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Ronnie Brown to Eagles, Carey paycut story confirmed

Ronnie Brown was last seen in the stands of the Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks playoff series.

No, the man who's played in South Florida since 2005 is not a Heat fan. He was rockin' a Hawks hat. So it is kind of ironic that now Brown is joining what some are calling the NFL version of the Heat -- the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have announced that Brown has signed a one-year contract with the club. The story was broken by the Philadelphia Eagles website and their twitter handle, @EaglesInsider.

The Dolphins' feeling about this news?

I just got a text from someone with the club reacting to the signing: "Good for Ronnie ... good kid."

But, but, but,

Is it a loss for the Dolphins?

"We like our team"

Alrightie then.

On to bigger news that delves into the shadows a bit:

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting ROT Vernon Carey has indeed been asked to take a pay cut. A source close to Carey tells him Carey was unhappy when the Dolphins made the request and he was indeed given time last night to mull the cut because the Dolphins are expected to cut him if he does not accept.

Carey, as I reported on an earlier post, was to meet with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about this matter this afternoon. Players were off on Tuesday so that gave Carey time to think things over. But the Dolphins must be at the cap by Thursday and definitely won't want to put Carey on the field for practice Wednesday unless he accepts the cut.

Basically, if Carey is practicing Wednesday, that is an almost certain sign he took the paycut. If he is not ... well, you know. But that is not the kicker to this drama.

Want the kicker?

Jackson reports the Dolphins told Carey they needed to secure the cap savings inherent in the pay cut so they could make another move.

I texted a source to try to confirm Jackson's report from the team's point of view. No response.

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All I am saying is, Orton is stop gap. I'd rather invest in a long term QB for a relatively young team. Orton won't last two years anywhere.

Has anyone looked around at all the QB deals that were done in the last week? Why did NOBODY take Orton? Only Orton and Bulger are left. Interesting.

Brass Monkey: great post @ 7:10

BrassMonkey, did you even look to see if what you posted was correct. Orton didn't throw a ton of passes, he throw 498 which was 10th in the league. His yards per attempt was 7.3, better than Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Payton Manning. So you're point one is wrong. And you're are wrong on yur second point he was sacked 34 times for 250 yards better than Jay Citler, John Flaco, Michael Vick, Phillip Rivers, McNabb, Matt Schaub had 32. So you're wrong on point 2. But you're right Henne was very unlucky last year, but Orton would be a much better option.

Brass monkey you are right on

Really wish the cry baby biatchers would get the STHU syndrome.

Forgot my question: if Palmer comes out of retirement to the Fins do we owe something??

Err, Zen, look at tapes of Orton and Henne from last year. Then, tell me.

So wait, we're about to make a big, impact move? Hmmm, better check the Cowboys transactions today to see if they released any more backup offensive linemen...

No one gave up on him. Cutler didn't get along with Josh McDaniels, so he needed a trade partner. A Orton for Cutler deal made sense. What other coach gave up on him, he's still practicing with the 1st team.

Sure looks to me that of all the available QB's this preseason, so far all were chosen before Orton. I wonder why that is.

I really do believe that most People writing in this Blog base their opinions on what they read or hear in the Media. Bros, are you fuc-ed!


The question is, is Orton that much better that we sign him to a pricey 2 year contract AND give up high picks AND give up a defensive lineman? I will answer for you....No way, Jose.

Orton's not a free agent Zan, Bulger is. The Broncos are try to exact a very very high price for him. It's been reported that the Broncos are very comfortable in starting Orton this year.

Oc. Your information comes from whete??


An agreement was reached between Denver and Miami, that was reported. The snag was in the contract Orton was demanding, that was reported too. So Denver was ready to give up on him, the only thing that prevented it was Orton's demands.

Only now Denver is having second thoughts because Tebow is performing like a broken sex toy.

Yeah I look at stats because stats are an indicator of performance. If you don't look at stats you work in a vacuum.

Zan it seemed there was a difference in level of picks. Anything higher than a 3 is too much as already stated on this blog.

But you ignore the most important stat, wins, playoffs, playoff wins.

I get it. You are content to have a QB that racks up numbers but can't win, many in slop time. Fine. To each his own.

Fact is, Denver tried to trade Orton and couldn't, yet there were a whole bunch of QB deals around the league...all the other GM's did not see Orton as the better option.

That's not true Zan. This is what was reported by Dave Hyde. Denver wanted a 1st and Randy Starks for Orton. Miami worked and a contract while negotiating a contract. Miami balked at including Starks in the deal. They never got down to final figures on the contract, and Miami didn't want to go 4 years.

Much, much better, Zan. Look at the videos. No chance we will get him, man, you think the Broncos are fools?


Understood. Why would John Elway even entertain letting Orton go if he is as good as some of the bloggers here think? Good QB's are hard to come by, they are not offered up on a silver platter otherwise.

I hope no one in the fo would give a 1 for orten. That would be ludicrous at best.


I don't think the Broncos will give him up now that they see Tebow is not an NFL QB. So all this is a wasted argument.

Our options are Bulger or maybe Kitna. I don't see Henne lasting. Going to be a painful season.

Football Zan is the ultimate team sport. Denver allowed 30 points per game. No team was going to the play off's allowing 30 per. In fact Patton Manning would have had a hard time leading the Broncos to the play off, even with all the offensive fire power in Indy, the Colts only scored 27 per game.

That's the 1st lucid thing you've said Zan.

I'm as big a Henne supporter as they come, but this team needs to sign some weapons if they are not going to replace him.Take a chance on someone, anyone!! Instead we sign 3 or 4 linemen, again. I'm finished with linemen. Sign Braylon, someone Henne is comfortable with. Instead of Dallas Linemen who Sporano said today makes him feel comfortable. Set the damn O-Line and let em jell. Our defense is too good to suffer through another year of offensive struggles. Enough is enough, bring in some talent.

Good luck Ronnie.
Someone posted that Henne impresses in training camp but just not in real games, I don't think that has been true at all. Weren't reports all over the place about him looking bad, last year?

I guess Denver put a prohibitive price on Orton to make him out of bounds. Only explanation I can find.

And why is it bad already after only 4 days of practise. New o line, new receivers, bush in the fold and a new o co-ordinator. A little early to be pushing the panic button.

That's exactly what happened Oscar.


I don't mind you debating for Orton. Beats hearing some endlessly defend Henne as though he suddenly will get much better. Bottom line is, Orton didn't get traded because he over values himself. No GM, not even ours, felt he was worth the price he was asking. It really doesn't look like Denver will give him up....but it ain't over till its over. Anything can still happen.

Man, Zan, I really don't know...

Really- what a waste to have a D this good,with one of the best DC's in the NFL, and an offense that sucks this bad.

Gotta score to win. Gotta have a decent QB to score. Not that complicated.

This is how the conversation should have went if they think they are getting a 1st rounder:

Ireland: "So, what do you want for Orton?"

Elway: "Starks...and a 1st round pick."


Elway: "Hello?.....Hello?"

Players of Orton's caliber generally get you a 4th rounder. Maybe a 3rd at best. Do you think Bill Bellichik would give up a 1st rounder for Kyle Orton? Of course not. He's gives up low picks for guys like Randy Moss, Ochocinco, C. Dillon, Haynesworth, Welker, ect. Then he goes out and wins 12 games.

Denver actually had an agreement with us, the snag was Orton, demanding a longer contract and $$$. Jeff said thank you and by now.

Don't think it was that set, but orten was a hold up.

To all of those asking why they're so willing to give up on Orton ask yourself this, why are they so convinced Tebow will be better? My answer, because they have no idea how to evaluate qbs. In my mind that means maybe them giving up on Orton is a good thing, not the bad thing some are saying it is.

Also Zan, I agree 100% in investing in a long term qb. But for the life of me I can't find one. Looked at next years free agents and none are better than Orton. Also looked at the draft issue and realized we will be picking 8th to 10th if we suck this year, this defense won't allow them to lose more than 9 games.

So I put this question to you, which QB can we invest in for the long term and why not give Henne someone who can actually push him in the meantime. Devlin, Moore,and Brandstater are a joke at this point. Great guys but who knows if they will become great qbs. So let us know if you have any ideas because I'm all for the thought.

He have a 2nd and a 4th or 5th for Welker.

Not even Shula started Marino as a rookie, you don't win games that way. Who's left Bulger, Kitna? I guess we have to put in a strong prayer that Moore works out.

I have been dreading this news ever since they got Daniel Thomas, as Ronnie/ Ricky were one of the things I liked about this current edition of the Dolphins. Yes, he's been injured and slowed a bit, but at least he had class. Oh well, it probably is for the best to go with a younger crew at this point.
As for QB, Orton is still tantalizing for me, but like the previous posters have said, time is running out on learning a new playbook in time, and Orton seems to be doing just fine out there in the Colorado hills, at least better than Tebow and that guy everyone wanted when we drafted Ted Ginn instead, Brady "Who?" Quinn.

The fact is the awful deal Arizona gave Kolb screwed the Orton deal. They not only gave up to much for Kolb, they paid him too much. Orton could name his price after that, and Denver could ask for more. Dolphins don't need to give up high draft picks and premium pay for an average QB

The deal was never agreed to acording to Dave Hyde because Denver want a 2nd and Randy Starks, and Miami didn't want to include Starks.

Right on bobbyd12

Your absolutely right Bobby, that's a factor as well.

Well I'll try posting again, because it seems who ever is monitoring this is up Ross's butt!!!

Maybe for XMAS I'll buy you a snorkel too!!!

The reason Ross wont spent the money on talented players is so he can shove more cocaine up his big nose. This way he will see a Super Bowl team in the Fins...

Nice string till muzc...911 posted

Right on bobbyd. Desperation breeds moves like that. And losing. See: AJ Feeley


Marino did indeed start in his rookie year, just not game one.

LouD, Andrew Luck is not better than Orton? I say save our coins and commitments, don't invest in a stop gap. This season is a wash if Henne doesn't make good on his last chance. If he does great, if not, go all out to trade up in the draft for one of the top 3 QB's. This team has wasted way too much time on stop gaps and temporary fixes.

Maybe we should change the name of the team to the Miami Finches.

Because the FO is cheap, cheap cheap.

WTH, Zan, are you a novice at this!?

Hey muzaguy911 you must have a pink purse to go along with your biatching

The Orton deal was screwed long before the Kolb deal was done and publicized.

Can anyone tell me what the strategy is (personnel-wise) on this team? I mean long-term, last 3 years? We all know the Eagles are about speed and offensive power. Colts are about putting up crazy points. Same w/the Pats, but they also want a def good enough to stop you from putting up points. Pittsburgh/Jets are about crippling defense and not giving up negative plays on offense. KC is about running and defense.

What's Miami's M.O.? I mean, last year we worked on defense. Year before it was offense. Year before it was both. This year it seems to be offense again. But, other than Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush, who are we getting to SCORE POINTS on offense? We get linemen, useless TE's, some has-been RB's, we don't get playmakers. Why is that? Are Ireland/Sparano that IGNORANT not to understand you need playmakers on offense to win (what's the last TD Jake Long scored)?

I really don't get it. Someone please help me understand. Even IF we get Orton, what's he gonna do? We don't have anyone around him to really make things happen. We have a bunch of b-players, and when it really matters, they don't show up. I don't blame them though, they're b-players. We need A-players!!!

muzakguy911 remember the CBA, team must spend up to 90$ of the cap this year, up to 95% in 2012, up to 99% in 2013. So spending money is really not an issue. The issue is what players is the FO selecting, and at what price. The cap has become much harder, but the team must spend. So, know, blaming Ross is a red herring. Sounds good, but misinformed.

Moore is not bad, just not on the same level as Orton.

I'm not here to cause distention, and sorry if I did. I apologize. But being a complete die hard fan since '66, how do you think I feel...

Joe Robbie would never have done this. I admired him. The ONLY NFL Owner to build a stadium with his own money and not asking the taxpayers to put out 1 re cent in assistance, like many other owner do.

Way to Michael. Those numbers on spending came from the weeds.

Sporano working his way out of a job and many on his team would welcome it. If I was Carey I would decline the pay cut. Screw the Dolphins, they should have known what they were doing. So the guys out there signing those big contracts this year is a temporary contract? What the heck, why play football for a BIG contract when it will be reduced tomorrow? The owners are screwing the players left and right and they know it.

Yeah, well, DC let us have a good QB first. We'll work around him.

No it wasn't Zan, don't make things up.

hey ltcdolphin, you probably get a bikini wax too!

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