. Leonard Davis, Brian Waters, and Sean O'Hara I say. Either way, there's absolutely nothing we can dew about it. Except root for our Team!!

2011 is going to be a yawner

Henne, Moore, Devlin...only possible QB addition at this point would be Bulger.

missyaronnie, Why would anyone want Orton, I'll tell you, the last 3 years he's thrown for 2900, 3800, and 3600 yards, 18, 21, and 20 TD's, with 12, 9, and 9 INT's. That's why would want him. His QB rating has been 79, 86, 87 the last 3 years, That's why we would want him. He would make us a lot better.

We are destined to be losers as long as we are dolphins fans. WE SUCK AS MUCH AS ANY TEAM HAS SUCKED IN THE HISTORY OF SUCKING.

Please bring another offensive lineman and a long snapper for all the punts we are going to try.

Who the hell is going to run the ball in between the tackles and block now? D. Thomas, Hilliard, some guy named Nik, Kory? Of course, Ricky will, Ricky will.

Orton would be the best option out there. BTW Henne had a better QB rating than Sanchez, so would Orton make the Phins better than the Jet, I don't know, but he'll make the Phins better than they are now now.

seasons over before it even started wow this team is F##Ked

Ronnie Brown. Good Player. Better Person. Doesn't deserve to be playing for this disgrace of a team. Good for him.

So to recap your offence:

1) Best OL is injured.
2) Starting a rookie at C.
3) Preparing to cut the RT.
4) Demoted the projected starting RG (another Ireland draft failure).
5) Entire OL in flux for the 4th straight year under this "regime".
6) Worst QB in the division. Can't handle the pressure of a fan scrim in August.
7) Unproven rookie at RB.
8) Best WR is a head case. Still no speed at WR.

You are horrible. This will be the league's worst offence bar none. Nevermind the QB and skill positions you still haven't figured out the OL and are still tinkering with it - eveyone knows these guys need time to learn the system, gel, work together ... I can't believe these guys have jobs in pro football.

But hey you signed JT and have scratch and sniff Bush. Horray!!!!

DC what are you talking about........who did they sign, THE JET AND EAGLES are going crazy while the stupid fins get mediocre guys once again......

Thanks for the friendly advice superphin. I think it was advice but could have also been a threat if you read it again. I'll assume it was friendly advice.

But also so everyone knows,(this isn't directed at you super, its for anyone who thinks they're going to start walking all over me) I've been contributing to this blog since Jason Cole ran it. Going on 9 years now. I'll do what I like.

And I don't give a f**k about anyones grammar. And actually I was pointing out punctuation which is different then grammar but I digress. Point was don't f***ing yell at me with your g** damn exclamations and talk down to me if you expect an adult response.

If you can't have a differing of opinions without resorting to name calling and bullying then I have no interest in talking to you whomever you may be. I will simply change my name again, as I have a thousand times and ignore.

SUPERphin, just so we're clear, was that a threat?

How many playoff games has Orton won? 0

Orton is so great 3 coaches and one HOF Quarterback have given up on him in the last 3 years. Lovie Smith, Josh McDaniel, John Fox, John Elway.

Can they ALL be wrong? Doubtful. Read the tea leaves Orton fans.

Good luck Ronnie glad your going to a real organization and coaching staff where you will be appreciated instead of working for these bozos that disrespected you from the time they walked in the door Ireland and Sparano wouldn't know a good ball player if it bit them in the ass yeah let's all jump up and down for field goals that's real normal

Some of you are so stuck on qb rating as though that is the final verdict. Wins is the final verdict.

"LouD, dont become a grammer nanny especially in here, u will regret it."

There right there , "u will regret it", are you threatening me with some sort of internet revenge? Or is that because you have seen other people get into fights over it? Really interested in your response.

Jimmy Jam: So right about the Orton addition keeping us a middle of the pack team, maybe bumping up to Wild Card status. The smart move is let Henne play. Why/ Because one of 2 things will happen.

1) Henne, in his 3rd year of PT, makes significant strides forward. Many young QB's make 'the leap" in the 3rd year. For arguments sake, lets say Henne puts up 3,700 yds., 20TD's and 10INT's. And Miami wins 10 games. If that happens, then Henne will be on the same level as Orton anyway.

2) Henne spins his wheels and doesnt improve. If this happens, we're probably looking at Matt Moore under center by Thanksgiving. We'd also be looking at 5 or 6 wins. If that happens, we're probably in the top 12 in the draft, which happens to be one of the best crops of QB's in a while. Pull the trigger on a QB in the draft. There will be another Orton-like vet available next year to be a stop gap. There always is.

Ronnie will be missed. Big mistake. Eagles scored Big time. If we had a line, Mr. Brown would not be an issue, PERIOD!

Good Luck Ronnie.


Fire Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The numbers are the numbers, don't you believe them. No one gave up on him. He was traded from the Bears for Jay Cutler, and he outplayed Cutler last year, and he's taking #1 snaps right now. So what are you talking about. If you didn't know it Football is the ultimate team sport, and the Broncos allow a league worst 30 points per game last year. No tea is going to the playoff's allowing that many point. Please don't post in a stupid way. He is better than mediocre, much better. Look at the production.

Hey, don't get all caught in what these Blogs say. Ultimately, are only opinions and you can use them as you seem pleased.

Garbage plate good post. Signing Orton will just keep us middle of the road. Orton only lasts 2 years on team anyway, why bother. Why reach for a very minor upgrade.

Zan, there's also a big picture. If you want us to ignore qb ratings then you're not allowed to ignore that Orton played on a team that had the worst defense in the league because it would be unfair. He was barely on the field and still threw 20 tds after losing Marshall.

Superphin where are ya?

OK it was a threat I guess. Maybe you're going to regret that, just sayin.

Hold on, People, until the 4th.(I'm trying to).

Absolutely Lou. You have to look at production and the receivers he had, Brandon Lloyd had a career year with Orton pulling the trigger. The biggest previous season by Lloyd was 770 yard, last year he had over 1400.

Orton would not be a minor upgrade. He would be very significant over Henne.

Ronnie was a class act. Our team can use more guys like him. If he didn't suffer all those severe injuries he would've had a lot better career. Good luck in Philly Ronnie. This DOLFAN will be rooting for you to do well and stay healthy!!!

Michael, I agree with you 100%. I also think Ortons ready to take the next step. He had a crappy team in Denver AND Chicago. Not much talent around him and he's at that age where it's step up or be the same. Brees and a lot of other stepped up at this time. I hope Ortons ready as well if he comes back.

We can't play for luck because there are too many teams that are much worse than us. The phins will win at least 7 or 8 games with Henne and we will be nowhere close to getting him. Also next years free agent qbs are worse. Orotn is really the only upgrade we have to go with. Then draft a qb with our 1st or 3rd next season and groom him to replace Kyle. Keep drafting QBs, it's the green bay way and theyve done pretty well for a while now.

For those banging the Carson Palmer drum. First of all, it aint happening. Even if he was available, why would you want him? Unless you have a time machine and can get 05-06 Carson Palmer. 2 out of the last 3 full seasons he's played, he's thrown 20 picks.

Do you want him because of all the playoffs games he's won? Oh, thats right, he's got the same number of playoff wins as Cleo Lemon. In fact, he's only had 2 winning seasons. And thats with really good wideouts: Ocho, TJ Housh, T.O. Sure, that organization is usually a mess, but over the course of his career there has been talent there.

They have generally had a middle of the pack defense, excellent wideouts, and a decent running game. Rudi Johnson and Ced Benson arent great, but they've had some good years between them. In all, enough talent to have more than 2 winning seasons.

Enough with the non-fact based conventional wisdom just wanting guys with big names. Look something up for a change.

Ronnie and Rixky were both complete wastes, yet you guys cry over them leaving like we've actually lost something.

We gave up a LOT to get Ricky and his two "vacations" were a big reason for our decline. Also a big reason why Satan drafted Ronnie at #2 - way too high for a power back.

Can't you People distinguish when a QB is good? They work well WITHIN the pressure. I'm beginning to suspect that most here don't look at tape.

Same with the Henne / Orton debate; ORTON IS NOT A BIG UPGRADE! There are 3 simple reasons why his numbers are better than Henne's:

1) The Broncos spend a LOT of time playing from behind. Orton throws tons of passes out of desperation, and racks up easy yards and completions against soft prevent defenses.

2) Orton takes more sacks than a Publix bag boy. He'll go to ground 10 times rather than throwing it away or trying to make a hard throw.

3) Henne was flat-out unlucky last year. He threw two picks on comeback routes where Bess and Hartline slipped, and two more bounced off his receiver's HANDS. At least two more were 4th-down desperation throws in the last series of the game, and one wouldn't have stood if it were challenged.

Meanwhile, holy Mark "Sanchize" was bouncing throws off DBs facemasks all year and couldn't get them to stick.

Don't believe the BS - give the kid a shot and he might just surprise you. Keep booing your own team and you'll get what you deserve...

Numbers are numbers. Wins are numbers too, the most important number.

Orton played in the lowly AFC west too.

Lovie Smith trading Orton away for whatever reason is saying he didn't see him as a starter that could take them anywhere. Then within 2 years, 2 more coaches plus Elway don't see him as a starter.

But I guess, bloggers know better than 3 coaches and a HOF QB. Ok.

Miami will have a new QB by the end of the week, John Kitna. Makes too much sense given the Cowboy connection. No way Denver can deal Orton now, it would blow up that locker room.

Heres some interesting numbers from the past 2 seasons:

Palmer; 14 wins. 11 games w/QB rating over 85.

Henne: 14 wins. 10 games w/QB rating over 85

85 is usually a good indicator of a good, solid performance. Palmer did have one more close one that was 84. Henne had a bunch in the low 80's.

If someone wants to make the case for Orton, by all means, go right ahead. I get it. Orton is a nice QB. If you want Carson Palmer, you're not paying attention

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