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Dolphins: Thumbs up, thumbs down edition

Some random thoughts ...

Thumbs up to Tony Sparano for moving Thursday's scheduled morning practice to this evening. The idea here is to finally get the dozen or so free agent signees and players for which the Dolphins traded on the field and working for the first time. Had the Dolphins gone through with their morning schedule, those players would have to continue watching the action until Friday, thus missing a valuable practice.

But after 4 p.m. today -- for reasons having to do with the new CBA and the labor issue between the league and players' union -- those very players will be allowed to practice. Extra day of work and first such in which the entire roster is on the field. Well done.

Thumbs down to the personnel department for working out Tiki Barber. It's embarrassing. When Fox's Jay Glazer, who is pals with Barber, broke the news, I got a text from an assistant on another team basically mocking the Dolphins for working out Barber.

"Things that bad in Miami?" the text read in part.

I didn't think so until Wednesday. Look, forget for a second that Barber quit on his team in 2006, announcing his retirement in October, with two months left to play in the season. Forget the fact he was critical of Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning and Michael Strahan -- all of whom went on to win Super Bowl rings after Barber left the team. Forget that Barber had fumble problems in his prime. Forget the fact Barber left his wife of 11 years for a 23 year-old former NBC intern, get this, while his wife was pregnant.

Forget all that. If you can.

But there is nothing worse than inconsistency. And I'm starting to see some here. The Dolphins showed zero interest in receiver Plaxico Burress because he spent two years in jail and hadn't played since 2009 and is approaching his 34th birthday next week. They knew they were not interested the second he was released. They didn't even work him out once the lockout lifted even though he lives in South Florida.

No problem. Their call. They know best.

But ...

They want to do due diligence on Tiki Barber? Barber is 36 years old, which is two years older than Burress. He hasn't played since 2006, so he's been away from the game going on five seasons. And yet they gave him a workout this week?

There's more.

Ricky Williams is sitting out there unsigned. I don't much understand the dude personally, but there is no denying his work ethic. He gets it. He isn't a problem either on the field or in the locker room. He's got zero rust he needs to knock off. And he's two years younger than Barber. And the team hasn't really shown interest in him since, well, since last season?

What is the thinking here?

Where is the consistency?

And if you're going to work out a 36-year-old running back who hasn't played in four seasons, why not also fly to Kiln, Mississippi and work out the 41-year-old quarterback who lives there? I bet Brett Favre would be a better player in the NFL this season than Tiki Barber would ever be. Geez!

Thumbs up to rookie Pat Devlin. I like the kid. From the little contact I've had with him, I like his demeanor. I talked to him Wednesday and he looked me straight in the eyes rather than look away or stare down at the ground.

He's shown a little more zip on the ball than what I had heard his reputation to be, and he had a good response when I asked him about not working under center very much at Delaware the past two seasons.

"I worked under center all the time at Penn State for two years before that," he said. "So that isn't a problem for me."

Like it.

Thumbs down to Vernon Carey and the organization for basically fibbing about the reason the player missed practice Monday. We all know he was sent home because the team didn't want him on the field risking injury at a time the front office was trying to rework his contract for a pay cut.

Yet the reason given for the missed work was so the guard could, as Carey put it, resolve a personal family issue. Yeah, personal family issue: Honey, I'm home because we have to talk about the size of the checks I'm going to be bringing home this season.

Instead of trying to mask the truth, Carey should have just said something akin to, "For business reasons the team cut my salary and for professional and personal reasons I accepted the cut and will remain here in the city I was born, grew up, went to college, and am playing for my favorite NFL team. I'm going to work hard and play hard despite the business decisions because I'm where I most want to be."

He would have looked like a hero. And if he has a bad game this season, no one would raise the thought that he is unmotivated because he was forced to take a pay cut.

Oh, and there is this: During one of his press conferences during the April draft, I asked general manager Jeff Ireland if the team might consider moving Carey to guard. He said no.

Well, it turns out Sparano had already spoken to Carey about the move before the NFL locked a month earlier.

"To be honest with you Vernon and I have had conversations about this a long time ago pre-lockout, pre- any of that," Sparano said Wednesday. "I’ve seen this happen with progression with offensive linemen at times." 

Thumbs up to Cameron Wake for staying in town the entire time during the lockout. The guy is a workout warrior and it showed Wednesday when practice was broiling. Wake didn't flinch, in part, because he is completely acclimated to the heat and in usual great shape.

Thumbs up to the coaching staff because I'm hearing good things from several people about their energy. Last year's staff was, shall we say, very experienced. This year's staff is younger. Moves faster. The pace is better.

My hope is when the playbook install is in, the pace of practice speeds up. The NFL game is fast. The Dolphins don't always play fast. Fact is, they are kind of a lumbering team. They kind of practice that way, too. Pace is too slow for me.

Move, move, move, move, move! Lessgo! Use that youth and energy, guys!


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Anyone know what the cap space was cleared for?

1 Million dollars!

Cap space was cleared for a QB, hopefully Orton but it looks like a long shot now..

Whoa..... Mando smells a rat! Why do C- beat writers (that's generous) INSIST on thinking the teams decisions need to somehow gain their approval? MANDO. You and Omar need to get a room, leave your wives and get it over with already. You could show lowlight video of all the Dolphin failures and REALLY get down!

Anderson Cooper dyes his hair grey so he looks "experienced"

Just sayin.

According to Fox Sports Dolphins are the biggest looser in the free agency race!!!


Wasnt my fault I wanted Palmer.

Defense will be solid - Offense?

I think Ireland feels his job is safe either way this year.

Sporano starting to feel the presure and I get the sense he feels Ireland not doing enough to help him.

If their response to pressure is Tiki Barber, they deserve to be fired. Hell, they need to be fired.

What up wit ohara ?????

Replace Ricky with Tiki????WHAT??????????????

I have it on good authority the reason they asked Tiki to come in is due to the new CBA rules.

Every team needs to hire a barber to cut the fella's hair's so they just wanted the best barber available out there.

it makes sense.

What's the big deal with working Tiki out. There was Zero chance they would sign him. It was probably a courtesy workout for an agent they want to keep a relationship with or something. Fabricating a buzz about a player is what agents do.

So, here's my thought:

Ireland was sure Orton was going to be released, so why should he give anything for a guy he can get for free? Orton wanted the bug buck though. So, Ireoland makes moves to clear the budget. Meanwhile the Broncos let Orton show that which he has, they can't lose that much, injury risk is equal zero. Orton convinces.

Now, we have lots of money but no QB. GREAT.

&$%#/#" Dolphins. I'll keep on being the joke of my Steeler friends.

I'm late to the party here, I know, but really, Armando, how can you compare Miami's decision to look at/not look at Tiki and Plaxico. Do you really think Miami has any need at WR with 4 spots secured? Besides, we last so Plaxico over two years ago and he was ailing then. I'd be pretty PO'd if Miami signed Tiki but they very well may need an RB after seeing what Thomas, Bush, and Sheets can do and they already know what Ricky brings to the table so why not look at somebody else? I'm sure, in the end, they'd take Ricky over Tiki 12 times out of 10.

As said yesterday maybe tiki was to motivate Ricky to sign. Right now we may not need either, especially tiki.

I love the Dolphins,have for the past 20yrs,but can anyone explain what our FO is doing? Tiki Barber? Didn't sign him,but why even bring a guy that in for a workout? Meanwhile,Ricky is still unsigned.Anybody please explain.

turning every stone. cmon people.

hey mando, what are we going to do about half the seats being empty?

frankly i would rather have 40,000 excited people rather than 70,000 losers who cant comprehend reality sometimes.

Will tx read some earlier posts

Heck with mando and some fans the team does not need that in the stands. The whole team has not practiced yet and some here are throwing in the towel. Heck let's see what we have after three preseason games.

So gcon what you're saying is the Dolphins allowed themselves to be used by an agent? Nice.

Reports out of Denver are that NO QB has been named a starter and Orton taking first team snaps means nothing.
Are the Dolphins hoping the Broncos cut Orton today so they can sign him to a deal already brokered during the time the "deal" fell apart? And, are the Broncos trying to bluff the Dolphins into finally offering some compensation for Orton?

Dolphins hmmm let's see. Bring in all the past draft picks from Dallas because they are "our guys" whatever that means. Lose your top RB to Philly and hold tryouts for someone who has been in broadcasting the last three years? Don't draft a QB but bring in two weak armed players to compete with your QB who is one throw away from seriously injuring your wide-outs. I think Ronnie got the better of this deal while the Phins flounder in the shallow part of the pool. Defense will be fine until they play Brady, then its all over b/c they won't be able to score. LA Dolphins anyone?

I can explain they are boobs, this should be Ireland last year after failing to get the most important position on the field taken care of and you are right Ricky Williams way better then Tiki at any point, I love the dolphins but these guys are a joke no doubt

Who is going to carry the load if the rook rb goes down? Re-sign Ricky!

THIS IS FROM THE EDWARDS POST just in case mc doesn't go back to get my message.

It had to do with Soprano on fan appreciation day when us fans chanted WE WANT ORTEN AND soprano SAID IT MAKES ME SICK.

Posted by: mc

Very immature response. The coaches record is a different issue. You don't avoid that question, you stick up and defend your guys and not shy away from it like a puussy. If you can't see that, nothing more to say.

TO mc,
No problem if you choose to avoid the point I was making.

WE FANS are chanting "We want Orton" and the HC said "it really makes me sick"

So, did Sparano say that because he ALSO is sick of Hannie?

Did Soprano say that because he knows Hannie sucks and makes everyone sick?

Or did Soprano ATTACK the FANS on Fan appreciation day?

So please understand why I posted about that because as a life long fan, WE FANS were thrown red meat and we fans were chowing down on that just as the Dolphins FO and HC has been doing since the end of the season.

It was and IS the Dolphins who are chanting THEY want Orton aren't they???

It was the OWNER who said WE WANT a QB isn't he?

I didn't see Pizza boy Soprano telling his boss Ireland and owner Ross that what they and himself have been doing to Hannie is "making me sick".

So, in closing... Fans have ever right to chant WE WANT ORTEN because they wouldn't be chanting THAT unless the Dolphins gave us THAT red meat as they are trying to bring Orten to the locker room.

The end and thanks for your opinion.

Join the FB group:


We need to re-sign Ricky, I think his work ethic would help the rest of the RBs..

Been away for a bit



EAGLES vs PATRIOTS in Super Bowl 2012

oh yeah, Go Dolphins!

LMAO! ( who is Home kidding ? )



Anybody knows how Devlin did yesterday? D. Thomas?

OSCAR CASOSA..............


On top of all the shifts in FA, this FO and coach are relying on a third round RB to carry the load in the backfield. A second overall pick, a few years ago, remember him, had a decent rookie year but not great. Are they serious?

Hope not ALoco

Home is acclimated to the heat & humidity here in South Florida, biking & running almost daily outside.

However it does take years, esp if your from the North East

Aloco, third round picks are supposed to be borderline starter/ depth players. Not featured backs. This regime continues to amaze. Us "non football guys" know nothing. But we know more than these dopes.

Ronnie Brown will succeed in a real NFL organization like the Eagles and their Amazing FA signings

Imagine that after Ronnie Browns whole career playing w garbage QBs, he is now with ONE OF THE BEST

The Dolphins QB and O-line is in a sad state of affairs

Real Sad

Must say it will be a miracle if this offense can compete this year in the NFL

Sparano has really phucked up the O-Line and QB position for the Miami Dolphins

Absolutely Tony Sparano will be FIRED next season

In the meantime we have the Glitz & Glamor of Reggie Bush & Jason Taylor only to fill seats w these celebrity players and take money from unsuspecting rah rah Dolfans

Expect opposition teams to fill the stadium with their own, will be the only thing to prevent Miami Game Day Blackouts

If we dont *TP and he has to shine to lead this offensive team

IMO ALL Miami Dolphin QBs SUCK WIND & cannot compete in the league

Will always be a huge Dolfan, Sure the defense will make lots of good plays and the offense will make very few in regards to actually winning the game

Will def watch Ronnie succeed w THE EAGLES

Also will be watching the Patriots & the new talent packed Carolina Panthers

Bye, Bye Sparano

Offensive line coach, .... MY ASS!

jrijr2... thanks for the good info @ 8;06 am ..........




Be more specific, ALoco. Thomas, slow to hit the hole?(that I knew) or overall speed.? Devlin's accuracy better than Thigpen, yes, no?

Right now its Thumbs down to the FO.....


If they win the staring contest with Denver.....and Orton is released today......

Well....then its thumbs down to the FANS for not respecting the process....myself included......

If Denever DOES NOT release Orton by 4 PM today.....because he made the Denver FO realize that Tebow is Garbage.....

Then may Ireland and Sporano get all the BOOING they deserve.....They had/have a chance to make themselves STRONGER....while at the same time making a fellow WILD CARD FIGHTING TEAM WEAKER......

Thats just football 101.......

The clock is ticking.....in the words of Chris Berman.....

I can't believe that this Offense is in the same state of disrepair as last year's, and it's looking so.

ODRICK........ 14 MILLION....7.5 GUARANTEED ...........2 BROKEN LEGS AND ONE GAME SO FAR IN THE NFL .............

HENNE......... 500,000 A YEAR..........HE PLAYED ALL GAMES W/FINS WHEN HE WAS ASKED .......................


Your right oc. And aloco has no clue and is a his posts are inane.

R.BUSH......... 5 MILLION A YEAR .......


Of course ALoco's posts are insane.

Oc if Thomas is slow to hole and he is supposedly fast, is because he is new to the system.



Or taking the wrong angle, Itc. That can be corrected, with time.

I read it before, the lockout will affect more the Teams that are not settled personnel wise. Boy, is it true!

Oc. That sounds like rookie problems that practise will help. He was a horse in college when I saw on tv.

Instead of "Thumbs up/ Thumbs Down" Let's measure our approval with the number of fist-pumps!

3 *FIST PUMPS* for Armando -- for his indepth coverage of the Miami Dolphins Training Camp!

Thinking about what I wrote above, that's probably why LV has us going 4-12. We don't have a prayer this season of beating any Team with more or less establihed personnel.

Just 1 !*FIST PUMP*! for Fox Sports for calling the Dolphins Losers!!

TWO *FIST PUMPS*! for Tiki Barber. Terrific player and classy guy!

FORTY-SEVEN *FIST PUMPS*! For Dallas Cowboys rejects. The path to the Super Bowl runs through Cowboys castoff country.

Mando, u should be the Dolphins coach.

Couldn't agree more about Ricky Williams. He's one of my favorite all time players and I really hope the team re-signs him. He's definitely needed in this backfield because I don't think there's any chance Bush plays all 16 games.

Didn't like one bit the comments expressed by Ricky last year, but, in a different light, who knows how he was treated there?

From nfl.com (talking about biggest head scratching decisions of the past week):

Miami's failure to land Orton

Make it happen, general manager Jeff Ireland. There's a reason those Dolphins fans with no jobs were chanting "we want Orton" at Monday's scrimmage. When I saw that the Kyle Orton trade was "dead," I was really surprised.

Chad Henne can't get the ball downfield. Leave the "no weapons" garbage at the door: He had as good of a supporting cast as Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman, and look at what the latter did with a bunch of rookies. Fans are tired of three-and-outs in Miami, and although not the final solution, Orton would be a very nice bridge to landing a franchise quarterback in the interim.

Oh, and if the Johns (Elway and Fox) want Tim Tebow to play, they should deal Orton.

Pretty hard to debate that assessment. And he's spot on regarding this fan's feelings...I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THREE-AND-OUTS!!!!

Running back Ronnie Brown joined a list of free agent players who turned down offers from other teams to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that has now acquired five Pro Bowl players this offseason. Brown agreed to terms with the Eagles on a one-year deal on Tuesday.

"At this point in my career, I’m looking back and I’m looking at the opportunity, and it’s not so much the financial standpoint," said the 29-year-old Brown. "It’s more about winning and putting myself in a good situation where I felt comfortable where I would be on a team that put that first. You could tell by some of the moves that they made this offseason that I think they put winning first."

What can BROWN do for u, w Mike Vick!?

Brown also stated that one of his top reasons for choosing the Eagles was quarterback Michael Vick. The second-overall pick of the Dolphins in 2005, Brown has seen a number of quarterbacks come and go during his six years in Miami. In fact, the Dolphins have had 10 quarterbacks start games since Brown arrived.

"One of the things when I was looking at this situation was the stability of the quarterback," he said. "The quarterback here, everybody knows who it is. … Just to have a little bit of stability, it’s going to make a lot of difference."


The whole Tiki Barber thing has an air of desperation to it to me. Like if we can't get a decent quarterback let's bring in some high profile has-beens.

By the way, when are we going to get that story that says, "Tony Sparano thinks kicking 2 FGs after 2 red zone turnovers in the opening moments of a ballgame MAKES HIM SICK!"

That's what Tony should REALLY feel sick about. If he's on the unemployment line at the end of the year, he can thank the Steelers game last year, and THOSE plays, along with the 1st play of the 2-min offense, a handoff to your 1-yd wonder halfback, as the reason he's out of a job!

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