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Ronnie Brown to Eagles, Carey paycut story confirmed

Ronnie Brown was last seen in the stands of the Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks playoff series.

No, the man who's played in South Florida since 2005 is not a Heat fan. He was rockin' a Hawks hat. So it is kind of ironic that now Brown is joining what some are calling the NFL version of the Heat -- the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have announced that Brown has signed a one-year contract with the club. The story was broken by the Philadelphia Eagles website and their twitter handle, @EaglesInsider.

The Dolphins' feeling about this news?

I just got a text from someone with the club reacting to the signing: "Good for Ronnie ... good kid."

But, but, but,

Is it a loss for the Dolphins?

"We like our team"

Alrightie then.

On to bigger news that delves into the shadows a bit:

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson is reporting ROT Vernon Carey has indeed been asked to take a pay cut. A source close to Carey tells him Carey was unhappy when the Dolphins made the request and he was indeed given time last night to mull the cut because the Dolphins are expected to cut him if he does not accept.

Carey, as I reported on an earlier post, was to meet with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about this matter this afternoon. Players were off on Tuesday so that gave Carey time to think things over. But the Dolphins must be at the cap by Thursday and definitely won't want to put Carey on the field for practice Wednesday unless he accepts the cut.

Basically, if Carey is practicing Wednesday, that is an almost certain sign he took the paycut. If he is not ... well, you know. But that is not the kicker to this drama.

Want the kicker?

Jackson reports the Dolphins told Carey they needed to secure the cap savings inherent in the pay cut so they could make another move.

I texted a source to try to confirm Jackson's report from the team's point of view. No response.

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ltcdolphin, they are part of the CBA look it up. In fact I'll find a link for you.

Muzaguy911 some go back to the first game the fins played against George Blanda qb Oilers. It's been worse and patience usually won out. And Robbie hurt the fins when he moved them, there went home feild advantage.

oscar, with all due respect, we already HAVE players who aren't bad. Guess what, they're just as mediocre as they sound. For a team who's gone to the Playoffs twice in the last decade, not bad players SHOULD NOT BE THE NEW ADDITIONS!!! That's how we got to 1-15, remember? We had a bunch of playmakers. And one by one, they got traded, or not re-signed, and pretty soon, we didn't have any All-Pro's on the team, just guys who aren't that bad.

For Ireland, who's fighting for his job, to give Sparano, who's fighting for his, a "not-that-bad" QB, he might as well have given him a live grenade.

The Dolphins' problem is the ALWAYS get the guy who's "not that bad." We need the guy who's BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!

It was Michael. I have no need to make things up. Sorry if you have a feeble memory. The Orton deal was negotiated Friday, long before the Kolb deal was announced.

And Zan I think the point was Kolb trade made any chance of that trade happening nil.

Bro, did we suffer until Shula came out! Mack Lamb, Dick Westmorland, brother!

The worst was George Wilson Sr as coach and George Wilson Jr as QB that threw. Perfect 15 pass on one skip.


All I'm saying is, why go after 34,35,36yr retreads and give them 1,2 or even 3 mil.

I would rather pay a young proven player more knowing he would be with the club longer and produce more.

We passed on Bradshaw, Miller, Heap, and the list can go on. But NO, get guys who,at that age are more suspect to injuries and have lost a step or three.

I remember Lance Alworth(Bambi), a white boy who had a 40+ vertical leap, jumping over Miami CB's. Urgff..


We are not insiders to really know either way, but it looks to me like Tebows poor performance is what has made Denver reconsider, not to mention they already had to pay 1.5 mil of his money. .

Okay Oscar we are old

these guys must really think daniel thomas is gonna carry the load. Or are they counting on hilliard? Either way this coach doesn't know how to build an offensive line. Our luck we get a offensive coach that knows jack sh$t about offense. We're scr ewed

ltcdolphin I agree in some respect. Sure when we moved from the OB, that was our home.
But yet we did get it back at JRS when Morino brought back that advantage.





Sorry Marino, My typing is the pits today..
Just totally frustrated with this whole situation.

It seems management doesn't care what the fans want. The tradition is just going down the tubes and I DON"T LIKE IT!!!

ZanI already stated my opinion on Luck. Haven't even seen him play in the nfl but I already believe he will be better. But the point I made is there is no way we will get him. Wont be drafting high enough and won't have enough to give to move up to the first pick in the draft. It's not a video game ya know? It's easy to say move up and take him but what team in their right mind is going to give up their first pick in the draft now that the new rookie wage scale has been imposed. Won't happen for a long long time. Trust me because everyone is already talking about it, the days of trading top picks for future picks are over. No one is afraid of the contracts anymore. Luck will go first or second because the teams who are picking there will obviously need a qb. Whomever the worst two teams in the league are this year will not be set at qb. I'm just so surprised so many people are ready to throw the towel in on this season because we might have a chance at a rookie qb who will need another 3 years of grooming. with a top 5 defense Orton can get us to the playoffs.

Sorry Zan the trade was completed on 7/27, and announce on 7/28, that Thursday. The Orton trade was worked on all the weekend until Sunday. Go to the Eagles website and verify that.

Why not ask Long & Dansby to restructure. If they want the team to be a caliber team, maybe the should look at what Payton was willing to do for the Colts.

Nahh, Itc, they just call us, ahh, the Originals.

Zan that was me (Jeff) and at the end when I said 3 years of grooming I meant whomever is behind luck in the draft. Anyone know who might be worth a longterm investment that is coming out of the draft and will be worthy of an 8th to 15th pick?

Michael, Jeff was negotiating Orton immedialtely after the cba was settled, July 22/23. Long before 7/27. I'm right. You're wrong.

Zan whats with the feeble memory line? Michael didn't say anything offensive and yet you come back with an insult about his intelligence. Sheesh. Every f***ing time there is a difference in opinion someone inevitably gets their panties in a bunch and starts insulting the person you are debating with. Friggin immature man. I'm out.

You're wrong again, fact are fact like stats. I know it's hard to be called out. But you're wrong.

Good job Michael. I knew that as well. No one can argue with the facts. And he got all mad and called you names because I think he knew he was wrong. Is that you Superphin? Whatever, hope to talk again Michael, we need more intelligent posters in here. Peace people, see ya later.

LouD, glad to see Michael has a supporter.

However, it was Michale that was offensive first by the following comment:

No it wasn't Zan, don't make things up.

Posted by: Michael | August 02, 2011 at 08:03 PM

I don't make things up.


Again, your memory is feeble. Ireland was negotiating with Denver the first two days after the cba was settled and put all things on hold. The Reggie Bush deal came AFTER the Orton negotion. Yet the Bush deal was well before the Kolb deal. Those are facts. If you don't want to look them up, you are to weak to admit you aer wrong. I understand. LouD has a shoulder for you to weep on.

Who ran the opening kickoff back for TD

LouD is also Jeff and who knows how many other names. Maybe LouD is Michael too.









What's credible about that garbage.

I'm not afraid to admit when I am wrong. Just maybe the Bush deal came after Kolb. But without any doubt the Orton negotiation was the first two days of the cba being settled. Kolb was a week later.

Wow, Zan, chill...
just let it roll off your back like a duck in water.
He didn't get abusive or insulting.
We all have 1 thing in common on this thread and that is to have a Winning Team...
We sound like the Senate debating the debt ceiling!!!

Remember Zan, opinions are like buttholes, and we all have one. You just have to go with the flow.

Hell, I've been called way worse than that and thanked people just to pee them off more...lol

For Zan



As you can see you're ...what... wrong again.

You looking in the mirror??

Michael, that page is not dated. Proves nothing.

Zan don't crazy on me. This all just fun.

Thanks Lou, see you.

I am crazy by nature. Actually there are dates on the bottom, July 22....so....the Orton thing was Jeffys 1st priority. The Kolb deal came well after.

Zan go to the article. The entire CBA schedule is there.

See when trades could be consumated per CBA. Geez.

not talking trades, they were able to negotiate right away. Just couldn't sign right away. What day was cba resolved?

Here's another one.


The Kolb deal was finalized before Orton/Miami

I'm off by a week. The Kolb deal was done 7/29.

2 days after.

Ronnie Brown Another first round draft choice WASTED by bad coaching and piss-poor management.

Xeroff. How wasted. Spent how many years here and he was such an asset being hurt and slow

Vernon Carey had a piss-poor year last year. Now the keep him with a cut in pay. My question goes to the Dolphins coaching staff and management: Do you think Carey is going to play better or worse than last year after the pay cut? What? Do I hear an answer? My cockatoo already answered me. He said: HEELLL NOOOOOO.

The Kolb deal was finalized after the Orton talks fell apart. Sure of it, because at the time we were reportedly wrapping it up Arizona was interested in Orton too.

Zerkoff. So what about a pay cut. If he plays badly this year it's his character pay cut or no paycut.

It's a contract year for Carey. If he plays worse, he'll be retired.

I miss Ronnie already. One of the classiest men ever to wear the aqua and orange. He will be missed both on and off the field. May the unworthy fans of philadelphia treat him with respect and may he make them half as proud as he made dol-fans.

Take a look at the date for this.


Carey should help the team and take the cut to open up some cap space to help the team. He certainly doesn't deserve 7 million after last years below average showing.

Now take a look at this. It say the trade was close to being done on Thursday night. The Kolb trade had already been announced Thursday morning. That's before the Orton trade was close to being done.


ronnie brown jumping on the bangwagon

This team will never be more than mediocre until Ross lets go of the tired Parcells model - which only ever worked with NYG - and drops the GM and coach. Until he comes to that realization, bad decisions will continue to dog this team. Good luck to Brown. He has always deserved better.

meanwhile the jets resign harris and now look to deal for osi.

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